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C17 Poor Baby

"Sister is back, sister is back!" The little olive got off the school, and after entering the door, he saw that the princess had been sent back by He Yuan. He was overjoyed for a moment and said, "I was really afraid that the princess would not return it after borrowing her sister."

"Hehe, the princess has adopted your sister as her adopted daughter, unlike the previous time when she went to stay with Madam Anping." The lady explained a few words, and after a while, she made people go to wash the faces of the little olives and the little ball, and then said to He Nian: "The housekeeper sat in a carriage with a little ball. Behind the carriage, there were all kinds of things that the princess had bestowed upon her, and everything was prepared for eating and dressing. There were also several pieces of fine silk from the palace, said to be for the old ladies and their wives. I'll leave it all to the old lady, and she'll take care of it. As for the items to reward the little round ball, the old lady brought them over first. She said that since the princess had given them to the little round ball, she would take it for herself. "

The little olive had not seen He Yuan for a few days, so he had already embraced him and whispered, "Little sister, mother wants to add a little brother to our family."

"Why are you two whispering? Come over and have some snacks! " When the elder sister heard Olive and He Yuan whispering to each other, she couldn't help but laugh and say, "But we haven't seen each other for a few days, there are so many things to say."

"Mom, I told my sister that you have a baby in your stomach. You can't have a baby with me anymore!" The little olive only nodded its head and said after a while, "Mother, how did that baby get into your stomach?"

"Yeah, how did you get in?" When He Yuan heard the little olives ask questions that all the children would ask, he acted like he was as curious as the little olives and asked innocently, "How do I get out after I go in?"

"Cough, I'll ask your father!" The young mistress blushed and refused to answer.

He Nian saw the two curious babies turn their heads and wait for his answer. He coughed and said, "You will know when you grow up! "Yeah, I'm going to the front!" As he spoke, he fled.

The little olive and He Yuan looked at each other and asked, "Daddy, why are you running?"

He Yuan pinched the corner of his shirt to hold back his laughter. "Daddy didn't know how the baby got into Mommy's stomach. He was afraid that if we asked more, we'd run away!"

"So there were things that father didn't know as well." The little olive sighed as he shook his head. "The baby is so pitiful. No one even knows where he came from!"

"Cough!" He Yuan stuck a mouthful of dessert in his throat, choking to the point that his little face turned red and his little feet started stomping on the ground.

"Oh, drink some water!" When she saw He Yuan choking, she quickly went to pat his back and serve her some water. She reminded him, "This glutinous rice ball is stuck to the throat, only by eating slowly will it not choke."

In a moment, Chun Ying came over to tell him that the princess' gift to the old lady had already been arranged by the eldest young mistress, Li Jiayi, and that she had also brought a lot of supplements for her elder sister.

Since the new year was drawing near, each of them had to make new clothes for the new year. Since they were in a hurry, each of them had to make new clothes in preparation for the new year, and since they were in a bad mood, they only let Qiu Tang and Qiu Pingping help them with their needlework. He only rushed four pairs of shoes so that he could send them to the He family for the new year.

A few days later, the Grand Princess sent someone to escort He Yuan back. He Yuan had just arrived, but the palace attendant, Eunuch Chang, had sent word that the Empress had heard that the Grand Princess had taken in a foster daughter, but wanted to meet him. Although Eunuch Chang was a red person in front of the empress, she didn't dare to act arrogantly in front of the eldest princess. When she saw He Yuan and saw that she was obedient, she praised her a few more times before continuing, "A few days ago, Madam Anping paid her respects to the empress. When she talked about the goddaughter that the eldest princess had adopted, she only praised her and repeated the conversation she had with the son of the general's family, as well as what the empress had said to make the empress happy. "Now that we have met, although elder sister is young, she is truly exceptionally intelligent."

As Eunuch Chang spoke, he saw He Yuan change his clothes and his eyes lit up. "Wearing this little fox fur robe makes your face look even more exquisite. just like the Grand Princess when she was young. "

As she was speaking, the sedan was ready. The Grand Princess hugged He Yuan's sedan chair and gave a few instructions, but when she saw how the Empress was bowing, she waited. He Yuan nodded in agreement. Hehe, we're going to travel to the palace for a day.

When they reached the palace, another servant came over and said, "The empress followed the emperor to the imperial garden for a banquet. Please invite the eldest princess to bring elder sister to the imperial garden!"

"I've heard that the State of Beitang has sent an envoy to receive them. Will you receive them?" The Grand Princess hurriedly ordered the palanquin to carry them to the warm room in the imperial garden. While asking the attendant, he said, "Earlier, I heard that the little prince of Beicheng, Tang Zhili, had come together and boasted that he would compete with the First and Second Princes in this competition. Is this true?"

The servant drew closer to the sedan, "Grand Princess, you don't know? That little prince was no more than six years old, and he claimed to be a child prodigy from Northern Cheng Kingdom. His demeanor was truly detestable. We, the First Prince and Second Prince, are already thirteen years old and twelve years old. Naturally, we can't quarrel with him, a kid, over chess and martial arts. If we win, they would say that we are bullying the weak. At this moment, he was looking for someone who might be younger than the young prince of Beicheng and had a clever mouth. If he lost, then he would say that he was still young and immature, but he wouldn't be in trouble. If he won, it would be a joyous occasion. Although the young princess of the palace was intelligent, she was still too young. She was only four years old. Normally, she would cause a lot of commotion and even cry. Naturally, she couldn't be expected to bully Tang Zhi Li. It was rude to look at Tang Zhili, who was jumping up and down to talk to him. From time to time, he would even say a few words to stop him from talking. It was really infuriating. "

Hearing the servant's words, the Eldest Princess frowned: "That Beichang Empire is a brave and aggressive country, they like to compete with anything. The little kids also like to fight with each other, if they don't suppress his arrogance, they might think that there is no one in our Nanchang Country! "However, at his age, if we were to fight against the older person, even if we win, we would not be able to subdue him."

As he spoke, he arrived at the warm room within the imperial garden. The Grand Princess brought He Yuan over to pay her respects to the Emperor and Queen. Taking advantage of the child's lack of understanding, He Yuan took a look at the emperor and empress. Seeing that the emperor was only in his early thirties, He Yuan did not dare to look any further. The empress, on the other hand, was a beauty whose age could not be determined.

"This is the new goddaughter of the Grand Princess, come sit by my side." The Queen waved her hand to call over He Yuan, and when she sat down at the side, she instructed the attendant, "Give her two pieces of white jade. I gave her an exquisite musical instrument that I paid tribute to earlier. "

"Hey, little girl, do you know how to play this?" Only then did He Yuan thank the empress for the reward. A young boy beside him handed him a wooden frame without any respect. He Yuan looked inside the wooden frame. It was a picture made from pieces of wood of different colors, with a gap in between them. The little boy explained, "You can't take the wooden block out. You can only move the gap in the wooden frame. If you piece together a pattern in fifteen minutes, it can be considered as her strength!"

Isn't it just a puzzle? In my 'past life', this grandaunt had fought with her nephew countless times more difficult than this, and now you dare to challenge me? He Yuan glanced at the little boy and knew that he was the detestable child prodigy from the Kingdom of Chen, Tang Zhili. Seeing him in person made him look down on everyone else. He couldn't help but laugh inwardly.

"What? None of your people know how to play this?" Tang Zhi Li glanced at the people around him, seeing that the ambassador from the Kingdom, Lord Zhou, didn't stop his rudeness, and became even more proud. He didn't look at He Yuan, but pretended to be lonely and sighed, "Ai, I already knew that your Nan Chang Kingdom doesn't have many talents left!"

He Yuan stole a glance at the emperor's face and saw that it had gone black. I'm afraid that even my lord has taught me this for a long time. A few years ago, when the new emperor had ascended to the throne, the country had not been stable and it was unshakable. However, the new emperor was afraid that the former would march his troops south and order Jiang Zhen to retreat to the border, but he had sent envoys to negotiate peace with the latter and agreed on a few terms of peace and gold. It happened at the time when Beicheng was suffering from the plague of locusts, and it was also unimaginable that it happened so quickly. The two sides were at each other's throats. Who knew that in the past few years, Beichang Country had grown in power and influence, and now, they wanted to suppress the entire Nanchang Kingdom. This time, they were borrowing the Little Prince Tang Zhili's Tong Yan to demonstrate to the Kingdom of Nanchang.

"So the person who knows how to play is a talent?" He Yuan saw that Tang Zhili was still acting arrogantly, so he reached out his chubby little hand to poke at the piece of wood inside the wooden frame. He could tell that two of the pieces were sheep's horns.

"If you can't put it in a quarter of an hour, as long as you kneel down and kowtow to me, I'll teach you to do it!" Seeing that Lord Zhou was not affected at all, he put his hands on his hips and said, "Of course, if you recognize me as your brother, then you don't need to kowtow."

Now was the time of the national banquet. Although he was young, he still had to accept Tang Zhi Li's wooden frame picture, which was to represent the entire Nanchang Kingdom in accepting the challenge. If He Yuan didn't know how to fight, he would call him big brother on behalf of the Nanchang Kingdom. He would recognize the North as the boss and bow his head to the North as the nation. Because he was a child, no matter what the adults said or did, they would always look down on him. If the little kid was allowed to do so, it would greatly damage the country's might. Just as the First and Second Princes were about to speak up, they heard He Yuan say in a baby voice, "If I go all out, won't you be calling me Big Sis?"

"Alright, if you put everything on the line, I'll call you sister!" Tang Zhi Li blurted out as he glanced at He Yuan. He didn't believe that a little girl like her would fight over this map. He humphed and said, "We'll talk about it after we get it out!"

"Oh, you really know how to call me sister?" He Yuan smiled happily as he took over the wooden frame. He said in a clear voice, "I like it when people call me big sister the most, but they don't even want to call me little."

When the Grand Princess saw that He Yuan had already extended his hand to grab the wooden frame in Tang Zhi Li's hand, she knew that she was smart. After all, this was a matter concerning the nation's physique, if she could not put it into words, it would be … When he wanted to stop them for a while, he saw the emissary from Beicheng, Lord Zhou, looking at him with a smile that was not a smile. He could only grit his teeth and endure. Hmph, since Sis is only three years old, it doesn't matter even if I can't do it. If you really want to say something, then say that your little prince bullies the young ones and your sons and daughters.

He Yuan placed the wooden frame on the table in front of him. In front of everyone, he moved the wooden block, and quickly moved the wooden block with the sheep's head to the top. With his right hand, he quickly moved the wooden block a few times. However, he stood up, pressed the wooden frame into He Jingli's hand with his little face, and said: "It's too simple, it's not fun at all."

Tang Zhi Li looked at the wooden frame on his head with disbelief. His face was red as he heard He Yuan say, "I'm ready. We can start now."

"Start what?" Tang Zhi Li gripped the wooden frame tightly as he stared at it, at a loss of what to do.

"Start calling me sister!" When He Yuan saw the smile on the empress's face, the Grand Princess's face lit up with joy. She almost applauded, but went back to her seat and sat upright. She asked Eunuch Chang with a serious expression, "Mother, do you want to reward little brother?"

"Yes, yes!" The Grand Princess held back her laughter. Just as she was about to speak, she heard the Empress instructing someone to fetch a gift for He Yuan. She couldn't help but look at the Empress in the eye, feeling overjoyed.

He had just said too much that he couldn't turn around now. Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Tang Zhi Li wanted to go back on his word, but he couldn't. He could only call out to his sister vaguely.

"Be good, little brother!" He Yuan took the reward from the palace maid, walked down from his seat, and stuffed it into Tang Zhi Li's hands: "Elder sister gave it to you!" He even went up on tiptoe to pat Tang Zhi Li's head.

Ah ha-ha, it's so great to bully a child who doesn't know his place! And he even raised the country's prestige! He Yuan smiled so much that his eyes curved.

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