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MALDITO located in the mist of a mountain, right in the middle of "Mar Malvado" an evil sea that is said to have the spirit of lost souls swimming in it. The tales passed down from generation states that a visit to the sea means the end of your life. Mar Malvado known for it's popular name, " Sea of no return"

MALDITO is an ancient city ruled by many great gods, who in the end pass down the privilege of kingship to Divine being when they decided it was time to leave the earth.

The first rulers made to seat on the throne were the lycanthropy, known to be dangerous and kill without mercy. History has it that they tried to trick zeus into eating flesh of human, which was seen as a great abomination. Zeus in return cursed them, turning them into the first werewolf.

But that just gave them enough power and authority, making them untouchable and all the more dangerous. No one has been able to take power from their hand, not until the creation of Vimdraolf, the first of its kind. A vampire dragon wolf.

Witches that once lived in hiding came into full light under the leadership of Amargo and her pet Vimdraolf. The war between the werewolf and witches lasted for seven bloody days. Sacrifices were made, soul were trapped, and a new queen emerged. Amargo was untouchable, she took the kingdom from the Lycan the werewolf king chaining him in Hades to rot.

When the moon is at its fullest, red as if bathed in blood, every werewolf are at their strongest void of any humanity in them, BLOOD MOON.

The aftermath of the last blood moon was so horrific that Vimdraolf decided to chain himself down this time to reduce the damage he was going to create.

His wolf became restless, his fur becoming obvious, coming out from his human flesh, His knees too week to carry his body so he falls to the ground. He so badly wanted to shift, he felt every bone cracking, every joint rearrangement, the pain each blood moon was greater than the formal.

Amargo ruled for almost 800 year with iron fist. After the great betrayal, she was banished and so were the other witches too, while the surviving rest went into hiding.

By the contract drafted, humans were to have dominion on their part of the land given. And free to pick the supernaturals that could stay with them.

Their side of the land had peace from rouge and could sleep in peace not scared that a werewolf or vampire could end their lives but their peace came at a price.

The scream of the heavy woman was heard loudly, she was due, and was sure she would die if the baby in the womb don't pity her at this point and come out. Four midwives surrounded her bed, as she kept pushing with whatever strength she has left. No body has ever seen a woman in labor for a full day. The hot water in a bowl was changed again for the seventh time now, one of the midwife brought in a fresh hot water to the room, disposing the formal.

The villagers carries the rumour that surely, she was not going to birth a human, even while married to a human. If she comes out of the room alive, questions await her, one thing they hated was disloyalty, and women that share their bed.

A loud howl that sounded more like a painful cry from a wolf was heard afar, and the cry of the child filled the room, the woman could not even see the face of her child has she passed out from exhaustion.

The eldest of the midwife took the child trying to examine her. Werewolf are born with blue eyes, but this baby has green eyes, as green as the trees.

Her skin was not pale like that of a vampire, she had no wings like the fairy, or long pointy ears like the Elfs, she was completely normal, but they were not convinced, the mystery surrounding her birth was too confusing. Who was the Wolf that his call made her come out of her mother's womb? She had refused for almost two days leaving her mother in labour pain. It was as if she waited patiently for the howl, and without a single push from the mother, she came out all on her own.

The child's father was summon to the room to take his crying infant. This man loves his wife so much and he believe she could never cheat on him. His child's birth is just the prophecy that came to pass.

On the day of their marriage, a raven had flew in to the room right before they were about to make love. This bird did not carry a letter like other do, but spoke instead.

" She is chosen to break the cursed, from his cry she shall be born"

The bird turned into ashes right after it delivered the message.

The man took the crying child in his arms and she calm down immediately. It was obvious the midwives wanted nothing to do with the child and fleed for their safety. They left the room with lies at the tip of their tongue ready to interpret their side of the story to the villagers.

This child snuggle close to her father's breast with her eyes close, this father wished to protect his daughter with all his might, but he also knew it's impossible to fight fate and come out victorious, especially when your daughter has been mated to a werewolf, and not just any type of werewolf, VIMDRAOLF himself, popularly known as the three beast man.

The child squeezed her mouth about to start another round of crying. But the man held her close to his chest, moving her gently so she goes to sleep and forget about food. He pitied his poor wife who has been in labor and hope his baby girl does too.

As if she heard her father's plea, she put her hand in her mouth, sucking it before sleeping. The man drop the sleeping child close to her mother as he leaves the room, but with one though on his mind, to go meet the human representative and talk to him. There is no proof that is wife cheated on him, so she can't be punished.

He left the room without knowing the trick destiny has in store for both him, his wife and the little innocent child that was just brought into the world.

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