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What a Funny Family She Has/C15 Pea Little Princess
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C15 Pea Little Princess

After a few days, the Grand Princess activated the Venerable He, allowing him to choose a auspicious day in case he wished to pay respects to his mother. Upon receiving the news, everyone in the Residence of He was full of joy and laughter, as if they had all become the royal family of their country.

Our young master is truly worthy of being called a little god. Although he was married to a young lady, she knew how to give birth to a dragon and a phoenix." This boy was as intelligent as he was when he was young master. As for this girl, there's no need to mention her. Just by saying that she has gained the favor of Madam Anping and the Grand Princess, one can tell how worthy she is.

"I heard that the marquis' wife wants to take elder sister Yuan as her goddaughter, but was taken away by the eldest princess first. She couldn't win against the eldest princess, so she had to run off and say it. How pitiful!"

The girls of the He manor were discussing in whispers about their honor!

On the auspicious day, the Princess' Mansion had sent a carriage early in the morning to pick up He Yuan and the young mistress for the celebration. Upon entering the carriage, the elder sister hugged He Yuan and urged him on. She saw that although she was young, she could understand everything and repeat everything that she was told. She heaved a sigh of relief and touched He Yuan's head, giving him a fierce kiss.

"If she has a smart father, then naturally, she has a smart daughter!" He Nian, who was standing beside, said with a faint smile, "You forgot to kiss someone else!"

The elder sister repeatedly reminded He Yuan, so she didn't hear what He Nian said clearly. She raised her head and asked, "What did you say?"

"Daddy will let you kiss him. Mother, kiss me! I will stand guard for you! " He Yuan said as he lifted the curtain of the carriage and pretended to look outside. He looked very innocent, and when he turned around, he saw that his old man's face had turned red. He couldn't help but laugh internally. How are you going to end this?

When He Nian saw his elder sister staring at him, he acted like he was talking to a child and acted like he was an immortal, indicating that he didn't say anything.

The lady glared at He Nian again and turned to look at He Yuan. She said in confusion, "Having a smart daughter is not necessarily a good thing. In the future, you must restrain your words and actions. " Just as he was speaking, the sedan shook and stopped right in front of the entrance to the Princess' Mansion. Many wives and wives came out to welcome him.

The elder sister hugged He Yuan as she got off the carriage. Just as she was about to speak, she opened her mouth and vomited a mouthful of acid. "What's wrong?" He Nian and He Yuan asked in unison.

The lady took out a handkerchief from her bosom and wiped the corner of her mouth, then said in a daze, "It's always been nice on the palanquin, don't tell me you passed out today?"

"Young Mistress He's really having a weak stomach." A few of the wives came up to him and said, "Quickly enter the residence and call for the chief physician to come and ask for his pulse. My father and uncle-in-law are all imperial doctors of the palace, and their medical skills are very good! If you have nothing to do, you can just ask for a safe channel. "

Suddenly, he stretched out his hand and grabbed her wrist. After a while, his eyes were filled with joy as he held her hand and said in a low voice, "I'll have to ask the doctor to check your pulse later." Seeing that the other wives were about to help her into the sedan, he said, "My wife is not feeling well, please take care!" He carried He Yuan to another sedan chair.

She sat down on the sedan chair and counted the dates with her fingers. Then, she looked at He Nian, who was following behind her, and said with her mouth half open: "I didn't expect …" However, he stopped himself.

"Mother, what's wrong?" He Yuan was sitting on He Nian's lap. Seeing that his elder sister was looking back at them, the corners of his mouth were full of smiles. He couldn't help but feel curious. Why would he be happy if his elder sister wasn't well? Just as he was about to ask, in a split-second, he immediately understood. Ah! I'm delighted! However, he couldn't help but hear He Nian say happily: "Little ball, your mom is going to add a little brother for us!"

"You're going to add your little brother?" Wow, I'm so happy! " He Yuan couldn't help but jump in joy. He and his little brother were both more than three years old, if this old lady wasn't pregnant, she would probably gossip a lot. This was great, now that he was the eldest princess' goddaughter, no one would dare cause trouble for him.

After entering the hall, the princess came out to welcome him. She hugged He Yuan and kissed him, then said with a smile, "You've finally arrived!" Seeing that elder sister and He Nian were bowing, she was supported by others. She smiled and said, "elder sister Yuan will be my daughter from now on. Young mistress He is my younger sister. You don't have to be so polite."

The princess was only about twenty-five years old. She had long eyebrows, charming eyes, and a slim figure. Although she looked a bit ill, her smile was very bright. My lady had also heard that the princess had been ill for a long time because of the death of her little daughter, and only now did she feel better. Now that he wanted to congratulate Yuan Yuan as his foster daughter, perhaps it was because he was in a good mood when it came to happy occasions, but there was a sense of joy in the depths of his eyes. Seeing that the princess was hugging He Yuan and refused to let go, revealing her true feelings, your elder sister felt at ease. He was worried that the people of the royal family would be stone-hearted and wouldn't mind family relationships, but now it seemed that the people of the royal family also had a soft side to them.

As soon as he sat down, the ceremonial female official who came out of the palace presided over the ceremony of kowtowing to the godmother. He could only kneel down and kowtow to the princess as instructed by the lord, calling her "godmother." He was lifted up by the princess and held onto his knees. On the one hand, it was worth a reward.

The Princess had a faint fragrance on her body that He Yuan felt was very good. He leaned over her neck and sniffed, then blurted out, "Mother, you smell very good!"

"Hehe, what I am using is the White Jade Ointment bestowed by the palace. The fragrance is extremely faint." Although the princess' eyes were still red, her tone was extremely cheerful as she smiled and said, "I'll give your mother a few boxes later!" When your elder sister heard this, she hurriedly thanked him.

Seeing that the ceremony was over, one of the wives went up to whisper a few words to the princess. The princess immediately said, "Why didn't you tell me earlier? Quickly ask the doctor to come out and take her pulse." At this time, there's no need for you to avoid it. Just take a look at the pulse in the hall! "

He Nian and his elder sister immediately thanked him. The doctor had arrived in a hurry. After taking the pulse, he stood up and said, "Congratulations, young mistress. This is a wedding meridian!"

Ah!" The Prince Consort, the Grand Princess, and the others were all taken aback by the sudden turn of events and hurriedly congratulated him. Although He Nian was calm in front of everyone, he could not conceal his smile as he thanked them one by one.

As she had just paid respects to her mother, the princess only asked He Yuan to stay for a few days before returning to the mansion. Seeing that He Yuan was rather daring and did not want to give birth to anyone, the princess said a few more words before taking her leave with He Nian. The princess naturally bestowed many items and supplements, and also sent the appropriate person to escort He Nian and your highness back.

Here, He Yuan was surrounded by the stars like the moon, and the princess even called out to the acrobats in the house to play tricks with her, and quickly had the kitchen make a few types of children's favorite sweets. They first ordered someone to scoop up a spoonful of purple rice meat and feed it to her. He Yuan said crisply, "Mother, I know how to eat!"

"Yo, look at your hot hands. It's the same when mother feeds you!" The princess hugged He Yuan and sat on her side with one arm wrapped around her. With the other hand, she scooped up a piece of meat and fed it to He Yuan, completely treating her like a baby. As he laughed, he said, "If the taste isn't good, just spit it out. Let's eat something else instead."

"Mother, you'll spoil me for this!" He Yuan reminded the princess and giggled. "My mother said that the child can only feel pain in his heart, but not in his mouth."

"Look at this little mouth, how good at eating! To point at the fact that the princess doted on you, and to point out that your mother has a way with the girls! " The Senior Servant at the side said, "You're so smart! It looks like you're the princess' own daughter, but who would have known that it's your new foster daughter!"

"When I saw this child in my mother's temple that day, I knew that it was the heavens that pitied me. They knew that I was thinking of my daughter, so they sent me a foster daughter." The princess' voice was hoarse as she laughed: "The heavens are merciful to me, so I will treat it as a blessing and take care of my own body. When my goddaughter grows up, I'll have to help her choose a husband!"

Ah, I'm only three years old, and I already mentioned the word 'son-in-law'. Could it be that he mentioned it a little too quickly? He Yuan was slightly exasperated. He swallowed the meat broth in his mouth and decided to pretend that he didn't understand the princess' words.

When he slept at night, the situation was extremely exaggerated. There was an enormous carved bed, and there were as many as twelve servants watching over the night watch. The princess still sat on the edge of the bed, trying to coax her to sleep. While stroking the blanket on the bed, she frowned and said, "This blanket doesn't feel as smooth as before, but don't touch my sister."

He Yuan turned around comfortably and touched the blanket under him. He felt that the blanket was so soft that it felt like it was unspeakable. Hearing the princess' words, he couldn't help but giggle and say, "Mother, I'm not the Pea Princess, so why would I feel uncomfortable?"

"Which Princess Pea?" The princess smiled and said, "I've never heard of such a title."

"It's a story my mother told me." The sound of He Yuan's milky voice told a rough story of Princess Pea sleeping on the seven quilts and being pressed to sleep by a pea on the bed.

"Hehe, you are my Pea Princess!" After hearing the story, the princess laughed and raised her head to a nearby nanny, saying, "Young Granny Zheng is truly a wonderful person. Only with such a mother can you raise such a daughter. It's not because the little god counts as a credit to himself. "Today, seeing how the deity is trying to keep up with Young Mistress Zheng, it's truly a matter of true love."

"Princess, Young Madam He has entered the mansion. She has a calm demeanor and a steady flow of movements. From the looks of it, she isn't someone who has lived in the countryside for a long time. Instead, she looks like a proper relative of the Princess." The mama knew that the princess was extremely satisfied with her and He Nian, and now she had He Yuan's heart aching as well. She praised the princess quite a bit.

He Yuan was tired of listening to the conversation between the princess and the mama. Not long after closing his eyes, he fell asleep. When the princess saw He Yuan sleeping, she couldn't help but laugh and said softly, "This child's qi and blood is easy to fall asleep. This kind of child is easy to bring, and also makes people happy. It's hard to make people not hurt. " He let the maidservants guard the place well, then returned to his room after receiving the mama.

When the mama saw that the princess was looking better today, she asked quietly, "Do you want to announce the prince consort to enter the room?"

The princess' face grew even redder as she nodded, "Let it be!" Seeing that the mama was about to leave with a smile, he called out to her, "Tell Prince Consort that this old couple is already married. If you want to enter the room in the future, go ahead. You don't have to wait for Xuan to enter."

"This, isn't it against the rules?" The mama said in a low voice, "I'm just afraid that the etiquette officer will write that Prince Consort doesn't care about the honor of being king or official and will enter the princess' chamber without permission."

"Prince Consort Ma had a great future ahead of him. Because I married him, he had to avoid marriage and could only remain in office. He had already wronged him. "Now that this couple is having such fun in their room, it's only after I announce it that he dares to enter. After all these years, I'm afraid he has a grudge in his heart." Princess Mo'er's heart was clear today as she said slowly, "Since I've married him, even if it's someone from the Mo Clan, they will have to enter the Mo Clan's ancestral hall in the future. He will be the one to decide on this family. "Since I have found the opportunity to report these rules to my royal brother, I can let him be a cripple. If he can't be a cripple, I will make it so that the etiquette officer won't be able to compare him with me."

"The etiquette officer doesn't have to obey etiquette for everything!" The mama quietly laughed. "I've sent people to find the ceremonial officer's fault first. In the future, if he dares to speak carelessly, I'll also have people cover his fault and cover his mouth."

"That's not wrong, just create some for him!" The princess smiled and waved her hand, "Alright, you may leave!"

After receiving the mama's words, Prince Consort Ma followed the palace maid into the princess' room. After all the palace maids had retired, he looked at the princess for quite some time before saying, "The mama said that I can enter her room whenever I want?"

"En!" The Princess leaned against the pillow, raised her head and laughed, "I'm your wife, you can enter your room anytime you want."

Prince Consort smiled and bent over to speak quietly, "Since that's the case, get up and help me take off my clothes!"

The princess slowly rose to her feet and took off her outer robes, revealing her snow-white arms. She extended a hand to help undress her consort, smiling as she said, "I'll allow you to do whatever you want tonight."

"I will work hard, if only I can have another daughter." The Prince Consort saw the princess' hand on his belt, but couldn't untie it even after a long time. How could he wait? He had long pulled off his outer robes and held the princess in his arms, trembling as he said, "It's been three months, then you announced my arrival!" His tone was extremely bitter.

The princess was being embraced tenderly and tenderly. Her body had long since turned soft and her voice was soft. "I will not announce you in my life. Could it be that you will never come here?"

"You don't know, how many times have I entered? I was stopped by the mama, saying that you are not allowed to enter without being announced." The Prince Consort sighed. "We've been married for almost eight years. Every time we enter the room, it's like a mama giving us a favor. …"

The Princess bit Prince Consort's earlobes and saw that his ears had turned red. She panted heavily as she put her mouth close to his ear and said, "Hurry and see, I'll transfer all the mama away so they won't point fingers. Tian'er, come in from now on."

The Prince Consort was overjoyed. He grabbed the princess by her waist and let her ride on his back. He said vaguely, "Let's hurry up and have a girl as clever as our goddaughter!"

"En!" The princess' voice was incomparably charming as both of her hands wrapped around the prince consort like snakes. Her body slightly leaned back as her round buttocks pressed down, and she said in a low voice, "I want to give birth to a pair of little pea princesses that are as satisfactory as Sister Yuan."

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