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What a Funny Family She Has/C12 A Beauty Mole
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C12 A Beauty Mole

Kid, why are you here again? He Yuan arrived at Old Madam He's hall early in the morning and was slightly surprised to see Tao Lingjie. She had just arrived yesterday, so why was she here today? However, he could hear Madam Shang Shu saying to Madam He, "I was worried when I went back last night. It would be better if someone came over to find out about my sister this morning. I'd better come over personally!" Fortunately, sister was still full of life and vigor. That was good enough. When he heard that I wanted to come, he pestered me to bring him here, saying that he had something to say to his sister. For those of you who are children, you should know that pushing your sister is your fault. You are here to apologize! "

Apologize? Why are your eyes wide open? He Yuan glanced at Tao Lingjie and went over to pay respects to Old Madam He and Madam Shang Shu. He still hadn't had his blessings, so he was already embraced by Madam Shang. He didn't wait for her to speak as he said, "It's been a day since we last met." As he spoke, he gestured for He Yuan to sit at the side and asked Tao Lingjie, "Don't you have something to say to little sister?"

He Yuan raised his head and saw Tao Lingjie looking at him anxiously. After a while, he came over and cautiously asked, "Little sister, do you know how to speak?"

Eh … … He Yuan couldn't help but shake his head. What's wrong with this kid?

"You really can't speak?" Tao Lingjie looked panic-stricken and waved his chubby hand, "I didn't do it on purpose, I really didn't do it on purpose! When I go back, I'll definitely find my little big brother to undo the incantation. " As she said this, she stood up and pulled at Madam Shang's hand. "Grandmother, let's hurry back. I'm afraid if we're too late, it'll be too late."

"What's too late?" Madam Shang Shu sat upright and did not move. She patted Tao Lingjie's hand and asked, "Child, what happened to you today?"

"Oh, sister doesn't know how to talk!" Tao Lingjie burst into tears and sobbed as he recounted the matter.

It turned out that he had been wronged yesterday and had gone back to find his elder brother to ask him what was the best way for him to keep his mouth shut. His brother was reading a book, carelessly coaxing him to write down the name of a little grass doll, then sewing a tongue for it with a needle. He chanted a few incantations, "Once upon a time, a little kid lied, but yesterday, when he went to sleep, Hades would come and play with her tongue." After he recited it, he would bury the grass doll and the person would not be able to speak. Tao Lingjie momentarily believed this to be true, so he got the old servant to help him become a little grass doll. Then he wrote He Yuan's name, found a little girl, and forced her to sew a little piece of cloth for the grass doll's tongue. Then, he quietly hid the grass doll in the garden and buried it in the ground. He was deeply afraid that He Yuan wouldn't be able to speak, so he pestered Madam Shang Shu to bring him over to see He Yuan. He didn't speak at all when they met, and immediately panicked, thinking that He Yuan had really chanted an incantation.

After Tao Lingjie finished speaking, everyone in the room burst into laughter. Even He Yuan was rolling in Old Madam He's arms in laughter.

"If you can laugh, then can you speak?" Tao Lingjie was still worried. She stared at He Yuan's hand that was covering her mouth, wanting to see if her tongue was still there.

"Return my tongue!" He Yuan stood up with a smile, stuck out his tongue, and made a face as he went over to scare Tao Lingjie. "I don't know how to speak!"

"Haha …" Everyone laughed again.

When Tao Lingjie saw that He Yuan was still fine and that the incantation had not taken effect, she heaved a sigh of relief. She pulled Shang Shu's husband and said, "Grandmother, hurry up and leave. Big brother lied to me. I want to go home and settle accounts with him."

After a while, He Nian and elder sister who were in the room heard Tao Lingjie's joke and both laughed. Since the little olives had already been sent to the school, they chose to send He Yuan to the He Estate's school today. In the morning, they had called He Yuan to come and tell Matriarch He personally.

The He Mansion's school was a separate courtyard. It was located at the southeast corner of the garden. It was a warm summer day.

After a few days of schooling, He Yuan found out that the girls of the He Mansion had all formed their own schools. The head of the main house was Eldest Young Madam's direct daughter, He Min, and Second Young Madam's direct daughter, He Yi. The girl in charge of the second house, however, was not Hei Shun or He Qi, who had made a name for themselves in front of Mrs. He, but rather a unfamiliar girl. Hearing everyone call the girl Miss Shi, He Yuan realized that the girl was actually the niece of his second wife, Mrs. Shi's parents, Shi Yue. The leader of the third branch now looked like Li's daughter, He Yi. However, He Yi was only four years old and looked to be the most vulnerable due to his young age.

Due to the fact that Mister came a little later, Shi Yue began to fight with the maidservant, Southern Branch, and the maidservant, Rose. The reason was merely because when Rose passed by Nanzhi, she accidentally squeezed her, and Nanzhi immediately stepped on her foot. Rose was also not an easy person, she immediately stepped back, because she was afraid that the adults outside would hear her, so she didn't dare to loudly shout at her. After he had drunk a few mouthfuls, Shi Yue remained silent, only coldly watching him.

Although Madam Shi was born from a concubine, Shi Yue was the granddaughter of Shi Manor. As her grandfather was an official of the second rank, because her father had given her a position outside the household, Madam Shi had been taken over by Madam Shi. However, after a while, he found that He Min and He Yi relied on the eldest concubine's granddaughter to be born. He also found that He Min and He Yi relied on the eldest concubine's granddaughter to be born. Since her master was angry, as a girl, she would naturally wait for the opportunity to vent her anger on her master. Therefore, South Branch took the opportunity to step on Rose, luring her to make a move, to let He Yi and the others see, the Second Branch has the support of the people from Shi Clan, and is not someone to be easily bullied.

He YuanNian was the youngest. When they met, the little girl would start fighting, so naturally, they were afraid of getting involved. They quietly went to the door and shouted, "Fighting, we're going to kill them!"

When the few older girls guarding the door heard about the fight, they were so scared that they ran inside, only to see that Nan Zhi and Rose just happened to have separated, yet were still glaring at each other, and suddenly berated, "I told you to accompany me to the academy, you guys didn't serve me properly, but started fighting instead. Tell me, which family's girl would dare to bring a fighting girl by her side? "If you tell your wife, you will definitely sell all of you. You won't dare to stay by your side and harm the girl anymore."

Nan Zhi and Rose were only eight years old, hearing this big girl's words, they were so scared that they began to cry, and pleaded: "Big sister, I won't dare to do it anymore, please don't tell this big sister."

"Elder sister, they were just joking around. They aren't really fighting. Big sister was wrong. " Shi Yue saw the hesitation in the big girl's eyes, and was afraid that she would tell the adults that she couldn't protect her little girl, so she came over and said: "But when Sister Yuan saw that they were making a ruckus, she thought it was a fight, so she went out and shouted. Don't you think so, Sister Yuan? " She turned her eyes to He Yuan.

Before He Yuan could answer, the servant girl beside him, Almond, had already answered: "Our lady was wrong!"

Almonds was the granddaughter of Mrs. He. At the age of six, she was an exceptionally intelligent young maid. As He Yuan's reading partner, not only did she clean up the textbooks and grind the ink, she also helped He Yuan to record down what he said. The tone of Shi Yue's voice was not good, she was afraid that He Yuan Nian would suffer, so she quickly answered on behalf of He Yuan.

Seeing that the almonds had answered in his place, and the few girls didn't really want to offend Shi Yue, He Yuan could only remain silent. Well done, Shi Yue. This is the He Manor, not the Shi Manor. Just you wait and see. There will be a long time in the future.

Seeing that the mister had come, the few ladies did not want to let the matter go, so they left the room.

After finishing his studies, He Yi snuck over to He Yuan and said, "Sister Yuan, don't tell the lord about the two girls. If you do, the two girls will be sold off. Rose followed me since young, if I sell her and replace her with someone else, I'm afraid I won't get used to it. "

"Alright!" He Yuan nodded his head and said, "But we are the proper lords of the He manor. Shi Yue is not from our manor, but she's bullying us? No way!"

He Yi looked at He Yuan in surprise. After a while, he chuckled, "Sister Yuan, I've often heard adults say that your father was extremely intelligent when he was young. I thought he was exaggerating! I can see that you're no more than three years old. It's not a matter of order, but the adults aren't exaggerating. "

He Yuan was shocked. He couldn't show his intelligence too early. Otherwise, he would be afraid of people suspecting him. After a while, he said innocently, "What is Sister Yi saying? Why can't I understand?"

"Just stay away from that Shi Yue from now on!" Huai Yi didn't take it to heart and only said to He Yuan, "You still need to attend Aunt Xin's facial expression class in the afternoon. You have to arrive earlier, since there are fewer loft seats, otherwise, you'll have to sit at the back. When Auntie showed us a book, you read it all by the time it was your turn. "

The Aunt Xin that He Yi was talking about was the daughter of He Zixin, who had been married off to a concubine. He Zi Xin was 18 years old, but she was not yet married. Since the girls of He's house were limited to studying appearances, and He Zixin had achieved a minor mastery of the art of facial appearances, she was assigned to teach the girls of He's house less than ten years of age an hour in the attic at the end of each month.

After finishing his studies, He Yuan went back to his room. He pulled at the eyebrows of the almond, but didn't find any mole. Disappointed, he asked, "Why don't you have a mole?"

"Not a single mole?" The elder sister lifted the curtain and entered, smiling as she said to He Yuan, "What have you learned today? Tell me about it. "

He Yuan said crisply, "After learning how to read and paste words in the morning, in the afternoon, I learned how to look at faces from Aunt Xin. Today, I learned how to see a mole. Auntie said that nevi are divided into visible nevus and recessive nevus, on the surface of the nevus, on the body that is invisible for recessive nevus. There is also a nevus which is hidden in the hair. "Mom, let me see if you have a sense of nevus!" He Yuan walked over to tug on her eyebrows and saw that there was no mole. He then pushed away her hair to look at her earrings. They were also as smooth as jade and didn't have a single black spot. He couldn't help but mutter, "Is it that hard to find someone with a mole?"

Hearing that, the elder sister couldn't help but laugh and say, "There are so many people in the house, how can there not be a person with a mole? There is a girl called Jiuhong on the outside, but there isn't a mole on her cheek. Everyone is making fun of her for having a beauty mole! "

As she was speaking, a girl lifted the curtain and said that the autumn water was coming.

"Young Mistress, Madam Zhennan and Madam Anping have arrived. The old lady has invited the young mistress to bring Big Sis'er out to meet her!" Qiu Shui brought a smile and said, "The two madam wanted to meet elder brother's sister by name!"

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