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C6 Until the End

The judge was ready to start the new trial. Hope was in no condition to stand trial. She was dying. She only had a brief time left. The lawyers meet in the Judge’s Chambers and explain to him that Faith was lying and could not stand trial. It was her last wish to clear her name. She did not want her child to grow up being ashamed of her for being a killer. She was only defending herself. No one would even that into consideration when passing sentence on her. She was suffering from the Battered Women's Syndrome. Her last request was to clear her name.

The judge took all the information into consideration. He agreed to postpone the hearing and the lawyers could provide evidence to prove she was suffering from Battered Women Syndrome. The lawyer provided the medical records to show the times she was hospitalized for broken bones. The pictures that were taken of the injuries and the bruises all over her body. The bruises were at various stages of healing. It showed evidence that she had been beaten over a period. It was not the result of one incident.

Hope continued to be in pain and experienced the dream of the crying baby boy. Now the boy wanted Hope to follow him into another room. Hope wanted to know who the baby was. How was the baby connected with her? Hope knew that Faith was the answer. How would she bring up the subject of the baby boy? Faith called Hope that after as normal. Hope began telling her about her dreams. The dreams of the baby crying. The baby being a boy. Charlie and Steve fighting. Faith broke down in tears and started crying. Hope never meant to bring harm to Faith. Faith told her about the rape. Charlie raped her. Faith became pregnant and had a miscarriage. No one ever knew, not even Steve. Hope had found the answer to the question.

Hope thought now that she knew who the baby was, the dreams would stop. The dreams continued. Hope would see the baby lying in the crib crying. When she would get close to the crib, the baby would become a toddler. The baby asked Hope to come with him. He loved her and needed her. The baby walked away, and Hope followed him. The baby had led her down a long path. At the end of the path was a gate. She could not see what was on the other side of the gate. Gate was tall and see could not see through it or over it.

While standing at the Gate, she heard beautiful voices singing Amazing Grace. Hope remembered signing Amazing Grace at church all her life. Then she realized the baby was an angel leading her into heaven. She had been looking for the place she wanted to be. The place she would live her life and had been waiting to see. The gate opened and Hope was so amazed by the sight she saw. She stood at the gate, fell to her knees, and started worshiping the Lord. Hope had seen the streets of gold. She had heard the Angels singing. Hope was no longer in pain. There was no more suffering. Hope had fulfilled her journey in this life and entered the presence of the Lord.

The lawyer had presented all the evidence to the Judge. The Judge ruled Faith had killed her husband in self-defense and was suffering from Battered Women Syndrome. Faith was not free. Faith rushed to the prison to bring Hope home. When she arrived, the Chaplain was waiting to see her. He expressed his condolences for losing her sister, Faith. Faith was free. She could tell no one that Hope had swapped places with her. Hope wanted to ensure Joy would always have a mother with her.

Faith and Joy were grieving over the loss of Hope. Hope had touched the lives of people in the community. Now the sad part was no one would get to say goodbye to her. Everyone thought it was Faith that had died. Faith attended her own funeral. Faith saw having a tough time dealing with the sacrifice Hope had made for her. Hope had died alone in the prison where no one cared about her. Faith failed to the realize. Hope was not alone. The baby was there with her the entire time. She had an Angel that helped her move to the other side.

Faith had provided her with two precious gifts. Joy was the gift she had given her while on earth. The best thing that ever happened to her was the love she shared with Joy. Joy taught her what it was to love and be loved. Joy was the child that changed her life forever. Faith had provided her with a baby boy to show her the way to the other side. Now Faith must deal with the sorrow, pain, and guilt that fill her soul.

Faith continued to live life as Hope. Hope and Joy moved into a small house on the other end of town. The pain, hurt, and memories of Hope in the house were too much for her to emotionally. The mansion was donated and became The House of Hope. Battered Women Shelter. As years past the pain was easier to live with. But the love of Hope would always remain. Her love continued to help others in the community. Those touched by Hope experienced the love she always had to give.

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