War God's Lovely Little Matchmaker/C12 You have to stay with me tonight
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War God's Lovely Little Matchmaker/C12 You have to stay with me tonight
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C12 You have to stay with me tonight

After hearing Ye Sijue's explanation, Gao Yu almost couldn't laugh.

"Then the Assistant Su …"

Ye Sijue unnaturally combed his eyebrows, and then said with his nose, "Tell her to come back."

Gao Yu was ecstatic and immediately went to do it.

"Oi, after talking for so long, you still haven't told me who exactly you are?"

In a certain corner of the Ye’s, Su Jianjian was facing towards a wall as he opened his mouth.

In fact, there was a sloppy man leaning against the wall, but only she could see him.

When the man heard Su Jianjian's question, he elegantly tied his hair and said charmingly, "Can't you tell? I am the little love god who loves to see flowers bloom, Qiu Qi. "

"Qiu Qi?" Su Jianjian shook her head. She didn't remember any Qiu Qi she knew.

When Qiu Qi saw Su Jianjian's reaction, it was somewhat hard to believe.

"What?" You haven't even heard of my name? "

Su Jianjian shook his head, at a loss.

"F * ck!" Qiu Qi couldn't help but curse, "You're really a rookie who's famous in the realm of marriage. No wonder you were kicked out."

"…" The corner of Su Jianjian's mouth twitched. Could you stop mentioning that matter?

Qiu Qi was a little speechless, "Forget it, luckily you were lucky and met me. Let me tell you, I can make you go back."

Hearing Qiu Qi's words, Su Jianjian laughed, "Bullsh * t. Since you can let me go back, why don't you go yourself?"

She wasn't that stupid.

Seeing that she did not believe him, Qiu Qi was not annoyed, and sighed: "Everyone has their own aspirations, not everyone is interested in helping others, in any case I am not interested in this industry, do you believe me or not, you will understand later."

Su Jianjian thought: If only he could really bring her back to Ye Sijue's side, then she wouldn't have been driven out by Yue Lao.

Although she did not really like the job at Marriage Fairy, it was at least a proper immortal job. If she was kicked out by Eldest Brother Yue, she really did not know what to do.

However, Su Jianjian also knew that it was impossible.

Unless a miracle happened.

Just as she was mourning in her heart, she heard someone call out from behind her, "Assistant Su, I've finally found you."

It was Gao Yu's voice, and when Su Jianjian heard her, he immediately turned his head, and as expected, he saw Gao Yu hurrying towards her.

"Assistant Su, Boss Ye wants you to go back."

Gao Yu gasped.

When Su Jianjian said that Ye Sijue wanted her to go back, she felt it was a little inconceivable, "Assistant Gao, you aren't lying to me right?"

Gao Yu said, "I'm not lying, it was Director Ye who told me personally."

Only now did Su Jianjian believe that Ye Sijue really wanted her to return. She couldn't help but turn around and glance at Qiu Qi, and facing his gaze which was as she expected, she excitedly turned around and held Qiu Qi's hand, "I didn't think that you would really be able to do it."

Qiu Qi stared at Su Jianjian's happy expression, using his eyes to indicate for her to look backwards.

It was only then that Su Jianjian remembered Gao Yu, who was behind her. Crap, she had forgotten that Qiu Qi was hiding in the shadows, so Gao Yu couldn't see him at all.

As expected, the moment she turned around, she was shocked by Gao Yu.

Su Jianjian scratched the back of his head in embarrassment and explained, "Assistant Gao, I'm so happy."

Only then did Gao Yu regain his senses, and said with a smile, "That's normal, let's go. Don't let Director Ye wait too long."

Su Jianjian hurriedly nodded as she waited for Gao Yu to turn around. She then turned her head and bowed towards Qiu Qi in gratitude.

Qiu Qi waved his hands towards her, signalling to her to cheer her on.

Su Jianjian then immediately turned and followed Gao Yu.

After Su Jianjian left, Qiu Qi smiled charmingly, turned into a ball of smoke and disappeared into the air.

Su Jianjian followed Gao Yu back to the entrance of Ye Sijue's office. Gao Yu turned around and went back into his office, and before he left, he gave Su Jianjian a cheering gesture.

Su Jianjian thanked Gao Yu and waited for him to leave before she took a deep breath and knocked on the door to her office.

"Come in!"

Ye Sijue's voice came from inside.

Su Jianjian then opened the door and walked in.

Ye Sijue was currently seated, reading the documents. Su Jianjian carefully walked forward and hesitated for a moment before saying, "Mr. Ye."

Hearing Su Jianjian's voice, Ye Sijue slowly raised her head. However, she only glanced at her face before looking at the document in her hands.

"He's coming."

Su Jianjian nodded as she stared at Ye Sijue and probed, "Does Mr. Ye really want to resume cooperation with me?"

Ye Sijue raised his eyebrows, "What's wrong? "You don't want to?"

"Nope." Su Jianjian immediately shook his head, "I'm not unwilling."

She really wanted it!

Seeing her impatient look, Ye Sijue could not help but raise his eyebrows.

"Since you've agreed to it, then we'll follow the three chapters of the agreement and add another additional condition."

Su Jianjian asked, "What additional condition?"

"It's very simple. In the future, you will not only be my assistant during the day, but you will also have to live with me at night." Ye Sijue said indifferently.

"Living together?" Su Jianjian thought he heard wrong.

Ye Sijue glared at her, "We are living together, why do you have any objections?"

"Nope." Su Jianjian immediately shook her head, she did not dare have any objections, and nodded her head, "Alright, I agree, I will follow your arrangements."

Ye Sijue could not help but look at her, he did not expect that after the cancellation of her contract, she had become more obedient.

Just like this, Su Jianjian once again returned to Ye Sijue's side.

At night, Ye Sijue gave her permission to carry his luggage.

Actually, Su Jianjian didn't even have any luggage.

However, in order to prevent Ye Sijue from being suspicious, she had to pretend that she was carrying her luggage. In reality, she was going back to her workstation.

When Su Jianjian arrived at the workstation, all the Marriage Fairy were there. When they saw her enter, they all stared at her as if they were eating her.

Su Jianjian understood in her heart that she had offended Tang Anqi, so she was excluded by the Marriage Fairy.

However, wasn't she already used to this kind of situation?

She walked in with a swagger.


Tang Anqi's furious voice came out.

Su Jianjian stopped in her tracks, she turned and looked at Tang Anqi, who was behind her, he was grinding his teeth, and wanted to tear her apart.

"Su Jianjian, you are too despicable."

Tang Anqi said bitterly.

She spent a lot of effort to get Ye Sijue to fire her, but she never thought that something would happen. She didn't know what trick Su Jianjian used to make him go back on his words.

Su Jianjian was a little amused, what did she mean by being despicable? Did she not use a despicable method to almost make her lose her last chance?

Now, he blamed her for being despicable.

"Tang Anqi, who exactly is despicable, don't you have any idea?"

Tang Anqi sneered, "Su Jianjian, we have always relied on our own abilities, you don't need to think that I would do anything to you, you are the one who is stupid, you can't blame others."

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