Utmost Tao, Divine King/C9 Subdue hundred beast mountain!
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Utmost Tao, Divine King/C9 Subdue hundred beast mountain!
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C9 Subdue hundred beast mountain!

Xia Yang pointed, and a total of ten or so Red Wolf s followed behind him. After that, he led the group of Red Wolf s and strutted through the dense forest, making the weaker Demonic Beast creatures turn silent, because this was the Red Wolf's territory, and now they were subdued?

That day, Xia Yang subdued a group of Red Wolf and gave them some words of advice before disappearing. That group of wolves felt like they had dreamt, but that was not the end.

A few days later …

When Xia Yang returned, he rode a Red Wolf. It was extremely mighty, like a mountain king, he circled around the Hundred Beast Mountain, looking for an unsightly Demonic Beast to test the strength of his own body.

It was a very strange cultivation method. Xia Yang was clearly in the early stage of the Refinement Realm, but his body was invincible. Without the Perfect Stage of Refinement, or the Great Circle of Channel Opening, how could he refine his muscles and bones?

Maybe this was the reason why a group of Red Wolf was willing to follow him.

"Red Wolf, you've crossed the border! And to be using the Human Clan as a mount? " On the fourth day, Xia Yang rode a Red Wolf and passed through a forest.

They were cut off by two Tyrannosaurus Rex s, and many Demonic Beast life forms activated their intelligence due to the Hundred Beast Mountain. And their territorial awareness was very strong.

The Red Wolf were wronged, they were not willing to come to this place, but they were forced to.

"Hey, two bears, offer yourself two paws, you won't die!" Xia Yang stood up, pointed at the two Tyrannosaurus Rex, and shouted.

"Where did this human bastard come from, he's courting death!" A Tyrannosaurus Rex flew out like a meteor, smashing into the surrounding trees and smashing them into pieces on the ground. In this Hundred Beast Mountain, who would dare to call them bears? Even the human bandits called them Lord Xiong.

A bear paw raised up, the strong qi flashed, and fiercely smashed down, but it was quickly followed by shock. Just like that, a long palm stopped the huge bear paw.

"Hey, I said I want your bear paw, so I'm not going for your head!" Xia Yang's slender hands straightened as the Tyrannosaurus Rex flew backwards at high speed. It crashed into another piece of tree and shattered the mountain.

"Big bear, you've committed a huge sin. You actually injured so many flowers and plants. I'll kill you on behalf of the moon!"

The other Tyrannosaurus Rex was stunned, could it be that it heard wrong? Injured flowers and plants? And what does it have to do with the moon?

"Wow, wow, wow. I want to avenge these plants! " Xia Yang clenched his teeth, as if those flowers were really so important to him, causing him to be enraged.


"Hey, it hurts!" Xia Yang howled loudly, but his hands were unharmed, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex's paw had split open, blood flowing everywhere.

"The heck, I am the one in pain, alright!" The Tyrannosaurus Rex flew into a rage, cursing incessantly in her heart.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

While the group of Red Wolf was stunned, two of them were beaten up by a young man. They hugged their heads as they laid on the ground and cried out.

"Fortunately, there wasn't much resistance back then. Otherwise, we would have ended up in the same state!" The leader of the Red Wolf muttered softly.

Over the next few days, the Hundred Beast Mountain began to rage, and chickens flew and dogs jumped. An eighteen year old youth had bright and clear eyes, shining white teeth. He rampaged about this place, chasing a group of creatures until they jumped up and down.

A Green Python that had cultivated for many years, was at least 30 feet long, and had the nagging feeling that its cultivation was deep enough, so it opened its mouth wide, wanting to swallow this human youth alive. But what stunned it was that the young man did not say a word, and immediately crawled into its huge mouth.

"Hey!" The next step for the python was a disaster. If it had hands, it would be rolling around while hugging its belly.

On the other side, two Tyrannosaurus Rex, two Red Wolf, and one Leopard snickered.

"Are you my little brother?" Xia Yang shouted from inside the giant python's stomach.

"I …" "Not a male!"

"En..." "Then be my little sister!"

"Hurry up and come out, it hurts so much!" The giant python begged for mercy. If this continued, it would really lose its life.

"Open your mouth, I'm going out!"

The giant python opened its bloody mouth wide, Xia Yang strolled out leisurely from the big mouth, looking very satisfied.

"Call me boss!"

"You …" The giant python's two gem-like pupils emitted a strange light, but as soon as the python glared at it, it immediately withered. Just now, in its stomach, it felt that this wasn't a living creature, but rather a rock.

"Boss!" The giant python gave in. Xia Yang patted its huge head and comforted it: "Boss Xin, live forever!"

That giant python rolled its eyes, wasn't this Human Clan young man being too cocky?

This life of his boss, which he had never experienced in his previous life, had finally been realized by a group of abnormal beings. In fact, Xia Yang was also elated with happiness in his heart.

Another day later, in a swampy area with lots of water, the head of a Alligator was exposed, refusing to leave even if he was beaten to death.

"Little crocodile, come out!" Xia Yang stood at the edge of the swamp and shouted.

"I'm not going out, and besides, I'm not a little crocodile, I'm a descendant of the Ancient Crocodile's Alligator!"

"F * ck, seeing that I'm a landlubber, are you doing this on purpose?"

"Eh, you don't know water? Haha, say it earlier! " The Alligator began to become cocky, immediately appearing on the water surface and wagging his tail at Xia Yang.


Xia Yang shot out like an arrow, his hands transformed into claws and grabbed towards Alligator's tail, then he pressed onto a green lotus, with such a soft and gentle grip, Xia Yang was sent flying back, his hands grabbing onto Alligator, showing how terrifying Xia Yang's control over his strength was.

"I …" Alligator rolled his eyes and fainted.

"Boss Xin, you'll gain eternal life!" Xia Yang laughed while not changing the subject.

At this moment, many species of creatures followed behind him. There was even a demonic flower that stuck its head out and stuck its head out. Although it seemed to be rooted here, in reality, many of its roots were exposed.

Now that it looked like it wanted to escape, Xia Yang had long noticed its abnormality.

Xia Yang pointed at the demonic flower and said, "Little Flower, in the future, you will be a vegetarian!"

"I, # $% …"

The flower spoke in human language, and no one could understand its words. It was obviously angry and incoherent, because it was a Man-eating Flower, to be exact, it only ate meat, but now it was making him jealous?

For some unknown reason, there were no longer any living beings that came out to rob the business group for seven or eight days. Even those few groups of human bandits were acting strangely, which made many people feel excited at the same time, but at the same time, they couldn't help but make guesses.

"Have you heard? The group of evil beings from Hundred Beast Mountain have all become obedient, I wonder why? " A few Human Clan s were discussing in a low voice in a small restaurant.

"Hey, haven't you heard about it recently? My Human Battle Spirit has shown our might, the Longxian of tens of thousands of clans crawling, these beings who do not belong to any race definitely do not dare to act recklessly! " Another person drank a mouthful of wine and said in a drunken voice.

"Since they do not belong to any race, then they will not be afraid of my Human Battle Spirit. Clearly, it was not the Battle Spirit who showed them his might that caused them to stay on guard. There must be something strange!"

Others made guesses because in the past, someone from the Longxian had led a team to clear out the Hundred Beast Mountain. It was not ideal, since the creatures there were very cunning, and although they weren't very strong, they had multiplied there for many generations and knew the surrounding environment like the back of their hands.

There was even someone who mentioned that a great cultivator was scared out of his wits and said that there was a strong existence inside, but of course, none of these could be verified.

"Could it be that a beast king has appeared in the final round?" Someone once again guessed that it resonated.

Such an explanation could still be considered acceptable, but this answer hadn't received a large scale bombardment. It was also the most reliable answer.

"If there is a king, then this is not a good thing for us!" The merchant group sighed, if there was a king controlling a hundred beasts, then it would be a terrifying strength.

Xia Yang did not know about the discussions occurring in the Cloud City. One evening, he was riding a Red Wolf and walking on the Hundred Beast Mountain.

In the end, he would leave the center of power and Longxian of the Human Clan. Before he left, he would retaliate and make his appearance so that many people would know who he was.

"Old. "Boss!"

Recently, it had witnessed the methods of the youth in front of it. It did not play according to common sense, which made many living creatures feel scared. The most important thing was, he was too powerful, and his potential was limitless.

That blood python was subdued by this youth just like that, and that was good enough. That bewitching Man-eating Flower in particular had almost become a joke on Hundred Beast Mountain.

A few days ago, Xia Yang knocked on the Man-eating Flower's' Sap ', causing it to faint. When it woke up, it almost died from anger, because its rhizome was stuck on a pile of cow dung.

"Flowers have to be stuck in cow dung..."

An exquisite female face appeared on the petals of the Man-eating Flower. Then, it rolled its eyes and fainted again … Just like that, a fierce flower was subdued by this Human Clan, it was a tragic sight to behold.

"What, Little Red Eyes?" Xia Yang replied, almost causing the Red Wolf to pass out again.

Thinking back, who dared to call it that? Wasn't it just him being envious? This was an honor, not a disgrace.

But the Red Wolf did not dare to offend Xia Yang, and continued to ask: "Boss, when we reach great heights in the future, don't forget about us!"

"Look at what you're saying, am I that kind of person? Just as you have said, what am I?

The Red Wolf rolled her eyes. You don't even know what it is yourself? What an exquisite item.

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