Warriors of Blue moon./C3 Falling for you.
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Warriors of Blue moon./C3 Falling for you.
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C3 Falling for you.

It had been several days since I asked Layton about the girl, he liked...we’d kept in touch with drabs of messages here and there but from what he and Sam had said, Layton had been pressed this week helping his dad with more duties and spending his left over time keeping up with his training.

Although he wasn’t classed as a warrior, he still had to partake in training regularly with the other warriors as he was the future Alpha his dad still did regular training even as he got older, even the Luna practiced martial arts and knew how to use a sword, she would tell me all about it during the dinners we used to have at their Palace...That’s my kinda Luna. She was so classy and always carried herself with elegance and grace, but she also had a ‘no nonsense’ side to her, she told me she loved knowing that she could protect herself if the time called for her to.

It was the weekend and after three sessions of hard training and doing extra shifts at the gallery to cover for another employee. I was just getting out of the bath and going into my room when I heard my phone ping…

Layton “hey you, a load of us are heading to the lake this afternoon, getting all the canoes and jet ski’s out! you need to come!”

Uhh hell yea I thought! I loved being down at the lake, it was now springtime and the water although still a bit cold, we would still always have the sun shining on it all day, this was the time of year we’d always hang out at the lake and the beach.

Lelanna “YES! count me in, I’ll see if the girls are free as well, see you there”

Layton “GREAT :) that’s my girl! I’ll put a jet ski aside for you”.

I quickly texted the girls to which they all replied very enthusiastically that they were coming, we agreed they’d meet here, and we’d all go down with Sam and one of his friend’s, Jonah.

I dried my hair and tied it up into a high ponytail and curling the end lightly so it would cascade in waves, and letting a few loose tendrils fall around my face. I put on a pair of ripped denim shorts and a strap top. I chucked a towel and change of clothes in my bag and went to Sam’s room.

“Hey, I’m ready! the girls are coming with us”

He looked at me raising an eyebrow in a cheeky way “Will Dakota be coming” he asked grinning

Lelanna “uhh yes, why?” I asked with a disapproving look.

“What?” he smiled

I sighed “yes of course she’s coming... but she’s had enough crap with guys...so don’t lead her on”

“Lanny, I have no intentions of leading her on...I actually think she’s cool…. and hot” he said cheekily

“she’s not cool” I grinned “she’s awesome...and she’s nothing like these girls you snog the faces off every week, she deserves better...ok! I mean it Sam”

He looked at me and sighed “ok, ok...I know Lanny, I promise, ok?!”

I gave him a nod then went downstairs just as the doorbell rang and the girls were all waiting outside. We all left with Sam and Jonah to the Lake. It was already as busy we put our bags in the lockers held in the lakeside cabin and we headed for the Jet skis where Layton was standing with Sam, Jonah and the rest of their mates.

“THERE SHE IS” Layton shouted as he caught sight of me walking over with the girls.

“Heyy, which one do I get to use then” I asked as I got closer eyeing up all the jet skis

“Take your pick Darling, before they all go”

I picked a black and red one and Dakota picked a purple one...As Lola and Maisie weren’t up for using their own Jet Ski’s we decided Lola would ride on the back of mine and Maisie would go with Dakota.

We pushed our jet skis off the raft and into the water, I waited for Lola to get on, then slid on in front of her, pushing us off into the water...I put the key into the ignition and off we went. I started off slow till we got further out to the lake then sped up racing round with Dakota, we were all laughing and screaming, the water splashing our faces and soaking our hair. People were now swimming near the shore as others were in small rowing boats and canoes, casually, floating round and jumping off them into the water. laughter and screams filled the air. We had already spent over an hour on our jet ski’s when I decided to slow down and come to a stop before taking it back to shore letting me and Lola catch our breath...we sat for s few moments on the Jet ski floating on the water...

“Wow that was so much fun” she said breathlessly

I laughed “I know, I’ve missed this... I love this time of year” I mused as I looked out around me watching everyone else and as I looked to the shore to look for a clear way to drive the Jet ski back...as my eyes moved to where Layton was, standing next to one last Jet ski I saw Zara walking over to him with her arms literally flying in the air as she waved hello to him, my stomach sank at the sight of her and clearly Lola noticed just as I did “Oh, my days, what the hell is she wearing?” She groaned

“No idea!“... I replied as I watched her walk over to him. She was wearing like a short tight black skirt with Lace on the trim, but it was just covering her arse and a lace strappy crop top that looked more like a bra than a bikini and white wedges on her feet, trying to mind her step across the pebbles.

We watched as she stood in front of him chatting and even though we were too far away to hear their conversation we could clearly see her put her hand on his bicep, throwing her head back in a high pitched laugh… it infuriated me, and I felt the jealousy rise up inside me. took a deep sigh as he smiled at her.

Lola pulled into my back wrapping her arms around me, resting her chin on my shoulder...“come on babes! she said “don’t let it ruin your fun, just pretend she’s not there” her calm voice filled with understanding and sympathy...

I took her advice and slowly began to ride our Jet ski in. We hopped off as we got to the raft and pushed it up to Layton with the other Jet ski as Zara just openly glared at me... I plastered a smile on my face and quickly handed Layton the key “thanks for that” I said to him as I turned away with Lola heading to a few loungers.

We sat back to dry off in the sun and waited for Dakota and Maisie to join us. When they had finally come off their Jet ski and sat with us more old friends and people, we had been training with came to join us and bit by bit what started off as just us four on loungers we were now swarmed in a group of people as we all mingled the crowd only got bigger as people dragged over other loungers to sit on.

Sam and all his mates sat with us and I looked over to the left of me, a few loungers down to see Dakota and Sam chatting away, laughing and Sam was grinning ear to ear, it did seem like he did like Dakota and seemed to be a bit different around her… he was calm and not acting like a typical lad.

I couldn’t see Layton from where I was sitting and the crowd around me blocked my view...but I suppose it was for the best, I hadn’t seen Zara for a while either so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were hiding amongst the trees at the Lakeside making out or something and I shuddered at the thought.

“Hey” I heard as my shoulder was nudged by Lola, taking me out of my thoughts… “let’s, go and take a canoe out on the lake, its gorgeous out there now the sun is lower”

I nodded at her for us to go… as I stood up I noticed she was right the sun was hitting the lake perfectly, gleaming across the water making it all sparkle and It was less busy now as everyone was sat along the shore. We got to the boats and just as I started to push one out…

Lola “Oh hey Layton”

I turned my head round to Lola, to see Layton walking over

Lola “Were taking a boat out” she said smiling at him “you should get out on the water, its perfect this time of day”

Layton “It is perfect” he said looking at me and back to her

Lola “well actually, I’m feeling a bit chilly now so I’m gonna go and grab my jacket, why don’t you go out with Lelanna instead”?

Lelanna “wait what? Lola this was your idea! You wanted to go on the boat too”

She looked at me with a mischievous grin and Layton just stared at me smiling

Layton “Yea definitely, I’ll go with you” he said walking over to the boat and started pushing it out

Lola kept grinning then quickly jogged away back to the group, only looking back at me still smiling! hmmm ok did that on purpose!

As much as I’d normally enjoy this time with Layton, all I could think was of the fact that he’d probably just been off somewhere with Zara! We got out into the middle of the lake and stopped rowing, pulling our oars in so we could just float under the sun.

I looked from the water to Layton who was looking at me and smiling.

“What are you so chirpy for?” I asked cocking one eyebrow

“just nice to be out here” he shrugged “I feel like I’ve not seen you properly, just been so busy” he said as he leant forward to rest his tanned arms on his legs

“That’s ok, I get it, you’ve been with your dad annnnd spending time with this special girl” I asked him giving him a cheeky and curious grin.

“Actually, no that’s the one thing I’ve really wanted to do all week and haven’t been able to… till today, I guess that’s why I’m smiling so much”

OUCH! ...this girl has got Layton grinning from ear to ear! I just nodded and smiled cause I really didn’t know what else to say, so I just looked out to the water, but Layton broke the silence and bought my attention back to him. “hey” he said looking at me like he was trying to gauge what I was thinking.

"What?” I replied frowning

“what’s on your mind Lanna… looked like you were in a world of your own for a minute there”. giving me a thoughtful and concerned look.

Ohh...Yes Layton I was thinking about the fact that you have feelings for someone else and it makes me feel jealous and nauseous because I don’t just have feelings for you but deep deep, with every piece of my foolish heart type of feelings and all I want to do every time I see you is kiss you, hold you and for you to tell me you feel the exact same way about me… of course I couldn’t say that though!

But he did look soo good in his Black shorts and white tight top and I could make out his toned body and muscled shoulders! I shook off my little fantasy and bought my thoughts back to reality and just gave him a smile.

“Nothing really, was just thinking how great it’s been today, I just love when spring starts and summers not far away” I partially lied as I tried to keep my gaze on anything but him and I could feel him looking at me

“I know, I couldn’t wait to get down here today and just be out on the lake with everyone and I’m sorry I’ve not been able to come to any more of your training sessions and see you much I’m hoping next week I’ll get some free time to pop by”

“Oh, don’t worry” and my efforts of looking away from him were useless as I felt bad for making him feel like a bad friend “I get it I know you got a lot going on, you don’t need to be there its only training”.

“Yea, I know but I’ve wanted to see how you’re doing, see you kick ass”

I tilted my head to the side and smiled, bless him I thought… we might not be together but I do love our friendship and how much he’s been there over the years and still tries to be and I know our friendship is something I have to put before my feelings and even though he’s going to be going through a lot of changes within the Palace now he’s getting older he may only be turning twenty in two months but it’s around that age that Soon to be Alpha’s need to start learning the ropes and slowly take over duties until they officially become declared as the new Alpha.

I put one hand over his and leaned slightly toward him ”honestly, you don’t need to worry, you’ve got important things happening, but we’ll always be here.. me, Sam, my parents, all your friends, were not going anywhere so whenever you can spare a little time, we’ll be here for you”.

He gave me a wide smile and put his other hand over mine and for a moment we sat there smiling looking at each other until we got interrupted as we were splashed with water from a couple swimming playfully past our boat, but my heart was still beating frantically from his touch.

We stayed out in the boat, chatting away reminiscing about old times, when us and Sam and Florence would have our secret meetings in our tree house and sneaking food in till we had stashes of it. We loved it when one year my mum and dad bought new paint and bits for us to decorate it with… Even though they were boys and two years older than me and Florence, they always included me in everything, even their little sleepovers they had planned in our little tent in the garden, we’d stay up and tell stories, and share whatever sweets we had bought with our pocket money. They always looked after us and even snuck me my first beer when I was fifteen. When I was thirteen and punched the hell out of a guy in my year who slapped my ass, Sam picked me up threw me over his shoulder and carried me away, the both of them laughing, and finally giving me a high five when he put me down, telling me that’s what I should always do if anyone ever touches me without consent.

We had a million memories together and we were in our own little world, in fits of laughter reminding each other of things we used to get up to. We finally let our laughter subside as I wiped tears of laughter away from my eyes only noticing then that we had drifted off away from the shore and the sun was going down that’s when we both decided it was probably best, we rowed back before it got dark.

As we slowly headed back, it was quiet, we were both looking around at the water and glancing at each other... I had him alone and I had something I needed to ask him. “So, tell me what’s the deal with you and Zara”? I asked casually… you know just asking as a concerned friend.

He looked at me confused...“UHH what do you mean me and Zara”?

“Well…. It’s just that I noticed earlier you both looked like you were hitting it off and then you both seemed to of well...disappeared”

“Ahhh spying on me were you”… he looked at me grinning cocking one eyebrow.

I laughed “NO, I just noticed that’s all and wondered if perhaps she was the girl you liked” I shrugged.

“WHAT??” he said looking shocked “uhh no Lanna, I mean she’s being over friendly but to be honest I barely know her, she just keeps talking to me for some reason...but no she is definitely not THE GIRL...she doesn’t even compare. .no offence to her but she doesn’t and besides I know you two don’t get along and I would never date someone that was rude to you”.

Phew I thought, least I don’t have to deal with Zara any more than I already do and now I don’t have to feel sick at the thought of those two together!

“And I disappeared earlier because I popped to Vince’s shop to buy a load of refreshments for everyone...and then when I got back, I wanted to come up with a way to spend time with the girl”

“Oh ok, well I have to be honest I’m glad you’re not hooking up with Zara cause honestly, just no...! and well I hope whatever plan you came up with works and you get to have some time with her” I didn’t mean that of course but he didn’t need to know that.

He just looked at me thoughtfully...then gave me a smile, and I smiled back.

“Lanna”... He said quietly


Just as Layton began to say something we came to a halt when our boat had knocked into the raft...that’s how little attention we were paying.

We got out and pulled our boat up to the shore. Just as I was about to walk to the crowd to mingle, Layton who was still behind me grabbed my arm making me turn back round to face him, I looked up at him in wonder...

“Lanna, there is something I do want to talk to you about though” he said his eyes moving from mine to the floor.

“Ok, well whatever it is you can talk to me about it” I reassured him feeling slightly concerned.

“I just… well.“”

I waited for him to get out what he needed to say... when all of a sudden, arms came crashing down on us, Jonah and some of their mates were on us shouting for Layton to come and join them, they pulled us back to the crowd and all through the rest of the evening I would look over to see Layton glancing over at me.

We didn’t get a chance to speak again that night, and when me and the girls all decided we were ready to go home we left, leaving everyone to enjoy the rest of their night.

I got home and got into bed, but before I went to sleep, I decided to text Layton.

“Hey, you, whatever it was you needed to say, well just know I’m here if you still need to talk :) ”

I put my phone on my bedside table snuggled under my duvet and went to sleep thinking of course...about Layton!

It had been three weeks since we’d all been at the lake, me and Layton had been texting regularly, he told me he did want to talk to me about something that has apparently been on his mind for a while now but that he wanted to be able to chat properly because it always made him feel a lot better whenever he spoke to me face to face.

I had to get up early this morning to get to warrior training this was my fifth week and I loved it, every session made me feel stronger and like I was really accomplishing something great! I walked over to the training mats where some of the group had already arrived.

Gabel came over and asked to speak to me, pulling me to the side he patted me on the shoulder. “Lelanna I just wanted to quickly take a moment to let you know how delighted I am at your progress”

“Oh wow, really” I said looking up at him wide eyed with surprise

“Well yes of course, you are very skilled Lelanna, your fast on your feet, you have great stamina and you’re a fast learner. I love that you come here every session and give it your best effort, and I can honestly say, I’m excited to see in how your skills develop. I can already see your going to be special… You know your dad was a great warrior and Sam proved to be very skilled too, so to see how great you’re doing makes me happy and I feel very optimistic about your future training, just keep up the good work and you’ll go far, trust me” he gave me a nod at my silly excited smile and walked back to the other students.

Everyone arrived and we all gathered round to hear who we’d be partnered up with for the first hour. Gabel called out for me and Liam to be partner up. Liam was slightly taller than me and very cute. We were issued black tops and shorts on our first training day and even though his shirt was baggy I could tell he had a nice set of muscles underneath especially for an eighteen year old and he had light short brown hair and a cheeky boyish smile under his stubble. I’d only been partnered with him once before, but he was sweet and always so laid back with a charming sense of humour.

He casually walked over to me grinning “ready to get your ass kicked Lelanna?”

“Yea keep dreaming Liam, you know I beat your ass last time”

“Well, I was trying to be nice, but bring it on...this is war” he laughed and got me laughing too.

Gabel instructed us that the first hour we would be concentrating on our opponents’ weaknesses and I already knew that Liam’s weakness was relaxing too quickly after getting his opponent down and I was going to use that against him. We got ready in our stance facing each other, I let him make the first move toward me, he grabbed me by my upper body and swung me around and I let him think he was going to be able to push me down onto my back, just at the moment I kicked his foot with force and his legs collapsed beneath him.

I put all my body weight onto him making him fall onto his back then sitting on his chest, I managed to hold him there for ten seconds which is what we were always told to aim for… those ten seconds meant that in a real fight, if our enemy was down long enough, it would give us the opportunity to injure or worst case scenario, draw our sword and kill them. We both laughed as I let him up and we got back into our stance.

We managed to get each other down a few times, then we helped each other recognise each other’s weaknesses and flaws in our attacks. Liam said although I was quick I could be quite predictable with my moves and I helped him work on not lowering his guard too prematurely and reminded him to never fall back or relax until he knew his opponent was pinned. I enjoyed working with Liam, he was a good and dedicated trainer and we always bounced off each other.

It was time to switch partners to which me and Dakota quickly paired together, she was strong and we both practiced moves we wanted to try on each other to see how affective they were, she was my height and build, so practicing on each other was handy and by the end of the session we were covered in sweat as usual and my muscles were aching, I felt like my legs had run a marathon!

Me and Dakota said goodbye to our group before heading home together making a pit stop at Maz’s to grab a takeaway coffee.

I got home and could hear Sam and Layton chatting in the kitchen, my mum and dad were still at work. I called out to them that I was home and went up to my room and flopped down onto my bed willing myself to not fall asleep and to get into the shower.

A few minutes later a knock on my door stopped me from nearly falling asleep… I looked up to see Layton poking his head round my bedroom door. “Hey you!”. He spoke as he sauntered in

“Oh hey”. I managed bringing my hand up to give him a floppy wave.

“You, ok?” He asked

“Yea just worn out and I’m trying to make myself get up to have a shower, training today was tiring” I yawned and stretched my arms out.

“Oh... well, why don’t I pop the shower on for you and grab you a towel? me and Sam have just made some pasta, so I’ll put some on a plate for you, that’ll make you feel better”

Run me a shower…get me a towel?

“Umm Ok! But you had me at Pasta” I said with a grin.

He left my room and I heard him turn the shower on, next thing I knew he strides back into my room, grabbed my arm and pulled me up and put me over his shoulder, making me laugh as I let myself hang over him. He carried me into the bathroom then put me down.

“Right when your done come down for some food, me and Sam are gonna a put a film on the big screen so come and join us”

I laughed at his bossiness “Yes sir” I said giving him a salute, he chuckled then left shutting the bathroom door. It wasn’t until he left that I looked around and realised he had lit some candles. I hopped into the shower letting the hot water relax my muscles letting myself unwind making sure to use my honey and coconut shampoo So I would smell good enough to eat when I went downstairs.

I got dressed into my comfy shorts and a top and went down to grab my food… I took it into the back room where our big sofa and big screen tv was and noticing that Sam was sat on one edge of the sofa and Layton was sat in the middle, with leaving only one space next to him… I didn’t linger and let myself flop next to him tucking into my food as Sam played the film.

“Mmm this is yummy boys, thank you” I groaned

“Anytime Lanny” Sam replied as they both smiled at me.

I finished my food and put my plate down on the table next to me and when I sat back, I instantly noticed Layton’s leg was against mine, it was a light touch, but it still managed to send a quiver down my spine and a twinge in my body and I let my leg stay there feeling too nervous to move it as I could feel the warmth from his leg on mine.

I must have been tired though because I don’t recall watching much of the film… next thing I knew the credits were rolling and I slowly fluttered my eyes open and to my realisation I was asleep on Layton’s shoulder with the side of my body nestled into his side. I didn’t know whether to move or pretend I was still asleep so I quickly closed my eyes again and I started to take in his warm and strong scent and the cosiness of his body.. I heard Sam whisper to Layton about me being asleep, then I felt Layton’s arm that I was resting moving to the back of my neck and shoulder wrapping it around me while he slowly got up and lifted my legs up with his other arm, holding me bridal style. He pulled me in close then began to walk up the stairs.

Mmm his smell it invaded my very core, his warmth, his heartbeat, the sound of his breathing! He felt so good, and it felt magical to be so close to him.

He walked into my room and lowered me slowly down on my bed and still I kept my eyes closed, but then I felt his hand lightly caress my cheek for a moment, stroking it with his thumb, he grabbed the blanket from the bottom of my bed and put it over me whispering “sweet dreams my Lanna” then quietly walking out of my room and closing the door, only then did I let my eyes open again.

Feeling flustered from the touch of his hand on my face and how my heart was pumping so hard...It was just another strong reminder of how strong my feelings were for him, then it hit me like a cold flash of realization, the feelings I have for him isn’t just a crush or ‘I really like him!’ This…this is love, surely! that’s how it felt, like I was in love with him completely head over heels! And it dawned on me that eventually I’d have to move on, but it would be so hard to find someone I could happily be with and not compare them to Layton and be able to feel for them more than what I felt for him...


Its finally gotten warmer with spring ending and the summer just beginning and a celebration had been organised for the warriors that had done the extensive training to become royal guards. Six of them had succeeded in the training, so a party is being held on the beach tonight in their honour for their sacrifice and dedication to the Palace Royals.

Me and the girls decided it was a good reason to go shopping and for a cocktail on the high street. We’d been shopping for three hours, and I’d finally found a strappy crop top and black shorts with a pair of flat black strappy sandals, and I treated myself to a dark red lipstick to go with my makeup tonight.

We’d all finished our shopping and headed to the cocktail bar. as we drank our drinks, we decided we’d all go home get the rest of the stuff we needed then meet at Lola’s and get ready together there as her house was closest to the beach.

I made a sandwich when I got home and grabbed my stuff that I needed then made my way to Lola’s. we started getting ready with music playing and glasses of wine in our hands, getting started on our makeup and then hair. I did my makeup and added my new dark red lipstick to finish it off and curled and sprayed my hair into beaves waves.

We finally headed to the beach that had been partitioned off for the party, there were already loads of people filling the area with music wafting from big black speakers, people were drinking from their red plastic cups and dancing while loads were chatting away It was crowded as far as the eye could see. We looked over to see a large marquee, it was black with all side down except from the front where you could see the makeshift bars where drinks were being served. The black marquee and the beach were lit up brightly with large lanterns and dotted around were tall tiki torches and in areas filled with deck loungers and beach chairs we found some free seats next to a large group of people, Lola and Maisie snagged the seats for us as me and Dakota went to get the drinks.

We all sat down together chatting away and soaking in the scenery noticing that the party had only started an hour ago and some people were already drunk and could barely stand. We’d been chatting for nearly 30 minutes when we decided to have a walk around the party and socialise, however Dakota and Lola made it clear that they wanted to find Sam and his mates… Can’t blame them they were actually a lot of fun to hang out with…

Dakota “come Lil’s find your brother get us in his group” she pleaded giving me puppy dog begging eyes

Lola “Ohh, yes please Lil’s I need to find someone gorgeous tonight”

Me and Maisie just laughed at their eagerness and the fact that we’d only been here for just over 30 minutes, and they already wanted to hang with the guys.

We made our way through the large crowds, and I kept my eye out for Sam, when a loud deep voice caught my attention

“LANNY” Sam shouted my name and I turned to see him and his mates with a large group of other people and not shockingly most of them were girls… drunk giggly girls! I waved and we headed over toward them, I got to Sam who put his arm around my shoulders and gave me a little hug “where you been sis, thought you would have been here ages ago”

“Sam it’s only been an hour, anyway we were sat by the bar for a while”

"Well stay close cos it’s getting busy and rowdy already, so stay with me and the guys” he said giving me a stern look which I just smiled at, fine by me they’re all a good laugh anyway.

We all started mingling in the group when I felt someone come up behind me, lifting me up, wrapping their arms around my legs I squealed in shock as looked down and behind me to see Layton as he started spinning me around laughing, causing me to scream in hysterics.

He finally put me down and nudged my arm ”Where you been girlie... huh”?

I’ve been mingling” I said looking up at him with a smile

“Oh, so you saved us for last did ya?" he laughed.

“Yea, well everyone else is pretty drunk and you lot are the only ones standing so you know, there is no better option” I grinned cheekily

“Oooh harsh Lanna don’t make me spin you again!”

“Ohh, no please don’t however will I recover" I dramatically rolled my eyes in sarcasm

His eyes narrowed at me trying to give me his ‘scary face’...“don’t tempt me Lanna” he said trying to hold a straight face

“Oooh I’m shaking” I quirked

He went to grab me again but as I quickly rushed to the side, he ended up losing his balance and nearly fell onto his friend’s lap who was sat on a lounger chatting up a very happy and excited girl… We both laughed as the guy gave him a daggering look as to not cramp his style… but his stern face made us laugh even more.

We’d actually been chatting and messing about with the others for ages, playing drinking games that consisted of what pairs could swap clothes the quickest so they don’t have to take a shot… truth or dare and a two legged very drunk race that just led to people falling over and laughing or play fighting in the sand rather than actual racing.

I think I had three other mismatched outfits on tonight by the time I finally had my own clothes back on, luckily as Sam was there and hated the thought of any of his friends seeing me in my underwear he’d always guard me while I quickly change even then they’d all still wolf whistle just to wind him up “Sam’s sisters hot” ”Hey Lelanna, are you single?” they’d all shout, earning lots of groans and “fuck offs” from Sam while I just laughed behind his back too tipsy to care.

After all the games and drinking I found myself with Layton once again as we stood next to everyone else chatting away to each other, as me and him spoke mostly about the new tasks and jobs he’s now being given to get him ready to take over as Alpha but then somehow it went from that to us talking about the time, me, him, Florence and Sam, would make a fort out of sheets in his palace garden and pretend to be on a steak out with our toy guns watching out for baddies that wanted to steal our treasure. We were laughing hard, tears in our eyes at how once we got told off when his mum had realised our treasure was some of her jewellery… I mean its LUNA jewellery it’s not just expensive. Its crazily expensive and a lot of it was stuff that had been handed down through the generations of Luna’s. She told us off but then felt bad and had one of the Palace housekeepers bring us out a big basket of food so we could have our own little picnic.

As our laughter started to calm down I noticed a few yards away from where we were, Zara and her little minions were glaring at us, I frowned at her which Layton noticed, and he whipped his head round to see what I was looking at and at that moment Zara quickly wiped of her glare and plastered on a fake sickly sweet smile and started walking over to us...well to Layton, trying to strut and walk seductively ...what an idiot you can’t walk sexy on thick sand with wedges on! I baffled to myself. I eyed her up when she came over to Layton wrapping her arms around one of his... “Hi Layton” she said looking up at him futtering her eye lashes.

“Uh hey Zara, what’s up” he said looking at her puzzled as he tried to loosen her hold

“Well, I need you to quickly help me with something”

“Uh, well” he looked at me “I was chatting Zara, I’m busy… can it wait?”

She glanced at me coldly, clearly not liking that I’m still here. ”Well, it’s kind of important… pleeease?” she begged looking at him all doe eyed.

I rolled my eyes in irritation and thought fuck this to myself “I’m getting a drink, see you later!” I couldn’t be bothered to stand near that girl any longer she literally drained my patience any time she was near me. I don’t know what she wanted or if he went with her but seeing as he made it clear he didn’t like her when we were at the lake, I didn’t feel the need to worry.

Looking at my phone I saw it was 1.25am, feeling tired I decided to go home. I made my way over to Sam who was laughing and chatting with Dakota...I quickly told him I was going home and gave Dakota a quick kiss on the cheek, while whispering “DO NOT KISS HIM” Not that I care if they did but I knew it was better for now if she didn’t.

I made my way off the beach and back to the village, our streets were always patrolled with Warriors 24 hours a day, we had many and they always rotated shifts, so it was always safe on our streets, and I never had to worry about walking around at night on my own which was actually good for me cause Sam was usually busy snogging some random girl whenever I was ready to go home.

As I quietly walked away from the beach, I could sense someone running up behind me I turned around to see Layton running up to me… “Wait Lanna where you going”?

"Home Layton its late and I’m so tired besides I need to be up early, dads teaching me to hunt in my wolf form”. I told him as I returned to walking home

“Ahh that’s good, I loved my lessons in hunting, I think you’ll enjoy it Lanna, everyone always does especially their first time”.

Noticing that Layton is still walking with me away from the beach I looked at him as I raised my brow “well anyway are you going home already? bit early for you or have you broken enough hearts already tonight?”

"Oh hah ha very funny… no I haven’t if you must know, I wasn’t bothered with that tonight actually I’m just done for the night, then I noticed you were leaving and you didn’t even say goodbye”.

“I did! I told Sam I was going home, he knows”.

“Well, I meant you didn’t say goodbye to me”

“Well, actually I was going to but when I looked over you looked pretty busy… I mean you had a few girls around you so thought I’d leave you to it”

“Ohh... well you should have just grabbed me anyway I wouldn’t have cared we could have had another catch up”

“Well let’s catch up now then while we walk home, yes?... sound good?”

Layton chuckled as he looked ahead of us to see we were nearing the village “But your nearly home already”. He stopped in his tracks “why don’t we....”

and I stopped next to him “What?”

“Why don’t we walk down to the bridge just hang there for a bit, its quiet and its better than going straight home”.

why did him just saying that make me feel nervous like why? why does he want to go to the bridge with me, when he could go back to the beach and make out with any girl of his choosing and whyyy am I even questioning it? What does it really matter?

“Sure, why not?”

Layton smiled as joy flashed across his face “great, come on let’s go”.

The bridge was only five minutes from where we were walking, and we took our time. strolling slowly in the quiet night.

“Hey Lanna?”


“Do you believe you can be in love with someone that isn’t your destined mate?”

“Well people fall in love all the time now to someone who they weren’t destined to be with, I mean Maisie and Jackson fell in love before they turned eighteen and when they’re eighteenths came and went and they realised they weren’t destined it didn’t change anything for them, they’re still in love”

“But there’s love and then there’s madly in love, head over heels, can’t be without you kind of love”.

I looked up at him quizzingly as we neared the bridge “what’s with the deep love questions?”

He shrugged “I don’t know, just on my mind I guess... I just always assumed that kinds of love was only felt with your destined mate”

“But your parents weren’t destined Layton and they’re still madly in love”

“Yea I know, but to be honest I always assumed they were just lucky... until”

“Until what?”

He shook his head “no. no, never mind”

I raised my brows at him “Layton… Until?” I repeated trying to urge him into talking but a part of me was scared, has he fallen in love with this special girl and now that’s why he’s questioning the ‘destined mates’ theory.

But the conversation came to a stop as we got to the bridge and took our shoes off, we sat on the side of the wooden bridge and let our legs dangle over our feet touching the cold fresh water. The night was so quiet, and the stars were shining on the water like dozens of little sparkles were floating on its top. Me and Layton were sat side by side our arms nearly touching, I lifted my head up to the sky and took a deep breath with a loud sigh.

“Wow Lanna what was that sigh for...world on your shoulders?” he said jokingly as he nudged my arm with his.

I chuckled lightly “Noooo just.... it’s nice, I’m just enjoying how quiet it is, it’s so peaceful and no matter how many times we’ve been here I never tire of it, just like the field we used to go to as kids”

“I know, I love this place, especially when were both here together”.

His words caught me off guard as I felt my stomach lurch with joy. “Yea? Why is that? does it make a relaxing change to all the girls you must make out with here” I said with a forced laugh trying to gauge if this spot meant anything to him like it did to me

"What? no Lanna I’ve never bought any girl here, ever!”

A wave of relief washed over me “oh, I just thought... because its quiet and pretty it would be your favourite spot to bring them, I mean they’d be like putty in your hands... although I suppose they are already, so you don’t need extra help”. I said with a playful chuckle.

Layton glanced at me then back at the water thoughtfully staying quiet for a moment.

“Well, it is one of my favourite spots” he finally spoke “but it’s one of ours, isn’t it?... think how many times we’ve sat here together or at the field... you know Lanna, I honestly can’t talk and don’t talk to anyone like I can with you, you just make it feel so easy and fun… and well… I wouldn’t want to ruin our place by bringing some random girl here...and anyway only like being here with you”.

I felt gobsmacked at everything he was saying my stomach was tightening and churning, I felt so confused ‘tell him, tell him, just tell him how you feel’ my head was screaming at me, and I could even feel my wolf getting antsy, I could see her in the back of my mind with her ears perked up and her heart was beating just as fast as mine was. I could sense she wanted me to confess too but my mouth wouldn’t let me, my nerves erupted, and I lost all courage to say anything to him…what if everything he said was just meant in a friend or sisterly/brotherly way

“Layton, I think once you find the right girl for you, it’ll be her you’re able to talk to easily... it’ll just flow and feel natural, and she’ll be the one you want to talk to all the time.”

Layton chuckled “Lanna are you trying to get rid of me? getting bored of our talks are you now?” he said with a smirk

“Nooo, jeez so sensitive”. I said playfully nudging his arm with my hand trying to mask my nerves and just as I rested my hand next to me on the bridge, I felt his hand slightly touching the side of mine and his little finger slowly sliding over mine and I quietly gulped as my body started to feel fuzzy and warm and I didn’t dare move my hand not even by an inch, I didn’t want to lose his touch.

We sat quietly and all I could think was what was he was thinking about? was he feeling the

same as I was right in this moment... does this little touch mean as much to him as it does to me? damn I cussed myself I always do this! I always let my head and my heart run wild with what If’s and could it be?

After some time, Layton finally broke the silence as he spoke quietly “Hey Lana... have you ever?” but he stopped and hesitated to finish his sentence

“What?” I looked at him, his eyes deep in thought he clearly wanted to say something but maybe he wasn’t sure if he should or could.

“I just need...”

“HEY LAYTON… LIL’S!” Sam’s voice called out making us jump and as always any moment between me and Layton was interrupted as Sam and a few of their friends started walking close by and it was obvious they were quite drunk as they were noisily slurring their words and laughing together.

I sighed and took my feet out of the water “well... I guess we better go.”

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