What a Funny Family She Has/C10 You're Holding the Wrong Hand Again
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What a Funny Family She Has/C10 You're Holding the Wrong Hand Again
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C10 You're Holding the Wrong Hand Again

"Mama Li, I washed my face!" He Yuan struggled a few times in the hands of his wet nurse before he said in a childish voice, "It's my big brother who hasn't washed yet. You hugged wrongly!"

"It's because I haven't washed my face!" Olive, who was at the side, said in an aged tone, "I'm slightly taller than my little sister. How come Mama Li can't recognize me?"

"Yo, since sister is wearing the same robe, I can't tell you apart for a while!" Early in the morning, the wet nurse, Mama Li, carried He Yuan to wash her face and rinse her mouth. When she put down He Yuan, she wanted to go wash the little olive's face with a hot towel.

Seeing that Mama Li was mistaken about the birth of a dragon, Mama Zhang couldn't help but clap her hands in glee. "Haha, my elder sister's eyebrows are a little lighter, a little more refined. It's easy to recognize, but why do you keep admitting to your wrongs?"

"The old granny had people make identical gowns for them to wear. I couldn't tell at first glance when they came together to talk." Mama Li squatted in front of He Yuan. She was a bit embarrassed as she wiped her eyes with her left hand. When you wake up early in the morning and encounter a cold wind, your eyes will not be able to see properly. "

Earlier, when the little olives were yelling for her to pee, Mama Li also turned around and hugged Huan Yuan. She was about to take a piss when she lifted her clothes. It was only then that she realized it was because she was yelling that she hugged wrongly. After spending half a month with her, He Yuan had a very good impression of her. Now that he heard her eyes were filled with tears, he couldn't help but reach out his hand to touch her eyes and say, "Mother Li, don't cry anymore!"

"Sister …" Mother Li was touched by He Yuan's warm hand. She hugged He Yuan and said, "Such a precious little girl who only knows how to love others. Why doesn't she make people feel sorry for her?"

Mama Li was only twenty-three years old. Because she gave birth to three daughters, she was rejected by her mother-in-law and was forced to sell her body into the Residence of He. Now that he saw He Yuan being so obedient and thinking of his own daughter, he was filled with emotions.

Old Zhang's mother had already finished washing the little olives' face with a towel. She came over and said, "Alright, let's quickly go get some porridge. Young Mistress is going to take Big Brother out today!"

The young mistress was packing up her things in front when she saw that the wet nurse had brought the dragon and phoenix embryo over. She smiled and said, "I'll be bringing you two to meet my two uncles today. Did you remember? "

My sister's second uncle, Fang Xiaoyao, worked as a storekeeper for Jiang Teng's leather shop in the capital. Afterwards, he had some connections and borrowed the strength of his former boss to open a leather shop. Third uncle Fang Yao was the son-in-law of the Tang Clan, a tea merchant in the capital. Now, he was helping his father-in-law manage a tea shop, and was of great importance in the Tang Clan.

After breakfast, the lady called for a carriage, and when Mrs. He came, she said, "There's a lot of people outside. Since you're going to take your brother and sister to the house of your uncles, you should look after them properly. It's getting colder and colder today, so don't dilly-dally. You're in the capital right now, so you have plenty of time to meet. Or else, just invite them to the mansion to have a chat. "

The elder sister agreed and smiled, "Rest assured Madam, I know what to do. Since he had come to the capital during this time, he had also sent a message to them. Since he had come to the capital during this time, he had also sent a message to them. It's been a few days. The sun is high in the sky and the weather is warm, but it can't be dragged out. If I don't go now, I'll probably complain about it. "

Since your elder sister married into the He family, Yu Xiao and Fang Yao naturally thought that your elder sister was going to climb high. Now, if your highness did not go and greet them first, they would inevitably think that your highness held a high status, and that even your uncle did not know how to respect you.

The horse carriage arrived at Fang Xiao's place first, and the little girl had already gotten off the carriage to inform him. Behind them, there was a horse carriage with two maidservants, the wet nurse and Qiu Tang Chunying. They hurriedly got off the horse carriage and waited in front of the carriage, helping to carry the baby dragon and phoenix off the carriage. After a while, Fang Xiao and Li Minghua came out to welcome them, and when they saw the birth of the dragon and the phoenix, Fang Xiao was still okay, but Li Minghua did not know what to do. Li Minghua hugged both of them in his arms and ran towards the door while saying, "I've long heard that your sister has a phoenix birth.

"Second aunt, you walk slower!" Seeing Second Aunt Li Minghua's left hand carrying a small olive while her right hand hugged a small round, she was extremely frightened, but she was also afraid of losing the baby, so she chased after him with a smile, "After coming to the capital and all this, they are much bigger and more powerful. Seeing that Second Aunt is tired, it's better to let them go and let them go by themselves!"

"Mrs. Fang, Mrs. Fang, be careful!" The two nannies and two maidservants were panicking behind him. If he dumped his sister and brother, wouldn't the old lady and his wife flay him when he returned home? He followed closely behind and urged: "Let's carry him in!"

"It's okay, it's okay. There's no need for me to be involved with these two pinkies!" Li Minghua replied while panting, and then carried Long Fengniu into the door in one breath.

Just as he entered the door, Fang Xiao's daughter, Fang Wenfeng, came out to welcome him. Holding the olives in her arms, she examined them and nodded her head as she said, "You are truly worthy of being called a young mistress after marrying into a rich family. Look at your face, you're actually even redder than when you were a girl!"

"Don't you have a rosy complexion?" The elder sister couldn't help but slap Fang Wen Feng's hand away, regaining her previous liveliness as a girl. She covered her mouth and laughed. "You've even become a lot smoother!"

Fang Wenfeng waved her hand, "Don't mention the word 'round', just mentioning the word makes me anxious." Ever since I gave birth to three children, my body has been ruined, and I no longer have a waist. "

As they talked, they entered the hall. The little girl had already brought tea and sugar for the olives and the bun.

A few cousins came up to see him, and a few cousins came out to play with him.

Li Minghua said a few words, but he quietly pulled the elder sister into the room and said, "Brother is more than three years old, why haven't you gotten pregnant yet? If you don't get pregnant at this big house, you might end up getting a concubine. You better be careful. "Also, I saw you bringing those two girls with you today. It's fine if Chun Ying followed you from the countryside, but the other girl looks and doesn't say anything. She's not a simple person. You have to be careful."

Since elder sister said that Qiu Tang was given to her by Old Lady He, it wasn't good for her to bring her little girl along when she had to go out today. With her there, it was naturally inconvenient for her to speak.

Li Minghua quietly said, "He family wives are well-known in the capital. Your father is only a seventh rank official and you don't have much money on your own, so I'm afraid they don't place any importance on you. However, since you've just arrived, they will not make things difficult for you for the sake of being virtuous and virtuous, but after a while, it will be hard to say.

"I know that." The elder sister comforted Li Minghua by patting his hand and said, "Thank you for your advice, aunt."

Since she still had to go and see Third Uncle Fang Yao and Third Aunt Tang Mei, she didn't dare to stay for long. She was going to leave soon, so she said to Fang Xiao and Li Minghua, "Second Uncle and Second Aunt, if you are free today, please come and talk to me at He family. If I'm free, I'll come and walk around. "

Fang Wenfeng laughed, "Since we still have to greet Third Uncle, I haven't seen them for a long time. Let's go together!"

Fang Xiao and Li Minghua were extremely reluctant to part with their child. The Fang family's children held hands and held their feet as they said, "Little brother and little sister, remember to come and play next time!"

Only after they got into the carriage did Fang Wenfeng smile and say, "When I received your letter about coming over to father and mother's place, I came early to wait for you. Now that I want to see you again, it really isn't easy!"

"What's so difficult about it? If you want to see me, then just go to the He manor." The elder sister smiled and said, "It's just that it's not easy for me to come out!"

"Other palaces are fine, but I'm a bit scared when I think about going to the He manor." Because Fang Wenfeng mentioned the rouge shop she shared with Sun Xiao Si and elder sister, he smiled and said, "Now, the shop makes money. Those familiar noble women are all willing to come to our shop to buy things, and they even ask if there are any whitewashed plasters! Last time, there was a fat lady who came and saw Xiao Si. She recognized her father as the one who opened the medicine store, and even let him take a look at the medicine. She joked that if he was able to help reduce the fat on his body, he would be willing to pay a lot of money.

As the two chatted, they arrived at the Tang Mansion, but Fang Yao wasn't there. Tang Mei, her daughter-in-law, Lin Wan Ru, and her daughter-in-law came out to welcome them. Lin Wanru even sighed. "How much luck do you need to be able to give birth to a pair of beautiful women?"

Because he had woken up early this morning, he was exhausted. As soon as he entered the Tang Mansion, he fell asleep. Tang Mei hurriedly carried her to her room and slept. After reminding her daughter to watch over the room properly, she went out to talk to her elder sister.

He Yuan recognized the bed. Even though he was tired, he didn't sleep deeply, but he heard the two girls who were guarding them talking. One of them said softly, "Madam, this niece of yours came to our house before. He had never expected to end up being the Young Mistress of the He Estate. "And this grand show, to think that there would be two carriages out there. Who would have thought that she was only a country girl before!"

"Shh, lower your voice!" The other girl said, "Her life is good, no one can envy her. Thinking about how many girls in the capital had offered to marry into the He family even if they wanted to, who knew that they wouldn't be able to? Instead, it was this person who didn't have much dowry and didn't even have a family background that married into the capital. If she wanted to stay safely in the mansion, then so be it. But if she were to leave the banquet, those who hated her would have to give her trouble! It's not that easy to be married off to a free man. "

When He Yuan heard this, he was secretly shocked. It seems like this old lady still has some difficulties! This won't do. If this old lady were to leave the banquet in the future, she would pester her to leave together. She wouldn't even mention a child of hers. Yet, he himself could help this old lady cause trouble for others.

After the birth of the dragon and the phoenix had woken up, they ate at the Tang residence. The elder sister did not dare to delay any longer and returned to the Residence of He with the birth of a dragon and phoenix.

After returning to the manor, Matriarch He asked the little girl Qiushui to pass along the news that a guest had arrived. Because she heard that the child was adorable, she insisted on meeting him and had him bring him out to meet the guest.

The elder sister hurriedly changed her clothes and also helped Longfeng Embryo change. After a while, she asked the young girl who had sent the message, "Do you know who is this esteemed guest?"

"Young Mistress, it's Mrs. Shang Shu who brought her brother here. "Originally, I wanted to let Young Master see her brother's face, but after Young Master followed Master out, Lady Shang Shu asked about you and my brother, and in a short while, she said that she wanted to meet you." Seeing that both his elder sister and the dragon and phoenix were dressed brightly, Qiu Shui smiled. "If Lady Shang saw my sister like this, she would definitely love me."

When the lady brought Long Feng's womb to the front of the hall, she heard a burst of hearty laughter from inside. A voice said, "This brat He Nian was one of the best when he was young, and now there are many beauties in the capital who don't want to marry, but have instead gone to the countryside and married one of them. I must see it today before I go back! "

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