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Chun Ying heard the commotion and immediately saw He Nian standing at the door. She was about to call him Young Master, but he stuck a finger to his lips and "shushed" her, so she could only swallow the salutation. Knowing that He Nian hated having girls around him, she quietly retreated.

The lady turned her head and disappeared from Chun Ying's sight, only to see He Nian standing at the door. She couldn't help but laugh. "Why aren't you coming in?"

He Nian's face was already blooming. He said in a seductive tone, "I stood here and watched my wife walk. I was stunned!"

The elder sister pursed her lips into a smile, but before she could say anything, olives and balls woke up and hurriedly called for someone to come in and take a piss. There was also a little girl sent by the Dong Family to deliver the goods. She busied herself with looking through them and told Chun Ying to give the little girl some rewards. Qiuyan was in the middle of making the gloves when she brought them in and held them against the hands of the little olive and the little round ball. She smiled and said, "Miss, is it enough to make a glove as big as this? I see I can sew up the cloth button. "

The elder sister went over to take a look and said, "This big is fine. When you close your mouth, you take the needles in one by one, just like when we make the fruit. It's just nice for us to put the needles on our wrists and sew the buttons on the cloth with the edges of the stitches. "

It turned out that sometimes, when she slept, she would accidentally scratch her face and make a scratch, so she thought about making a pair of thin gloves for each of them and put them on her hands when she went to bed at night. In this way, even if they were to scratch their own faces, they wouldn't be injured.

Seeing that his elder sister was so busy, He Nian was about to shake her hand when Mrs. He's voice came from outside: "I heard it! My navel swelled up again. Are you feeling better now?"

The warbler was already busy pulling up the curtain to let Mrs. He in. When the lady heard the voice, she hurriedly went forward to welcome them. When Mrs. He had settled down, she sent someone to bring them some tea.

Seeing that the little olive was playing with her fingers, Madam He took off her undergarment and looked at her navel. Seeing that it was still normal, she felt relieved and turned to her elder sister, "Although the doctor is fine, he still has to think of a way. "Every time you cry, your navel will swell up. It's not good."

"I, Ma, told you an old way. I told you that if you take a copper coin to the temple for blessings, you can wear a red string and put it on your little olive's navel. It will be fine. This old man has already taken the bronze coin to pray for blessings. In the evening, he also took the bronze coin to come over! " The lady laughed and said, "My sister-in-law said that when she cried, there was wind in her mouth. The wind did not dissipate, so her navel became swollen. "Let me caress the little olive's belly a little more, and then I'll put my palm around his navel and let him fart a few times, and then it'll be all right."

Upon hearing that, Madam He nodded. "Forget it!"

Since September was the birthday of the Old Master of the Capital, Mrs. He said, "You should make a set of needlework these days. I will send someone to send it back to the capital and let the Old Master know about your filial piety."

There were five rooms below the Old He family. Old Master He and Madam He belonged to the third room. Because of their intelligence since young, the Old Master He had recognized them the most when they were in the third room. Although Mrs. He was not in the capital, and it was Old Master He's birthday, her filial piety could not be spared. Furthermore, since she was of the lowest birth compared to the other wives in the He Family, her father Zheng Ming was only a seventh grade county magistrate with no background. Currently, Old Master He and Old Madam He had yet to meet their elder sister, so they had to spend even more time and effort on this wedding present. After thinking it over, Mrs. He decided that she might as well ask her elder sister to do some needlework. Firstly, Old Master He did not like extravagance, and secondly, the needlework done by his eldest sister was rather exquisite. Perhaps this ordinary pattern of needling might be able to please the Old Master! When Mrs. He thought of her elder sister's birth, she felt that she was always lacking. Fortunately, she was born with a dragon and a phoenix, so she was able to make up for this deficiency. When the Old Master and Old Madam He heard that your elder sister had given birth to a phoenix embryo, they were so overjoyed that they hurriedly had someone deliver the longevity lock and other items.

After she saw Mrs. He off, when she was about to speak to her sister, another woman came up and told her that Mrs. He had forgotten to tell her that the last time she went to the temple, she had made a wish for an oil lamp, and because she was a grandmother, she could not personally add oil lamp, let her sister get up and clean up tomorrow. When the sun rose, she would rush to the temple to add an oil lamp, and then ask for a pair of protective talismans to bring back the dragon and phoenix embryo.

Waiting for his wife to leave, He Nian leaned towards her and said, "Tonight …" Before he could finish his sentence, the old woman's voice came from beyond the curtain. "Young Mistress, Madam has instructed me to go to the temple to get some perfume and oil as soon as possible. However, we must invite Young Master to rest in the study for the night, so as to not disturb Young Mistress. "

There was no sound from beyond the curtain. He Nian tugged on her sleeve and said pitifully, "Yesterday night, the little olives cried, but you kept on coaxing him to ignore me. Last night you were so busy settling accounts that you didn't pay attention to me. "Tonight again …"

The elder sister couldn't help but laugh as she whispered, "There's still tomorrow night. What are you so anxious for?"

"I'm just afraid that someone will disturb us tomorrow night!" Seeing that there was no one around, He Nian hugged her and kissed her. He murmured, "You have so many girls and wives, why are you so busy? I really don't know what to do with them."

"Little olives and little balls are still awake!" The elder sister turned her head to see the olives and balls playing with each other. Hearing the commotion, she turned around and looked at them. Even though she knew that the child might not be sensible, she still blushed a little and stomped her feet.

"They don't understand. What are they afraid of?" He Nian kept his hands up and down as he said softly, "We have to go through the study room soon. We have to wait until tomorrow night."

Hey, hey, dad, little brother doesn't understand, but I do! You'll have to take it easy. He Yuan secretly laughed as he imitated the little olives and played with his fingers. It was really hard to believe that his old man could be so coquettish. Only someone like his old lady could be so unpretentious and so well-adapted to it.

He Nian and his elder sister were making use of this opportunity to secretly entangle themselves. Unexpectedly, the girl's voice came from behind the curtain. "Old Madam Zheng is here!"

"It's me, A'mama!" The lady pushed away his hand and lifted the curtain to let Mrs. Zheng in quickly.

Old Mrs. Zheng came in holding a copper coin with a red thread on it. She smiled and said, "You still have to use this to press down on my navel before you can suppress him."

He Nian and the elder sister hurried over to support her. "Grandma, you can just get someone to bring it over. Why did you have to come over yourself?"

"Yo, I also want to drop by to see sister!" Old Mrs. Zheng handed over the copper coin and smiled. "I'm fine. What's the point of taking a few steps? You guys don't have to support me, I'm not that spoiled. " As he spoke, he walked over to take a look at the dragon and phoenix embryo. Seeing how they were amused, he said happily, "It has indeed grown a bit. It looks very pleasant to look at."

Mrs Zheng was playing with the baby when Mrs He heard that she had come. She came to stay for dinner and invited them to tea in the small side hall. She smiled and said, "I usually invite the old lady from my family to come over for dinner, but since I can't do it, I'll have to eat before I leave." The cake that was made with the jujube paste last time was given to the children to eat, and the old lady loved it too. "Since I've also made this today, I'll have to bring some over to have a taste later."

Seeing that Madam He was so cordial, Old Madam Zheng inwardly nodded her head. She naturally valued her elder sister, which was why she treated her with such courtesy and consideration. He thought about how his He Clan was a powerful figure even in the capital, much less in the countryside. Now that they were welcoming a woman from the countryside with a smile, they truly respected their elder sister. It was not hard to see how Mrs. He treated her rural relatives based on her status in the family. In this way, he could truly be at ease. Even if elder sister were to follow He Nian to the capital in the future, he and his wife would naturally protect her. They were not afraid of being looked down upon by the rest of the He family.

Because He family was not an ordinary family, even if your elder sister married into the He family, if the He family did not invite her, she would not come. If you miss your elder sister, just ask your grandson to come and invite her. Today, he took the copper coin to pray for blessings for the birth of a dragon and a phoenix in the temple. He was in a hurry to bring it home, so he took it to the He Clan first. Seeing Mrs. He like this, I can't refuse, so I smiled and said, "Since it's my wife staying with me, how can I just leave? "Of course I'll disturb the meal."

Madam He had been engaged to the Zheng Family ever since they had been married. Although Madam Zheng's family was from the countryside, they had their own character. They treated the He Family with warmth and propriety and did not want to take advantage of the He Family; instead, they sent over local specialties from time to time. Although the residence was close, the members of the Zheng Family rarely visited unless there was something important. They only allowed their young mistress to go over to have a chat when she was free. Zheng Mingfei was now an official. The Zheng Family had a lot of prestige in the village, but there were always people who went in and out when people came in contact with them. It was impossible for people to gossip about them. Now that your elder sister gave birth to a phoenix embryo right after entering the door, she had to say what she should, and what she shouldn't. What was even harder was that the two beautiful girls beside him didn't lose their composure like the other girls in the house when they saw their son. It was rather reassuring. Since Madam He was rather satisfied with her elder sister, she was even more courteous towards Madam Zheng and the others. Now, hearing that Mrs. Zheng was willing to stay for dinner, she hurriedly asked Mrs. Zheng what kind of dishes she would like to eat so that she could send someone to tell the cook to cook something else.

Upon hearing Mrs. He's question, Mrs. Zheng smiled and said, "Don't be afraid to laugh at your own wife. We've been poor before, so we can eat whatever we want, but there's nothing to pick on us. Now that the days were better and the food was good, he had to cherish his blessings as he thought about the times before. If there was good food, then so be it. How could he be so picky? Furthermore, the things given to a close wife are naturally good, so there's no need to make other things. "

When Mrs. He heard that Mrs. Zheng did not avoid the fact that she had been poor before, she became curious and asked about the Zheng family. Mrs. Zheng gave a brief introduction and smiled. "To be honest, my wife told me that when the three matchmakers came to the Zheng Family to beg for your help, your He Family didn't want your sister to marry into their family, even though it was a noble family! After all, their family background was too different. They were not afraid of others saying that they would climb to the top. They were also afraid that when your elder sister came to the He family, she would not be able to satisfy her own wife. Our elder sister always comes from a small family, unlike a lady, who has learned etiquette since a young age. Therefore, the Zheng Family had always been worried about her! Now that my wife is treating your sister like this, there's nothing left to say. "Now that I have come to the capital and have an mother-in-law taking care of me, even my wife can feel at ease."

Thinking of her eldest daughter's marriage, she felt a little unhappy. Now she laughed and said, "A married daughter is like pouring water, if her life is good, then her husband and mother-in-law will take care of it. If her life is not good, then she can only rely on her husband's family. Upon entering the He family, one would be considered a member of the He family. Furthermore, they are born with the birth of a dragon and phoenix, and have great relationship with the young generation. As long as there's peace of mind, the He family will not treat her badly. "

Old Mrs. Zheng was extremely satisfied with Mrs He's words. She smiled and said, "My dear wife is a kind person. With these words from my dear wife, I am blessed beyond compare."

The two chatted merrily until the evening when Mrs. Zheng dined at the He household and was personally sent back by He Nian.

He went back to his room to report that he had safely sent Mrs. Zheng home, but when he reached the door and saw that the girls were all gone, he heard laughter in his room, "Miss, these strange looking inner clothes you made earlier looked like breastplates for other people on the battlefield, but they were a bit thin, transparent, and made of material. They looked strange. It's just that the lady has made it herself, but has never worn it. Since there's no one around now, do you want to try it? "

"Oh, this, ah, I remember that I made a few pieces and coaxed my mother to wear them, but she refused to wear them and even coaxed my second sister-in-law to wear them. I wonder how it looks like for you, my second sister-in-law. " The elder sister laughed and said, "You have all closed your doors, how about I try this on?"

When He Nian heard the girl closing the door, he immediately rushed to the window. He used his finger to poke at the window paper, wanting to see what a breastplate was. Under the dim light of the candle, he saw the elder sister slowly undress, revealing her fragrant shoulders. Then, in addition to her small clothes, she turned around, took a small cylindrical object from Chun Ying, put it on, pulled on a thin veil and tied a knot on her shoulder, then turned around and asked the two girls: "Did you see it?"

Under the candlelight, under the gauze, the chest armor could be vaguely seen. The chest armor covered the chest extremely well, sketching out the shape. It was pink and alluring with curves, giving it an indescribable charm.

"How strange!" Chun Ying's and Qiuyan's faces were red as they said, "Miss, this yarn is too transparent. The breastplate also shows so much skin, so it's best not to wear it!"

"So captivating!" Outside the window, He Nian almost had a nosebleed. For the first time, he experienced the sexy sensation of a peeping Tom. He hated staying in his study tonight, but he didn't know how to stay until tomorrow night.

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