What a Funny Family She Has/C5 A Room with a Fragrant Scent
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What a Funny Family She Has/C5 A Room with a Fragrant Scent
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C5 A Room with a Fragrant Scent

"Too ugly!" Chun Ying and Qiu Yan couldn't stand seeing this breastplate that elder sister was wearing. They hastily handed over her clothes and said, "Miss, quickly change your clothes. It's better not to wear this in the future. If Young Master sees it, he'll think it's a demonic thing!"

As expected, people of different eras had completely different aesthetic standards. The lady shook her head and changed back into her original clothes. She threw her breastplate on the bed and heard a sound outside the window. She asked in surprise, "Who is it?" Chun Ying and Qiuyan had already opened the door and came out to take a look. However, he heard He Nian's voice. "It's me!"

"Why did you come back at such a time? Why don't you send me back for a drink? Will everyone let you drink?" "I remember that my family started brewing rice wine at this time of year." When she saw He Nian enter the room, she immediately called for Chun Ying and Qiu Yan to clean up the study in case He Nian went to rest. She poured a cup of tea and placed it in He Nian's hands: "Are you thirsty? "I, A'mama, saw that she wasn't far from home. She didn't want to sit in any carriage and had to walk. Instead, she asked you to accompany her for a walk."

"I am very thirsty!" He Nian brought back the clothes she normally wore, but her mind kept replaying the way she wore her breastplate just now. She felt her mouth getting dry, she picked up her tea and drank it all in one gulp, then put the cup on the table. Seeing that she was sleeping soundly and the little girl was not in front of her, she could not care less and immediately snatched her sister away.

She felt He Nian's body was burning, and she was moved. However, she remembered Madam He's instructions and could not let He Nian stay in the room. She pushed him away and said, "Good master, let's talk tomorrow night …" Before he could finish, he heard He Nian murmuring, "Kiss him again!" The two of them rolled off the bed simultaneously. They accidentally bumped into the foot of the bed where the dragon and phoenix were sleeping, and the bed suddenly shook.

"Wa, wa …" He was still sleeping soundly, so he didn't feel like shaking his head. Instead, he started to cry loudly.

"I'm going to the study!" Hearing the sound of the crying dragon and phoenix embryo, He Nian could only let go of his sister's dejected face and head to the study room.

The next night, when the sky darkened, He Nian was too bored to go out of the room. He even said that he was helping the young mistress coax the dragon and phoenix to sleep.

Dad, it's still early, why are you in such a hurry? He Nian was in his arms, and He Nian's soft voice rang out: "You little ball, go to sleep! Only by sleeping more will it be easy for you to grow up! " Old man, it's hard for me to fall asleep after you yell like that for me. At least let me feed myself, give me a warm hug, pat me a few times, then I'll be able to sleep! Dad, you are really inexperienced at coaxing children! He Yuan sighed as he wailed in dissatisfaction for a moment to protest.

The elder sister ordered the little olives to go outside to pee, making it very clean and refreshing. After a while, she began to feed the milk, and the little olives soon fell asleep. After placing the olives on the bed and tucking in the blanket, the elder sister took He Yuan from He Nian's hands. She kissed him a few times, then smiled and said, "My darling little ball, your father just said he wanted you to sleep, and didn't have any milk to feed you. Of course you couldn't sleep, right?" As he said that, he carried He Yuan out to pee, gave her a towel to wipe her wet, and then carried her back to her room to feed her milk. He Yuan, after all, had the physique of an infant. Although he wanted to watch the big show, he lacked the strength to do so. After he had eaten his fill, he fell into a deep sleep.

Waiting for the baby to fall asleep, He Nian closed the door and hugged her. He said softly, "Last night when I came in, didn't I see an undergarment I haven't seen before by the pillow? Let me see you wear it! "

"Chun Ying and Qiuyan said that the clothes there are weird, and they can't even look at it properly. Do you really want to take a look?" The elder sister felt a little embarrassed as she said with a flushed face, "Don't laugh at me!"

"Oh, you wear it! I want to drink a cup of tea! " He Nian wanted to tell her that he saw her through the window last night with her clothes on and her gauze dress. He couldn't get the words out of his mouth, so he turned his head to drink his tea.

When He Nian turned around after drinking the tea, he almost vomited blood. Under the gentle candlelight, your elder sister revealed two snow-white arms. The transparent muslin randomly tied a knot on the back. Vaguely, one could see that the armor was the same one he had worn last night. Seeing He Nian looking at her, the woman turned her body to the side and used one of her snow-white arms to support her cheeks. Under the cover of the gauze, the curves were exquisite, the skin was creamy, and the eyes were bright and beautiful.

How could He Nian bear it? He rushed forward and jumped on the bed like a bolt of lightning. He panted and said: "Little demon, I'm coming!"

She had been enchanting and enchanting for a long time, but she had already been moved. When He Nian came close, she shrank back, but was fiercely hugged by He Nian. All she heard were words of love that would make one blush and feel their heart palpitate.

As He Nian pulled open the veil, she continued, "Blow out the candle …"

"No need to brag, I'm watching you from the side …" The normally pleasant and gentle voice was now slightly hoarse, carrying a sense of irresistibility.

"No, no, let's talk about it later!" The soft female voice was filled with seductive pleading, making people's blood boil.

"Alright, let's do it!" He Nian suppressed her to not let her move, he tore off her breastplate with one hand, and threw his full strength towards Candle. The candle flame, which was weak, was immediately extinguished by the wind generated by the breastplate. Outside the window, there was a light breeze blowing, stirring the tent. However, the fragrance gradually dispersed, filling the room with a delicate fragrance.

A voice said, "What is this fragrance?"

"Yes, the inner clothes I wore had previously smoked incense. This will cause the incense to dissipate if the heat from the candle flame forced it out."

"So beautiful!"

"This dress or me?"

"What do you think?"

Due to the large commotion in the room, He Yuan was woken up by the noise. He mumbled a few sentences of Amici Tofu in a daze and turned his body to warn the hot couple. As expected, the noise of the two of them became a lot quieter.

The days passed one by one. In the blink of an eye, another year had passed. The heat came again, but the child was now one year old.

While grabbing Zhou, he was carried to the stage. Looking at the table full of things, the little olive became excited. He touched this one, then that one. He Yuan also felt all sorts of things excitedly. His reaction to all kinds of things was the same as a real baby olives. When he saw the things on the table, not only were there poems, songs, and even the official printing of copper coins, there were actually also dazzling rouge boxes and funny little hoes. He couldn't help but dance in love with them.

What should he catch? He Yuan touched the official seal nearby and quietly pushed it towards the olives. Just as he was about to grab a book, he saw the little olives looking at the dazzling rouge box, and he couldn't help but cry out. If little big brother catches this, it's very easy to be classified as a treasure master by grandma and dad. It wouldn't be good to be prejudiced against him first. However, they heard Chun Ying and Qiu Yan say nervously, "Brother, catch the official stamp! Sister, get the money! " Everyone else laughed and encouraged him, "Catch! Catch!"

He Yuan heard his elder sister also urging him to grab onto something, but there was a hint of anxiety in her tone. It was probably because she was afraid that the little olives would grab the rouge box, so she hurriedly moved her little butt over, grabbed a book of poems with her left hand and a right hand before the little olives could grab the rouge box. However, he heard his elder sister say with a sigh of relief, "The little round ball is so greedy, catching two pieces at one go."

Seeing that the red rouge box had been taken away, the little olive couldn't help but feel angry. When it was about to snatch it back, it saw He Yuan twisting its body to look at something else. It couldn't reach her for a while, so it turned to look at the small hoe.

Yayaya, little big brother, why aren't you seizing the official seal? Whether he became an official in the future or not, he would definitely be very happy when he caught Zhou. Hurry up and catch him! When He Yuan saw that the little olive's eyes were all on the small hoe, he expressed his uninterest in the official seal and had to cover the small hoe with a collection of poems he held in his hand. The little olive touched the book of poems and started to fight with He Yuan. Seeing that he couldn't win, he shouted "ayaya" twice and could only let go. Helplessly, he fished out the official seal beside him to play.

When He Yuan saw that the small olives were about to take a bite out of the official seal, he immediately picked up the book of poems to draw the small olives' attention. The little olive saw that the hoe he had been looking for had been pushed aside by He Yuan. He put the official seal on his arm, and with his other hand, he quickly reached out and grabbed the hoe. He Yuan was afraid that the little olive would drop the official seal, so he bent his arm to show that he wanted to snatch the official seal. The little olive saw He Yuan also wanted to snatch the seal from his hand, so it hurriedly hugged the official seal tightly to its chest with one hand while holding the small hoe with the other, and started hoeing towards the rouge box in He Yuan's hand.

They were all saying, "My brother has an official seal on one hand and a small hoe on the other. "This is..." Before he could finish, he saw the two of them fighting and he could not help but shout out, "Yo, they got into a fight. Sis is even fighting with me for the seal, do you even want to be an official when you grow up? It's a pity I don't have a position as a female official. " As he spoke, he laughed.

Your sister was already busily carrying the olives away. Put him on the ground.

He Nian also carried the ball down and placed it on the other side. He smiled and said, "Alright, alright, we'll catch two each. We have all sorts of things to play with, so there's no need to fight anymore!"

The little olives couldn't snatch the two items from He Yuan in a row, but he was also a little angry now. He shook off her hand, opened his arms slightly, and walked steadily towards the small round ball with the official stamp in one hand and the small hoe in the other. His killing intent surged.

"I know how to leave, I know how to leave!" Everyone exclaimed in admiration. However, they were afraid that the little olives would fall down, so they assumed the position of football goalkeepers, ready to catch the little olives at any moment.

Little big brother, you still want to fight with me? Come on, who's afraid of who! He Yuan also broke free of He Nian's hand, holding tightly to the book of poems and the rouge box in his hand. They pretended that if you had the guts to come over, then we'd have to go through 300 rounds of this. At this point, everyone couldn't help but laugh and say, "Sis' expression is really interesting!"

Mrs He could not help but laugh as well. "Usually, if you embrace one and the other can't find the person, you will still cry. Will there be a fight again?"

After all, this was the first time he had learned how to walk. He stopped after only a few steps and didn't dare to walk any further. The adults held them in their arms and said with a smile, "It's quite rare for someone to be able to walk right after reaching the age of one! Walk for a while and you'll know how to talk later! "

When he returned to his room at night, the little olive was still holding a grudge. He lay on his bed and poked He Yuan. He Yuan also poked him with his big eyes. The two of them had been having fun all this while.

Time flies," she said with a smile. "In a hurry, we'll have to get someone to make us another small bed and separate them!

"You can't sleep with us again after a while. We have to move them to the wing before they go to bed. " As he spoke, He Nian walked over and put his arm around the girl's waist. He rested his head on her shoulder and said to the girl on the bed, "You two go to sleep. The sky will light up soon."

"Hey, hey …" The little olive saw that He Nian was putting his head on the lady's shoulder, so it was unhappy. It sat up immediately and pointed at He Nian with one hand, while the other held onto the bed rail. It was unknown what it was talking about.

Haha, little big brother is jealous! I told you to always be intimate in front of our children. He Yuan decided to give the little olive a hand. He stood up and held onto the edge of the bed rail, plucking at He Nian's head that was resting on her shoulder. He also cried out in surprise.

"Could it be that the two brats are jealous of me and do not allow me to hug you!" He Nian let go of your sister in astonishment. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he saw Longfeng Embryo open his little mouth and reveal his canine teeth in an expression as if he was going to bite you if he dared to mess with her again.

Seeing this, the woman couldn't help but laugh. She turned her head to He Nian and said, "Go to sleep first. I'll coax them to sleep first."

He Nian said depressingly, "I can't sleep either, so why aren't you coaxing me?"

When the young mistress heard this, she looked at He Nian with a smile that was not a smile: "I'll coax you after you've coaxed them!"

When He Nian heard the lady's words, he was already filled with joy. He said happily, "I'll go to bed and wait for you!"

A chicken skin fell to the ground! He Yuan secretly started sweating. Ami-tofu, this pair of idiots.

He had coaxed the dragon and phoenix to sleep. The elder sister took off her outer garment and, wearing only light clothing, turned around to blow out the candle flame. The faint moonlight from outside the window shone onto her body. He Nian had been preparing for a long time. He didn't have time to wait for her to slowly come over. He jumped down and carried her around in a circle. He was extremely busy. He then whispered a few embarrassing words of love into the lady's ear.

In his dreams, He Yuan turned over again, chanting in his dreams, "Amici bean curd and Amici Tofu!"

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