War God's Lovely Little Matchmaker/C15 Stupid woman who can't even walk clearly
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War God's Lovely Little Matchmaker/C15 Stupid woman who can't even walk clearly
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C15 Stupid woman who can't even walk clearly

Su Jianjian studied the phone curiously for a while, but gave up before much studying. She thought that this phone would be more convenient than their Immortal World's sound transmission.

However, these were all mortal items. Since she was in the mortal world now, using them shouldn't be a problem.

Thinking about it, Su Jianjian left his phone behind.

Not long after, Ye Sijue and Gao Yu came out, Su Jianjian hurriedly stood up and welcomed them.

Just as she walked closer, she heard Gao Yu say to Ye Sijue, "CEO, there's a ball tonight. You need to choose a partner."

Hearing Gao Yu's reminder, Ye Sijue frowned. He hated participating in this kind of party the most, especially when he needed to bring his female partners.

Just then, Su Jianjian walked over.

When Ye Sijue saw Su Jianjian, his brows twitched and he turned to instruct Gao Yu, "Let her be."

Gao Yu looked at the stupefied Su Jianjian, and only nodded after being stunned for a while.

Ye Sijue instructed, "Go and buy her a set of proper clothes."

He didn't want to see that green painter's outfit again.

After sending Ye Sijue back to the company, only Gao Yu and Su Jianjian were left in the car.

Recalling what Ye Sijue had told him before, Gao Yu said, "Assistant Su, what kind of brand do you like normally?"

Su Jianjian shook her head. How would she know what brand that was?

Normally, he would just randomly make a decision. As for the color and style, that was in accordance with his preferences.

Gao Yu knew that he wouldn't be able to get any good suggestions from Su Jianjian, so he stopped the car at the highest point of South City, the clothing area.

Gao Yu got off the car and Su Jianjian followed behind her. She could not help but ask.

"Assistant Gao, why do you think Mr. Ye has to bring a female companion to attend the royal ball?"

She really didn't understand how ordinary people behaved at a party like this.

"You don't know about this, right? Usually, these kinds of parties are for drinking, but in reality, they are all for business. Bringing a female companion can not only liven up the atmosphere, but it can also block the alcohol at critical moments. Think about it, if CEO Ye gets drunk, how can we negotiate the business?"

Hearing Gao Yu's explanation, Su Jianjian finally understood that she was there to stop the alcohol, but her alcohol tolerance was really low. Last time, she was already drunk after drinking three cups, and because she was drunk, she was almost driven away by Ye Sijue.

No, she couldn't go to the party, it would be terrible if history replayed itself.

However, Su Jianjian knew that with Ye Sijue's temper, he wouldn't be able to resist.

Thus, when she was trying on clothes, she used her phone to call Li Feier. Luckily, the last time she looked up Li Feier, she remembered that number that she did not know at that time.

"Hello, Miss Li? I am Su Jianjian. "

When Li Feier heard that it was Su Jianjian, he immediately perked up: "Su Jianjian, quickly tell me why you're looking for me. Did brother Si Jue ask for me?"

Ever since Ye Sijue sent her home last time, she had been waiting for his call.

Su Jianjian said awkwardly, "Miss Li, although it's not Mr. Ye's appointment, the nature is similar."


Li Feier could not wait any longer.

Su Jianjian took a look outside and said softly, "It's like this, there's a business gathering tonight, and Mr. Ye is participating. If Miss Li wants to see Mr. Ye, remember to come and attend, and remember to dress prettily."

Of course Li Feier would wish for it.

After hanging up the phone, the worry in Su Jianjian's heart was finally lifted. She looked at the square object in her hands, but could not imagine that it would work, it was much easier to use than her sound transmission.

After Gao Yu brought Su Jianjian to buy some clothes, and also took her to take a look, it was about time to do all of this.

The two of them went to the company to pick up Ye Sijue.

When Ye Sijue saw the well-dressed Su Jianjian, he was truly shocked. After being flirted with for a while, he did not expect this woman to look quite like that when she was dressed up.

However, Ye Sijue's gaze did not stay on her for long, in his eyes, it was extremely rare for a woman to not look too annoying.

The banquet was held at a water hotel. After Ye Sijue got off the car, he extended his arm and signaled Su Jianjian to bring him up.

Su Jianjian hesitated for a moment as he reached out with his hand, but he could not help but look around.

She had made an appointment with Li Feier, so she didn't know if she had arrived yet.

Because he was distracted from walking, and it was his first time wearing high heels, Su Jianjian had already twisted his ankle after just two steps.

She was in so much pain that her tears were about to fall.

Ye Sijue glared at her in disdain. He just couldn't understand how this woman didn't use her phone, didn't ride on a car, and didn't even know how to wear a woman's most basic high heels. He just couldn't understand how she could live till now.

He was really stupid.

"How is it? "Can you still walk?"

Ye Sijue asked impatiently.

Su Jianjian stared at his swollen ankle, looked at Ye Sijue and pitifully said: "Mr. Ye, why don't you go in yourself, I'll sit here and rest."

It's also good to wait for Li Feier.

Ye Sijue looked around him. There were steps everywhere, and she was a woman wearing a skirt. It was really inconvenient for her.

He turned around and carried Su Jianjian.

Both of her legs suddenly lifted off the ground, causing Su Jianjian to become shocked, but when she realised that it was Ye Sijue who was hugging her, her mouth opened wide in shock. "Night …" Mr. Ye, that's not good, right? "

"Shut up!" Ye Sijue said coldly.

Su Jianjian did not dare speak anymore.

At this time, there were people who continuously passed by them, and all of them cast their curious gazes over. Ye Sijue's face was extremely dark.

At that time, he shouldn't have let Su Jianjian be his female companion. Even if he had caught any random girl, she would probably be much stronger than him.

A woman who couldn't even walk clearly was truly a disgrace.

Being embraced by Ye Sijue, even she wanted to cry a little. If the person he was hugging right now was Li Feier, she would definitely clapping happily, but she wouldn't do it herself.

She didn't want to be carried inside by Ye Sijue like this. If someone misunderstood her, it would affect her finding him a partner in the future.

Thinking about that, Su Jianjian immediately said, "Mr. Ye, my leg is no longer in pain. Let me down first, I can walk by myself."

Ye Sijue stared at the lady in front of him, "Are you sure you can walk?"

Su Jianjian nodded.

Only then did Ye Sijue put her down.

This woman was really troublesome. He swore that he would never bring her back for this kind of occasion again.

"If you can, then hurry up and follow."

After Ye Sijue finished speaking, he took a step forward.

Su Jianjian could not help but heave a sigh of relief as she looked at Ye Sijue's back. She subconsciously looked towards the place where the car was parked, only to see a black Porsche stop.

Su Jianjian looked at Li Feier as if he was her savior. Now it was all good, she no longer had to pretend to be in pain.

However, he could not appear too deliberate, otherwise he would be suspected by Ye Sijue.

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