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Small Esmeralda run around in the room with her little feet tapping the floor, small bell beads she loves to wear on her feet making jingle sounds and would never take off even when she is having her bath, gave her hiding place away.

Luna walk into the room pretending she doesn't know the whereabout of small Esmeralda.

Baby Esmeralda come out now, I give up, you are great at hide and seek. Baby Esmeralda come out now.

Luna said in a singing tune, walking to the direction of small Esmeralda. Esmeralda giggles when she felt the hands of Luna on her head after she scream a loud I Got you to Esmeralda.

The giggles gradually turns in to a full blown laugher as Luna start the twinkling episode and stops only when Esmeralda eyes bring out water from too much laughing.

Okay that's enough hide and seek for tonight you need to go to sleep, come let me tuck you in.

Esmeralda the five year old girl still full of so much energy grumbled but still obeyed her friend Luna and walk to the tick fur that she sleeps on every night.

Esmeralda close her eyes, pretending to Luna to have fallen asleep after she concluded her every night lullaby.

She was already wise and full of mischief at her early age. She waited patiently till Luna was out of the room before standing up from the fur.

She knew her beads would sound if she walks so she crawls instead.

It was a long journey for her kneels, when she couldn't bear the pain, she stands up to walk, by that time she was already far from the west wing making her way towards the forbidden east wing of the castle.

She wondered why it was forbidden to go down the castle or the East wing down the hall in the name of a monster she had never seen before.

The hall was dark, the only source of light Esmeralda had to guide her little feet were the dim lantern placed on the wall. Unlike other children scared of darkness, Esmeralda was not, and would off all light before she can go to bed.

She saw a huge door at the end of the hall open half way. Her curiosity grew and she could not stop her small feet as she walks to that direction.

Vimdraolf sits with his eyes closed not asleep, enjoying his new found peace at night since he met Esmeralda and brought her to the castle. It was strange how the pains and torment he had gotten a custom to varnish like he had never felt it for the past one thousand years of his life.

He use his tongue to roll the blood he just took, savouring the taste before completely swallow it, still with his eyes closed.

He knows that scent, he is familiar with it, how could he not be when she has been living with him for the past five years but he has never perceived it this strong. His wolf started jumping and the moment it altered the word Mate, Vimdraolf open his eyes all of a sudden in shock just in time to see the green eyes of his Mate.

Esmeralda innocently looks at him with her big round eyes moving her neck to the right to get a better view of the man sitting in front of her.

She walks up to his front, still trying to get a better view.

Vimdraolf eyes move to her legs and the sound it made because of the bell beads.

I'm Little Esmeralda, that's what my Mama calls me although I've always told her that I'm not so little anymore, I'm now bigg, my birthday has passed.

What is your name? I've never seen you around here before Esmeralda boldly tells Vimdraolf with her baby tongue still unable to pronounce the words clearly.

As if the distance between she and Vimdraolf was not enough, she walks close to him putting up her small right hand on his knees.

Have you seen the monster that lives here? Are you scared of him too? Mama said not to go here because of big bad monster. Should I tell you a secret?

Esmeralda ask him, trying to climb on top of his lap so she can stand and whisper the secret she was about to spill into his ear.

A thick dark mist cloud the room with Silent thunder and yellow lighting moving around it.

Esmeralda has long forgotten her failed attempt to climb Vimdraolf and open both her eyes and mouth in awestruck suddenly smiling at the magic show she thought her new friend put up for her just like her papa does.

In inhuman speed and super agility, Vimdraolf took control of the matter, as he flips Esmeralda to his back creating an illusion in her mind for her to concentrate on instead of the conflict about to happen between him and Azara.

She is coming Vimdraolf sooner than you expected. You made a mistake betraying her.

The mist has turn to Azara, Amargo apprentice.

Give me the child and it would look like I never came Vimdraolf, You can't win against Amargo, she created you. After attaining the power of supreme witch after the blood sacrifice, she is unstoppable.

Vimdraolf looks back to the child still playing in the illusion he created for her.


That was all Vimdraolf said to Amargo. Giving her away would be dangerous to him especially since the mate bond is not broken, she can be used against in.

Then so be it Vimdraolf, you will regret your choice.

Azara opens her mouth singing the ancient song bringing out smoke from the ground in a single file shaped as a snake. When it was long enough Azara folds her palm tight and you smoke turns into a chain socked with wolf'sbane.

Wolf'sbane, a wolfs worse nightmare, the easiest way to kill them.

Vimdraolf shuffled his eyes between Esmeralda and Azara. He close his eyes shut when he felt the chain come in contact with this flesh. He watched as the posion slowly enter his skin, Azara knows that was not enough to take down Vimdraolf, she did it to buy herself Sometime as she sucks in air and release an high pitch scream into the atmosphere.

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