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C7 Love after Abuse

Faith's world revolved around joy, and she always considered her best interests as well. She didn't want to take the chance of thinking about what she was feeling. Faith was afraid to get married after her first marriage. She continued to carry the baggage with her. She could not explain to Steve what was really happening in her life. Faith wanted to continue the relationship with Steve. He was deeply hurt. Faith begged Steve to give her a little more time. She was afraid of how the marriage would affect Joy. Steve pleaded I can be the only father she will ever know. I will be a good father to her. One that she will love.

Someone who should have loved Faith instead abused her by controlling, manipulating, criticizing, judging, berating, and belittling her until we felt worthless. As a result, she doesn't really know what 'love' is and is afraid when she faces it now. She doesn’t trust the treatment of being loved because in the past, it came to conditions and was used to manipulate her.

Steve is the perfect man for her. In her fear, she is trying to sabotage the relationship. Faith opened up to where she feels vulnerable and terrified that Steve will be abusive. She believes she does not deserve to be loved, even though her soul cries out for love. She took the life of her husband.

There is almost no way to guarantee that a relationship or partner will never become abusive. She knows her abuser is extremely manipulative and did not show any signs of abuse until the night before the wedding.

Faith was unsure of his trustworthiness. Faith questions her judgement of choosing a new partner. She invited Steve to join them on a seven-day vacation to Disney World. She sought assurance that he would not abuse her. After a week together, Faith thought she would discover if he was going to abuse her. Joy was looking forward to the vacation.

It was not Faith who experienced Joy's first encounter with Cinderella. Faith knew it would be a wonderful experience for the two of them. It was now the right age for Joy to ride rides. The thought of riding a ride excited Faith. It's a small world, after all. The thought brought back memories of the time she first rode it with Hope. Both of them enjoyed looking at all the dolls from different countries. It is a memory that is very special to her, that she spent with Hope.

Faith had built a wall around herself that Steve had to break down for her to trust him. The vacation was a chance for him to show Faith and Joy how much he cares for them. The first few nights, he tucked Joy in every night and told her a story. Faith was surprised to learn how much Steve knew about fairy tales.

It was as if Joy's eyes sparkled and shone like a Christmas tree as she looked at the beautiful Cinderella Castle. As Joy stood in amazement, Cinderella waved from the balcony to her as she looked into the distance. As she looked into the distance, Cinderella began singing the song A Dream Is A Wish. Joy also joined her in the song. This experience enchanted joy.

Disney World was an unforgettable experience for the whole family. The spaceship ride into the future was one of Steve's favorite things. He found it to be an unforgettable experience. Joy was very excited about the parade that night. She was delighted to see all the princesses in the procession. Cinderella rode on the float with Prince Charming, who was her favorite character. Snow White smiled at Joy while a marching band drummed in the distance. She gave Joy the special attention she deserved.

Her relationship had to be built on truth if it were to last. Unfortunately, she didn't know how to tell him the truth. She ended up killing him. It's important for her to communicate honestly with him. She finds it difficult to discuss her abuse. She seems to keep reliving those memories over and over again. Does he really want to be with someone who killed someone? Some people say that talking can help you heal. Then why does it hurt so much? Reflecting on that night and on Hope's sacrifices for her, tears rolled down her cheeks.

She still felt fear and defensiveness within the depths of her mind and body. She had to overcome this obstacle in order to have a meaningful relationship with Steve. The first step she needed to take was to open up to him and tell him the truth. Joy was asleep when she spoke to him. It was difficult at first. She was part of the House of Hope, a shelter for battered women. Steve knew already that she may have been a victim of Domestic Violence.

As she told Steve what happened to her husband that night, he held her as she wept. Then Faith realized he loved her. After speaking with Joy the next day, they decided to get married. Joy desperately needed a father. Having him as a father made her happy. Joy was excited about being at the wedding. She could have a new dress that is beautiful. She would look like a princess.

Her nightmare from her previous wedding night invaded her dreams as the wedding approached. She dreamed of the abuse she had endured. Her heart was pounding as she awoke covered in sweat and shaking. Panicking, she looked around the room for her husband. Faith shakes her head and rubs her eyes, trying to awaken. Stumbling into the bathroom, she checks the mirror for signs of abuse. After a moment, she realizes it was only a nightmare.

She wonders if it will ever end. She began to doubt her decision to marry Steve. She wondered if the nightmares were telling her to cancel the wedding. Faith hoped it was only PTSD. Faith visited the House of Hope to discuss her feelings with the support group. They advised her to trust and love herself. It's important to believe in that voice in the back of your head. Faith knew the path to a healthy relationship wasn’t going to be easy. Marriage requires work. But the rewards were worth it. She wanted to give Joy a family with two parents.

New chapter is coming soon
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