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The woman had bruises and small cut under feet from the rock and stones laying on the ground, that was not enough to stop her, she still didn't agree to rest her sore feet and also decline her husband request to carry her, even though at this point she was no longer running but walking, but how could she, knowing fully well how exhausted her husband was also.

Every step caused immense pain, it cannot be compared to the pain of the thought that her daughter could have been a snack to Vimdraolf. Yes the young child is mated to him, but what assurance does she have for the safety of daughter. Everyone has heard the rumour of how he back stabbed his former master.

A touch from her husband wakes her up from her thoughts. He looks at her worried, even though he had been panicking inside also, he tried his possible best not to show it and be strong for his wife.

Rosa the day is gone, dark clouds have arose, soon the wolfs will come out for hunting.

What would you have us do Mateo?

She asked in disbelief trying not to conclude on her husband words just yet.

We would be of no use to the child if we end up dying in the hands of a wild beast Rosa.

Rosa was addle, she couldn't believe her husband would pick their life over their infant child, and immediately admonish him

How could you stand there saying those words to me? I can't rest, sit drink or even think of eating anything so long my child lies with that monster. Damn the prophecy, i would protect that little being even if it cost me my life, you are free to stop and rest as you so please, you are not obligated into following me.

Mateo was suddenly abase, although he never meant it in that manner. She miss interpreted his words. He can see visible the pain she passes through every second and knew he had to be cautious of his use of words.

Mateo walks to her front facing her.

I meant no such thing, my heart bleed at the thought of her not being in our arms. Protecting our self now is more vital to our daughter rescue. If we are food to the wild animals, who then will save her from the Claws of Vimdraolf.

She knew her husband was right, she let her worry and fear cloud her judgement. She knew how Behemoth Vimdraolf was, they needed to come up with a plan and not just go in to the wolfs den as living sacrifice ready to be slaughtered.

She gave a small laugher out, leaving her husband perplexed, a minute ago she was boiling ready to bring down the world.

What is the reason for your sudden change in behavior if I may ask Rosa? He couldn't help but be curious.

Mateo do you notice we never got the chance to name our angle, and all we've been calling her is infant, or child.

Now that she mentioned it, he then realize she was indeed right again.

What do you suggest we call her Rosa, he decided to give his wife the opportunity of naming their child.

This small gesture meant the world to Rosa, she pounder deeply on the perfect name for their little angel warrior.

Esmeralda. The name roll of Rosa tongue with easy as she smiled pronouncing it over and over again.

That's perfect for our little angel Esmeralda, it's beautiful just like her Rosa. Now let's go look for Esmeralda and return her back to us.

The couple smile wildly, now so much determination filled their hearts. The thought of resting was long gone by now as they match into Vimdraolf castle.

Seeing the pinnacle of the lifeless castle void of any colour brought great joy to their heart, the couple knew each step they take took them closer to Esmeralda.

Unlike every other castle you would have heard of or might have imagined with guards stationed at every corner, humongous, beautiful colours with crystal and gold used as decoration but this was not the case. Two hundred years ago when Amargo ruined, there was a strong force shield put up by the blood sister, a set of three witches known to practice intense dark magic. Nobody or creature could enter without the blood sister knowledge. They are three having names of numbers ranking from the senior to the junior Uno, Dos, Tres. It is said that they have never spoken before, also called Silent sister.

After the over dethronement, the shield went down and till date, nobody in their right mind dare to enter the castle. Except this two foolish determined couple matching on to their death.

Rosa and meteo stood in front of the gigantic old dusty wooden gate of the castle erected centuries ago. It's obvious this place has been left unkempt, it's a disgrace to the word castle as no princess would dream of living here.

They both shared a glance at each other, and as if reading mind, open the gate together. With their human strength, they had to pull harder before they were victorious.

The castle looked so small from their village, the distance deceived their eyes. The couple decided to go left wing after flipping a coin, they can't deny the fact that they were aghast. Every step increased their fear, Rosa glued her husband like a second skin, the fear made the cold weather more intense. The clashing of their teeth could be loudly heard as they move uniformly. The weird carved statue all round the path way made matters worse. They knew they were trespassing and at any moment, the owner would come out. They both walked, each step trembling in fear, without knowing the unfortunate incident their next step could bring. Rosa with one eye open, and the other closed prayed to the mother Goddess to have mercy on her.


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