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Because of his heightened sense, the banshee's scream released by Azara momentarily stun him. He heard it ten times louder in his head as he shut his eyes in pain with his hands covering his ears flowing with blood already.

That second with his eyes closed was enough for Azara to lift the chain for the second time and whip him but this time Vimdraolf catches it mid air wrapping it around his hand twice to enable him to pull it from Azara.

Azara knows she is no match for the beast, he would shred her into pieces. Vimdraolf animalistic claws draws out with his fang more evidence using his inhuman strength to pull hard the chain dragging Azara right in front of him, just where he wants her to be as he grabs her neck choking her. Azara drags her long nails claws digging it into Vimdraolf flesh trying to break free her neck from his strong hold. She gasps for air immediately her back comes in contact with the hard surface of the door.

Azare stairs at Vimdraolf perplexed he was still holding the chain socked in wolf'sbane with no sign of displeasure like it didn't affect him even in the slightest.

Amargo can have the child but not when she can still be used against me. Until the mate bond is destroyed the child stays here. Leave before you die.

You make a big mistake beast.

Azara turns into smoke and vanish into thin air just like she came.

Just like Vimdraolf suspected Amargo has resurrected and the soonest the breaks the mate bond, the better for him.

He drops to chain to the ground and fix his eyes on the child still lost in magical illusion he created for her earlier on.

Vimdraolf freezes the illusion and bring Esmeralda back to the real world.


Vimdraolf speaks in a rather harsh subtle voice.

The confused child still wondering where the glass flowers and bird went all of a sudden looks back at him not obeying his command.

No I won't leave till you bring birdy back.

His irritation kept growing by the second


No i will not baaad man, don't you know it's bad habit to raise your voice to people, mummy said so. She said if I'm naughty, the big bad monster will come to take me while I sleep. Don't be naughty like me so the monster won't take you too.

Esmeralda squeeze her face in pain, before shouting a loud ouch. She falls to the ground as she burst in tears.

Vimdraolf stood paralyzed on the spot the little girl talking so much a minute ago now crying, he was lost and troubled.

My arms hurt so badly, they are turning to the colour blue, i want mama, get mama

After she mention it, it was then he noticed that the mark and pain was coming from the exact same spot he was whipped with the chain.

The take her to his arm without thinking, it was he realizes it's the first time he is touching his mate after five years. Her short small clothing was wrapped from her chest down to her ankle from her chest so her arm was free and he could easily access it.

The mate bond is growing with her and at such a little age, she can now share the same pain with her mate.

She looks at him with her full of tear. Her eyes are mesmerizing, it's magnetic to him, it won't even let me blink in fear that he would miss the moment. Vimdraolf knew this wolf was the one feeding this attraction. But who can blame him, Vimdraolf has not left him touch his wolf in years.


Vimdraolf woke up from his day dreaming, moving his attention to her injured arm. One of the advantage he got from having an alpha blood in him was pain absorption. He move his thumb around the surface of the injury and in a blink of an eye, the once blue arm turned to it's formal white baby skin.

She smiled and stretched her neck to kiss him on his cheek innocently.

Mummy gives me a bigggg kiss on my check if I go on an errand for her. And now you help me say bye bye to my pain so i give you a bigggg kisses like Mama does to me.

Vimdraolf could not hide his amuse as his side lip crack an half smile at her.

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