War God's Lovely Little Matchmaker/C6 That stupid woman is indeed blind but her heart is not annoyed
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War God's Lovely Little Matchmaker/C6 That stupid woman is indeed blind but her heart is not annoyed
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C6 That stupid woman is indeed blind but her heart is not annoyed

Ye Sijue glanced at Su Jianjian, and seeing that she was not wearing any strange clothes, he felt more at ease.

He walked in and told Su Jianjian, "Go check out the situation in the meeting room first. There's an important meeting scheduled for ten minutes later, so remember to not make any mistakes."

Su Jianjian nodded and turned to leave.

Ten minutes later, people continued to enter and finally, Ye Sijue arrived.

He sat on the main seat and coldly glanced at the people in the conference room, then instructed Su Jianjian to send the information down.

Su Jianjian immediately followed along.

When he was done, he went back to Ye Sijue's side obediently.

"What was just released was the summary of the work done by every department in the company during the first half of the year. Take a look, there's nothing you want to say."

Ye Sijue immediately wore a stern face, while the higher ups who were sitting frowned and sweated profusely.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was tense and anxious.

Su Jianjian stood beside Ye Sijue and glanced at his expression from time to time. She realized that this CEO Ye's face was even more ghastly and sinister than that of the King of Hell.

She broke out in a cold sweat for everyone in the meeting room.

"Su Jianjian, are you deaf?"

While Su Jianjian was still in a daze, Ye Sijue called out to him impatiently.

She immediately agreed and looked at Ye Sijue in puzzlement.

Ye Sijue glared at her, his face filled with impatience, "Hurry up and make me a cup of coffee."

Su Jianjian then reacted and immediately agreed.

She walked out of the conference room to make coffee, and luckily she had learnt the way to make coffee from Gao Yu. Very quickly, a fragrant and strong cup of coffee was delivered in front of Ye Sijue.

Ye Sijue picked up the coffee, and before he drank it, he had a look at it to see if there was anything abnormal with it before he drank it.

With that, the entire meeting room became silent. Some senior executive who was busy reporting on the work had cold sweat trickling down his back.

Su Jianjian also looked at Ye Sijue, puzzled.

"Who told you to put sugar in the coffee?"

Ye Sijue's gaze turned cold enough to choke her to death.

Su Jianjian wanted to say something, but seeing that you were in a bad mood, he got angry early in the morning and wanted to make you eat something sweet to ease your mood.

But seeing Ye Sijue's current expression, it was clear that she was very angry. Could it be that she had done something wrong again?

And so, she said weakly,

"Mr. Ye, I just want to make you feel better."

"Who said I was in a bad mood?" Ye Sijue clenched his teeth. He hated people who acted on their own accord the most, but this woman kept on provoking his authority, so he really shouldn't have agreed to stay behind.

"You, get out of here now. Don't let me see you today."

He would not see this foolish woman for even a moment.


Being kicked out again, Su Jianjian was extremely depressed. She had never seen someone with such a bad temper.

She would chase people away whenever she wanted. If she wasn't at the end of the road, she definitely wouldn't be related by marriage to such a person.

But then again, it was better for her to complete the mission as soon as possible, so that she wouldn't be completely kicked out by Ye Sijue before she completed the mission.

Thinking about it, Su Jianjian felt that one day was not as good as one day. Just today, it was just that Ye Sijue had said that he did not want to see her for an entire day, what should he do?

Just as Su Jianjian was feeling troubled, the door to the conference room opened. Ye Sijue walked out with a ruthless aura, Su Jianjian panicked when he saw him.

What should he do?

If Ye Sijue found out that she still hadn't left, who knows how he would anger her.

Seeing that Ye Sijue was about to come over, with nowhere to hide, she suddenly had an idea. She turned and cast an Invisibility Spell, allowing herself to become invisible.

Ye Sijue walked to the place where Su Jianjian was standing just now, seeing that it was empty all around, he stopped, curious, he clearly saw Su Jianjian here, why is he suddenly gone, is he seeing things?

"Director Ye, is there a problem here?"

The few higher ups that followed behind saw that Ye Sijue had stopped moving and was still walking. They were so scared that they broke out in cold sweat, afraid that Ye Sijue would change his mind again.

Ye Sijue did not say anything and continued walking.

Su Jianjian watched Ye Sijue's leaving figure and felt extremely happy in his heart.

It seemed like she didn't need to think of any other methods. Invisibility was the best method, but her Invisibility Curse had a small flaw, and that was that she had to seize every moment she could.

When Ye Sijue returned to his office, he was enraged. Just as he was feeling thirsty, he realized that there was not even a drop of water in the cup.

Gao Yu stared at Ye Sijue's angry expression and said weakly, "CEO, didn't you say that you don't want to see Assistant Su for the entire day?"

Ye Sijue was startled. Did he say such a thing?

"Do you want me to bring Assistant Su back?" Gao Yu asked carefully.

Ye Sijue stopped her, "Forget it, that stupid woman really doesn't feel annoyed if she can't see anything."

Su Jianjian hid beside Ye Sijue, listening to him retort him, she was so angry that she wanted to scratch him, but when she remembered that he was her only hope, she endured.

She harrumphed coldly in her heart. Wait until I finish this mission, then I'll deal with you.

Just as Su Jianjian was complaining in his heart, Mother Ye walked in. "Viscount, you haven't eaten with your mother in a long time. Let's go eat together in a while."

When Ye Sijue saw Mother Ye, his expression became much gentler.

"Mom, I'm busy right now, why are you here?"

Mother Ye said in annoyance, "Why can't I come? No matter how busy you are, you still have to eat."

Although Ye Sijue had some complaints about Mother Ye, he still held back from getting angry.

"Alright, I'll go then."

Ye Sijue and Mother Ye left the office together, and Su Jianjian followed them out.

She stared at Ye Sijue, who looked like he wanted to get angry but didn't dare to get angry, and felt relieved in her heart. She wouldn't tell Ye Sijue that she had called Mother Ye over, and as for why she called Mother Ye over, it was naturally for the grand matter of his life.

Sure enough, Ye Sijue followed Mother Ye into a very stylish western restaurant.

Just as they walked in, Li Feier who was already waiting there smiled and came forward.

"Aunt Ye, brother Viscount."

Li Feier saw the unconcealable love in Ye Sijue's eyes.

Ye Sijue was annoyed, but his expression instantly turned cold.

"How are you here?"

His tone was cold.

Li Feier bit his lips as he stared at Mother Ye with his watery eyes, looking like he wanted to ask for her help.

Night Mother obviously knew what Li Feier was thinking, and she glared at him, "Look at what you're saying, Fei'er came here to eat, of course."

Night Mother turned her head and smiled at Li Feier, "Come, Fei'er, since we've met each other, let's go together."

Of course, it was what Li Feier wished for, so she immediately pulled Mother Ye's arm and walked towards her position.

Although Ye Sijue was very unwilling in his heart, he still followed behind.

Only after they had all taken their seats did Su Jianjian follow them. She was standing beside Mother Ye and facing her was Ye Sijue. She could see all the expressions on Ye Sijue's face.

However, it was a pity that this fellow had a smelly face from beginning to end. If it wasn't for the fact that that face looked pretty good, she really wouldn't want to face him directly.

Su Jianjian was still complaining in his heart, but Night Mother said, "Viscount, Mommy remembered that today she asked your Auntie Zhang to go shopping. You and Fei'er eat first, don't forget to send Fei back home later on."

She didn't wait for Ye Sijue's reply before she carried her bag and left.

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