What a Funny Family She Has/C3 Small Heart and Liver Palpitation
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What a Funny Family She Has/C3 Small Heart and Liver Palpitation
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C3 Small Heart and Liver Palpitation

In June, the dragon and phoenix gave birth to a full moon. When they ate the full moon wine, because they saw how cute Yu Xue was, the relatives surrounded them and gasped in admiration. Some of them couldn't help but reach out their hands to touch and pinch her.

"Brother, you're really the same as their father!" The relatives looked at He Nian, then at the little olive ball and laughed, "This little thing really makes one want to pinch it. If I grow up, I might even be more handsome than their father! "

"Their father is already like this. If he were to be more handsome than their father, it would be extremely incredible." Mrs Dong teased him from the side, "Won't the He family have to make two veils for sister son to wear to prevent him from fainting?!"

When everyone heard her say something interesting and exaggerated, they all laughed and shouted, "We should have this veil prepared first. We should wear it for them before the age of ten!"

He Nian was sitting next to Mrs. He with olives in his arms. He couldn't help but laugh when he heard his relatives teasing him. Unexpectedly, the violet loli standing behind Mrs. He secretly peeked at He Nian. When she saw him smile, she was momentarily stunned, unable to recover from her shock for a long time. Because of the new and bright clothes she was wearing today, the little olive turned its head on his arm and looked at her.

When He Nian saw the little olive turn its head to look at the side, he saw Zi Luo's infatuated expression and turned his head in disgust. Violet was still lost in her own thoughts. The elder sister was sitting next to He Nian with the small ball in her arms. She had also noticed Zi Luo's strangeness and raised her head to look at her. Seeing that she was dressed in bright and fresh clothes, she turned her head away from He Nian for a moment. But he only secretly glanced at him and sat there in a comfortable position. He could also attract bees and butterflies, what a monster!

It was so easy to end the banquet. The elder sister and Madam He wanted to send Lady Dong and the others out, so that Chun Ying could carry He Yuan first.

Just as Yingying was teasing He Yuan, she heard a sweet voice from the side. "Yo, little sister Chun Ying, can I give you a hug?" As he spoke, he stretched out his hands to support He Yuan's little butt. Chun Ying raised her head and saw that it was a violet flower. Since she was in Mrs. He's room, she couldn't really refuse, so she could only reluctantly let go. She exhorted, "Big sister doesn't like to shake around. You should be careful!" With that, he turned around to see Wang Ma holding the olives, stretching out a hand to straighten the hem of the olives' clothes. She quickly went to help pull it.

Seeing that Chun Ying had come over to help, Wang Ma smiled and said, "Although it's hot in the summer, there will still be some wind sooner or later. You all have dressed me up too thin. I was too careless and was afraid of catching a cold!"

"Mother Wang, we girls have also been extremely careful. Every time, we would first put on a thin and breathless undergarment around our belly button before putting on a set of small clothes." Chun Ying knew Wang Ma's words were on behalf of Mrs. He, so she didn't dare to be careless. "When we sleep at night, the girl tells us to pay more attention. He even specially made something called a stomach circumference for Big Sis. When you sleep, he made it around your stomach to prevent you from getting cold. "

As for Zi Luo, when she saw that Chun Ying had gone off to talk to Wang Ma, she hugged He Yuanheng against her chest and stretched out a hand to caress her little face. With a slightly obsessed voice, she muttered, "You're so captivating, only hateful …"

What was going on? He Yuan felt the hairs on his body stand up as he felt his face being caressed. He deeply felt that Zi Luo was not speaking to him at all. He couldn't help but slightly open his baby's eyes to look at her up close. Her clothes were red and green, and her eyes were alluring. As she spoke, her expression was extremely strange. En, previously I had overheard Chun Ying's report that Zi Luo had gone to the study room to wait for me. Could it be that this Zi Ying has other intentions towards my handsome father, and wants to use me as a substitute to make a fool of herself? Cold, evil cold!

"Hmm, your eyes don't look like his!" Violet Nightmare seemed to say something else, but she suddenly put her hand down to rest on He Yuan's little butt.

Should he start crying now and send people to rescue him? Before He Yuan could finish his consideration, his little butt suddenly tightened. Zi Luo's hand seemed to want to pinch him.

"Wa, wa, wa …." Daddy, hurry up! Someone wants to pinch your precious daughter! He Yuan immediately began crying with his mouth flattened.

He then felt his stomach turn cold, as if he had become wet. Lowering his head, he saw that water was seeping out from the seams of the hand holding He Yuan, and droplets of it had already somewhat seeped into the embroidered shoes along the belt on his clothes.

Ah!" Violet was wearing a new set of clothes today. She had spent half a month's worth of silver and her embroidered shoes had been made for several nights. She didn't expect that she would be destroyed by a baby's piss. She involuntarily let out a shriek.

"What is it?" Several people rushed over at the same time. She ran like the wind and snatched He Yuan from Zi Luo's hands. When she saw that he was wet, she hurriedly said, "Little girl, let's go change into some clothes right away. We'll come out again after we're clean." Don't cry! "

When Mrs. He heard He Yuan's weeping and Violet Taurus's shrieking, she came over and frowned, "It's only the full moon today, and her soul is not yet complete. What are you going to do if you give her a shriek like that? Elder sister has been frightened by you. If something bad happens, will you be able to bear it? " As he said that, he walked over to He Yuanyue to calm his chest and instructed him, "When we return later, let me take some Sis's pill. This is not something to be played around with. "How many children are there who are just scared and fall asleep at night?"

A woman had long since brought a dry dress and warm water for your elder sister. Due to the heat of the day, the elder sister touched He Yuan. Seeing that her forehead was wet, she hugged him and sat to the side. She first washed her face and then her buttocks before helping He Yuan to change into a dry little skirt.

Ziluo held up her wet dress and stood there, biting her lips in grievance, not daring to make a sound. When she saw He Nian approaching, she secretly looked at him, but she didn't dare to trace her actions. She was afraid that He Nian would look at her in distress, but he didn't even look at her. After a while, he realized that no one was paying attention to him, so he could only quietly go back to his room to change his clothes.

In contrast to Violet's bedraggled state, He Yuan had been surrounded by a large group of girls and their wives. Back in the room, your elder sister gave him a big kiss, then secretly smiled and said: "Good job, Little Ball, today is clearly the full moon between you and Little Olive. That Violet Dressed up like she's the full moon, you should piss on her, and let her have a good memory. Ahh, as expected of my daughter, if you have to make a move, make a move. If you have to cry, cry.

Hehe, our old lady is really interesting! He Yuan clicked his tongue. When the elder sister heard this, She Yuan clicked his tongue and suddenly remembered that Madam He had asked for it. But He Yuan did not show any signs of being frightened. It always seemed to have a weird taste to it, so of course he wouldn't take it if he didn't take it. "But if you really don't consume it and your wife finds out about it, you still want to talk too much? What should we do?"

"Mother, mother, I am brave. Save your time!" If you don't tell me, or I don't tell you, who knows if you've taken it or not? If Madame asks, just say she took it. It's the three parts poison, there's really no need for us to take this Instant Blast Powder, then this Instant Shock Powder. He Yuan called out in his heart. He only hoped that his mother and him were connected and could think of the same thing.

Sure enough, the elder sister said to herself, "A good family's child has nothing better to do. She would only become weaker if she had something to do. If his wife had asked, she would have been convinced! "Right, that's good."

Great! With a modern mother, I can be fed by science and grow up healthy. He Yuan Zheng was secretly rejoicing, but he heard Chun Ying come in and ask softly: "Miss, isn't Young Master good at measuring and looking at appearances, why don't you help me take a look at my fate? There are many families in our village. The child comes to the temple of Mazu as soon as he was born and asks the old deity to measure him. After hearing the old lady say that the young lady had asked the old deity to test her luck when she was young, he said that her fate was good. I thought that Young Master would know something like this and had already calculated it long ago. Who would have thought that Big Brother and Little Sister had already reached the Full Moon, yet you didn't even hear a single word of it? "

"The He family has its own rules. You are not allowed to judge a descendant's fate as you wish." The elder sister smiled and said, "If there really is such a plan, you can only secretly inform me alone. You guys naturally don't know about this."

It turned out that Old He was the overseer of the imperial court, the ruler of the imperial calendar, the observer of the sky, the judge of the weather, the judge of fate, and so on. Due to his special identity, he would not act as a judge for others other than the royal family, including his own descendants. Those from the He Clan who wished to know their fate had to practice their own mystical arts. Old Master He would instruct them appropriately, but would never say it out loud. Although He Nian was also good at measuring, he still had to follow the family rules and could not measure for the descendants of He family. Of course, a secret message from a husband and wife, such as He Nian, that he was carrying a dragon and phoenix birth, was not a violation of the family rules, as long as she didn't say anything about it. If He Nian really wanted to test Long Feng's fate, he could only whisper it to your sister, but he could not say it. Hence, no one knew about the fate of the birth of a dragon and the birth of a phoenix.

He Yuan gradually fell asleep amidst the chatter of his elder sister and Chun Ying. Days passed, and He Yuan was able to smoothly turn his head and turn his body. He would occasionally listen to the girls gossiping about the matters of the Residence of He. She was in a daze today, so she might as well say, "Young lady, young lady, young mistress is in a daze like an adult!"

'This is bad, what a character I am. If I am discovered to have something wrong with me, then things will be bad! ' He Yuan immediately started playing around with his saliva, just like he did with the little olives. Fortunately, there was a ready-made baby template. Otherwise, he really didn't know what this month's babies were supposed to be playing at. F * * k! He Yuan finished his saliva and turned his body to see that the little olives were sucking on his fingers. He then started to suck on his fingers again.

Hearing the sound, the elder sister came over and saw that the baby was lying side by side, sucking on its fingers in exactly the same way. She could not help but laugh, "The little olive and the little round ball are indeed the baby dragon and phoenix, even the movements are the same."

Hearing his elder sister's voice, the little olive thought that she was going to hug him, so it tried its best to lift its head upwards. Slowly, its head left the small bed, causing the crowd to cheer, "Wow, I've raised my head!"

The elder sister smiled and hugged the olives to comfort them, while looking at He Yuan, she said puzzledly, "Don't you feel that the small ball is a lot softer than the small olives? Her neck hasn't been lifted up yet! "

"Miss, two months of children have a soft neck. It will take some time before they can raise their heads. "I was a bit stronger, so I lifted it up."

"No, no, that's not right. The little ball is too delicate!" The elder sister put down the olives, bowed her head and said to He Yuan, "Little ball, we've been here for more than two months. How about we temper our bodies?" As he spoke, he carefully turned He Yuan over onto the bed and held her head up. He moved her two fists to the front of her head and placed them under her cheeks. He then placed a small bell on top of her head and said, "Little ball, look up and see what is ringing."

"Mother, if you don't raise your head, will you stop feeding me milk?" Helpless, He Yuan slowly raised his head, looking like a tortoise.

"Sister lifted her head. Sister lifted her head!" At the side, Chun Ying and Qiu Yan applauded and shouted, "Big Sis is so awesome! It's only been a little over two months, and I've already raised my head!"

Hey, don't be so excited, I've seen you look up only a month ago. He Yuan continued to raise his head. Seeing the crowd clapping again, he buried his head in a pair of small fists and refused to raise it. Mother, this head of mine is really heavy. Lifting it twice is already very sour. [I am indeed valiant. I will be starting my training in just two months.] In the future, if she performed outstandingly, she would definitely think that it was the result of her training. Then he said, "Teach me to grab it from the milk baby!"

Seeing that He Yuan didn't want to raise his head again, the elder sister rolled him onto his back. Seeing that the little olive was still playing with his saliva, she giggled and said, "Little olive, although you can raise your head, you still have to strengthen it a little!"

Mother, you go ahead and play with me. Me, I need to sleep for a while! He Yuan was so tired that he fell asleep in a few moments.

When He Yuan woke up again, he heard Chun Ying say with a smile, "Miss, this shoe's design is too strange. Can I really wear it?"

"Hey, these are the weight loss shoes I prepared earlier. The back was high, the front was low, and there were massage granules on the upper, which were a bit shorter than normal shoes. If you put these shoes on and walk around the room, you might have gotten my stomach back sooner. " The lady held in her hand a pair of weird-looking embroidered slippers. She wore them over her feet and walked with her chest puffed out and her stomach tucked into the room. Her walk was graceful and graceful.

As she passed the little bed, He Yuan opened his eyes and clapped his hands. He heard a sound at the door. He turned around and looked at the door. He vaguely saw his father's figure. He was standing there in a daze! Aha, walking is the same as walking on cat steps with half a pair of high-heeled shoes. If I don't mesmerize my dad to death, that would be the same as walking on cat steps with half a pair of high-heeled shoes. En, there must be a big show tonight, my little darling!

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