What a Funny Family She Has/C11 Dharma Treasure for Crying
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What a Funny Family She Has/C11 Dharma Treasure for Crying
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C11 Dharma Treasure for Crying

"If you want to see, then you have to pay the noodle soup. Our family's daughter-in-law is young and thin-skinned, she doesn't seem to be worthy of attention." Old Madam He smiled and said, "You can only say something nice after reading it. Those that don't like it will go back to their stomachs."

"Yo, I haven't seen it yet. The old granny will leave the message for me first." Madam Shang smiled and said, "It seems that I must not give you any money today!"

Madam Shang Shu's niece, Chen Ji, also adored He Nian. She had asked Madam Shang Shu to suggest that the He family was completely unaffected. Chen Ji had not married until he was 18 years old. He only said that he wanted to see He Nian with his own eyes and see him bring a new wife to the capital before giving up. Who knew that when he heard He Nian had returned to the capital with his wife, he couldn't take the blow and fell ill. Chen Ji's mother, Lady Chen, was extremely worried and could only console him. "My daughter, my daughter, he has already been married off to someone else. Even if you don't want to marry now, it is useless!" Taking advantage of the fact that there were two other prefectures that had a matchmaker come forward to propose, it was best to quickly choose one and accept the marriage! "If we continue to delay it, it'll be like the blossoming of a flower in the morning and the day. There's no point in picking anymore."

"Mother, if I don't personally see who He Nian is married to, I won't be willing to die. Why is it that a country girl like her can marry He Nian? With our family background, He Nian doesn't like it? If you want to talk about my looks, you all praise me for my good looks. Every time I look at myself in the mirror, I think I can meet people. When he left for the capital, I was brazenly guarding the intersection. When I saw him coming out, I stopped the carriage and told him that I would wait for him to come back. I thought he was touched by the fact that he left without letting go of the curtain. He could not believe it when he heard that he was getting married in the country. "What kind of family is the He Family? Who is He Nian? Why did he go to the countryside to get married?" Chen Ji cried as he said that. He choked with sobs, "I don't believe that He Nian would be so heartless. I've been waiting for him for so many years, and this is the result."

"Daughter, this is unrequited love!" Lady Chen sighed. Because it wasn't just her daughter who was in love with him, the wives would talk about him whenever they met. She advised Chen Ji, "Mother has already advised you to choose a good marriage as early as possible. Stop dreaming about He Nian, if you won't listen, you have to wait for him to come back. If he did come back, he would have a wife and a pair of lovely phoenix fetuses. "No matter what, you have to put an end to this thought."

Madam Chen was distressed. Originally, the marriage had been ordered by her parents and the words of the matchmaker, but who knew that her daughter was obsessed with life and death, refusing to marry even if it meant that she had to struggle for a few years. Now that He Nian had returned, when she heard that He Nian had actually gotten married and had children, she did not lie to them.

When Chen Ji saw Lady Chen frown and sigh, he couldn't help but cry like the rain. "Mother, just pretend you didn't have a daughter like me. Follow me!"

On the other day, Lady Chen found the Imperial Concubine, and after some discussion, the two of them decided to go to the Residence of He to meet her. If she was really an ordinary country girl, Chen Ji might still have some hope. On this day, while the sun was still shining, Madam Shang Chen made an excuse to ask He Nian to help her grandson, Tao Lingjie, look at his face. She then brought Madam Chen and Tao Lingjie to the Residence of He.

How could Old Madam He not know what Madam Shang and Madam Chen were thinking? When he heard what Lady Shang had said and saw Lady Chen's twinkling eyes, he already knew that she was going to be picky about his elder sister! Let's see how elder sister will deal with this! A woman that He Nian had taken a fancy to probably didn't have any tricks to deal with others.

Waiting for the elder sister to bring in her child to pay her respects, Madam Shang Shu could not help but cry out, "What a pair of children!" He busied himself with getting the girl to give the reward to the little olives and the round ones, but he swept the elder sister aside without leaving a trace.

When Matriarch He saw that her elder sister had been apathetic, her expression remained the same as usual. She inwardly nodded and said with a smile, "Brother Nian's wife came over to my side. My back is sore right now. Come over and hit me!"

Once they arrived at someone else's residence, they would become a guest. Where would a guest be able to treat their master's wife coldly? Noticing that Madam Shang and Madam Chen's expressions were different, the Imperial Concubine walked over to Old Madam He's side without revealing any emotion. She then stood up to gently massage her back.

As Lady Chen spoke, she saw that her elder sister's gesture was neither light nor heavy. She raised her head and asked, "Seeing how capable Young Mistress is of serving people, I presume you have often helped them in the countryside?" This is good, the girl does not need to be invited, she can handle it herself! "

"With regards to serving the elders, how can you pretend to be a little girl? Of course it's the responsibility of the younger generation!" Seeing the hostility in Lady Chen's eyes, the lady replied in a neutral tone, "Previously in the countryside, I was often hit on the back by Ma. She always praised my filial piety. Now that you're here in the capital, it's my fortune to be able to give that old lady a pat on the back! "

Lady Chen saw that your elder sister's reply was flawless, so she continued, "Young Mistress must be extraordinary to be able to marry into the He Family, but I wonder what kind of talent you have? Can you show me a thing or two? "

Lady Shang Shu's little grandson, Tao Lingjie, was five years old this year, which was exactly the most mischievous age. This caused her to look exactly the same as her father, so she ran over early to take a closer look. She stretched out her hand to rub He Yuan's head, giggled and said, "He looks like a ginseng spirit!"

He Yuan was unable to avoid Tao Lingjie's hand and forcefully rubbed it. He raised his small face and giggled as he said, "You're just like a radish doll!"

When everyone saw the jade snow made up of He Yuan's powder, Tao Lingjie became chubby and laughed for a moment. "The two children's words are quite interesting!"

Seeing that He Yuan was adorable, Tao Lingjie rubbed his head and was about to pinch his face again when He Yuan turned his head away. Before he could say anything, the little olive had already interposed itself between them.

"What's wrong with bullying her?" Tao Lingjie was a tyrant within the manor, and no one dared to go against his wishes. He wanted to pinch the little girl's face, so which one of the young girls in the manor wouldn't obediently submit? Now that he saw He Yuan giggling in an extremely funny manner, he reached out his hand, not because he wanted to pinch her, but because he found her fun. He didn't want to be drunk on the little olive, but the tyrannical temperament came. This time, he was determined to give him a round of congratulation.

Wow, so adults bully my mother, and you, a kid, want to bully me? He Yuan had long seen how the Lady Shang and Lady Chen were making things difficult for the young mistress, and was feeling angry in his heart. Now that he saw Tao Lingjie push away the little olives, he went around to pinch his own face. When he got close to him, before his fingers could even touch his own face, he suddenly sat on the ground and wailed, "Push! Push!"

"What is it?" When the other adults saw Tao Lingjie stretching out her hand and He Yuan sitting on the ground, they thought that he was the one who pushed He Yuan to the ground and hurried over to help him. Madam Shang knew of Tao Lingjie's temper, so she thought that Tao Lingjie had pushed He Yuan. She could not help but exclaim in a low voice, "Why are you pushing your little sister?"

"I didn't!" Tao Lingjie felt extremely wronged and argued, "She sat on the ground herself!"

"Woo woo …" He Yuan covered his face and pretended to cry, "My butt hurts!"

The elder sister was already busy coming over to pick up He Yuan, caressing her little butt, and said softly: "Little ball, don't cry, where's the pain? Show your mother! "

He Yuan wrapped his arms around her neck and placed his head on her shoulder. He let out a few sounds of "wu wu" but didn't say anything.

When Matriarch He saw that her beloved great-granddaughter had been pushed down by Tao Lingjie, she was extremely unhappy. She coughed and said, "Big Brother's wife, hurry and carry me back to my room to take a look. I'm really hurt." You still have to be coaxed. It wouldn't be good if you were scared. "

"Last time, my family's He Min was frightened by a big yellow dog so much that she sat on the ground and cried for several nights. Later on, she went to the temple and got a talisman." Li You interjected and said with a smile, "Sister Yuan is still young. I'm really afraid that she would be scared after being pushed so hard."

Madam Shang and Madam Chen had originally wanted to make things difficult for the noble ladies, but upon seeing Tao Lingjie push down He Yuan, He Yuan started to cry as if he was scared, as he felt that it was a reasonable mistake. For a moment, he could only quietly berate Tao Lingjie, and make up for Tao Lingjie's insolence, saying, "It's all our fault for being so domineering. If I really scared big sister, I'll definitely teach him a good lesson when I get back. " He then instructed the girl, "Quickly go back to the residence and find the Eight Treasures Pearl for me."

"There are some in the Jing and Young Manor too, there's no need to be busy!" When Matriarch He saw that the two of them were busy, her face changed and she said, "A little kid might fall down. I'll forget about it after a while. It's not a big deal."

Great Grandmother truly had a black stomach. She first said that she was afraid of scaring herself, but when someone started to feel guilty, she said that it was fine and that it was to the point that people felt that she was magnanimous. He Yuan was still sobbing, but his ears were secretly perked up. When he saw that Madam Shang Shu and Madam Chen had forgotten to let their old lady display her talents, he heaved a sigh of relief.

When the elder sister checked He Yuan and saw that there was nothing wrong with her, she was relieved as she knew that she had not sustained any injuries. He apologized to everyone in the hall for a while, hugged the round one hand and the small olive in the other, and was about to leave the hall.

On the other hand, Tao Lingjie had been wronged by He Yuan. Before the conversation could be clearly explained, the lord was about to carry He Yuan away. His face turned red from anger and he roared, "I didn't push her!"

Ah, my little friend, I deliberately wronged you this time! However, with your overbearing personality, you should at least remember your wrongs. Next time, you won't dare to carelessly make a move. Seeing that He Yuan had succeeded in diverting everyone's attention, Madam Shang Shu and Madam Chen let out a sigh of relief, not caring about the fact that they were making things difficult for their mothers. Looking up from her elder sister's shoulder, she saw that Tao Lingjie had pouted and was about to cry. She was also a little stunned. Was it too much for me to wrongly accuse a child? But Madam Shang and Madam Chen were no pushovers. If they knew that Tao Lingjie didn't push them, who knows how many words they would have to say! Sorry, Tao Lingjie!

At night, when He Nian returned home, he heard that He Yuan had been pushed to the ground by Tao Lingjie. He hugged him for a while and, seeing that there were no outsiders present, he quietly said: "Little round ball, there's going to be someone who wants to bully you next time. Before he can push you, you will start crying and let the adults notice you. If you wait for someone to push you down before crying, that would already be a loss, do you understand? " He then muttered to himself, "I need to ask a Martial Master to teach you guys some self-defense skills at home. My son and daughter are only bullies, how can they be bullied? "

He Yuan Xing looked at He Nian. Dad, we are indeed father and daughter, and we are thinking of the same thing! Those who want to bully me, I'm afraid they are asking for trouble.

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