What a Funny Family She Has/C13 Precocious Glomerulus
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What a Funny Family She Has/C13 Precocious Glomerulus
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C13 Precocious Glomerulus

Waiting for Qiushui to leave, Chun Ying couldn't help but ask, "Young Mistress, the last time was when Madam Shang and Madam Chen were obviously here to make things difficult for the Young Mistress. Now that Madam Zhennan and Madam Anping are here, who knows what other problems they will have? "If you still want young mistress to show off her talents, why not just show off a little and block their mouths, so that they won't underestimate you?"

"That's right, that's right. When Young Mistress was a girl, she had learned music and painting from Teacher Sun. All these years, she had to take care of her brother and sister, and although she did not do much about it, she did play a song with her young master during that time. It sounds like she did not waste time listening to it." Qiuyan encouraged him, "That was the first time I heard the melody of those lyrics. It was extremely beautiful. If Young Mistress were to continue singing this song, she would definitely shock everyone. "

"So, the two of you still don't understand!" The lady shook her head and said, "I am a proper young mistress of the He household. If someone asked me to show off my talents, I would hurriedly sing and play. In the future, they won't praise me singing well or playing well. They will only say that I can sing and play well. "Think about it, who can play, sing, and give a gift to the ladies of the mansion?"

"He can play, sing, and perform! Isn't that a muse or a play? " Qiu Yan rushed to her mouth and slapped herself twice. "Damn it, why are you spouting nonsense?"

Spring Hawk opened her mouth, but complained to herself, "Why didn't I think of that? Those ladies wanted to show off their talents to the young mistress, so that's what they were thinking. I almost fell into their trap. I was wondering why the ladies in the capital were so manipulative. "We still need to meet the young mistress and his brother. If we continue to talk nonsense and the old lady doesn't help us, won't we just have to keep people in suspense?"

"I say, the countryside is still the best. We should close our doors and talk joyously. We shouldn't disturb anyone; our days are comfortable and comfortable. Even though this mansion is dressed in luxurious clothing and food, it's just too much trouble. " Qiuyan dressed the lady and then went to change the clothes for Little Olive and He Yuan. As she did so, she said, "Brother and sister have to see people every day, so I can't wear the same clothes every day. I'll have to make a few more sets. If this continued, the amount of silver in the moon would be insufficient. "It's only been half a month, and the silver is more than enough for us to spend in the countryside for a year."

When the elder sister heard what Qiu Yan said, she paused for a moment. She knew that the capital must have spent a lot of money, but she didn't know that it would be to such an extent. Based on the current cost, the monthly allowance of each room would be insufficient. If there were no other benefits, they would have to be filled with dowry in order to not run out of money. It was no wonder that everyone wanted to take advantage of the girls, QiuTang and Qiuping Ping, and gain a bit of money from them.

Originally, she had a large sum of money. However, when she heard that Grandmother had taken the silver and helped me join the Old Granny's Silk Manor, she was quick to hand over more than half of the silver and returned it to Grandmother first. This time, she didn't have much silver with her, so she couldn't help but spend it.

Since Madam Zhen Nan and Madam Anping had been waiting for too long, your elder sister didn't want to delay any longer. She hurriedly took the olives and He Yuan out, and had long been waiting at the door with a small sedan chair, waiting for them. Along the way, your elder sister told them: "You should take care of everyone, if you want to recite poems, then recite one or two of the newly learned ones, do you understand?"

Hmm, a little kid's gifting is actually something that a great lord likes the most. If someone were to make things difficult for me again, I can't cry and say that I'm going back to my room, but I'll have to do it on my behalf. He Yuan raised his head to look at his elder sister. Seeing that she was frowning slightly, he couldn't help but straighten his body. He extended his small hand to caress her eyebrows and said, "Mother, don't worry!"

"Oh, little ball knows mother is worried? "As expected of mother's little heart." The Lady couldn't help but extend her left arm to hug He Yuan tightly as she smiled and said, "Little ball, please comfort Mother. Mother won't worry anymore, and there's nothing much to worry about. "It's nothing."

The little olive also raised his head to look at his elder sister, he extended his arm to hug her waist, and said in a childish voice, "Mother, do you have something on your mind? "Tell me, I'll help mother share her worries!"

"Hehe, the two of you are both motherf * ckers!" With one in each arm, she smiled and said, "With all of you here, mother won't have to worry about anything anymore!"

In the hall, after seeing all the madams, Madam Zhen Nan and Madam Anping looked at the birth of the dragon and the phoenix and said in wonder, "In the earlier years, I also saw other mansions that had the birth of a dragon and phoenix, but they were not exactly alike. They could tell a boy from a girl with a single glance, but your child was extraordinarily handsome and even wore red together with two others; one of them even misjudged the other, thinking that the two were girls."

We also said that it's rare for a dragon and phoenix embryo to look so similar. You have to grow a bit older before you can distinguish it at a glance! " Old Madam He smiled and said, "It's a good thing that one went to school while the other went to school. If not, he would have sat together and been afraid that Teacher would recognize the wrong person!" "Then she laughed.

After listening to Madam Zhen Nan and Madam An Ping's idle chatter, upon seeing that they didn't have the same cold eyes as Madam Shang Shu and Madam Chen, she gradually began to calm down.

Seeing He Yuan being so obedient, Madam Anping hugged her and sat on her knees for a moment. She then smiled and said to the young mistress, "I love girls the most, so I was born with a bad luck. I only had three sons. He then turned to Old Madam He and Young Mistress, "I was really forced to do it this time, so I asked for your permission to go to the Mansion. I hope that Old Madam and Young Mistress can agree to it!"

Promise what? The lady was baffled, but Old Madam He said awkwardly, "It's not that I don't agree, it's just that Sister Yuan is still young. I'm afraid she'll cry."

Lady Anping wanted to give birth to a daughter, but she did not know where to listen to a story, saying that if she could take one of the female babies who matched her fate to the temple to pray for blessings, she could get the female child to help bring a pair of blessed lanterns back from the temple, and that there was still a female child missing in the mansion, who could ask Bodhisattva to send her daughter. After half a year like this, if someone happened to have a daughter, they would be pregnant with her. Madam Anping was only twenty-eight years old and was confident that she could have another child. However, she was still afraid that the child would still be a child. After hearing this, she knew that there was a dragon and phoenix embryo in the Residence of He, so she came to the Residence.

How could anyone believe such a ridiculous claim? The ancient people were truly superstitious! He Yuan was slightly surprised to hear Madam An Ping laugh. "Old granny, don't worry. Look at Sister Yuan who sat on my lap without moving for a long time. I knew she was fated to be with me. She won't cry after a few more coaxing."

Seeing that she couldn't refuse, Old Madam He could only say, "Although Sister Yuan is usually well-behaved, she has always stuck close to her mother and has never left her side. I'm afraid she won't follow."

Ahhh, I shouldn't have acted so cute today. It's not convenient for me to change my face and cry now. He Yuan's black eyes darted around, but when he saw that his elder sister was hesitating to speak, he recalled that he could not offend Madam An Ping. He was actually waiting for her to agree to this matter so he could owe her a favor. If the old lady was not tactful and refused to agree to follow Madam An Ping, then it was likely that after Madam An Ping left, Madam He's face would change. But since she doted on him so much, how could he bear to help a lady he had just met?

"That phoenix lamp is only the size of a palm. It's small and delicate, and the child isn't too tired from carrying it." Furthermore, we have been sitting in a palanquin the entire time. It is covered with a thick, embroidered mat, and no matter how well I protect you, nothing bad will happen to you. " The marquis' wife was still trying to persuade her. Afraid that her elder sister wouldn't let her go, she hugged He Yuan tightly. "Besides, since elder sister is so obedient, I can still take your words to heart …"

When He Yuan saw his wife's lips slightly move, he was prepared to reject her offer, so he rushed to say, "Mother, can I go with Madam to take a look at that lamp?"

"Look at this, I already said that Sister Yuan and I are fated to meet. This is really the case." The Marquis' wife said happily, "You don't know your place at all, yet you want to watch the lantern with me? Sister Yuan, since you're willing to go with me, don't say anymore. "Don't worry. Since you've stayed with me for three days, you'll definitely be sent back well. I guarantee that you won't have a single strand of hair."

The lady was so anxious that she couldn't say anything more. She beckoned He Yuan over and said, "Little round ball, are you really going to follow Madam to see the lights? "Don't cry!"

He Yuan smiled as he whispered into her ear, "Mom, don't worry, I won't cry."

At the age of four, He Nian would help others make fun of him, and his name would be known throughout the capital. Currently, the little round ball had become wise so early. Who knew if it was a good thing or a bad thing. The little round ball has always been a good boy. Whenever something happens, he will tell the lord that he should not spoil the case of the Marquis of Anping's wife. Although the eyes of this Residence of He was calm, with Old Madam He stretching her legs out, who knew how many hidden waves would arise. The girls of the Residence of He would probably be affected as well. After some deliberation and weighing the pros and cons, she finally agreed to Marquis An Ping's request.

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