Warrior King's Splendid Love/C1 With the phoenix returning to the west
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Warrior King's Splendid Love/C1 With the phoenix returning to the west
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C1 With the phoenix returning to the west

"Rumors have been flying all around the capital recently, and those rumors have always been about one person ? ? Battle Princess.

You want to ask who is this Battle Princess? Hey, that's a legendary figure... How about after the fact? "Let's listen to the next part."

With a slap on the wood, the teahouse began to complain.

"Ai ai, it's gone, it's gone ?"

In the corner, a woman wearing a conical bamboo hat was sitting upright with the little milk baby in her arms.

"Mother, do you know who is the Battle Princess? Isn't it amazing? Why are they all talking about her? " Milkman's voice was soft and gentle. It was obvious that he had just heard the story of the teacher.

"Ah, Battle Princess, puff ?" A tragic woman, that's all. " Feng Yu shook her head as she finished speaking.

The Battle Princess in the story, no one knew what would happen to her, but she knew, because ? She was the Battle Princess who should have been dead six years ago.

Feng Yu stroked the pearl in her hand. What happened six years ago seemed to be right in front of her eyes. She was originally a painter, but after working hard for so many years, she finally had her own studio and signing ceremony.

When she woke up again, she was the master of the body, and when she woke up, she had the baby beside her.

She had inherited the memories of the owner of this body, but hadn't returned to Chang'an six years ago. Now that she had returned, she naturally wanted to seek justice for her previous life's Feng Yu.

Mother, I heard that Changan has some delicious pastries, Dou Dou wants to go to Yuejing Workshop to eat some pastries, is that okay?

The little milk baby's appearance was very pleasing to the eyes, and it was obvious that while she was acting coquettishly, she was already at her wit's end. Although the woman was in a hurry, she was very agreeable to the little milk baby.

"Sure, I'll listen to you."

"Mother is the best." Dou Dou kissed the girl, his meaty face unable to hide the smile on his face.

There were many people walking in and out of Chang'an City. The two of them crossed a broken bridge. Although it wasn't crowded, the traffic was heavy and people could not avoid friction with each other.

"Dou Dou hold on tight, when the crowd disperses, I won't be able to find my mother, okay."

Dou Dou hurriedly nodded, "Mother hasn't married yet, Dou Dou wouldn't throw it away, hmph."

The woman didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Dou Dou was her biological son, and she was exactly the Feng Yu who had been resurrected from the dead six years ago.

Feng Yu only had a little bit of understanding of the past. Although she didn't inherit all of the memories of her previous master, her life was now as clear as day.

Feng Yu, who died six years ago, gave birth to Dou Dou. Six years later, Feng Yu, who had reincarnated, returned to Chang An City.

If Feng Yu's memories hadn't returned, then she would most likely have remembered everything that happened in Chang An City. Although she had traveled to this world and was one of those that came after, she still wanted an outcome.

Seeing that there were more and more people, Feng Yu carried Dou Dou and slowly led him and the horses forward on the street.

"Men! Catch the thief! Men!" A woman's voice rang out. Unfortunately, the bandits were too fast, so how could she catch up?

Although Feng Yu was a bit further away, she could clearly see the place where the bandits appeared, as well as the money bag in his hand.

Feng Yu did not plan to interfere, but she was only secretly using a wooden stick to attack the thief. That thief was a young man without any martial arts. He was only fast enough, but it was not to the point where no one could catch up with him.

"Dou Dou, be careful!"

Feng Yu saw that the man was running over to them, and was worried that he would accidentally hurt Dou Dou, so she immediately pushed him to the side and hugged him tightly. Dou Dou blinked his eyes, although he did not say anything, but he did not ask what happened to his mother, and only obediently did not say anything.

The young man suddenly threw the purse in his hand in a random direction and ran away in a flurry. He was not afraid of the money bag for any other reason but because the word 'Phoenix' was written on it.

The Feng family was one of the large clans in Chang An city. General Feng Haotian was the current head of the Feng family, and because of his lightning techniques, the Feng family was now even more prominent than before.

Ordinary commoners would not take the initiative to provoke the word "phoenix" when they saw it. This was because the Feng family was loyal to the imperial government and had won the hearts of many in the imperial court.

The money pouch coincidentally fell next to Dou Dou's feet. Dou Dou picked up the money pouch with some curiosity, but Feng Yu reacted after realizing it.

As expected, the woman finally ran over, but the thief had already disappeared. The woman turned around to leave, but her eyes caught a glimpse of a cute child by the side of the road with her purse in her hand.

Other than Feng Haotian, his concubine in the Feng Family had always been a fox pretending to be a tiger in Chang An City. However, he had never done anything excessive, so Feng Haotian had never cared about the woman's actions.

"A mere child actually dared to commit such a heist. How shameless!"

Although the woman was already half old, her appearance was still peerless. However, her harsh words greatly reduced her beauty.

Dou Dou was only a child, and was already crying because of this aura. "Mother, it's not Dou Dou, wuu ?"

Normally, even if Dou Dou did something wrong and was scolded by Feng Yu, he would not have such a reaction, because it was something that he had done. He had always obediently accepted the punishment, but if that was not the case, Dou Dou would have lowered his head and shed tears in grievance.

Feng Yu's heart ached for Dou Dou, and wiped away the tears on his face. After comforting Dou Dou a little, Dou Dou finally calmed down.

"Please be careful when you speak of it, Dou Dou, return the money bag to Madam, let's go."

While she was speaking, she had already led Dou Dou, who didn't know what to do, a few steps forward. Only, her eyes were filled with a cold intent, which caused the woman to retreat a few steps, yet Feng Yu felt that this person looked so familiar, as though he had seen him somewhere before.

When she thought of this possibility, Feng Yu knew that she shouldn't stay here any longer, but before she had taken a few steps, the woman's anger turned into anger and she pulled at Feng Yu's clothes. Feng Yu's eyes contained anger, and when she struggled, the woman actually pulled down the veil covering her face.

"I would actually like to see who raised this child. Hmph, if I were to wear a veil and think about how ugly you are, let me see your appearance. Then, let the doctors in the manor treat this lady's heart properly."

The woman's words were aggressive, but when she took off the woman's veil, her expression suddenly became deathly pale, as if she had seen a ghost. She even took a few steps back, "You ? You are Feng Yu ? "Is it a ghost ?"

The woman was the Aunt Shu Juan of the General's Estate, the one who treated Feng Yu as a thorn in her side.

The aunt could not believe what she was seeing and retreated a few steps. She remembered that six years ago, when those people came back to tell her that Feng Yu was already dead and would not appear again, she thought back to what happened six years ago and looked at the person in front of her again. She did not feel flustered at all.

She took the money pouch from Dou Dou's hands and walked over to the woman, "Madam, hold of your money pouch, this is not what my Dou Dou would do. If Madam wronged another good person, I'm afraid that there will be an evil person looking for you."

Feng Yu was the late wife of the Battle King. Because of her reputation as the Battle King, she was originally an unfavoured direct descendant in Chang An city. In the end, everyone in Chang An knew her name.

Feng Yu and Dou Dou left the broken bridge together, and she did not know, that trouble had already come searching for them. While Aunt and Feng Yu were arguing, Hongfei Pavilion, the world's largest intelligence network's network, had already relayed the news to Pavilion Master Murong Zhi.

However, Feng Yu did not know that before she could leave this place, the concubine had already sent someone over after leaving the broken bridge. She had just reached the corner when Feng Yu was knocked out.

When she opened her eyes again, it was no longer a bustling market, but people were already surrounding her and her memories were slowly coming back. When she saw the person she just met, she realized that it was the lady she met on the street.

Feng family, General's Estate. She was Feng Yu, the unfavoured direct descendant of the Feng family.

"Old Master, when Feng Yu had an affair with someone, I'm afraid it's not over yet. This girl has a child by her side. Could it be that it's not Feng Yu?!"

"Stop with your nonsense. Feng Yu, the direct daughter of my Feng family, is already dead."

General Feng naturally didn't believe it, but Feng Yu opened his misty eyes. The doubt in them widened into disbelief.

The general's hand that was cleaning the armor slowly stopped. Of course, he did not believe that this would happen, and he would not give such a thing any chance to happen.

Feng Haotian had never believed that the corpse could be used to repay the soul and revive the dead. He only believed that Feng Yu had died that year and there was even Feng Yu's memorial tablet in the Duke Palace's ancestral hall.

"You ? Who was it? "What is his purpose?" When General Feng saw Feng Yu's appearance, the uncertainty in his heart had completely changed into fear. It was as if the events of six years ago were about to replay itself once more.

Seeing the sword about to fall, Feng Yu instinctively wanted to resist, but Dou Dou cried out from the side, "Bad person, let go of my mother, wuwu, my mother!"

However, before Feng Yu could counterattack, she heard the sound of swords falling. Feng Yu opened his eyes in surprise. That person walked over from the main hall. She was wearing an embroidered robe and her solemn expression couldn't hide the fatigue in his eyes.

In the next second, Feng Yu fell into the man's embrace. Before Feng Yu could struggle, Dou Dou, who was at the side, exploded, "The villain who covets mother's beauty! Let go of mother! "Bad guy!"

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