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What a Funny Family She Has/C14 It's Been a Long Time
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C14 It's Been a Long Time

"Madam really brought back the daughter of the little dragon and phoenix embryo of the god from the Residence of He? The little god had left the rich and powerful families in the capital to go to the countryside and marry the daughter of a seventh-grade county magistrate. The madams had all whispered that the little god's plan was very thought-provoking. Later on, he added that the daughter of the seventh grade county magistrate had given the little god a pair of dragon and phoenix fetuses. Not only did the dragon and phoenix fetuses look exactly the same, their intelligence was not inferior to the little god's. Now that they had returned to the capital, the madams instead went to the He manor to look at the scheming little madame. They all laughed and said that she did not have three heads and six arms. However, the birth of a dragon and a phoenix really made people love them. "I already said, if I can give birth to a pair of phoenixes, even if I marry a girl from the countryside, it would be worth it."

"I can't tell you. Madam just brought back that round girl, so when I got off the palanquin, I caught a glimpse of her. She was just over three years old, she really is like a snowy little girl. He could understand everything the lord said! "Madam said that she would be staying for the night. Tomorrow morning, she would go to the temple to pray for her blessings and return with the lamp. She would wait for three days before sending her back."

The two second girls were whispering to each other, and upon seeing that Mommy Mo had come out to prepare a few buckets of warm milk, they couldn't help but ask, "Madam has just woken up early. Master Hou hasn't come back yet, could it be that you want to bathe again?"

"He's going to bathe Miss Yuan!" Mother Mo said with a smile, "Miss Yuan's skin color is so pale. If she doesn't wash the milk, who will?"

"Darling, we're taking a bath!" Madam Hou had returned from receiving He Yuan from the Residence of He. Seeing that she didn't cry or make a ruckus, she acted extremely obediently. Seeing that she loved him even more, she hugged him and kissed him, "Come, I'll wash it for you myself!" With that, he carried He Yuan into the bathroom.

Is this for me to bathe in? He Yuan looked at the big tub full of milk and was a little taken aback. Isn't, isn't this too much of a waste?

Madam Hou used her hands to test the temperature of the milk and nodded. "Just right!" As he spoke, he took off He Yuan's clothes and carefully carried him into the bath. He then delicately asked, "Is it hot?"

"It's not hot!" The legendary milk bath, it just happened this time. As He Yuan soaked in the milk, he smelled the faint odor of milk on his face. He even stuck out his tongue and licked it as he laughed, "Why doesn't this milk have any smell?"

"Haha …" Madam Hou saw He Yuan sitting in the bathing pool. Her face was so cute that she couldn't help touching her face and laughing, "This milk was used for bathing. Since it wasn't sweetened, it naturally has no taste! Instead, I used this milk to make cheese. How about I give this sister a taste later? " As she spoke, she helped He Yuan to scrub his clothes. When they were all washed to He Yuan's armpits, He Yuan chuckled and dodged. Madam Hou couldn't help but stop. For a moment, her face was filled with smiles.

"Mom, I heard that a little sister came!" Suddenly, the bathroom door was pushed open. Three young boys entered in a row and went to the side of the bath to watch He Yuan curiously. They cried out, "Little sister is so cute!"

Ah!" He Yuan screamed as he pulled the wet handkerchief in Madam Hou's hand and wrapped it around his stomach. "Don't look at me, don't look at me, I'm shy!

"Haha …" Madam Hou could not help but laugh as she consoled him, "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid. They can't see clearly even if you soak in the milk!" As he reprimanded his sons, he said, "Get out of here, you're scaring our little sister!"

After the three boys had left, Mommy Mo came in to help He Yuan put on his clothes. She smiled and said, "I saw her youngest daughter when I followed Madam to the Grand Princess's residence for a ceremony. Now, I see that she looks a little like the eldest princess' youngest daughter!"

"Shh, you can't say those words before others!" Madam Hou glanced at Mother Mo and whispered, "The Grand Princess has been grieving over this matter till now. It's so easy for her to calm down. It's really impressive to hear just a few more words."

Mommy Mo was silent and didn't dare to say anything else.

Due to He Yuan's good manners, the next day he helped Madam Hou smoothly carry the phoenix lamp back to the manor. Everyone in the manor praised him, and on the third day, Madam Hou arranged many things to eat and play on the carriage before personally carrying He Yuan back to the manor.

Arriving at the Residence of He, Madam Hou instead said solemnly to Old Madam He and elder sister, "However, a three-year-old person can understand everything. Where can we find such a clever one? However, after living together for three days, those people in our mansion are unwilling to let her return. My house's Master Hou directly treats her as my family's daughter. " He paused, "It's just that when I bumped into the Grand Princess in the temple, she actually took a fancy to me …"

"The Grand Princess wants to take Little Ball as her goddaughter?" When He Nian heard this, he jumped in fright, "But I've been living in the House of the Marquis of Anping for three days, how did you get involved with the Grand Princess?"

"Madam Hou took the little round ball to the Mother Temple to pray for her fortune, and coincidentally met the Grand Princess there as well. The little round ball was extremely obedient, greeting the Grand Princess. Later on, the Grand Princess said that she wanted to take Little Ball as her goddaughter, so she asked the marquis' wife for help first. " The lady rubbed her forehead, not knowing whether this was a good or a bad thing, she said half-heartedly, "I heard that after the Grand Princess had three sons, she had a daughter, and that little girl died before she was even one year old. The Grand Princess had been grieving over this for a long time, but these past few days she had gone to the Son Mother Temple to help her daughter. It was said that the wife of the princess' youngest daughter said that the ball looked somewhat similar to the princess' youngest daughter. "

A few days later, the door of the elder sister's house suddenly became lively. A few of the younger sisters-in-law came over to chat and make fun of her. Chun Ying whispered, "Hearing that the Grand Princess wants to recognize our Sister Yuan as her goddaughter, these people immediately changed their faces and called out for her affectionately. The first few times, the servants were allowed to say that our Young Mistress was a country girl, they all disdained to interact with our Young Mistress! "

In the capital, the noble ladies had their own small cliques. As a newly arrived woman with a weak foundation, it would be difficult for her to integrate herself into these cliques. All of the grandmothers in this mansion had their eyes set on the top, so it wasn't strange for them to look down on this Seventh Grade County Magistrate's daughter. Fortunately, I was also calm and didn't rush to curry favor with them. Now that they were here to curry favor with me, I believe I will soon join the circle of noble ladies in the capital. When He Yuan saw that his elder sister was very busy, he was secretly happy for her. When he turned around and saw that Li You had arrived, he quickly went up to greet her.

"Yo, Sister Yuan, your little mouth is getting sweeter and sweeter!" Li You smiled as he hugged He Yuan and teased him for a while. Then, he put him down and said to his elder sister, "Madam Mei, you just got married and posted a notice for us. Let's go watch!"

"I was just about to ask sister-in-law how much money is appropriate for the ceremony." She had received a lot of invitations recently, so she hurriedly invited Li Jiayi to fix it up and ask her about it.

Waiting until Li Wen Jing left, He Yuan heard his elder sister whisper to Chunying, "This time, it was all thanks to the small round ball's luck. It led everyone to run towards my door. They thought that if the Grand Princess chooses a good day, she would have to recognize the little round ball as her goddaughter. We have also gotten involved with the royal family, so we were afraid that we might run a little too slowly. Saying that, he sighed and said to himself, "I've received quite a few wedding posters. It doesn't matter if I go or not, this gift fee is not something that can be left out. Now that he had added in the cost, where could he find silver?

Although He Nian had already taken up a casual post in the Venerate Heavens Sect, his salary was meagre. Naturally, he could not rely on it. He spent money on the monthly allowance, so he didn't have to worry about the cost. However, he had to see some guests these days, and some new clothes were made. Some people were coming and going, and some were adding some other things. Although the rouge shop that shared shares with Fang Wen Feng and Sun Xiao Si made money every month, Fang Wen Feng had also secretly made people send silver over to the clan. The current situation was like a cup of water being tossed into a fire.

As elder sister was calculating, Qiu Yan said, "Young Mistress, Granny Tang is here!"

Which Tang grandma?"

"It's Second Young Madam from the Tang Mansion!" The one who knows medicine. "

"Ya, it's Xiao Si. Please come in!" The elder sister quickly stood up to welcome him. This was the first time Sun Xiao Si had come to the mansion to look for him.

"Little Si!" Before they even reached the courtyard, they saw Sun Xiao Si get off the sedan chair. The elder sister called out her name and pulled him back with a smile, "How come you're free to come and see me today? There's no need to guard Brother Yi. "

Sun Xiao Si blushed and said in annoyance, "I finally got to see you. You're making fun of me."

"Alright, alright. I won't laugh at you anymore. Quickly, go in." The lady welcomed Sun Xiao Si into the room and whispered, "Did something happen?"

Sun Xiao Si nodded and said, "Master went to West Mountain Academy to study, so I got some free time. In the past few days, he had been strolling around the market. However, he found that there was a doctor whose business was extremely good, and the person who entered was not a patient. He found it very strange. "When I went in later to take a look, it turned out that the infirmary wasn't there to help treat the patient, but to reduce the waist of the patient."

"How can the Physician Hall reduce a person's waist?" After letting the little girl serve tea, the elder sister waited for Sun Xiao Si to take a sip before asking, "Could it be acupuncture to reduce weight?"

"It's precisely acupuncture that reduces weight!" Sun Xiaosi served a cup of tea and took a sip after a long while. She then looked up and said, "I know acupuncture and moxibustion too. I just didn't expect this method to help me lose weight!" Nowadays, our rouge shop only serves women, most of whom are noblewomen. These people have been born before, and their waists are a bit thick, but they have no way to reduce the amount of meat on their waists. If we put up a sign to buy rouge, would those people who buy rouge come and buy rouge? "

Hearing Sun Xiao Si's words, her eyes lit up, "That's a good idea! It's just that you can't stay in the rouge shop forever! "

"No worries. I have a little girl by my side. She can learn acupuncture and moxibustion as well as I can. If I'm not in the rouge shop, I can ask her to help me with acupuncture and moxibustion." It would be great if he could recruit a husband with medical skills for her. The two of them can guard the store and they don't believe that those people won't flock together like a flock of ducks. "

After discussing for a while, the two of them felt that this method was worth a try.

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