Wedded To The King/C3 Chapter 3 -- THE GARDEN
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Wedded To The King/C3 Chapter 3 -- THE GARDEN
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C3 Chapter 3 -- THE GARDEN

Written by Evelyn Mba



The chirping of birds was heard by King Nicklaus as he opened his eyes.

He looked around the room, looking for nothing in particular.

Then he remembered... She was here and she made him sleep in ease. He shook his head in disbelief.

He woke up and took his bath. And continued his daily activity.

Still reminiscing on last night events. He recalled that voice. It was angelic and pure.

Call me Princess Lara. He said.

Yes, your majesty. Richard said and bowed.

He went in search of the Princess.

Princess Lara walked around the palace, admiring everything she saw.

The palace was huge and beautiful too...

She decided to visit the garden.. the most beautiful place ever.

She had left her room without her guards and maid. She wanted to take a better view.

She walked into the garden admiring and touching each flower.

She loved flower, it was a part of her.

She sat on the grass, running her hands on the flowers.. she loves it here.

What are you doing here? A cold voice came out.

Uhh... It's definitely him. She muttered.

Ohh, Nicklaus what's the Problem? She said and looked away.

What are you doing here? His voice came again.

What does it look like am doing. She snapped at him and continued moving.

If he had known, that she detest yellers.

Get out. He grinned with rage.

She saw it, rage, a killer's rage.

Okay, if you say so. She said heading to the passage.

Don't ever step your feet here again or else... He went dumb, he doesn't wanna say it.

For the first time, she saw the rage filled in his eyes.

What could have happen?

Does he hate her that much or is it her hate for him that's causing this. She wondered.


Princess Lara went to her room. She needed answers.

Like, why would the garden be that sacred?

Why did he change that much? Cause from the stories she heard he was a playful and cheerful person.

Just one night changed everything.

She was lost in thoughts when Kali came in, her personal maid.

My Princess, how are you holding up. Kali said sitting on the bed.

Am good Kali, can you tell me more about the King? Lara said.

Uhmm, actually it's not my place to say anything Princess. Am truly sorry. Kali said bowing down.

She was scared , Lara saw it. They fear in her to say a thing about the King.

It's okay, maybe next time.

A knock came in and guard yelled from outside.

Your Highness, the King demands your presence. He said and left.

He yelled at her and now he wants to talk.


She's going to deal with him today.

Princess Lara walked into the Kitchen with a glass of wine, the maids bowed as she walked in.

Your Highness, do you need something? A maid asked staring at the glass of wine .

Yes, give me Chilli Pepper. She said and looked around.

Huh, chilli pepper. The maid repeated.

Yes, and do it faster please...

Lara was given a grinded pepper, she smirked and poured a little quantity into the wine.

He shouldn't dare her, she's crazy.

She shook the wine and headed for his room.

He deserves a wine.

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