War God's Lovely Little Matchmaker/C13 How did she become a gatekeeper from an assistant
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War God's Lovely Little Matchmaker/C13 How did she become a gatekeeper from an assistant
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C13 How did she become a gatekeeper from an assistant

Su Jianjian listened to Tang Anqi's twisted logic.

"Yes, if I fall into a trap, I can only blame myself for being stupid. Then why are you calling me despicable if your trap fails?"

"You …" Tang Anqi never thought that Su Jianjian would suddenly become so eloquent. One must know that in the Yue Lao Palace, even though she was scolded, she did not even dare to make a sound. It seemed that it was because she had grabbed hold of Ye Sijue that she became so arrogant.

She sneered, "Even if you have Ye Sijue right now, you need to be able to eat it. Su Jianjian, I advise you to be more sensible and quit by yourself, otherwise, none of us will be able to live a good life."

Su Jianjian finally understood Tang Anqi's intentions. So she was still worried about this matter, and said, "There's no need for you to worry about that. Whether I'm pushing myself to death or starving to death, it has nothing to do with you."

She turned and left the workstation.

A few Marriage Fairy s were ready to give chase, but they were stopped by Tang Anqi.

Tang Anqi stared at Su Jianjian's leaving figure, his gaze became ruthless, "Don't be happy too early, you'll have to suffer in the future."

Su Jianjian followed the address that Gao Yu gave and arrived at the entrance of Ye Sijue's villa.

She stopped at the door of the villa and rang the bell.

Not long after, the door opened, and Ye Sijue walked out while wiping his wet hair, and saw that it was Su Jianjian, "Come in."

He turned back.

Su Jianjian followed him in, looked around, simple yet graceful, giving people a comfortable feeling.

Ye Sijue walked to the sofa and sat down, he glanced at the luggage in Su Jianjian's hands and sneered, "You left for so long already and you're taking such a small amount of things."

Su Jianjian was a little embarrassed. After all, she really only had a few things, just a few clothes.

"Mr. Ye, where should I stay at night?"

Su Jianjian asked.

Ye Sijue pointed to the rooms downstairs.

"Other than upstairs, pick any room downstairs. Remember, you are not allowed to go upstairs."


Su Jianjian immediately nodded his head, thinking, if there's anything shameful on the floor above, I'll keep emphasizing it.

However, she wasn't that curious.

"Also, since you've already moved in, please open this door for me. No matter what happens, no one is allowed in. If you dare to let anyone in, then you're the one who got lost."

After Ye Sijue finished speaking, he glanced at Su Jianjian. The reason he asked her to stay in this place was so that he could stop the ladies who had delivered themselves to him, and he did not want to be forced into the hotel again.

When Su Jianjian heard Ye Sijue's request, he felt that something was amiss. Why had she gone from being an assistant to a gatekeeper now?

No, she had to think of a way.

Ye Sijue saw that Su Jianjian did not answer his question for a long time, and asked impatiently, "Did you hear what I just said?"

Su Jianjian hurriedly said, "I heard it."

"Un, it's good that you heard it. Take this bunch of keys and keep it safe for me. If you have any questions, try them on with you."

Ye Sijue threw a set of special keys to Su Jianjian and walked upstairs.

Su Jianjian looked at the key in his hand and thought: I will definitely have a way.

She had a habit of getting up early in the morning, but after getting up, she wandered around the courtyard for a while. Ye Sijue's villa's environment was pretty good, especially the small bamboo forest in the courtyard, which was kind of similar to the one in Yue Lao's Palace.

When she thought that she had not cultivated magic for a few days and she could not even control a tiny invisibility last time, she decided to practice it while Ye Sijue was still sleeping.

Thus, she leaped into the bamboo forest.

Ye Sijue slept until he naturally woke up, and with a long and stable working time, he formed the biological clock of getting up on time.

He got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash up. Then he came downstairs.

It was very quiet downstairs, and he did not see Su Jianjian's figure.

Ye Sijue looked at the time. Could this woman be still sleeping?

He walked towards the rooms on the first floor, but he wasn't sure which one Su Jianjian lived in, so he knocked on the door one by one.

Unexpectedly, he had knocked at all the doors and rooms downstairs, and even went to the toilet, but he still did not find Su Jianjian.

"Strange, where did this woman go so early in the morning?" Just as Ye Sijue was confused, a noise came from the bamboo forest outside, he turned and walked out.

In the bamboo forest, Su Jianjian was standing at the top of the bamboo forest with her eyes closed.

Ye Sijue was attracted by the voice. When he was standing deep within the bamboo forest, with bamboo leaves flying everywhere and no wind blowing in the bamboo forest, he was just wondering what was wrong with the leaves, when a leaf suddenly smashed onto his head. Ye Sijue took off the leaf and just as he was about to look, the phone suddenly rang.

Su Jianjian, who was resting with his eyes closed, heard a familiar voice and was shocked. When he saw Ye Sijue, who was standing beneath his feet, it was as if she had been struck by lightning, and lost her balance, and her body fell straight towards Ye Sijue. Just as she was about to smash onto Ye Sijue's body, Su Jianjian hurriedly formed a spell and braked on top of Ye Sijue's head.

Just like this, Su Jianjian floated upside down in midair, and there was only a distance of half a finger between him and Ye Sijue.

As Ye Sijue was on the phone, he was unaware of what was happening above his head. He spoke into the phone, "I will be there immediately."

He left in a hurry.

Su Jianjian looked at Ye Sijue's leaving figure and sighed a breath of relief.

Fortunately she had stopped in time, otherwise, with Ye Sijue's temper, he would have definitely killed her.

Su Jianjian slowly crept into the villa. It was quiet downstairs, and she didn't know if Ye Sijue had left yet. Just as she was about to quietly go in, suddenly …

"What are you doing sneaking around?"

Ye Sijue's voice sounded from above him. Su Jianjian was startled; so he hadn't left yet.

She could only stand up straight. Seeing that Ye Sijue was already dressed neatly as if he was about to go out, Su Jianjian immediately said with a smile, "Mr. Ye is going out."

"Yes." Ye Sijue snorted and walked downstairs. When he arrived in front of Su Jianjian, he subconsciously looked at her, "Where did you go so early in the morning?"

Hearing Ye Sijue's question, Su Jianjian's heart couldn't help but thump. He couldn't have discovered that she was cultivating in the bamboo forest just now, right?

"I went out for a walk."

Su Jianjian said guiltily.

Ye Sijue did not linger on this topic for too long. He walked to the dining table, and when he saw that there was nothing at all, he looked at Su Jianjian in surprise, "Su Jianjian, do you know why I asked you to sit with me?"

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