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I decline to his idea, taking down Vimdraolf is not as easy as he proposes, we can't trust the vampires for help, they are cowards.

Enough I won't sit down let you insult me, at least I'm bringing suggest to the table Alpha4

For the past five hours all six Timber wolves Alpha did was argue and contradict each other. They sat in front of a wooden table filled with medium cooked meat of a dear and rabbit having red wine in the center jug and bronze cup in front of each of them. The six Timber wolves gather to discuss the future of their park as they debated upon the letter they got from Terran wolf Alpha's in conjunction with the Rogues requesting them to join the come back war they've titled " TAKING OVER".


Chester uttered in a sharp shrill cry, both his ears have heard enough. He believes he came for an Alpha meeting and not children play ground.

We are talking about the future of the Timber wolves Chester Alpha5 said again in anger.

At this point in time, he had all five other Alpha attention on his palm.

I suggest we don't support in the war, It would only end up in a blood bath. It is no news that we are all noticing the witches bandrol. Some of our children have gone missing without any clue and that can mean only one thing, their blood are spill in sacrifice for the attainment of more power by Amargo and her sisters.

What is to say we successfully take down Vimdraolf and the Vampires, when then the witches arise for revenge, taking them down on our own would mean us bathing in wolf'sbane.

We would need Vimdraolf and the Vampires in the future. Who knows Amargo better than Vimdraolf? He is the only one with a chance to take her down, he has done it before, he might do it again.

The prophecy has come to pass Alpha5, Vimdraolf now has a weakness Alpha1 says in a cool voice.

All eyes look to his direction, he is know for his planning strategies before adventuring into any plan, he has a reputation of never failing or missing his target. He doesn't talk much but talk sense.

Tomorrow will make it twenty years since I last saw my mate after placing her in the castle. Luna has been my eyes are ears into Vimdraolf life. The child has been born, his weakness and our target, the gate way to his down fall. We get the child, his wolf will run mad, and in that confusion we would take him down.

Adam with all due respect, you can never be more wrong Alpha5 cut Alpha1. Killing the child won't do us any good. From the prophecy, she should be barely five Alpha1. There is no way the connection would be strong enough by this time to disorientate him.

Why do you think he is wrong, cause you are what Almighty Alpha5? Alpha 3 said in a mocking tone after giving a fake bow, and his right friend Alpha4 burst into laughter.

Although they are all Timber wolves, Alpha 3 has not let go of the grudge he has towards Alpha5. Anytime he sees his face, he remembers the reason his only daughter died. She had fallen in love with Chester after she followed her father for one of the alpha meeting when she was sixteen and had prayed to Zeus, also begging the moon goddess that she be paired with Chester till her finally breath.

Her heart could not be more shattered when she caught the love making and marking of Alvery the NINTEEN year old werewolf mated to Chester her first and only love.

Vee could not bear the pain and suffering as she pierced her heart with a silver knife taking her own life.

Alpha 3, Alpha5 has a point. Alpha6 who has been quiet all this time spoke his first sentence since the meeting began.

There is immense sense in what Alpha5 and Alpha1 has said. But I strongly suppose Alpha5. Amargo will reincarnate with the help of her sisters and sacrifice they've been performing, they will surely seek revenge.

Vimdraolf reign has favoured us more than Amargo. Amargo made sure we were below her. We were not only insulted downgraded, frump. Amargo made sure we wouldn't raise our head in the public.

Vimdraolf gave us back our respect and even creature can testify of safety under his rulership even the humans. He is ten times more better than Amargo.

What is to say Alphas that when we succeed in killing Vimdraolf, who then will sit on the throne next?

Alpha 6 ask leaving everyone in the table awestruck. Nobody mind went that far. Will another war begin again for king? The rogue don't have anything to loose, but we have wives and CHILDREN counting on us, whose live depends on what ever discussion we make here. We are Timber wolves and we've been known to always stand together and support our own. Now we take a vote, think about what is good for you, your pack, your wife and children before making a decision.

Each and everyone of this Alphas became sober, this was a very critical moment as anything they decide would change the fate of the Timber wolves. Do they become a coward and betrayal and reject the proposal of the Terran and Rogues wolves or live up to their names of lycan wolves and not turn their backs on their brother.

Silent took over, not even their breathing was heard. They look at each other in sobriety.

I say we join forces with Vimdraolf alpha2 speaks up, the youngest of the six Alpha.

I'm also in support Alpha 3 there follow put, and like always Alpha4 supports him.

Alpha 6 nods his head look at Alpha5.

Now the only person against the idea is Alpha1 who is determine and won't back out from what he strongly believe in.

He stands up without any alarm and leave the gathering of the other Alphas

Our decision still stands Alpha5 continues. We would stand with Vimdraolf, he is the only one that can help us win the battle with Amargo. I will write a letter to the Tarran and rogue declining their proposal.

The meeting is over.

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