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What a Funny Family She Has/C19 So It Was like This
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C19 So It Was like This

"As soon as Big Young Mistress Yi'er returned after offering her silk, she turned around and disappeared. I thought that they had followed the wet nurse back to the room first, but couldn't find her at all. Everyone became anxious, and a few girls came looking for us! " Chun Ying went over for a while before she came in and said, "Little girl, you sneakily come over to me and tell me that Sister Yi painstakingly made a set of earmuffs to present to me. The old lady didn't praise you, but praised us, Sister Yuan, for our beautiful fight.

"It's so cold, if you catch a cold, you won't be able to play." The elder sister quickly asked the girl in her room to help look for her, and when she saw He Nian asking her about it, she quickly explained the situation and sighed: "Ever since the little ball raised her face in the palace, the old lady did not praise it, the other sisters did not think so, but they did not show their goodwill at night. Even so, the old lady still wanted to praise them. The other sisters were getting more and more upset. She had always listened to Sister Yi being pampered by the old lady. No matter how good or bad the items were, the old lady would always praise them when she offered them up in the past. He took out the earmuffs that he had meticulously made this year. The old lady only paid attention to the small round balls and took a quick glance before putting them away. Sister Yi'er even gave him a few hints, but the old lady didn't take any further notice. Now that he came back, he was in such a bad mood that he couldn't be found. The few girls came looking for him. They wanted to go to the garret in the garden to see if anyone was hiding there. I've already asked QiuTang and Qiuping to help us look for it. "

As he was speaking, a little girl mentioned that she had found He Yi. She was looking for him under the bed in the room. The elder sister could not help but heave a sigh of relief and said, "It's good that you're still looking!" After sending someone to ask if she was safe, Li Duo replied that she had been comforted and had gone to sleep. Only then did she get He Yuan and the little olive to sleep.

On the first day of the second day, the mansion was naturally in a state of chaos. After the Spring Festival, good news came from the Residence of Marquis Anping, saying that Lady Anping had a body. It is inconvenient for your sister to congratulate you. When Li Mi returned from the Mansion of the Marquis of Anping, he specifically ran over to his elder sister and said, "The Marquis of Anping's complexion is very good. She laughs and says that if she has a daughter, it must be because she carried Sister Yuan to the temple to beg for the phoenix lamp. They all joked that with Madam's complexion and joy, she was probably still a son! And what did you say to Madam Anping? " Li Kui covered his mouth and laughed, "Marquis An Ping said that if it was her son, he would be helpless to do anything about it. But Sister Yuan has to be their wife to make up for this loss. Among his sons, Ren Yuan will pick one from each of them. If the one born out of his belly is a good one, then he can also pick one. "

When the elder sister heard this, she couldn't help but laugh, "The Marquis' wife is someone who likes to joke around." Just as he was speaking, the Grand Princess's Mansion's carriage came to pick up He Yuan and stop him for a few days. Seeing that her sister was in a hurry, Li Bai returned to her room first.

In the blink of an eye, spring had begun. Her belly was showing as the days went by. Since Chun Ying and Qiuyan were the overseers, they only came to wait on them during the day. At night, they could only arrange for other girls to watch the night. However, there was a second-rate girl who was rushing over to deliver tea and water to him while he was in a fluster. He Nian didn't react at all. He only made a trip to Old Master He's place and spoke a few words. After a few days, his body felt a little unwell. He invited a doctor to come and see him, but he couldn't find anything wrong. There was a rumor that someone had offended him. Mrs. He suddenly remembered that when they were in the countryside, Old Daoist Zeng had said that He Nian had an abnormal personality and that it would be inappropriate to surround himself with so many women.

Seeing that He Nian's plan succeeded, the woman secretly heaved a sigh of relief. As He Yuan learned how to stitch, Madam Anping recommended an embroidery lady to teach He Yuan. Seeing that the embroidery lady's craftsmanship was excellent, she felt at ease.

When Shi Yi, the eldest daughter-in-law of the second branch, came to the mansion to teach her two daughters, He Se and He Qi, how to sew, Shi Yi was the first wife of the second branch. When no one was around, he sneered at Ruo Jin and said, "However, a country bumpkin like her has her own schemes. She is a person who is able to discipline her husband, but doesn't dare to take in a concubine. Sister Yuan was no more than four years old and was busy learning how to sew. He really didn't believe it when he said that she didn't have any foresight. Senhor Xie'er was already eleven years old, so he didn't believe that she was inferior to her Sister Yuan. If you want to enter the palace and become a lady, you have to learn embroidery for a few years first. "

"Sister Yuan is only four years old, that can't be possible, right?" Ruo Jin was Shi Yi's concubine and had served her ever since she was a child. She had always spoken before Shi Yi, so she said softly, "Besides, the palace wouldn't choose a four-year-old girl!"

"How is that impossible? The little princess was only five years old and she had chosen a four year old girl to accompany her to the academy for needlework. Wasn't that perfect? "Besides, Sister Yuan has already shown her face in front of the emperor's wife. Everyone knows that she is clever and obedient. If she were to embroider another good piece of embroidery, who would she choose?"

It turned out that it was only the beginning of the new year, but news had already spread within the palace that someone was going to choose an embroidery lady for the little princess. This embroidery lady had a rank and a salary. She would be released from the palace at the age of fifteen. When they heard that they were going to embroider a female official for the Princess' Division, all of the madams in the prefectures began to move. The First Prince is already fourteen years old, so he has to choose an imperial concubine this year. If the mansion's maidservant is able to enter the palace and become a princess, she would have a chance to meet the First Prince. If he were to say that even if the First Prince didn't fancy her anymore, it was obvious that the Embroidered Maiden who stayed by the Princess's side had grown up with her. It was akin to a princess' confidant, who would dare to look down on them? Besides, the embroidery lady had a rank. No matter who she married in the future, the husband family would have to respect her a bit.

Seeing that Shi Yi was lost in thought, Ruo Jin continued, "It's just that Sister Yuan is the adopted daughter of the Eldest Princess. Why do you need to go over to the embroidery department?"

"If you become an embroidery lady and go with the princess to the empress every day to pay your respects, you will meet with the First and Second Princes every day. Yet, the adopted daughter of the Grand Princess is unable to see the First and Second Princes everyday? " Shi Yi said in a low voice, "The current empress was an embroidery lady for three years before the crown prince took a fancy to her. "The imperial concubine was also the empress dowager for the second princess. But two years later, she was also sent to the palace …"

"So that's how it is!" Ruojin was suddenly enlightened. After a while, she said, "Before, when I heard that the Division needed to embroider women, not only were they intelligent and beautiful, they were also clever and beautiful. Their embroidery was even more strict than that of the Royal Consort Selection.

Shi Yi nodded his head and said: "You finally understand! The embroidery ladies were all chosen from the prefectures. They served by the princess first, visiting the empress every day. The empress and the others looked at all matters for several years before the prince made the choice. If there was any discomfort, they would release the palace at the age of fifteen. Now, after the autumn solstice is decided, the only woman who can be chosen is Shardbearer. If Shardbearer is chosen, I'll be happy. "

Shi Yi was busy at the same time, and Li Kui also discussed with Li You, the eldest young mistress in the main house: "Today, all the families have invited embroidery ladies to teach the girls. Although Sister Yuan is young, she has also learned it. The level of the embroidery ladies we invited first are limited. We would have to invite one more to come to the Palace. "

"Someone has already gone to invite the embroidery lady. What are you waiting for!?" Seeing that the girls weren't around, Li You nodded and smiled. "Since we've invited the embroidery ladies over, we can naturally let Sister Min and Sister Yi learn together. Compared to each other, the benefits are faster." Speaking of which, our Li family has also gone before our masters, the Empress. Whether it was Min'er or Yi'er, it was a joyous occasion to choose a female official for this selection. "If you are unable to choose your embroidery master, it would be beneficial to invite a good embroidery lady."

When the rumors spread that she had asked the embroidery lady to teach He Yuan so that she could participate in the selection, she couldn't help but laugh. "Little ball is still young, why would you let her participate in the selection?"

In the early autumn, your sister gave birth to a baby boy, named Hornung. Not long after that, the marquis's wife gave birth to a baby girl. For a time, both houses were brimming with joy.

At this time, the candidates for the Embroidery Division's female officials had already been reported. What He Yuan did not know was that her name was also on the list that was reported by the Residence of He.

"What? There's also the name of Sister Yuan on the list of female officials participating in the selection?" "How come I don't know who filled it?" Hearing Madam He's words, the elder sister became anxious for a moment. She stood up and said, "Sister Yuan, you're only four years old. It's one thing if you don't choose. What will happen if you choose?"

Mrs. He also said with a dark face, "I've already asked. The one that was originally filled with congratulations from the eldest wife's second young mistress's daughter is, for some reason, a round one. He couldn't get his name back on the list. At that time, just pretend that Sister Yuan is sick and won't embroider. "

When He Yuan heard that the list was originally filled out, he was then taken to his room by his second wife. When he came out, the name had been changed to his own, so he immediately knew who had done it. Other than Shiyue, who else? She thought it would make her hate herself, and then, when she was young, it would be impossible for her to choose, so she killed two birds with one stone, and at the same time got rid of two eyesores. When he arrived at the Sky Heaven School, he pulled her over and said, "Sister Yuan, on the list of female officials participating in the selection, why did my name become yours? If you want to participate, just ask your mother to register a name for you. Why do you want someone to delete my name? "

He Yuan glared at Shi Yue, who was sitting at the side pretending not to know anything, and pulled her to the corner of the wall. He said quietly, "I'm still young, and have just started learning embroidery this year. When your name became my name, it was naturally someone who framed us and wanted us to engage in an internal strife. She was the one who benefited from it. "

"We only learned the term 'fisherman will benefit from the fire' yesterday, you will know how to use it today!" He remembered that they were discussing something else and couldn't help but to bite his lip. "I also didn't know that I would be able to choose one of them, but I heard that your name was changed so I naturally have to ask." As he spoke, he turned to look at Shi Yue, he already understood what was going on, and nodded: "She bullies us, but we can't win against her, we might as well fight her!"

"That's right, let's talk after we plan it out!" He Yuan nodded and said, "We must let her know who is the true master of the He manor."

On the day of the autumn solstice, the ladies of the palace were asked to present their embroidery items. Naturally, He Yuan fell ill just in time. He did not submit anything, and his name was deleted from the first round.

On this day, Shi Yue ran out of the classroom screaming. It turned out that when she opened the box of snacks she had brought to school, all the snacks were gone. The box was full of caterpillars.

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