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Beast Piercing The Heavens/C1 Left hook punch
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C1 Left hook punch

Flame Dragon Continent, War God Mansion, Blue City.

Blue City was located in the south of the War God Mansion, one of the six main cities of the palace, and it was also the territory of one of the five great clan of War God Mansion.

It was already late autumn, and although the Blue City was located in the south, there was still a hint of chilliness.

On a street in front of the City Lord's Palace, a youth dressed in green hastily walked in. The young man was around fifteen to sixteen years old, his delicate and pretty face was filled with a cold and anxious expression. Carrying the two medicine bags, he did not care about the shocked gazes of the passerby, and actually walked straight towards the City Lord Mansion.

"Mother, mother, Qinghan bought medicine for you. You'll definitely get better ?"

While the young man was walking, he was muttering to himself. He looked at the two gigantic stone lions in front of the City Lord's residence and could not help but hurry up.

In front of the City Lord Mansion stood eight valiant Martial Cultivator s, all of them were tall and mighty, with straight backs and stern expressions, as though they were gods standing in front of a door, majestic and domineering.

The eight of them took turns to guard the gates of City Lord Palace. Although the gatehouse had never been a respectable job, it was easy to imagine that there was some crawling type of animal guarding the gates. But the eight of them did not care at all. Their serious faces still had a faint hint of pride, because ? The door they were looking at, was the main entrance to the Ye Family. As the ruler of the southern part of the War God Mansion, the Ye Family of one of the Five Great Clans, it was very easy for servants like them to gain some vanity in certain aspects ?

As a result, the eight of them felt that guarding the door was a very dignified matter and gained a lot of face. "In the end, the eight of them glanced at the passersby with a little bit of arrogance and also a little bit of condescension.

Rustle, rustle!

Eh! Someone was coming!

Hearing footsteps getting closer and closer, the eight of them immediately felt their hearts tighten. One must know that this was the City Lord Palace, ordinary people could not, and did not dare to approach this gate. Thus, he definitely wasn't an ordinary person. Thus, the eight of them straightened their backs, smiled gently and looked in that direction.

However, when they saw a handsome youth in green clothes carrying a medicinal bag, their expressions instantly went grim. In the blink of an eye, his cold and dignified expression returned, and the speed at which his face changed was astonishing.

"Who was it?" "So it turns out to be a trash Seventh Young Master who could only buy medicine for himself ?"

One of the eight people spoke in a low voice. The disdain in his eyes was clear to see.

"Sixth brother, don't say too much. No matter what, he is a young master. If the clan finds out, they will be punished ?" "Huh?!" What's that? Everyone, prepare to welcome the second young master back to his residence! "

The hearts of the eight once again tightened. As they saw the luxurious carriage speeding over, their gazes immediately softened. When their gazes stopped at the large "Night" on the black flag of the carriage and the small "Idle" character, their gazes turned even gentler. It seemed that they even brought along ? A little bit.

"Welcome back, second young master!"

Eight loud voices sounded at the same time, startling all the passersby. The youth that wore green clothes and held a medicinal bag was stunned as well. His gaze swept over the luxurious carriage and those eight beautiful faces. He gave a self-deprecating smile and continued walking towards the gate.

Ye Qingxian was in a bad mood. As the second young master of Ye Family, he was the clan's Core Descendant. He always thought that in this world, there were very few things that could make him angry and unhappy. But... That bitch from the Drunken Smoke Pavilion last night had truly made him angry and unhappy.

Who is he? He is the second young master of Ye Family, Ye Qingxian!

What is Ye Family? Ye Family were the five great families of War God Mansion, the rulers of the southern regions. This bitch actually rejected him? Steward! Steward! Your master's servant, how could there be a servant in the Drunken Smoke Pavilion's number one brothel? He didn't sell himself out? This was the funniest joke I've ever heard in my life!

"Hm!" If it wasn't for the fact that I'm afraid of my clan's Hall Of Punishment knowing about it, if it wasn't for the fact that there were a lot of famous people in the Blue City last night, if it wasn't for me wanting to maintain my good manners, if it wasn't for ? I will definitely let that bitch know just how capable I, Ye Qingxian am! "Not only that, we even have to tear down that Bird Drunken Smoke Pavilion."

Ye Qingxian jumped down from the carriage and walked towards the main door with a gloomy face. However, he kept trying to find a reason to comfort himself. When his gaze swept towards the door and saw the eight pairs of fawning eyes, his mood improved even more after a long time ? These eight people were really "very loving". It was really hard to imagine that Giant Man, who was as powerful as a few gods of death, would actually laugh like this ? Charming?

He reached out and tapped one of the goalkeepers on the shoulder, indicating that they were doing well. Laughing softly, he raised his head and walked in.

However, his good mood only lasted for a dozen seconds, and that already made him feel extremely bad.

Suddenly, a young man in cyan clothes walked in quickly from the side of the door. He was carrying two medicine bags. With an anxious face, he walked towards the door like the wind. Maybe it was because he had left in a hurry, or maybe he was too anxious so he didn't see Ye Qingxian in front of him, and actually ? Ye Zichen directly bumped into him from behind.


Although Ye Qingxian did not really like cultivation, he had vented his anger all night in the Drunken Smoke Pavilion, so his legs were shaking now. However, they were still Core Descendant s of their family and experts of the commander realm. After being rammed by the green-clothed youth, they could only stagger forward two steps before stabilizing their bodies. Surprised, he turned around, wanting to see what had happened.

However, when he saw the green-clothed youth, his pale face had an apologetic expression. His complexion immediately darkened and his mood immediately turned cloudy. He opened his mouth and scolded:

"Ye Qinghan you bastard, are you blind?"

"Right... "Sorry, I left too fast." The azure-dressed youth called Ye Qinghan was obviously a little embarrassed, and on his slightly ashamed face, there was a trace of panic and unease.

"Sorry? If I am to be sorry and be useful, Flame Dragon Continent will not require so many people to die every day! " Ye Qingxian laughed coldly, thinking of the bitch from the Drunken Smoke Pavilion last night, using the same tone to say "sorry" to him. His mood worsened and he could not help but scold even more viciously, "What? Why are you in such a hurry to go back and mourn for your mother? "

"You ? Ye Qingxian, I just bumped into you, I've already said that I'm sorry ? Don't go too far, my mother is your elder after all. " Ye Qinghan was originally a little ashamed, but after hearing Ye Qingxian's last words, he couldn't help but become angry, as he bulged out his pair of small eyes.

"Elder?" Looking at Ye Qinghan's slightly angry expression, Ye Qingxian felt a tinge of happiness in his heart. However, it seemed that it was not enough and he continued to tease his, "I have never done this before ? An elder of a courtesan. "

"Ye Qingxian!" Seeing the unintentional smiles in the eyes of the eight gatekeepers who had surrounded and watched the show, Ye Qinghan was thoroughly enraged as he tried to defend himself, "My mother was a cleaning servant back then, and not a prostitute. If you continue to insult my mother, don't blame me for being impolite."


Hearing the words "servant" once again, Ye Qingxian recalled that beautiful face of last night and that cold rejection. His face was immediately filled with anger and shame as he shouted, "A clean man? Your father went to a waiter last night and insulted him? So what if I insult you? Trash! A female prostitute? Why? You still want to hit me? "

"You ?" After saying "trash" and "courtesan", Ye Qinghan completely went on a rampage. He placed the medicine bag in his hands onto the ground and leaped with his hind legs, dashing towards Ye Qingxian like a sharp sword.

"Ye Qingxian, I want to duel... "Left hook fist!"

"What's wrong? "What's wrong?"

The commotion had long attracted the attention of countless servants in the City Lord Palace. Seeing that they were about to make a move, everyone rushed over quickly and surrounded the eight sect Gods to ask.

"Oh!" So this was how it was ? I say, how can the usually dull and honest Seventh Young Master rush to fight with Second Young Master! So it turns out that Second Young Master scolded his mother. "

"Humph!" "So what if he scolded, his mother was originally a cleaner. After Ye Qinghan's father, Ye Dao, died, he was the only one left in their second house, and was even a cultivation trash. I haven't seen him for more than a few years, and their second house will be chased out of the City Lord Mansion ?"

"Shh, lower your voice. It's best not to discuss these things, since the Hall Of Punishment has found out about the punishment, let's bet on how many moves Ye Qinghan can take under Second Young Master's lead."

"Pah! That trash, Ye Qinghan, is only at the first level of the Elite Realm. Although Second Young Master likes to play normally, other people have good talent.

"Look, the second young master sent the seventh young master flying with a single punch ?"

Everyone stopped their discussions and turned to look, just in time to see Ye Qinghan flying backwards in the air.


Ye Qinghan smashed onto the ground fiercely, and did not raise even a speck of dust. The main entrance to the City Lord Palace is an important place, I have to clean it a few times every day, how can there be dust?

"Everyone, as you can see, this is a duel that Ye Qinghan proposed himself. I formally declare that I agree to fight with him ? In the future when he sues for his Hall Of Punishment, all of you must testify for me. " Ye Qingxian clapped his hands, and said without a care. With regards to trash like Ye Qinghan, who was at the first level of the elite realm, he could easily fight seven or eight of them. Of course, when he was in a bad mood and someone just happened to come knocking to vent his anger, he was quite happy.

"Eh!" Ye Qinghan rubbed his knees, he lowered his head and groaned, his eyes staring straight at the pleased Ye Qingxian. With a stomp on his hind leg, he quickly pounced again: "Left hook Fist!"

Ye Qingxian laughed in disdain, his body slightly tilted to the side, dodging the incoming fist, his right leg aimed upwards, his left fist quickly flying towards Ye Qinghan's abdomen.


Ye Qinghan's stomach curled as he flew out again, but after struggling for a moment, he still stood up. With a stomp on his hind leg, he pounced again.

"Left hook Fist!"


"It's still left hook fist!"


"Left... "Gou Fist!"


Looking at Ye Qinghan who pounced on him time and time again, and flew back. The surrounding servants and guards couldn't help but feel sorry for him. However ? This Seventh Young Master was too weak. He actually wasn't a match for the Second Young Master in one move, and he only knew one move? Although this left hook is pretty good, you always use left hook and left hook. You are not tired, but we are tired.

"Haha, little bastard, is that still okay? "If that won't do, then this young master will have to leave. I'll find a servant to serve you tonight, haha ?"

Not far away, Ye Qinghan curled up on the ground, his brows tightly knitted together in pain. But after hearing Ye Qingxian's insults, he let out a furious roar, and clawed wildly at the ground with both of his hands. With difficulty, he stood up.

"Ye Qingxian, today, I will make it hard for you to forget!"

After he finished speaking, Ye Qinghan turned into a violent bear and raised his left fist high up, smashing towards Ye Qingxian like a cannonball.

"Haha, I will never forget this day!"

Ye Qingxian laughed out loud. Anyone could brag about it, with that lousy left hook fist of yours, even with my eyes closed, I would still be able to send you flying. Hm! This time, he was going to try again. It was time to end this boring game. Although bullying was pretty fun, he had used up a lot of his energy and stamina. It was time for him to go back and take an afternoon nap ?

"Left hook Punch ?"

squinted his eyes as he looked at Ye Qinghan who was quickly rushing over and his raised left hook high up in the air. Listening to the familiar "left hook fist", he sneered and subconsciously moved his body to the right side quickly. Then, his right leg moved up and his left fist quickly swung out.

Eh? Why didn't he hit it? Ye Qingxian looked up suspiciously, to see a sneering face and a gigantic brick.

"Left hook Punch ?" Add a brick to the right! "


The gigantic stone slab smashed onto the ground heavily, causing Ye Qingxian to feel a sharp pain in his head, followed by his eyes turning black, he fainted. However, on the eve of his coma, he kept thinking to himself, "Why isn't it the left hook fist?" Why did it become a right brick? How could a man be so shameless?


He looked at the second young master, who slowly fell to the ground, and the seventh young master, who had a hideous face and held a stone tile in his hand. At this moment, it was completely silent. The Martial Cultivator at the first level of the Elite Realm had actually knocked out the Martial Cultivator at the first level of the Commander Realm. Although Seventh Young Master's method of hitting the rod was a bit despicable, but, how could he not win? The one standing on the ground was him, right? To be able to knock down a wooden stick, to know how to knock down a wooden stick, wasn't this in itself a type of strength?

But what happened next caused them to be even more shocked. The normally dull and honest Seventh Young Master actually threw the brick and sat on Second Young Master's body. His left and right fists started moving at the same time as he swung towards Ye Qingxian's handsome face.

"I said something that you won't forget for the rest of your life ?"

"Seventh Young Master, stop hitting him! Something will happen!"

Seeing this, the crowd grew anxious. The eight gatekeepers quickly took two steps forward, as one of them spoke up.

"Halt!" Ye Qinghan turned his head, his gaze sweeping across the place ruthlessly as he loudly shouted, "What? You want to commit a crime from the bottom of your heart? You want to be exiled for three thousand miles? This is my duel with Ye Qingxian! Although my second branch's status is low, they are still a young master, so if you don't want to be exiled tomorrow, you can come over! "

On the surface, they did not dare to go against the clan's rules, so they could only stand in place and explain anxiously: "Ugh, of course we are not thinking of offending our superiors, we are only trying to dissuade Seventh Young Master, after all, it is not good if something happens."

"Humph!" Ye Qinghan sneered, he waved his fist and fiercely punched, then stood up in anger and patted his hands as he walked over to pick up the medicine bag.

"Brother ?"

Right at that moment, a young girl in white clothes quickly walked over. The young woman's steps were hurried, and she was even a bit staggering. Her entire body was trembling, and she was even shouting as she walked. Her cries were filled with sorrow and helplessness.

"Eh?" Ye Qinghan heard the mournful aura coming from the cry, he turned his head and looked at the girl running towards him, an ominous premonition forming in his heart.

"Big brother, mother, mother ? she passed away ?"

Pow! The medicine bag that he had just picked up landed heavily on the ground. The outer layer of the paper skin cracked open, turning into root like medicinal herbs that were scattered all over the ground ?

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