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Este día llamo al aire, la tierra y el agua para soportarme. Te maldigo este día.

I curse you child this day, may the atmosphere bear me witness, the earth, air, water be here present. I summon the Darkness that lurk at night time, ban to never feel the sunlight, the monstrous beast that hides in the wood come, come heed unto the cry of my voice.

This Evil being filled with hatred stretch her right hand to the Air while speaking the language of the unknown, her lips continuously moving without words flying out.

Her black long hat fell from her head revealing the scattered almost bald head, with fresh worms crawling and dancing around her scalp.

With a snap of her sharp long fingers that could be mistaken for knife, the worms caught fire with some part of her half bald head, as if the hair was not scanty enough. She picks up the roasted worm from her head with her long nails, as she open her mouth releasing her brown extremely long curly tongue, wrapping the worm in it while savouring the taste before rolling her tongue in to chew with her rotten grass green teeth.

Amargo just like her name filled with gross bitterness, She was relentless and determined to finish this curse. She vowed to turn the innocent human boy child in her arm into a ferocious beast. The air was misty and foggy, no animal walking, creeping or crawling dare to come out.

Amargo hatred brought out the wild beast in her as she would stop at nothing to see her once lover son turned into a savage barbarian beast of prey, not even the piercing cry of the child could melt her heart.

She picked the ancient clay pot with her half rotten hand filled with holes and nails so long that could pierce a beating heart. Her flesh was dead and had turn black.

Poder del fuego she spoke again commanding fire to come under the clay pot. The floating green fire began to burn under the clay pot making smoke fill the air. She the suspends the crying baby on the air and picking up a cup just like the pot made of clay. This cup was filled with liquid to the brim, this was not ordinary liquid, but the blood of an infant vampire that she had drained out every single blood and venom, turning a deaf ears to it's fearful screams without mercy. By her side she laid three clay cup also filled with blood, in the second contains the blood of a wolf and the third, the blood of a dragon.

Amargo pours the liquid into the smoking pot, she dip her finger into the boiling mixture to stair it, after wards licking it out with her tongue. The 600 years old witch smiled showing her rotten teeth to the one year old human child.

She laughs out so loudly, that the birds run into hiding when she remembered how she brutally murdered the parent of the child with her. Their screams sang sweet lullaby to her ears, the fear in their eyes appease the monster in her. He was suppose to be Hers not having that weak, fragile woman in his arms.

She started with the female, making the male watch as his beloved screamed to dead. Her long nails went deep buried into her beloved lovers heart and In a second, she pulls the pumping heart out, making the lady fall to the ground as if she weighed nothing . She held the heart in her hand flashing her rotten teeth, before licking the blood off her hand after throwing the heart to the ground.

Each century that pass since Amargo was born, a virgin girl was sacrificed to the God witch, and in return Amargo is granted more power and longevity

There was little, high, higher and supreme ranking of the witches. Amargo proudly occupy the higher rank making her feared by most witches.

The male held fear in his eyes, he knew he was next and no amount of pleading could melt her stone cold heart. And the same way she killed his lover, she did with him, but not without detaching his manhood from his body, with so much ease as if plucking a flower. The man died in pain greater than his beloved.

She picks up the child after making sure her mixture was ready, slice the flesh off his forehead right in the middle and pour the mixture into the child.

You shall be my personal dog, the monster I create this day, your eyes shall remain dark as night, seven days from now, on four legs shall you stand, you shall be one with the blood of this three beast combine, your peace seize at night as the darkness of the night torment you till day.

Amargo was still not satisfied with the curse and suffering she had just bestowed on the young child. She dropped the child to the ground with force running into her cottage to find black magic potion.

Azara her apprentice that has lived with her for a century has silently been watching her Mistress. She held pity for this child as her leg moves towards the him, she pick the crying child up and just a glance at his eyes, she was determine to do the small she could to ease the horrible fate that await this child.

You shall be powerful just like the beast that now lives inside of you, but on the full moon after a thousand years, a girl child shall be born, who would be an antidote to your pain, the second you see her, behold your once dark eyes shall become gold, and your souls shall merge to become one. Azara cut her tomb spilling the blood on the forehead of the child, to seal her declaration.

She drop the child right where her mistress had kept him so as to avoid suspicious. She knew she was no match for senior witch and left the premises before her mistress comes out.

And just like Azara had predicted, Amargo came out holding a white powder like substance in her hand. She pick the child up and sprinkle the powder right where she had cut him open, and immediately the substance came in contact with his forehead, the hole she had made earlier closed and the crying child enter into a deep sleep. And was asleep for seven days.

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