What a Funny Family She Has/C7 The People of the He Mansion
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What a Funny Family She Has/C7 The People of the He Mansion
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C7 The People of the He Mansion

"Daddy, why is the boat moving?"

"Father, why has the moon been following us?"

"Father …"

On Shangjing Road, the olives became a problem baby, directly including the response to He Nian's question.

He Yuan, on the other hand, suddenly liked to play the game. He kept pestering her to teach her how to play the game. Mother Wang saw that although she was young, her hand was still a coincidence. She did her best to praise her elder sister, "Sister is just like Young Mistress, she's skillful. In just a few days, you've learned how to play the game. In the future, when we learn how to sew and thread, we will definitely choose one out. "

In addition to taking care of Long Fengfu, elder sister also asked Wang Ma about the personality, hobbies and family background of each and every person in the Residence of He in case they didn't offend others when they got along in the future. After asking about the daily expenses of the Residence of He, Wang Ma smiled and said, "Don't worry, Young Mistress. The daily expenses of the Residence of He are not to be worried about. Today, he was in charge of the wife of the eldest house. The eldest house's grandma was assisting the social interaction. Every month, the eldest house's wife was managing the expenses. The eldest house's grandma also loved the grandma the most. Now that the young mistress had brought her brother into the capital, the monthly allowance for the past three years was not enough to cover the amount of money that her brother had earned. The eldest wife should be ready by now. After entering the residence and receiving the monthly allowance, Young Mistress would be able to live a peaceful life. Besides, the Old Master would get another position for the young master and an extra salary for him. It's such a good day, it's only the beginning! "

The He family's man had a reputation, and the woman was rich. Your elder sister knows about this. At this time, listening to Wang Ma recount the origins of each of the He Mansion's wives, how much money they received each month, how many girls they married, and so on and so on, he couldn't help but be stunned. He thought to himself, Old He is only a fifth-grade official. His salary, rewards, and rents are all less than half the annual income of the residence. Where did the other half come from?

Wang Ma had long since received instructions from Madam He that she was going back to the capital. Since he had explained the matters of the mansion to her, he smiled and told her in detail many things that no one else knew.

It turned out that it was all thanks to Old Lady He's efforts in taking care of the Residence of He that Old Master He was able to prosper today. Matriarch He's family were all emperors of Imperial Confinement. They were in charge of the country's textile industry. They were extremely wealthy. When Matriarch He had married into the Residence of He, not to mention the huge amount of dowry, there were already three silk estates in the capital that were her wedding businesses. Since Old Madam He owned a silk farm, she had groomed many stewards to take care of it. Every year, half of the money she earned would be spent on the Residence of He. Since Matriarch He was the son of the He family and looked after the household's affairs, as well as spending the money made by the silk farm on the Residence of He, her status in the Residence of He was self-evident. Therefore, it was true that Old Madam He and Old Master He were on equal footing.

With the example of Old Madam He, the dowry of the other wives in the Residence of He was quite generous. In order to be on equal footing with their husband, they all took out more or less dowry silver to buy a share in Old Madam He's silk farm. That was to say, they had the money to pay for the Residence of He. Because of this, all the wives in the Residence of He were extremely confident, and their words were especially useful in front of their husbands.

Because He Yanhuo from the fourth house and He Changdi from the fifth house had become officials, the fourth and fifth wives had taken up their duties together and were not in the capital. There were only three rooms living in the Residence of He. They were not staying in the He manor. They also had the monthly allowance. When they returned to the capital, they would return it.

At this point, Wang Ma looked at the elder sister, and paused for a moment before saying, "Madame naturally also gave the dowry to buy the shares of the silks and silks." Not long after the Young Mistress had entered the house, she wrote to the steward and his wife, instructing them to give her a portion of silver to buy into the silk farm. He hadn't told the young mistress before because he was afraid that the young mistress would remember this matter despite having no money on hand. Instead, it would be bad for her. Now that he was going back to the capital, he had to make this matter clear to the young mistress. "Since Madam didn't pay for the shares of the eldest young mistress before, she now pays for the younger mistress. If the eldest young mistress knew about this, she would inevitably have a grudge against him, so she instructed the young mistress to take out the money herself and let her help to buy the shares."

Since Mrs. He had paid for her own shares, it was clear that she preferred the happy New Year's Heart. He couldn't just return the money he earned back to Mrs. He. Although she was famous, she had no money. He had earned quite a bit of money by following his godmother these past few years, but he was afraid that he wouldn't have enough to spend in the capital. Fortunately, he had asked Wen Feng's brother to build a rouge shop. Wen Feng and Sun Xiao Si only received female customers and were well-known among the officials and wives. Thus, they managed to earn some money. Wen Feng even wrote a letter saying that after he went to the capital, he would expand the store. This time in the capital, if he could really start a bigger business and earn a bit more money in private, not only would he be able to return the money to his wife, he would also have confidence among the He family's wives.

When they were close to the capital, the elder sister had already found out the general situation of the He family's wives from Wang Ma's mouth, so she felt a little bit more at ease.

The journey was smooth and they arrived at the capital in mid-October. As soon as elder sister and He Nian got on the dock, the steward of He Manor, two nurses and several servants came to greet them. They paid their respects to He Nian and elder sister.

"I heard that young master and young mistress brought big sister Er back to the capital. The old lady just said it every day, afraid that little sister would be reborn, so she told us to come and get close to them." As he said this, he reached out to hug the little olives and He Yuan. He didn't want the little olives to look up at the sky, pretending not to see the wet nurse. The wet nurse couldn't help but look at each other in dismay. On the side, Wang Ma laughed, "Yo, I'm the same as young master when I was young, I just ignored people the moment I was born."

He Yuan secretly smiled. Seeing that his two wet nurses had awkwardly extended their arms, he automatically threw himself into their arms and had one of his wet nurses hug him. When the wet nurse saw that He Yuan didn't recognize her, she was both surprised and happy at the same time. She grinned from ear to ear and said, "Sister is indeed obedient!"

The two nurses followed He Nian and the lady into the same carriage. They teased the little olives and the little round olives along the way, and after a while, because of their good faces, the little olives played with their fingers. He Yuan stared at them for a while with his round black eyes wide open. He was relieved when he felt that they really liked children.

The carriage was light and swift. In less than two hours, they had arrived at the entrance of the Residence of He. As soon as the carriage stopped, a few wives came up to pay their respects and said with a smile, "Upon receiving the letter, the old lady and the young mistress would use their fingers to count the days when the young master, Young missus and the young mistress had come to the capital. Yesterday, they received a letter saying that they would be at the dock today. He was still muttering to himself, "Why isn't he here yet?" "I didn't think that I'd be here just like that!"

As he spoke, he praised the little olives and the He Yuan. They seemed so pleasing to look at. A little girl had already gone in to inform Old Madam He and Mrs. He that He Nian had come. When He Nian and the young mistress each carried a dragon and phoenix womb onto a soft sedan chair carried by an attendant and entered the hall, the maidservants on the stairs, upon seeing them arrive, rushed over to pay their respects. They hurriedly raised the curtain in the hall and smiled: "The old lady was still reciting just now, young master's young mistress is here!"

The elder sister saw that the girls who were talking to her were quite good-looking, so she called them 'elder sister' as well. The girls all laughed and said, "Young Mistress wants to kill us!"

As they were talking, a young wife came out from the hall. She had a long face, white and greasy skin, and her figure was extremely tall and flirty. The moment she saw He Nian and the elder sister, she busied herself with greeting them.

"This is our big lady!" Seeing that her elder sister didn't know how to address her, Wang Ma hurriedly came over to introduce her and paid her respects to Eldest Young Madam Li.

On the way, she had heard from Wang Ma that Li You was the steward of the house and was the most astute person there. Now that she had met him, she was not lying.

"Tsk tsk, big sis, you look just like the golden couple in front of Guanyin. "Come, come, give this lady a hug." As Li You spoke, he reached out to carry the olives into the hall. The elder sister hurriedly hugged He Yuan as she followed. As soon as they entered, Madam He supported an old man with half a head of white hair out to welcome them. The elder sister knew that this was the He family's old lady, so she hurriedly hugged He Yuan and bowed. Sit down and let's talk. "

"Tsk tsk, they look exactly the same!" When everyone was seated, Matriarch He let He Yuan sit beside her. She then looked at the olives on Li You's lap and smiled to the little girl behind her. "Quickly take out the jade pendant that I prepared and put it on my sister."

"What's your name, sister?" Matriarch He personally helped He Yuan put on the jade pendant and then carried him to sit on her lap. She asked gently, "How old are you?"

"My name is He Yuan, I'm more than three years old!" He Yuan started sweating quietly, but had to reply to Old Madam He in his childish voice.

Seeing He Yuan being so obedient, everyone praised him for a moment.

However, Mrs. He was busy introducing the people in the room to her eldest sister. "This is your eldest wife, this is your second wife …"

The young mistress hurriedly met them one by one and explained some things about the journey.

Everyone gave a greeting gift to olives and gluttons. After a while, the nanny brought warm water to feed the olives and bun, and then carried them over to eat some rice porridge. After a while, another wet nurse brought in two sons and a daughter. Seeing that there were two identical children in the room, they curiously looked at them and whispered, "So cute!"

Li You's eldest son, He Cheng, was nine years old, his second son, He Pei, was eight years old, and his daughter, He Min, was six years old.

Little Olive: "What's the same? I'm taller! "

He Yuan: "What's the difference? I'm a bit prettier! "

"Ah, you can talk!" He Cheng's three siblings were shocked.

What do you mean? Do you think Longfeng Embryo doesn't know how to speak? Black lines appeared on his forehead, but he heard the little olives say coldly, "We are humans, we can definitely speak!"

Little Big Brother is so cool! He Yuan looked at the small olives and was moved. People saying that reading ten thousand volumes was not as good as walking a thousand miles. These words should also be useful for a child. On the road to Shang Jing, little big brother was pestering his father to explain the local people, but in the past month, he seemed to have grown a lot. And his tone was the same as his father's.

"Wow!" He Cheng's three siblings looked at each other and whispered, "He's only three years old, why does he sound like a young adult?"

On the other side, Old Madam He had long heard the little olive's words and couldn't help but laugh. "Look, look! This brother's way of speaking is exactly the same as when Brother Nian was little." To say that you love to block people's way, that makes sense. "

Everyone heard the words of the children and immediately laughed.

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