We meet again./C1 After fifteen Years;
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We meet again./C1 After fifteen Years;
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C1 After fifteen Years;

At the top of the King's corporation a very handsome man stood in front of the window looking down on all living things, his eyes were bright like the stars and his body emitted a very powerful aura that make people tremble with fear. As he was sight seeing the office door was pushed open and a tall and well built man entered bowing down he said to the man in front of him:Dragon King i have investigated everything and the results shows that the death of your father involved the people of the Great five lincon city families.

Humph the man snorted, in his memories the five were the Jackson,West,Allen,Thomas and Zeke families but what he didn't understand was why they killed his father and wanted to kill him as well. So he asked his subordinate Dark dragon:what is your opinion in this situation.

Dark:milord we should organise the opening ceremony of the company and make your entrance so you can see their reactions.

Michael:You are right i will leave all those things to you i want to pay a visit home. His mind was currently thinking of his half sister Debbie whom he misses so much and yearned to see.

Dixon Manor the plaque hung up making it look very majestic,although they were rich they were just a second rate family far from the five great, Michael parked in front of the house watching everyone going in and out waiting to see a familiar face after waiting for 3hours he suddenly saw a face which made him smile, if the people of the underworld saw this they will be so shocked that their mouths will fall to the ground because this man was known as Dragon king a formidable figure whom conquered the biggest underworld organisation dragon kingdom at the age of eighteen and become well known all around the world.

After seeing Debbie he was about to leave when several guys stepped in front of her and teasing her.

Debbie:Go away don't come over i am warning you i am from the Dixon family and if you touch me my family will not let you off.

The men laughed and one of them said boss this chick is spicy should we fuck her first before delivering her to young master west?

Pow! A loud slap was heard the boss was covered in sweat when he heard what his subordinate said he scolded! Are you fucking stupid trying to touch a woman that master west has taken fancy to. After that he turned to Debbie and said miss Dixon please come with me my young master is inviting you to Dinner.

Debbie:please tell Jason that I am not hungry and also not interested and he should also stop bothering me. The face of the boss darkened and he grab Debbie's hand but was bitten by her. Hiss! He sucked in a breath of air and shouted at his subordinates grab that bitch for me. just as they surrounded Debbie a cold voice sounded:Bullying women are you guys ashamed of Your selves. One of them said kid don't meddle into other people's business scram now or you regret it later but Michael didn't say anything and beat them up they were so afraid that ran like they saw a ghost. After dealing with them he turned to Debbie whose eyes were covered in tears and said hey little sis how are you doing.

How long has it been Michael?Debbie asked.

Fifteen years replied Michael.

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