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C2 Wedding Day

Faith meets Steve, a man full of life. Enjoys horseback riding and outdoors. He treats Faith like she is the only woman in the world. They dated for one year. Steve is a traditional man. He opens the car door for her. While eating in the restaurant, he always pulls her chair out for her. Steve is a perfect gentleman. While Faith was at work. Steve had a meeting with her parents. He asked their permission to marry Faith.

Steve and Faith went to eat at their favorite restaurant. Steve gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. Faith's eyes filled with tears of happiness. She accepted his proposal. The ring he give her was a cheap, simple engagement ring. When he gave her the ring, it was inscribed “I will love you forever.” The ring was a symbol of his love for her, a continuous circle that never ended. He promised her one day he would buy her the perfect ring. It was something she had been dreaming about for a long time. They were kindred spirits, soulmates, and deeply in love. Faith was looking forward to planning the fairy tale wedding she dreamed of.

It was spring with flowers blooming. Steve and Faith were married on the beach. All the family and friends were there. Faith had on a long white flowing wedding dress with a pearl necklace. Her shoes were sandals perfect for the beach. The two exchanged vows and departed for the honeymoon. On their honeymoon night, they engaged in an intimate relationship. Steve became angry as he realized she was not a virgin. Faith always told him she wanted to wait until they were married. She never told him they raped her.

Steve started telling her she was only a slut. He wanted to know the men she had to sleep with. He started yelling at her. Faith cried. Her perfect wedding day was ruined. Steve had believed she was a virgin. Now he knew better. She was nothing but a cheap whore that had tricked him into falling in love. She was only trailer park trash. That night, Steve became so angry and jealous that he slapped Faith across the room. Faith started walking out the door to leave. Steve told her, “I am sorry, things just got a little out of hand. I promise I will never hit you again. Will you please forgive me?” Faith forgave him and continued their honeymoon. Faith and Steve were newlyweds. Faith believed until death do us part. She believed he would never do it again.

Six months later, Steve had continued to beat Faith. She had made plans to leave him. She was going to stay with Hope. Hope knew about the beating and encouraged her to leave. Steve beat Faith and while she was in hospital for a broken arm. The blood test revealed she was pregnant. Now she faced leaving him or telling him about the baby. Faith told him she was pregnant. She thought this would change Steve. Having a child would make him a more loving and less violent person. Surely, he would not hit her while she was carrying his child.

They released faith from the hospital, and Hope took her back to her house. That night when Steve walked through the door, he hit her like he did every night. Faith yelled at him “Stop you will kill the baby!” Steve stopped and asked her what did you say? Faith then explained to him she took and pregnancy test and was pregnant. Steve did not believe her. He thought see was only saying that so he would not beat her. Steve told her I was going to the store and get a pregnancy test. If you lied to me, I am going to beat the truth out of you. You will learn one way or another not to lie to me.

Steve went to the local pharmacy and bought a pregnancy test. Faith never told him they did a pregnancy test at the hospital. When she was out of the hospital, the doctor questioned her about her broke arm. Faith simply stated, “I’m so clumsy I tripped and fell in the bathroom.” Faith urinated in the cup while Steve watched. Steve placed the test in the cup, and it was positive. Steve was happy. He was going to be a father.

Faith knew that she could not leave him now. He was surely going to change. While she was pregnant, Steve never hit her. She thought he had changed forever. Their marriage was perfect. The way she had always dreamed it would be. Faith was just as happy now as when they were dating. Saturday night, a storm was brewing outside. The weather was getting rough. I could see the thunder and lightning for miles. The winds were blowing hard. Faith woke up during the night and went to the bathroom. While in the bathroom, she urinated and there was blood in it.

Faith was in labor with her first child. Steve rushed her to the hospital and was by her side. He was like a loving husband waiting for their first child. The child was born a precious, beautiful little girl. She was healthy, with ten fingers and ten toes. She was the most beautiful thing Faith had ever seen. Steve took the baby in his arms and kissed it. Faith named the baby Joy. Joy was a prefect name. She would bring Joy back to their marriage. Something had changed forever in Steve.

Hope came to the hospital to see Faith and Joy. Steve meets her outside the door and told her she was not welcome. I know you tried to get Faith to leave me. She is my wife, and you better stay away. Hope left the hospital without seeing Faith. She did not want Steve to hurt Faith or the Baby. They released Faith and Joy from the hospital. Steve told Faith I always told you. Your family does not care about you. Hope did not come to the hospital to see the Baby. She thinks she is better than us. She is living in her high society world, and you do not fit in. Faith cried because she thought the reason that Hope did not see her is because she went back to Steve. Steve had Faith right where he wanted her. Alienated from her family. With a baby to take care of. He had total control over her now.

After coming home from the hospital, Steve told Faith you ever think about leaving me now. Remember one thing: you will never see Joy again. Steve took Joy out of her arms and walked out the door. Steve took Joy and started rocking her in the rocking chair. Faith knew Steve was a proud father that loved his little girl. Joy would be a daddy’s little girl. Steve rocked Joy to sleep and put her to bed.

He walked into the bedroom; Faith was lying in the bed asleep. Steve woke her up. He told her, “If you ever leave with my baby, I will kill you.” You had been listening to Hope. She told you to leave me. If I hear you talking to her again, you will never use a telephone again. You remember I am the one that pays the bills around her and not you. I will have the phone disconnected. You are a mother now. It is your job to take care of Joy and the house.

Faith called Hope to tell her about Joy. While she was on the phone, Steve walked in. He snatched the telephone out of her hand. Hope was on the telephone. Steve asked Hope, “What do you want? Hope responded I just wanted to know how the Baby was doing.” Steve turned to Faith and asked, “Did you call her?” She responded “Yes.” Steve slapped her. Hope was still on the phone and heard Faith yelling please stop. Hope knew he was beating Faith again.

Hope hung up the phone and call the police. She told them about the incident and asked for them to do a wellness check on her. The police arrived at the house. Steve answered the door. Police officer Bob asked to see Faith. Steve called Faith to the door. It surprised faith to see the police standing at her front door. Bob asked her if she was okay. Faith replied “yes.” Bob left and Steve beat Faith while explaining “I will teach you to call the police on me.” Steve beat her so badly she lay in the bed all day. Every time she moved, her body ache.

Faith knew the only way out was to kill him. She planned for months unusual ways to kill him. Poisoning him would take too long for him to die. She could not beat him to death. He was strong and could overpower her. Faith considered hiring a hitman to kill him. That would not work either. She did not have the money to hire a hitman. Faith concluded the only way to kill him was to shoot him. While Steve was at work, Faith target practiced for weeks. She wanted to know that if she shot him one time, he would die.

Faith called Hope and asked her to get Joy and spend the day with her. Faith explained she was sick and did not feel well. Hope was excited to spend the day with Joy. It was the first time she kept her all day. Faith would let her sneak over and see Joy while Steve was at work. Steve never found out that Faith was letting Hope see Joy. Hope took Joy to her house for the day.

Steve walked through the door. The first thing he wanted to know is where is Joy. Faith responded, “With Hope.” Steve was filled with anger as he approached Faith. She pulled the gun and stated, “You will never beat me again.” Faith shoots Steve. She sits in the floor beside Steve and watched him take his last breath. Faith kisses him on the forehead and says you will never hurt me or anyone else again. She takes the cell phone out of her pocket and calls 911. Faith then called Hope and said, “I killed Steve. Please take care of Joy.” Hope could not believe what she was hearing. Faith killed Steve. Hope left Joy with Ginger while she went to see Faith. When she arrived, the police were escorting her in cuffs to the police car.

The police had arrived and arrested Faith for murder. Hope hired a lawyer and explained to him the situation. Faith was a victim of Domestic Violence and only defending herself. In a criminal case, the State must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, each element of a domestic battery. The jury instructions for domestic battery case are you must presume or believe the defendant is innocent unless evidence supports without a reasonable doubt the person is guilty. Criminal cases can be life altering. The defendant may plea “Self-Defense” What this says to the court is yes, I did it, but I could lawfully do so. A person who has no reason to believe that there is a safe way. They can defend themselves against another by force intended or likely to cause death or serious bodily harm.

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