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C20 What Luck

The result of the ceremony was that the eldest daughter of Madam Zhen Nan and the only daughter of Madame Anping's sister, Madam Shen. Just as the Residence of He was discussing this matter, the wife of the general, Shang Jie, ran over. She said to her elder sister, "I came from the Residence of An Ping. Her little daughter looks really adorable. He recalled that the previous time, Madam Anping had borrowed Sister Yuan to ask for a lamp from her mother's temple before giving birth to her little daughter. I've come to borrow Sister Yuan this time, so I'm going to follow me to my mother's temple and invite the Phoenix Lamp back to the palace! "You're not allowed to push me around!" Then, without waiting for an answer, he hugged He Yuan and left, saying, "In three days, I guarantee that I won't have a single strand of hair left."

"Why do the people of the General's Estate look like bandits?" As soon as he finished saying that, he put down his sister and left, regardless of whether anyone is willing or not. " Chun Ying, Qiuyan, and the other girls saw Shang Jie carrying He Yuan out of the room, so they ran out the door to take a look, but had already disappeared without a trace. They couldn't help but come back and say to their elder sister, "Last time it was Madam Anping who came to borrow my sister. This time it's Madam General. Who would it be next time?"

"Don't worry, all of us only have the Marquis of Peace and the general's wife without daughters. In the other residences, even if the main wife hadn't given birth to a daughter, she would still have a few concubines to bear. Moreover, since the beginning, there had only been those who were depressed and had no sons, while those who were depressed and had no daughters were very few. The Marquis' and the General's Wife's minds were in a mess, and their son was a little older. That's why he wanted a daughter. " Seeing He Yuan being carried away by Shang Jie, your sister, who was holding He Nuo, could not stop him. She could not help but laugh and say: "The General is a martial artist with a strong heart, the General's wife has given birth to five sons for him, so naturally she has extinguished her concubine's desire to marry him. However, the general had five brothers and no sisters. Old Madame Jiang was in the midst of murmuring that it was unlikely that she would give birth to a daughter in her generation. When the Madam General heard this, she was afraid that the Old Granny would send someone to her lord general's room to give birth to a daughter, so she had to go to her mother's temple to beg for permission to have a daughter. The next year, however, she had given birth to a son, Jiang Huaguai, the younger brother she had met in the Residence of the Marquis of Anping. This time, it was the old lady who had said something. This is why the Madam General has hurriedly come to borrow her sister's hand. She's definitely going to give birth to a daughter! " As he spoke, he covered his mouth and laughed.

As for He Yuan, he was carried up the carriage by Shang Jie, all the way to the general's residence. When Old Lady Jiang heard that Shang Jie had carried He Yuan to the mansion in case she went to the Mother Temple tomorrow morning to beg for the phoenix lamp, she rushed out to take a look. When she saw He Yuan's tender and adorable appearance, she hurriedly ordered someone to prepare some snacks for her to eat.

"Wow, little sister is so cute!" The six sons of the general's wife ran out. "Tsk, tsk." They praised, "Where did mother bring this little girl? Is she going to stay with us from now on?"

"This little sister, I saw her in the Grand Princess Mansion last year." Amongst his brothers, Jiang Huagai also joined them. He went over and said, "You've grown up a lot!"

Last year, he was three, this year he was four, it would be weird if he didn't grow up a lot! Being surrounded by a few handsome young men, He Yuan was naturally at ease in letting them watch, but he secretly rolled his eyes. This was the second time he was borrowed and was even being watched.

"Come, let me give it a hug!" Jiang Huagai's elder brother, Jiang Huaian, was fourteen years old. He was tall and slender, with handsome eyebrows and fine eyes. The mansion was waiting for him to get married. Just like his father, Jiang Zhen, he was obsessed with martial arts and had no interest in it. This meeting caused He Yuan to sit on the chair, looking very much like a little white rabbit that was raised when she was young. She couldn't help but to say in a gentle tone, she reached out to hug He Yuan and sat on her knee, casually peeled off another candy and put it in her mouth, while massaging her little hand, "This little girl's hand was originally so soft that it looked like it had no bones!"

I'm only four years old! I'm only four years old! He Yuan was sitting on the knee of a young man. He was breathing in the same way, and now he was rubbing his hands, causing his heart to jump a few times. He moved the sugar in his mouth to his left cheek, took a deep breath, and considered jumping off immediately. But wait a minute, on the other side, there were five more small wolves eyeing him like tigers eyeing their prey. If he jumped down, perhaps he would land on the knee of the other wolf cub, they weren't even as beautiful or gentle as this one. En, he should just wait for now!

Yo, Brother An turns his head whenever he sees a girl. Now that he sees a sister, he's rather popular." Old Madame Jiang had called her grandnephew and granddaughter over to the manor last time. She had wanted to do a good deed for Jiang Huashan, but when she heard him mention the marriage, his brows immediately creased into a frown. "Let's talk about it after I've made a meritorious military contribution like my father!" After saying that, he didn't eat anymore. He picked up his sword and ran to the training hall to practice, leaving Old Lady Jiang and Shang Jie speechless. This meeting had Jiang Huashan hugging the tender words of He Yuan. He couldn't help but wring his hands. Oh, this sister is a bit too young. Otherwise, it really would have been a pair!

On the other hand, Shang Jie and Old Lady Jiang looked at each other. It was rare for Brother An to show any interest in girls.

While waiting for their meal, He Yuan discovered that the general's manor was quite open-minded. All of them were eating around a large table. The little girl only served food to the few lords, while the wolf pals had to stand up to serve food themselves. So the general considered his sons as soldiers. Naturally, the soldiers had to serve their own food, and when they were free, they had to help carry their sons.

He Yuan drank half a bowl of soup, and when he saw that the wolves were all going to serve their own meals, he jumped off the ground and took one to serve their own meals, but was carried back to his chair by Shang Jie, who said happily, "When we get to our house, sister is already a soldier, so it's time for us to serve our own meals! He really does look like someone from our general's residence. It's just that Big Sis is still young. If it's that hot, it's not for real. " As she said that, she took the bowl and told the old woman to serve the rice. The old woman then smiled and said, "Sister, you are really a good person!"

Jiang Huashan ate his fill and was in no hurry to leave. Instead, he used his chopsticks to pick up a fish bone and placed it into a bowl. "This fish is smooth and tender, little sister, please eat some!"

Shang Jie exchanged a glance with Old Lady Jiang once again before wringing her hands. If her age wasn't so different by ten years, then she really would …

It was not the fault of Old Lady Jiang to worry about him. His excellency Jiang Zhen only got married when he was about thirty. When he was young, he was obsessed with martial arts and had always said that he would only get married after establishing a meritorious military service. Now it was Jiang Huashan's turn to speak in this manner. But now that the world was at peace and they had made a pact, where could they go to gain military merits? Right now, other than hoping that Jiang Huashan would suddenly be enlightened, what else could he do?

Three days later, when He Yuan was sent back to the Residence of He, six boys, big and small, jumped out of the carriage in one go, scaring the gatekeeper.

When Matriarch He heard that the general's wife and her six sons had sent back He Yuan, she hurriedly went out to welcome them. She smiled and said, "I heard that the general's family members are really outstanding. I've finally seen them today."

Second Wife Shi, on the other hand, secretly praised the brothers in the general's family. She thought that since He Se was twelve years old and was about to look for her in-laws, the eldest son of the general's family looked pretty good. If he could get his hands on them, it would be a good marriage. He heard Shang Jie laugh, "She woke up early that morning and carried Sister Yuan to the Mother Temple. Although she was dozing off, she forced her eyes open to beg for the phoenix lamp. If I can't give birth to a daughter like the Marquis of Peace, I will stop thinking about it. It's just that Sister Yuan has been living in the mansion for three days, and the old lady really likes it. If it wasn't for the fact that I've already been adopted by the Eldest Princess, I would have been forced to adopt a goddaughter! "Today, I will send Sister Yuan back. Old lady, please pass the ancestral jade bracelet to me. You must let her mother accept it first. After choosing a good day, you must come and formally propose to me."

Her house was indeed like a bandit! The elder sister hugged He Yuan and asked her what had happened in the past few days. When she heard Shang Jie's words, she couldn't help but jump in fright. She didn't even ask if her family was willing to accept her jade bracelet as an betrothal gift. He had first heard that the general had been out fighting all year round and did not like to be impolite. The mansion was straightforward, and so was his wife and son. He did not believe it at first, but now he realized that the rumors were true.

"Come here, come here. Which brother does Sister Yuan like? Come here and tell me!" Shang Jie ignored the astonishment on everyone's faces in the Residence of He and waved her hand at He Yuan. "Let's choose a favorite brother in front of your grandmother and mother and wait for you to grow up!"

Madam General, do you want to become more valiant? He was exasperated, but he heard his elder sister laugh and say, "Sister Yuan is still young, what do you know? Even if Madame likes her, it would be too early to say that. It would be appropriate to say that when she grows up. "

"We'll talk about it when we grow up. I'm afraid it'll be taken away." Shang Jie giggled, "I have never seen such a cute little girl! If he didn't ask her to be his daughter-in-law, could it be that he was just waiting for someone else to come and beg him to leave? I just happened to call Miao-jie and my brothers in my mother's temple a couple of times, and they all fit together. If you don't believe me, please ask Old Master He to cooperate again! " Besides, Sister Yuan is the adopted daughter of the Grand Princess. If we don't talk about me, I'm afraid Madam Anping has already made up her mind. If we don't snatch it first, we wouldn't be able to share it with her.

As her mother begged for the phoenix lamp in the temple, she even asked the person who asked for the lamp to tell her the eight characters of the hour. Because her mother begged the phoenix lamp in the temple, she even asked the person who asked for the phoenix lamp to tell the eight characters of the hour. Besides, my mother's temple wishes were originally the cousin of Old Master He, and she had great attainments in metaphysics. Because of a period of sadness from that year, he had left home to make a temple wish. Now that he had given the word eight, even Old Master He would not refute him. Shang Jie put down these words, but they were no longer a joke. "Everyone from the He Mansion was silent for a moment.

The little round ball is only four years old, what is this? At the same time, she was also afraid that Old Madam He and Madam He might say something. She couldn't help but look up at Jiang Huajue and Jiang Huagai, trying to think of something to say to reject them.

"Woo woo …" However, He Yuan suddenly rubbed his stomach and cried, "Mom, my stomach hurts!" She had to do it without pain. If it didn't, she might be hastily betrothed to someone!

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