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What a Funny Family She Has/C18 Ugly Small Pouch
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C18 Ugly Small Pouch

"Old Granny, Madam Shang Shu and Madam Zhennan are here!" The steward hurriedly came in to report with a smile. "There are so many guests today."

"Invite him in quickly!" Matriarch He hurriedly stood up to welcome him, saying to Madam He who was supporting her, "Sister Yuan, you've raised your head once in the palace. This is even more impressive than when Brother Nian was young. How many groups of people have arrived in just half a day?"

Mrs He smiled and said, "Sister Yuan, when you returned yesterday, you were personally sent here by Eunuch Chang. You also gave her many gifts, and the empress made a statement saying that the children of the Residence of He were very well educated. However, since the empress doesn't praise people that easily, this time it's very popular. The ladies naturally have to come to the mansion to offer their congratulations. " The First and Second Princes were about to marry into an imperial concubine family after a year or two. Since He Yuan was an adopted daughter of the Eldest Princess and also received a reward from the empress, they might be able to walk around in front of the empress for a bit in the future.

After welcoming the two madams inside, Madam Zhen Nan could not help but mention the matter of He Yuan making a name for himself in the palace. "Sure enough, there's a father and a daughter! When Young Master Nian was four years old, he helped Madam Shen look at her appearance and blurted out that there was a lucky mole between her eyebrows. This young mistress should only be four years old after the new year, yet she has already shown her face in the palace. It's laughable that the little prince of Beicheng, who is already six years old, had no choice but to call Big Sister in front of everyone. Just like that, Big Sister got a cheap 'little brother' for nothing, truly laughable! "

When my lord came back home, he told us everything that happened yesterday. He said that Big Sis was very intelligent, and he first allowed the little prince of Beicheng to do whatever he wanted without batting an eyelid, and then he said that if he could, he would call her Big Sis. The little prince of Beicheng was very careful about his sister, but he had never seen any jigsaw puzzles. He thought that his sister would not be able to lay her cards, so he blurted out, "Sister" and thus fell into his trap. The young mistress was very calm. She waved her small hand a few times, and in just a few moments, a sheep's head appeared. At that time, everyone was stunned. "Wait until the prince of Beicheng calls sister, then we can all vent our anger!" Madam Zhen Nan's mouth was full of spittle, as if she was present at the scene.

While the ladies were busy chatting, Old He told He Nian in the study room, "Sister Yuan is too smart, it might not be a good thing." "In the future, I will only let her be born into the academy. If any of you ladies want to see her, you can just push her aside."

"Yes," He Nian agreed. "I'm afraid that if her child doesn't get praised by the madams, he will get into trouble."

At this moment, the elder sister was hugging He Yuan and asking about yesterday's incident in her room. She pinched her small hand and kissed him on the mouth, "Little Yuan ball, although we've grown face this time, I'm afraid trouble will come again and again. We still have to be careful."

Just as they were talking, Chun Ying took up the food box, opened the curtain and came in, laughing, "The old lady was arranging some fruits in the tea, and while eating, she sent some people over to give us some tri-pellets, double beverages, and honey cakes. She was just worried that these things might not be digestible, so she told us not to eat too much. He would have to go to the old lady's place for dinner later. The kitchen had already cooked up Big Brother's favorite dishes. I wonder what Young Mistress wants to eat today? "

"Whatever the old lady eats, she will naturally eat with her!" Since she had a body, she only wanted to eat the food from her hometown. The chef made a few dishes, but in the end, she didn't manage to make any of the food. Old Madam He, on the other hand, felt sorry for her and just told her what she wanted to eat. However, your elder sister didn't want to make people uneasy just because she wanted to eat something.

Just as he was speaking, the little girl's clear voice could be heard from behind the curtain, "Big sister Qiu Tang is back!"

"Why don't you stay for a few more days and then go back?" The elder sister raised her head and saw Qiu Tang come in, lifting the curtain as she smiled. "Is your mother better?"

Qiu Tang put down the basket in her hands and first bid her farewell. Then, she said, "Every year during the autumn and winter, my mother has to suffer from a period of illness. Cough for half a month. It was still better during the day, but he would often cough so much that he wouldn't be able to sleep. Because of this, he had lost a lot of weight these past few years. This year's weather is even colder than the previous years, my mother coughed to this day after entering autumn, no matter how many prescriptions I looked for, they were still ineffective. This time, it was all thanks to the Young Mistress' method, but my mother felt much better. My father heard that heating up his feet in the afternoon and drinking the hot brown sugar ginger water would ease the illness, but he didn't believe it. I ignored him and just told my mother to soak her feet, to soak her feet once in the afternoon and once in the evening before going to bed. Her feet felt warm, so I dried them and got into bed, falling asleep more soundly. It's only been a few days, but my mother really is coughing less, and her face has some color to it compared to a few days ago. "Since brother has recently married his sister-in-law, he has a lot of family members and is living in a small place, so it would be inconvenient for me to stay any longer. I'll be back soon."

Qiu Tang and Qiu Ping had been serving Matriarch He, not to mention the other young madams and even the other wives. They had been very polite to them, and had not thought that when they returned to the capital, they would assign them to their mistress. How could this elder sister not know what they were thinking? She didn't mind, since on the surface she only treated them as Chun Ying and Qiuyan. Because a few days ago, I overheard QiuTang and Qiuyan say that her mother suffered from an illness, and even if she spent a lot of silver, she still wouldn't be able to cure it. He recalled that there was an elder in his previous life who would cough in the winter, and his coughing wasn't that bad. Even if he were to fall asleep at night, it wouldn't be effective even if he ate a lot of medicine. Then I soaked my feet in hot water and cured my cough. For a moment, the mother who was acting like she was in the middle of autumn was also coughing only in the middle of winter, so it should be cold air entering her body. Even if this method can't cure cough, the old people in the cold winter soaked their feet but also blood circulation. After hearing what Imperial Elder Sister had to say, Qiu Tang was given a few more days of leave before hurrying home. Now that he knew the method would work, he was overjoyed.

As she spoke, she took out two more jars from the basket and smiled, "I heard that Young Mistress wanted to eat pickled pickled pickled vegetables, and it just so happened that my mother knew how to make them. Thus, two jars of pickled vegetables were brought over to me.

"Your mother is considerate!" The elder sister laughed and said, "I don't have any appetite. Quickly take off the jar and let me smell it."

Just as he finished speaking, autumn water came and smiled as they entered the room, "Madam Anping heard that the Young Mistress had a body and thus had a bad appetite. She brought over two bottles of Jade Sound Ointment and said that it was made from a mixture of gelatin, black sesame seeds, walnut kernels, and red dates mixed together and mixed with sugar. The old lady accepted it and hurriedly told me to send it over. " After saying that, he put down the food and turned around to leave. "Madam Anping said again that this food is good for children." Sooner or later, he would also give his sister half a teaspoon of it, the most important being to replenish her blood and her stomach. If there's nothing else, just tell me and make a few more bottles for me to send over. "

Seeing that Qiu Shui was about to leave again, she went up and pulled him back. "You always come in such a hurry, are you afraid our Young Mistress will eat you?" Sit down and have a cup of tea before you go. "

Seeing Qiu Tang like this, elder sister knew that she was trying to rope in the girl in front of Old Madam He for her. She smiled and said, "I was just about to ask you about what happened earlier. If you help me ask the old lady, why don't you go back to the East and West? "

Qiu Shui was caught in the chair by her mistress, and was unable to struggle out of it. She had no choice but to sit sideways in her chair and laugh. "The old lady said that the young mistress only cared for the safety of the womb. I'll ask my wife to help me return the courtesy.

She nodded and asked a few more questions. As she was speaking, she saw He Yuan and the little olive standing around the table, looking at the "Jadeite Ointment" that was sent over by the autumn water. Since the wide mouth bottle was painted with a gorgeous beauty that wanted to fly up to the moon, she pointed at it and said, "Is she about to become immortal after eating this ointment? So they flew up? "

Seeing the young mistress turn her head, the little olive pointed at the "Jade Ointment" and said, "Mother, I want to eat some contraception cream!"

The young mistress was surprised for a moment, but then she couldn't help laughing. Everyone heard what Olive said and couldn't help but laugh. He Yuan's face turned red as he moved behind her. He put his head on the back of the chair and laughed out loud. While rubbing his stomach, he said, "Mom, I also want to eat some contraceptive cream!"

Amidst the laughter, the little girl brought a spoon in and dug out two and a half spoonfuls of the "Jade Sound Paste" for He Yuan and the olives to eat.

Hearing the smell of sesame seed paste, the elder sister couldn't help but laugh and say, "This sesame paste is quite suitable. Why would it be called the Jade Sound Ointment?"

"This is the work of a personal girl named Madam An Ping. The girl's name is Bi Yin and she knows quite a bit about medicine." Because Lady Shen's body was weak, her face was as white as paper. Later on, she tried everything she could to make this paste for Lady Shen to eat. After eating this paste for less than a year, Madam Shen's complexion gradually improved. Waiting for Lady Shen to recover, the little girl fell into an emergency, leaving behind the recipe and the method to make the paste, and passed away. In memory of her, Madam Shen named this plaster 'Jade Sound Ointment'. " Autumn Water, who was serving in front of Old Madam He, had often heard the old stories of these wives. She smiled and said, "A little girl who can leave her name after death can only be considered lucky. What else is there to ask for? It's said that the beautiful woman painted on the outside of that wide mouth bottle was painted in accordance to the appearance of Jadeite Sound. She looks really extraordinary, so she's said to have lost her life due to her beauty. "

Afraid that someone was looking for her, Qiushui didn't dare to delay any longer, so she quickly took her leave.

When your elder sister saw that Autumn Water had left, she was lost in thought for a moment. After a few days, people would only secretly inquire about the unmarried young overseer in the outer court. As the two of them grew older and older, if they didn't deserve to go out, He Nian wouldn't accept them. In the future, they would probably die just like Bi Yin. As for Qiu Tang and Qiu Ping, since Old Madam He had called them over, her intention was to accept them into the family. Even she herself wouldn't be able to match them up, so she had to think of a way to do it in the future.

As all the juniors wanted to show their filial piety to their elders, your elder sister made four pairs of shoes to honor Old Lady He and Old Madam He. Seeing that the little olives had been pasted, she asked him to write a word of auspicious language for her and the elders. Seeing that He Yuan was learning how to sew and embroider, he decided to help He Yuan draw the pattern to be embroidered on the purse. After locking the edge, he smiled and said, "It's hard to sew and if you can sew out the pattern, you can present it to your father."

Mother Wang just happened to come, hearing that the little olives and He Yuan prepared something to "present the silk", she couldn't help but laugh and say, "The present is only to let the juniors show filial piety, to amuse the elderly. I am still young, so if I were to kowtow a few times, I would be extremely filial. There is no need for me to offer anything. " As he was speaking, he saw He Yuan learning how to embroider a purse. He was momentarily astonished as he said, "Sister, you were able to overturn the string when you played the last match. Now you are learning how to embroider a purse. However, it's very difficult to sew these wallets. It's very difficult for children to sew them, and it's not good for them to hurt their eyes. "

"Wang Ma, the two of them couldn't sit still easily, so they just sat there obediently. One of them sat for a while, and then they started making trouble again. How could they hurt their eyes?" The elder sister laughed and said, "I could have done it before the new year. It would have been difficult for me to have finished embroidering a purse before the new year. I'm afraid that it will be a matter of time before we kowtow! "

On the 29th of the year, after each room had finished offering their silk, the lady returned to her room. She received a handkerchief embroidered with a ball and a sticker embroidered with olives. She couldn't help but praise them with a smile, then sealed a red packet to reward them.

However, He Nian received a bun embroidered by He Yuan. The bun had a butterfly embroidered on it. The needle and thread were taut and loose. As a result, the butterfly was crumpled and barely able to move its head.

"Daddy, is it nice to watch?" Although the embroidered bonus wasn't very pretty, he was still young. It was already pretty good for him to be like this! He Yuan felt pity for his work. He raised his head and said to He Nian, "If you don't like it, give it back to me!" Eh, if no one wants it, it would be nice to keep it as a souvenir.

"It's from a small round ball, of course I like it!" He Nian smiled and said, "This is the most beautiful purse I've ever seen!"

The little olive was waiting for the sticker written by He Nian to praise him, so he came over to look at He Yuan's ugly purse, then shook his head and said, "Daddy, are your eyes not too good tonight? Such an ugly bag, and you say it's beautiful! "

"Oh, little big brother, can you give me some face?" He Yuan pouted, and just as he was about to speak, he heard He Nian laugh. "As long as it's embroidered with a small round ball, it's the most beautiful in Daddy's eyes! "Come, let's take a look at Little Olive's placard. Hmm, it's pretty good too!"

The elder sister also came over to see the work of the dragon and phoenix embryo, and smiled at He Nian, "The little round ball worked hard to make a line and sent it to the Grand Princess's residence to offer her 'silk', but the Grand Princess was so happy that she did not know what to do. She returned the favor, praised it, and said that she would be picked up for a few days after the new year."

Just as he was speaking, he heard a commotion in front of him. It seemed to be the voice of the little girl in Li's room. He could not help but be startled: "It's a big festival, what's going on here?" As she spoke, she sent Chun Ying out to take a look.

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