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What a Funny Family She Has/C16 Sprinkle Flowers with Milk
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C16 Sprinkle Flowers with Milk

The princess recognized her goddaughter, and there were many people who came to congratulate her. On the morning of the second day, quite a few first wives arrived, and Madam Shang Shu of Zhennan arrived early as well. She sent a congratulatory gift as well as a "Tsk tsk", praising: "When we see the He sisters, we say they are really handsome, and stand together with her little brother. Isn't that the golden girl sitting in front of Guan Yin? When she finished praising them, the princess immediately recognized her goddaughter, but she was quick with her actions."

It was as if He Yuan was her own daughter. He first recounted in detail how He Yuan had behaved well since the day before, and then said: "I fed her a purple rice soup, but it was only mediocre because that thing was useful, and I was afraid that she would not like it, so I told her to try it. If she did not like the taste, she could just spit it out and eat something else. What do you think she said? The little kid told me instead that I shouldn't pet my child on my mouth, but in my heart. "

"And last night, instead of being coaxed to sleep by the adults, they told us the story of the Pea Princess! At his age, there were many who didn't know what to say, let alone tell a story. I got up and hurried to see her, but she was lying motionless on the bed, thinking she was still asleep. Then I sat on the edge of the bed and looked closely, my eyelids twitching, and realized that she was pretending to be asleep. She picked up the bag and asked how she was going to pretend to be asleep. She said that since it was still early and she was afraid of waking up the adults, she wanted to sleep a little longer. This docility makes my heart ache! "

Wow, Princess, let's be honest and not exaggerate. When He Yuan heard the Princess praise him so much, he almost thought she was talking about another child.

As she was speaking, the marquis's wife, along with her youngest son, Song Shaoyang, arrived. He Yuan had lived in the House of the Marquis of Anping for three days. Now that he saw the marquis' wife, he quickly went over to greet her and then called her big brother, Song Shaoyang. Song Shaoyang was six years old this year. Last time he saw He Yuan in the manor, he had been extremely fond of her, even though she was his younger sister's eldest sister. They left cheese for you that day, and they forgot to let you take it back to eat. "

"What? You still want to kidnap my daughter and bring her to your residence?" Seeing that Song Shaoyang was showing goodwill to He Yuan, the Princess said with a smile, "I did hear that on the day that I went to your house, your mother gave me a milk bath, and all of you rushed in. Fortunately, I was alert, so I wrapped a towel around your stomachs so I didn't let you watch. I won't be at ease if you let her go to your house. "

The other ladies laughed and said something funny. He then talked about a new concubine that Lord Han Lin Chen had recently married, who had learned to take a milk bath and sprinkle fresh petals into the milk. After soaking in the milk for a long time, she thought it was fragrant, fresh, slippery and tender, which would definitely mesmerize Lord Han Lin to death. But before she could put on her clothes, a red patch appeared on her body. When Lady Chen heard the news, she acted as if she didn't know anything. The rest of the family didn't say anything. When Sir Chen entered his concubine's room, he was scared half to death. Everyone was laughing non-stop.

He Yuan listened for a while before realizing that the Madam Chen they were talking about was the same Madam Chen who had come to the He Estate with Madam Shang Shu to make things difficult for her mother.

When Madam Zhen heard everyone's words, she laughed and said, "This milk has a bad smell. Previously, no one even smelled it. Ever since the previous emperor had married a foreign empress, the empress had good skin and was doted upon by the previous emperor. Everyone secretly inquired, saying that the empress liked to drink this milk and even used it to bathe. As the wind blew, not only did everyone find milk to bathe in, even the ladies and ladies of the palace found milk to soak in. It was said that he had steamed some milk, so he had indeed become much more tender. However, although milk was good, some people were unable to use it. As soon as they used it, they would get a red lump. There were also some people who were not able to drink, and had diarrhea from their stomachs. "Hahahahaha …" "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… I heard that milk mixed with other things to eat together or together, there were many problems. This concubine of Lord Chen does not know how powerful she is. It's one thing to bathe, but she actually threw a flower petal on top of it. This time, she's going to learn a lesson. "

Hehe, women getting together is gossiping. He Yuan pricked up his ears and listened with relish.

For a while, the little girl didn't change the tea fruit, but divided the sugar and gave it to Song Shaoyang and He Yuan to eat. When Madam Anping saw He Yuan accepting the candy, she obediently called the little girl 'big sister' and couldn't help but laugh. "Young Mistress He is indeed a good teacher, even though I am only three years old. The little girl thanked the elder sister for her sugar. It was impossible for him to not accept it. "I was wondering why this little god rushed to the countryside to get married. When I saw my sister in such a state, I understood that there's a good reason for her to take a wife."

As she was speaking, General's wife, Shang Jie, also brought her youngest son, Jiang Huagai, who was six years old, along with her son, Jiang Huagai. When she saw He Yuan, she stroked her chest and said bitterly, "I heard that the He Clan loved each other very much, but we only happened to be living outside the city for a few days and was thinking of going back to the He Clan to take a look at them. However, I didn't expect that when we came back home yesterday, she said that the princess had already accepted the child as her goddaughter. This time, wouldn't it make one's heart itch when they saw it? He just wanted to hug her and touch her! Bring me the gift first, there's only one, give me a hug, and let me soak in the feeling of happiness! " Shang Jie was originally the empress's cousin and had a close relationship with the princess. The two of them were used to jokes, and as they spoke, they had already reached out to hug He Yuan, laughing out loud, "Our daughter is indeed our daughter.

"You better be careful, don't throw my daughter to the ground!" The Princess saw that Shang Jie had not even sat down after giving him a good hug, yet she was already touching and kissing him. She couldn't help but laugh, "I wonder if your mouth is clean. It's all over with now!"

"Just a kiss is enough to make your heart ache!" Shang Jie sat down hurriedly and put He Yuan on her knees. She looked at him carefully and joked, "Princess, why don't we just marry each other and give this goddaughter of yours to our Guige brother?"

"I've just accepted you as my goddaughter, yet you want to poach me? No way!" The Princess knew that Shang Jie was joking and was merely teasing her for a bit. She couldn't help but laugh, "No wonder you brought Geiger here in such a hurry. So you're here for a blind date!"

In their eyes, women were merely tools to pass on their ancestors. Furthermore, the men of the Jiang Clan were all obsessed with martial arts, so they were not interested in women at all. In this generation of Jiang Town, after marrying the current wife, Shang Jie, she gave birth to five sons in one go, yet she didn't have any thoughts of taking a concubine. She only said with a puzzled expression, "She gave birth to five sons, but why isn't there a daughter?" For these words, Shang Jie ran to the temple for a few days, only willing to give birth to a daughter, the golden pig in the temple, but the next year, another son was born, is the present Jiang Huagai. When the previous princess gave birth to her youngest daughter, Shang Jie had once joked that in the future, she would request the princess' youngest daughter to be her daughter-in-law. When the princess' youngest daughter died, she came to the mansion to comfort her. Seeing that the princess had accepted her goddaughter, her face was filled with joy. Knowing that the knot in her heart had been resolved, she dared to joke around.

As for He Yuan, when he heard Shang Jie's words, his head was filled with black lines for a moment. He turned around only to see Jiang Huagai tilting his head at him, frowning as he said, "She's so fleshy. Will she be like Senior Servant Yu when she grows up?" If it's like Yu mama, can you reject her? "

The Yu mama in Jiang Huagai's mouth was the married mama of Shang Jie, who was round, plump and happy. When the other wives heard who Yu mama was, they couldn't help but laugh as well.

"Yo, I haven't even promised you that I'll start picking on you." When the princess saw Jiang Wagai looking at He Yuan with a serious expression, she couldn't help but laugh, "You said you didn't want to in your mouth, but why are you still glaring at my sister? Don't take my sister as an eyesore!"

This is baby fat, what do you mean meaty? What do you mean by god? When He Yuan heard Jiang Wagai's words, he was already dissatisfied. When he saw Jiang Wagai staring at him with his black eyes, he couldn't help but glare back, but asked in a childish voice, "Mother, his face is so flat, won't he grow up to be like Senior Servant Ning?"

As soon as He Yuan's words came out, the princess spat a mouthful of tea all over the palace maids standing by her side. For a moment, the ladies were all overjoyed. Ning mama Ning had come from the palace and was in charge of all sorts of etiquette within the princess' estate. Ning mama Ning had come from the palace and was in charge of all sorts of etiquette within the princess' estate.

The other wives teased Jiang Huagai, "Speaking of which, aren't you a little girl with a straight face like Senior Servant Ning?"

Jiang Huagai actually looked a little like Shang Jie. He looked like a beautiful boy, but his father and brothers were all military officers, and he loved to practice martial arts with a straight face. When He Yuan said that he resembled Senior Servant Ning, his face darkened and he turned his head away, ignoring the others.

Hehe, it feels good to bully a kid who pretends to be an adult! The corners of He Yuan's mouth curled up as he giggled. "Gan Niang, if he grew up to look like Ning mama, I wouldn't want him either!"

"Haha …" When the princess heard this, she couldn't hold back her laughter. Everyone in the room also started to laugh. They all stroked their chests and said, "Sister is really funny!"

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