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VIMDRAOLF as humans and creature call him. The Gray colour canis lupus stood at eight feet in length from nose to the tip of his tail weighting 200 pounds. The grey wolf with white stripes at every 10 centimeter of his body standing in all his glory right on the snow with his heavy paw pads buried in it. The hair on his neck and shoulder stand up aggressively

His gold eyes shine in the night so bright. He raise his tail in dominance but even without raising his tail no other creature dare to come near, the scent coming out his body was enough to tell people his rank.

But he was not an ordinary wolf, not just one beast lives in him but two and a blood sucking demon.

Apart from his wiry, long and dense fur enough to keep him warm, on his back bone sits a huge bat wing, a gift from his dragon or you could call it sea serpent. His speed was as first as seven wolfs combine thanks to the blood sucking Vampire in him.

He is terror, no animal or creature dare to cross his path, even the tree shivers till he is gone. He release his beasts for running. And it began running at five kilometers per mile.

Night time was his worst favourite time of the day. The torments from evil spirit wouldn't stop him from running and feeling the breeze on his fur.

His nose pick up the scent of his next prey twenty Kilometers away, now that was just bad luck for the baby deer that refused to stay in hiding just like the rest animal. Everyone In the kingdom knows when king VIMDRAOLF comes out for running, you go into hiding.

VIMDRAOLF gave a long howl, before showing its fifty canine teeth. He rarely uses his wings except for extreme cases.

The cold snow could not slow him down nor the freezing wind, he had strong protective paw. His wolf side was itching to come out, he was in charge now, and any bit of humanity left in him was long gone now that the wolf has smelt it's midnight snack. This was not the time to feel the breeze on his fur, he was on a mission, and the last thing he needed was to get on his wolf bad side if he miss his target.

He attack the poor deer before it could even know what was coming. One mile away from the deer, he lift his wings and fly dropping down by the side of the deer giving it a surprise attack before opening his massive molars and powerful jaw crushing the bone of the deer, biting deep 2000 pounds of pressure per square inch.

VIMDRAOLF was not in the mood of chasing his prey like it did yesterday, tiring it out before painfully killing it. He ate the deer flesh after flesh leaving just the bones remaining.

His vampire nature is extremely clean, and even after finishing piles of blood, it makes sure to clean himself.

The beast VIMDRAOLF take off to the lake, where he sit down first watching his reflect, admiring his beast, he has not seen anyone stronger.

He close his eyes as he changes back to its human form, standing naked in the middle of the forest in front of the lake. The harsh cold air couldn't spears his skin, his dragon strong protective skin shielded him. And just like he did with his beast, he did also with his human form admiring it.

His pale white skin, and fang teeth evidence showing from his mouth, even his human form could not hide his vampire beast. The breeze blew through his white hair that he always have in a bun, but today he decided to let it down, making him look more manly with his full pointed nose and sharp jawline.

His hand move to his forehead, a transparent glass just like the water pyramid shape crystal about 2 cm on each side replace the hole that Amargo dug one thousand years ago. This crystal holds his power and beast together.

His eyes went to his biceps, the moon shine it's light on him, exposing the mark he hates with passion. The chain marks given to him daily by Amargo, even the fast healing power of his werewolf could not help much from the cut caused by the chain.

From his right leg he took the first step dipping his leg into the water, before moving his second leg. VIMDRAOLF was viewed as a god, not a god you run to for help, but a destructive God.

Nothing survive on its path, nothing grows where he steps, if he had his way, he would seize the sun so everyone will be in darkness just like him. He kept walking into the water till he six feet gone into it, it still didn't completely cover the 7 feet beast exposing just his head.

He deeps his head into the lake washing out the blood stain from his face. He stayed down in the water till he was sure the water has washed away the blood, He raised his head revealing his gold eyes and serpent like slit pupil.

His beast form, just like is human form is horrific, he was cursed for life, the mark on his body constantly remind him of who he is, a slave.

He came out of the lake just like he entered. Rumour has it that he is also a mermaid because of the built of his toes, it is similar to it's dragon wings, his six toes are join in a way that makes it easy for him to swim under water.

The creatures and supernatural knows of Vimdraolf so does the human world.

Parent tell their children scary tales about about him using it to scare them, or to make them do their bidding.

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