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C2 The date

I was just finishing up my shift at the gallery, willing for Sarah, the other girl that worked here, one of the girls I alternated shifts with to hurry up and takeover so I could go home and get changed for rugby. I loved our rugby games, so many people got involved, once word spread of a game people always attended and joined in. We’d end up with several separate games happening on the field. Me and Dakota always took part, even though we were quite short and slender, we knew how to push hard and run fast, and we had good stamina.

The atmosphere was always amazing, people cheering everyone laughing weather they won or lost everyone was just here to have fun and socialize with the community and by the end of it we’d always have Marco, a forty year old pack warrior who also owned several meat stores, would always come to the games with his huge BBQ and cooked burgers, sausages and chicken, all free just because it would bring us all together. Marco was very jolly, very tall and big built, always with a smile on his face and kindness for everyone. whenever I was sent to pick up fresh sausages or other meats from him, he’d always throw in extra with a smile and a real interest in how me and my family were faring.

Sarah finally arrived and I left straight away quickly getting home to get changed into my black short’s black gym crop top and trainers, quickly shoving my hair up in a messy high ponytail. I grabbed a banana, some water and my jacket and just about to head out the door, my phone pinged.

Layton “hey, you, you better still be coming?”

Lelanna “yea yea I am literally heading out the door”

Layton “great, Sam’s is already here... just making sure you weren’t ditching me”

Lelanna ”Nooo I’m feeling like a winner today ;) ”

Layton ”Haha good get that ass here! see you soon”

I put my phone in my jacket pocket and headed to the field it was only a ten minute walk but I liked to get there early when everyone was arriving so I could assess who we might be playing against. I got to the field and saw Dakota and I headed straight for her.

“hey D”

“Ohh hey girl, you ready to kick some ass on the field” she said grinning

“Always” I said with a small sigh

“You, ok?” her eyebrow raised

“oh” I replied quietly making sure bystanders couldn’t hear us… “Layton came into my room last night” at that Dakota Gasped... “no, no nothing happened between us”... I said quickly before she got too excited “He came to give me a drink my mum made but he also wanted to talk...about...this…girl!” I huffed.

“girl, what girl”? she said folding her arms

I took another deep sigh ”well, seems there’s this girl who’s oh so great and he really likes her, and I mean really really likes her” I said looking at Dakota as I rolled my eyes.

“oh, hun I’m sorry...but maybe it’s nothing, maybe she just hasn’t put out yet and he’s enjoying the challenge, he’ll get bored soon as he’s gotten in her pants”

I laughed at her attempt to cheer me up and at Dakotas outlook on men… they’re all the same! only after one thing, which to be fair did seem that way with majority of the guys we knew, and her past experience taught her that.

“well the way he was talking about her, it seemed deeper than that, but it doesn’t matter, it’s my own bloody fault for liking him.”

Dakota nudged my arm with hers... “well fuck them anyway girl, you deserve someone that adores you every day and nothing less and I mean that”

I looked at her serious face and I smiled and wrapped my arm around her “aww what would I do without my girls” I gave her a kiss on the cheek and we both giggled, then made our way over to Layton, Sam and the rest of our team.

" Heyy ladies” Sam called as he waved to us “there you are, we’ve just finished picking the team, so get warmed up we’ll be starting soon”.

“why is your brother so damn hot when he’s all serious and bossy” Dakota whispered in my ear, and I giggled as I made a disgusted gesture with my mouth

“Eww D, get your head into the game, ogle at him another time” I knew she fancied Sam, all my friends did they would comment on ‘how hot and rugged’ he was, and he always had girls throwing themselves at him. or girls turning up at the door asking to see him… but as much as I loved him as my brother, and he was nothing but good to me and I knew he had a very big sweet and caring side I wasn’t blind or dumb so I knew he was also a lot like Layton and the rest of their group of male sluts... it was one thing her fancying him but I didn’t want her to invest any feelings for him, otherwise she’d just end up in the same position I was in but I did worry when ever I’d see them laughing or talking together they always seemed to get on so well.

I saw Sam approach her as I started to jog off around our part of the pitch with some of the other players on my team, they were laughing and I could see how smitten she was and how she paid attention to every little thing he said I did feel concerned that she’d get caught in his trap but I suppose It’s her decision to make, I’ll just have to warn her to be careful but I know all too well that the heart wants what the heart wants.

Lost in my thoughts while running I didn’t realize someone running at me until I had literally been picked up and thrown over a shoulder.... only to hear a familiar voice laughing ”I got you now Vanderwood” he said as he ran with me on his shoulder…

I couldn’t help but laugh as I hung over him, I loved his playful side.

“Put me down now if you don’t want me to kick your ass” I managed to get out while still laughing

“Ooh sounds like a threat Lanna”… might have to take you up on that” and as he said that he started spinning us both around as we burst into laughter and screams that came from a dizzy me.

He finally let me down and I led on the floor still in a daze laughing as he flopped down next to me. I slapped his stomach playfully “you wait, I’ll get you back for that”.

He smiled and turned his head to face me… “bring it on missy...I’d like to see you try” he said with a wink...I just smiled and nudged his shoulder with my hand.

“right loser we better go back over with the rest of our team” I said getting up, he got up and nudged my shoulder with his.

giving me a cheeky smile… and ooh those damn butterflies have come back!

We walked slowly over to where our team were standing and nattering away between themselves, and I don’t know why I decided to ask him this but stupidly my mouth ran away before I could stop myself. “So um that girl… did you invite her, you know have a chance to spend time with her?”

“yes, I did” he grinned

Damn, why did I ask? “Huh, is she here?” I asked scanning the field

Layton “oh yea she’s here,”

My stomach fell with disappointment “oh, so are you gonna subtly point her out to me, so I know who it is?”

He stopped and stood in front of me with his cheeky ‘I have perfect teeth’ smile plastered on his face. “noooooope! BUT If she does like me and is interested and I decide to take the plunge and ask her out you’ll be the first to know...and I’m really hoping it’ll work out that way” he said looking at me thoughtfully

“greaaat” I said with the most believable smile I could muster.

We joined our team and the other teams started to get ready on their side of the pitch...these weren’t like full blown rugby games it was more of a let’s see how many pile ups we can get before we tire ourselves out… honestly, we spent most of the games lying in piles and falling about in laughter, we never took them seriously, but that was the best part, cause it made anyone feel like they could join in, even someone like my mum who had no sporty or athletic skills at all.

We had two other women on our team, I didn’t know them by name but I did recognize their faces and knew they were trained warriors and the three women on the opposite team I didn’t know either but by half way through our game we were laughing away with each other even though we were women we didn’t mind bashing down our opposite team or being knocked down ourselves and getting all muddy and bruised, in fact that was part of the fun.

A lot of women took part in the community sports we played, and funnily enough it’s how a lot of couples have met and become mates.

We were down by one point by half time when Layton pulled us into a huddle “come on team, they’re laughing at us they think they’ve won. They think they’ve got us on our asses, well I say we show them were not going down easy, in fact I say we win this mother-fucking game and show them we are WINNERS”!

“YEA WINNERS!!!” we all shouted getting ourselves pumped and ready for the rest of the game. The team we played were definitely a challenge, they were tough, and we had to put all our efforts in but by the end of the game we’d won by two points, we all shook hands with the opposite team and made our way to the drinks and food that was already out and waiting for us.

I grabbed two plastic cups of vodka and coke for me and a woman warrior we played with who’s name I learned to be was ‘Cora’ she’d been a warrior for five years now and was telling me about her training days and what it was like to be part of the warrior pack and do patrol rounds.

“it’s like your second family” she explained thoughtfully “you spend so much time with them on patrol or on the training camp… which you’ll love by the way, they have endless training and sparring equipment and outside they have massive obstacle courses, they’re hardcore though but so much fun and you all kind of spur and support each other on. There’s a boxing ring in the training hall, loads of punching bags, we even have our own gym equipment so we don’t have to go to the main pack gym so the training camp ends up being like your second home, in fact I’ve gone there plenty of times to blow off steam in my personal life, and everyone just treats you like family, It’s awesome, definitely a decision I’m glad I made”.

“wow” I breathed as I just listened in awe and fascination. Whenever me and Dakota took little walks past the training camp fence’s we could only make out in the distance the apparatus they had and we always got excited at the prospect of one day being in there, with all the other warriors and all the equipment to train on whenever we wanted.

We finished our beer’s, so Cora said she’d get us more after she’d checked on her friend. I sat on the grass where we had just been talking and just looked around at the happy and lighthearted atmosphere, it was evening time now so it was dark already due to it still coming to the end of winter, but luckily for the flood lights on the field we could all still see each other and for a minute I just watched everyone’s laughter and conversations.

Next thing I knew someone had slumped down next to me I looked sideways to see a guy, one I had recognized from one of the other teams that had been playing earlier… he held out his hand for me to shake with a smile and I took it and smiled back “Hi, I’m Nathan” he said smiling, and to be fair he had a nice kind smile and light hair and brown eyes and from what I could tell he had very wide, broad shoulders.

“Hi, I’m Lelanna” I said giving him my ‘I’m sweet and innocent smile’

“So Lelanna, I saw your team won today… congratulations”

I let out a little chuckle “thank you, how did you know we won?”

“Well, I couldn’t help but notice you if I’m being honest... I saw you all cheering, and you just looked well...sexy”

I blushed “Oh, well thanks, although I don’t know how I can be sexy with dirt and sweat all over me and most of that sweat belonged to other people” I said with a nervous laugh

“Well, you looked it to me. .is this your first game?” he chuckled

“No, no, I’ve played most games since I was sixteen”

“Ahh and how old are you now? If you don’t mind me asking?”

“No, I don’t mind and I’m seventeen”

“Ahh, ok”

“And how old are you, Nathan? if you don’t mind me asking” I asked with a cheeky smile, and he gave me one in return

“I’m nineteen, well twenty in a couple of months”.

“hmm, ok” I nodded... and we started chatting, the conversation flowed so easily about me starting my warrior training to what we both did for work we dabbled a bit about our families and he was actually quite witty, and I loved a guy that could make me laugh… I mean he didn’t make me laugh till my stomach hurt but he was funny, and I was having a good time. Until I got a tap on my shoulder, I turned my head round to see Layton looking down at me.

“umm Lanna Sam’s looking for you”

“oh ok...what for?” I asked confused

“Dunno” he shrugged “just asked me to help find you”.

I looked back to Nathan… “well I better see what he wants I guess” and as I moved to stand up Nathan stood up at the same time and looked at me for a few seconds before he spoke “How about I wait here and when you’ve spoken to him, we can finish our chat”?

“Yea ok” I nodded “I’ll be back in a moment”

I walked away with Layton till we walked past a little crowd and when I realized there was no one else in front of us I stopped and turned to Layton who had one of his hands in his coat pocket and the other running through his hair looking sheepish

“where’s Sam. Layton”?

“Uhh, well… ok I made that up, he’s not looking for you”.

“What?” I looked at him confused “ok well...why are we over here then what’s up”?

“Oh nothing, I just thought it looked like that guy was annoying you, I mean he’s been sat there for ages and hasn’t left you alone”.

“What?... Uhh no Layton we were having a very nice and fun conversation actually” I said getting annoyed

“Well, he just looked a little sleazy to me that’s all, just looking out for you Lanna”.

“Sleazy? Have you hit your head or something? He’s not drunk in fact he didn’t have a drink the whole time he was sat with me, he’s not touched me or tried to kiss me or even asked for a kiss... all we’ve done is talk Layton”

He just sighed and looked at the ground… and I just stared at him puzzled trying to figure out what he had to say next...

“well”?... I questioned

“Ok...sorry, I just wanted” he paused...“I thought we could catch up”?

“Why? where’s this special girl of yours? has she left”? I asked feeling exasperated

“No, she’s here”

“Well,“...I shrugged “go and speak to her Layton isn’t that what you wanted? You can’t just drag me away for more advice...I’m sorry… I’m happy to chat tomorrow but if she here then go and talk to her”.

With that he took a deep sigh and looked back down at the ground with sad eyes… which stupidly made me feel bad, so I put my hand on his arm and gave him a reassuring look… “It’ll be fine Layton, just talk to her like she’s a friend… ok?”

He looked at me and I gave him a nod then turned back toward the crowd to look for Nathan... Luckily, he was still sat where I left him… I grabbed two more beers and headed over to him and sat on the grass next to him.

“Ah there you are... thought you’d ditched me for a second there” he looked at me with a grin

“Yea sorry about that my brother just wanted advice about something” I lied

We carried on talking till our beers were empty and noticing how much colder it got I decided it was time to call it a night and go home, I had been enjoying chatting to him, but the cold was getting beneath my bones by this point, and I could feel the sweat from today sticking to my skin and I was starting to feel the urge for a fresh, hot shower.

“Well Nathan… I said as I stood up. “it’s been fun, but I better get back home before I freeze to death”.

“No, no that’s ok… do you want me to walk you home?”

“No, I’ll be fine, thanks I’ll walk back with my brother or my friend”… I gave him a smile as I said goodbye and turned to walk away

“wait”… he said taking hold of my arm...“can I have your number? I’d love to take you out sometime” he said suddenly looking bashful

“Umm… ok, yea sure” I got my phone out of my pocket and we swapped numbers… I gave him a big smile To be honest he kinda made my night.. We said goodbye and I left to go home, as I passed the crowd I noticed Layton staring at me with his brows frowning as if he was pissed off or upset about something but I couldn’t be bothered to ask why so I smiled and carried on walking I didn’t want to ruin my night and the nice thoughts I had of seeing Nathan again by replacing them with thoughts of Layton and his feelings about this ‘special girl’ of his, I had no patience to get into that conversation now.

When I got home, showered and tucked myself into bed I checked my phone before I put it on my nightstand and on my screen was a message from Nathan. “Goodnight gorgeous was great meeting you”

I couldn’t help but grin cheesily, he was good looking after all funny and charming. Our conversation had gone so well all evening, so I was actually looking forward to seeing him again which wasn’t like me, for quite some time now I’ve always fobbed off guys that took an interest and asked me out.

“Goodnight, nice meeting you too ;)” I replied... then setting my phone down before falling asleep with a little smile on my face.

It had been nearly a whole week since the rugby game and meeting Nathan, we’d spent the week texting back and forth and it felt easy and tonight I was seeing him for our first date.

After coming home from my shift at the gallery, I had a shower and was rummaging through my wardrobe trying to decide what to wear, he said we were going to a restaurant so I wanted something tidy but sexy… several outfits later and I’d finally decided on my black high waisted trousers, cream long sleeved off the shoulder crop top and stilettos, I curled my hair in loose waves and did my makeup with a touch of Smokey eyes and dark brown lipstick, grabbing my black jacket, I packed my few bits into my handbag and headed down the stairs, he’d be here any minute..

I went into the living room to say goodbye to my parents, as I walked in their heads turned to face me, Sam and Layton were there too and straight away I noticed Layton frowning at me like he saw something he didn’t like...odd what the hell is his problem… I decided to ignore it as I looked to my mum and dad “well I’m off, I won’t be home too late”

Mum ”Ohh don’t you look gorgeous honey” she said getting up and coming over to me giving me a hug and a peck on the cheek.

Dad “hmmm, he better not try any funny business and if he does you be sure to give him a nosebleed Lelanna"

Lelanna “Daaaad, jeez ease up” I groaned with a smirk.

I gave them a wave as I turned and walked out of the house, seeing Nathan pulling up, I got in the car to see him looking at me grinning...

“Wow you look hot!” he said raising an eyebrow cheekily, earning a little smile from me

“Thank you, you scrub up well yourself” I complemented as I gave him a playful wink.

We headed off toward the restaurant which he said was in the main part of our town near a cocktail bar which he suggested we should visit after our food...generally I love cocktails but I also knew how fast I drank them and the last thing I wanted was to get drunk on our first date, so I made up the excuse of having to train early.

We got to the restaurant which was dimly lit with romantic candles on the tables, the hostess showed us to ours and gave us our menus, when she asked what we’d like to drink Nathan answered for us both and asked for two Vodka’s and Tonic water.

‘okaay’.... I thought to myself feeling a little annoyed, mean I don’t mind a little vodka but I’ve never really had it much as I don’t like the taste, but I shrugged it off reminding myself he was just being a gentleman, we enjoyed our short conversation while looking at our menus when a waitress returned with our drinks...“can I take your food order, if you’re ready”? She asked as she swayed staring only at Nathan

“Uhh yea were ready” Nathan answered as he grinned widely at the waitress, and I didn’t miss the seductive smile she was giving him. I smirked to myself and quickly tried to decide what I wanted to have. “we’ll both have the duck and vegetables please?” he said as he handed his menu back to her and taking mine to hand over.

“Oh, I was going to order the Cannelloni!” I informed the waitress, but her smile vanished from her face as she glared at me I annoyance.

“It’s ok darling we’ll both stick with the duck, thank you” he smiled and winked at her as she looked back to Nathan and bit her lip

“Ok, I’ll be back shortly with your meals” the waitress smiled as she walked back to the kitchen and Nathan looked at me as I raised an eyebrow “what?”

“Huh, good thing I like Duck, isn’t it?“, I said with a grin trying to be light hearted but wanting to get my point across.

“Umm, well... the Duck and vegetables is better for you”

“And why is that?” I said with a nervous laugh feeling a bit uncomfortable

“the Duck is better… less carbs” he said without a hint of humour.

I was taken aback by his bluntness and the nerve he had to decide what I ate and drank “maybe to you… but I do like to choose my own meals and I happen to enjoy carbs”.

“Well, I’m paying, so stop being ungrateful” he said frowning at me as he swigged his drink

I raised my eyebrows at him in surprise..! “Well then don’t pay for me tonight, not if there’s terms and conditions to you taking me out... and I’m not being ungrateful at, but I do think your being rude right now”

We had a bit of a stare down for a few moment before he looked away, his eyes flittering around the room before looking down at his drink looking bored. Great this is going well! only just got here and already I want to go home! I decided to lighten the mood and chat to him like we did when we first met, how easy it flowed.

I asked him about his plans for the rest of the weekend, then we discussed mine, and it actually lightened our moods and the vibe got better between us, we were actually smiling again as we spoke.

Our food come, and we ate as we carried on talking, the conversation was flittering from subject to subject as we talked about our

hobbies and work. I told him how I loved art and he talked about his love for playing hockey and football.

When I finished my food I sat back in my chair, finishing the last of my drink… “mmm, that was yummy, but wow I’m full”.

“Good, so perhaps next time you won’t winge when I pick a meal for you”.

Now usually I would have given a sarcastic laugh and made a little joke back but the look on his face didn’t show that he was trying to be funny, it looked serious as he ate the last part of his meal... but I chose to pass it off just in case...

" Look I’m sorry if it came across as ungrateful but you can’t decide for someone what they can and can’t eat” I said with a smile “anyway let’s just drop it, ok?”

He frowned before answering me ”Do you always have to be sarcastic?”

“I wasn’t being sarcastic, but do you always have to be so serious?”

“You’re being a drama queen!”

I scoffed... “So, because I mentioned I liked to order my own food THAT makes me a drama queen does it... well your rude, and now you’re pissing me off”

“And I’m wasting my money on taking you out” he said with a shitty look on his face.

“WOW”, I said looking at him with my eyebrows raised, what a jerk! with that I stood up, grabbed some cash out of my purse and chucked it on the table...“no you didn’t, but unfortunately I’ve wasted an entire evening on your stuck up ass!!”

I turned away and left the restaurant, I walked down the street until I was out of view from his car in the car park and called for a taxi. When I got home, I changed straight into my pj’s and into bed with a cuppa, ready to text my girls about my crappy date. I’d already told them earlier in the week about Nathan, I was so excited about seeing him again, but he was so different tonight he went from easy going to arrogant and pushy!

Lelanna ” Hey girls, so the date was an absolute bust”!!

Lola “what! why?”

Maisie “No way!!”

Dakota “aww girl, what happened?”

Lelanna “just turned out to be a bit of a jerk we actually had a tiff, on our first date how pathetic!”

Dakota “Aww sorry to hear that hun”.

Lola “Don’t fret, he doesn’t deserve you then”.

Maisie ”Hey, how about we meet tomorrow, for lunch at Maz’s, tell us everything!... sound good girls?”

Dakota “oh I’m in”

Lola “Yeppp I’ll be there”

Lelanna ” :) Thanks girls, see you tomorrow”

Just as we finished texting and I had my eyes on my tv deciding what to watch when my phone pinged… I looked at it to see I had a message from Layton.

Layton “hope you enjoy your date!!”

huh? random and why is he texting me that now its nearly ten at night. but I text him back anyway

Lelanna “haha, noo, I’ve been home for an hour now, it sucked!”

he replied straight away. “Oh really, how come?”

Lelanna “He got arsy with me cos I didn’t like him choosing my meal and ordering it for me :) I tried to lighten the mood, but we just ended up having an argument, so I left”

Layton “wow he chose YOUR FOOD!! wow he doesn’t know Lanna and her love for food very well ha, ha”

Lelanna “ahh can’t help it, it’s just not for me”

Layton “well I’m glad your home safe, and If he wasn’t nice to you, he clearly didn’t see how lucky he was to have you all to himself on a date”

Lelanna ”awe thanks Layton, that’s nice of you to say”

Layton “well I mean it, any guy would be lucky”

Lucky? Would you feel lucky? I thought! I took a deep sigh, I love talking to him, I love having him as a friend how we can just hang out, or chat away and text like this whenever we want, but I always got pissed off with myself for overthinking whatever he said or wishing he meant the things he said in a romantic way.

I missed the days where it felt so much easier, before I had any feelings for him, where I literally just looked at him as good friend of mine, Sam’s friend… the guy who’s always at our house hanging around like It was his own.

We used to walk home together from school most days, sometimes with Sam and sometimes just us two and it was just as if he was my best friend... why did I and how did I let that change, and I couldn’t avoid him or ignore him because I didn’t want him catching on that I had feelings, THAT would be too embarrassing and awkward so I just had to do my best to act normal like nothing was different.

I looked back at my phone to reply “haha, I’ll keep that in mind, and thank you...have you had a good night?”

Layton “yea was alright, just chilled at yours with Sam then came home, got to be up early though, my dad has started getting me involved in his duties... trying to prepare me”.

Lelanna “wow, that’ll be interesting, and nice, you’ll get to have more time with him”

Layton “yea true, would be nice actually...Suppose I should enjoy it really”

Lelanna ”yes you should :) well I’ll let you get some sleep then... goodnight, Layton, and thanks”

Layton ”ok well, goodnight, Lanny”

Layton " Lanny...”

Lelanna " Yes?”

I stared at my phone as I waited for his reply, but after a few moments he hadn’t messaged back so I assumed he’d mistakenly sent that last one.

PING.... and up came his message

Layton “sweet dreams Lanny”

hmm that’s it?... took that long just to write that? ok then!

Lelanna ”sweet dreams Layton”

I put my phone down finished my Cuppa and snuggled in bed, eventually falling to sleep looking forward to seeing my girls the following day.

I was the first one at Maz’s and ordered us all a round of hot chocolates when the girls all eventually turned up one by one all demanding exactly what happened on my date, when I finished telling them, we all laughed at the sheer joke of how different me and Nathan turned out to be, and how different It was compared to when we met on the field.

Dakota ”Well, never mind, plenty more fish in the sea... not that you should bother looking”

Maisie:” They’re not all bad D”

Dakota laughed “you’re only saying that Maise cause your all loved up!”

We all looked to Maisie grinning at her as she blushed. We were all chatting away and laughing when all of a sudden, I noticed someone hovering by us feeling eyes locked on me… I looked over to see Zara... giving me one of her “I hate you” stares. The girls all turned to see who I was looking at to see Zara and her weasel friends staring at us.

“problem, Zara?” I asked with my eyes raised.

“Yea, you’re here, I mean they clearly just let any old riff raff in here don’t they”

“What the fuck! Who the hell do you think your talking to?” Dakota snapped angrily

"Oh don’t worry D, Zara’s obviously got nothing better to do in her life that she has to walk in here and spend her time staring at me” I said loudly looking at Zara with a grin

She sneered back at me “Well I was hoping to get a coffee...but I thought it smelt like rat soon as I walked in and look, your here”

“well you better walk back out then and take the rat smell with you cause it smelt fine in here before you came in… think your catching your own scent there Zara, but I mean your wolf does look more like a rat”!

At that the girls laughed making me smirk at her. Zara and her friends just scoffed and turned to walk out of the door her eyes still on me… “till next time bitch”

"perhaps you should find something better to do” I called as they walked out of the door.

Maisie ”wow what the hell is her problem?”

Dakota “I know what’s with you two, why is she always sending you daggers?”

Lelanna “honestly, it beats me...It’s like she woke up one day and decided to start hating me...I barely even know the girl”!

Lola “well, maybe...” she said looking thoughtfully

Lelanna “what?”

Lola ” well... It’s just I’ve noticed a few times like, when we’ve all been at a dance or at the lake or a party, the way she looks at Layton. Especially when he’s chatting to you. It’s like… well I suppose like she’s jealous”.

Lelanna “jealous of what? It’s not like anything has happened between me and Layton or ever would...anyway I’ve never seen her even talk to him, I doubt he even knows her”

Lola “well actually the last few weeks I have noticed her approaching him when we were all at the opening night for that new bar on the high street, she talked to him then it looked like she was introducing herself and just here and there I’ve noticed it, literally two days ago I drove past and saw her going over to him and chatting”.

Lelanna “really?” I asked taken by surprise...

Dakota “why would he be talking to her?”

Lola “I don’t know.” she shrugged “I mean he didn’t look excited or happy to see her or anything, it was her running over to him.. but maybe she likes him and doesn’t like that you and Layton are friends, I mean you two have known each other for years”

I just nodded in agreement...shit, what if...what if she’s the special girl!! No way, he could not have been describing Zara, or maybe he knew her differently side to how I did... either way It made my stomach feel queasy. If they were to get together, there’s no way she’d be ok with me and Layton being friends and talking a much as we do, and Zara out of all people!

After we all left Maz’s I walked home slowly thinking about what Lola had said. they all knew very well that I had feelings for Layton, so I know it wouldn’t have been easy for her to bring it up. I thought back to the night at the field when Layton pulled me away from Nathan looking like he wanted to tell me something. Shit maybe that’s what it was… He said he’d tell me when he knew how ‘this special girl felt’ maybe that was him trying to tell me… I mean he knew me and Zara argued and that we didn’t get on maybe that’s why he found it hard to say… I really didn’t want to discuss Layton’s feelings that he had for some other girl, but I needed to text him, I needed to know more about this girl, to know if it really is Zara, he likes or not.

I felt my heart pumping as I got my phone out to text him...hoping I was getting it all mixed up and creating something out of nothing.

Lelanna “hey Layton, how’s the duties going with your dad today?“...start off easy I thought.

Layton “hey you, yea just on a break now actually, how are you? feeling better today?”

Lelanna ”oh yea so much better now, glad things are going well today, bet your dad loves having you with him”

Layton “ha,ha that’s my girl don’t waste time thinking about him...Yea to be honest it’s been good and interesting, there’s a lot more involved in being an Alpha than I thought, so it’s good he’s showing me the ropes already.. easing me in”

Lelanna “awe well he wants you to feel secure, you know your dad is a good man and Alpha and your mum makes a perfect Luna”

Layton “aww I’ll let them know you said that haha, let their ego’s get big”

Lelanna “haha they deserve the compliments, anyway, how’s things going with this girl you like?... any luck?”

Layton “umm actually no”

Lelanna “how come?”

Layton “well I tried spending time with her but it kinda backfired the other night at the game”

Lelanna “Ohh, sorry to hear that… so you going to tell me who she is now then? ;)” But come to think of it I don’t remember seeing Zara there, but then I suppose I was too distracted talking to Nathan.

Layton “haha nice try...but no, I’m not giving up on her yet, not until I know for sure how she feels”

damn it!!

Lelanna “so no hints as to who it might be?... come on you usually tell me everything”

Layton “I know Lanny...but this is one thing I can’t share with you...just yet”

“Anyway, I got to head back to the office, I’ll speak to you later, keep smiling my girl :)”

Lelanna “ok mr secretive, have fun! :)”

and with that.... end of conversation and it gave away nothing... except from the fact that he liked her enough to keep trying to get her attention! Well, I suppose if it does turn out to be Zara and she tries to keep me and Layton from being friends then I guess it’s up to him to decide what to do about that. I shouldn’t be thinking about it as my problem and if he’s happy then who am I to stand in the way… I’ll just have to let it go and see what happens… I tried to push it to the back of my head and convinced myself to not fester on it.

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