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C4 Prison Life

Life inside the prison was difficult for Faith. She could not tell Joy a bedtime story. She was not there to tuck her in bed every night. She missed Joy growing up. But she knew Hope loved her and would always take care of her. Hope was the one person who Joy would always have in her life. The one to support her. Hope was the mother Faith could not be. Faith would lay awake in her bed and dream of being out and taking care of Joy. This is a dream that would never come true. She had tried to appeal the case. But it never worked out for her.

Hope goes to the doctor and is diagnosed with Cancer. Joy has already lost her mother. She could not lose her as well. All Hope could think about was Joy. The effect it would have on her life. She would have to watch her go through the Cancer and die in front of her. Hope and Faith were twins. Hope scheduled a video visitation with Faith to tell her they had diagnosed her with Cancer.

Faith was devastated to find out Hope had cancer. Hope was the only person Joy had. The one that loved her. The one that provided for her. Faith could not believe this was really happening to Hope. Hope was a good person. Why didn’t it happen to Faith? Faith was in prison. Murdered Steve. She was separated from the world. No one would ever care if they diagnosed her with Cancer. Life is so unfair. Joy had already been through enough. She lost her mom, dad, and now she would lose Hope.

Hope had her first chemotherapy treatment. She was so sick that she could not pick her head up off the pillow. Hope knew that Joy could never see her dying. There was a plan created by Hope. Hope and Faith were twins. They could swap places, and no one would ever know. People were getting them mixed up all the time, anyway. Hope was a successful model. It would be easy for Faith to take her identity. How would they pull off the switch? Hope scheduled a visit to see Faith in person. While they were at prison visiting, they would make the swap. Hope had to convenience Faith to go along with her plan. Everything was at risk. If caught, they could both be in prison. This plan was so outlandish they never believed it would work.

Each inmate has a DC# and Hope would have to learn the DC#. She would also have to know how the prison works, so no one would suspect it was not her. Being free and living in the social circle of the rich was a challenge for Faith. Faith had no experience being a model and did not know if she could pull it off. Faith did not want to take the chance of them both being locked up and Joy not having anyone. Hope knew when she died, Joy would be given to strangers.

The day of visitation, Hope wore two sets of clothes identical. The same jeans, shirt, and shoes. Hope and Faith wore the same size clothes. That day when Hope went to visit Faith see looked like a plain woman. The first time Hope left her house not looking like a supermodel. She had never been seen at the prison before.

During the visitation, Hope went to the bathroom, took off one set of her clothes and placed them in the closet. Hope walked out of bathroom and Faith walked in. Faith took the clothes out of the closet and put them on. Now the only thing left was for Hope to put on the prison uniform. Hope entered the bathroom and put on the prison uniform. Hope and Faith returned to the table and continued visiting. Now Faith had to leave Hope in that terrible place. Faith walked out the front door and will be forever known as Hope, the Supermodel.

When Faith walked into the house and saw Joy for the first time in years. She got down on her knees and hugged her like she would never let her go. Faith explained to Joy she was her mother, and she longed to be with her. Joy was confused. She had Hope with her. Hope was all she ever knew. Hope was the one that raised her. But Hope had sacrificed her freedom, Joy could have a mother. Could they pull it off?

Hope now took on the identity of Faith. She put in a sick call request to Medical. Days later, she was seen by the medical department. She could not tell them she had cancer and was diagnosed by an outside doctor. That would reveal their secret. Hope went to medical and explained that she was hurting in her stomach. They gave her laxatives and gas medicine. Hope suffered with the pain of cancer and the treatment from the prison medical staff for months. Finally, they had her assessed for cancer. It was too late the cancer had already spread over her body. Hope only had a month to live.

Faith was having a tough time adjusting to being Hope. Everywhere she went, people wanted to talk to her. Men wanted to date her. She was the center of attention. The only thing she wanted to do was provide a living for her and Joy. Faith had started a Domestic Violence Support Group in prison. She wanted to start a group in her local community. Faith and Joy attended the local church she went to with Hope. Hope was incredibly involved in charities and Church activities.

Hope was a person who gave hope to the less fortunate. She was always hosting benefits for different charities. One charity that he hosted as the Angel Tree Project. The Salvation Army Angel Tree program provides new clothing and toys for children of families in need through the support of donors. Found in local malls, companies, and churches, they decorated Angel Trees with numbered paper angel tags with the first name, age, and gender of a child in need of gifts. The Prison Fellowship Angel Tree reaches out to the children of prisoners and their families with the love of Christ. Every Angel Tree parent’s family is also given access to a free, easy-to-read copy of the Bible in English or Spanish. While the Angel Tree starts with a gift, the gift does not end in December.

All year you can join Angel Tree to help to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of families in your area. Mentoring is an opportunity for churches, organizations, and volunteers to have a lasting impact on the lives of Angel Tree children, their caregivers, and their families. During the winter, business sponsor coat drives. They provide the coats for needy children. Local schools will accept the donations and give the coats to the needy children.

Faith is touched when she learns of all the charity work that Hope had been involved in. Now it was up to Faith to continue the charities. Faith never realized what a loving person Hope was. Hope took in Joy and raised her as her own child. But she also helped others in the community. On every holiday, Hope had a special charity she started. On Easter, Hope started a charity that would make homemade blankets for every child born in the local hospital. She wanted every child to feel the warmth and love that was put into creating a special blanket just for them.

Hope would provide the women in the nursing homes yarn to crochet a blanket for the newborn babies. This is a project that the women worked on all year long. It gave the women in the nursing home an opportunity to do something they loved and provide a blanket for a baby. The babies would keep their blankets for years to come. The children were told about the women in the nursing home making blankets for them. When they were older, Hope had arranged for them to go to nursing home and read books to patients that could not see well enough to read anymore. Hope started a chain of love that would continue for years to come.

Faith was not sure she could fulfill the shoes that Hope had been wearing. Hope did good things for people. Hope provided prom dresses at the local high school for seniors that could not afford a dress. Senior Prom was a night that only happened once. Hope wanted all the Seniors to experience a magical night. She had her mender make each limited design dress for every girl. Before Prom night, she would sponsor a fundraiser Fashion Show. All the Seniors would wear their dress on the stage and model. They would donate all the money earned to the school. They put it into a fund special for prom. None of the Senior had to buy tickets to the Prom. They used the money for all the refreshments, decorations, pictures, and band. Every year, Senior Prom was a special night of the year.

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