What a Funny Family She Has/C8 The Old Lady Make a Move
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What a Funny Family She Has/C8 The Old Lady Make a Move
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C8 The Old Lady Make a Move

"I'll feed him!" She took the spoon from the nurse and scooped a spoonful full of porridge and fed it to the little olive's mouth. The little olive expressionlessly said, "Too many spoonfuls!"

When He Min heard this, she hurriedly poured half of the congee into the bowl and fed it to the wet nurse. The olives gave her face this time as they took in the congee, and when He Min fed it again, the director said, "Hold it steady so it won't splash on my clothes."

He Yuan saw his little brother pretending to be cool in front of everyone, and secretly laughed so hard that he hurt his internal organs. He took a mouthful of porridge from the wet nurse's hands, but He Cheng was also eager to give it a try and said, "I'll feed my little sister!"

Oh, no! He Yuan raised his head and saw that He Cheng had already scooped up half a spoonful of porridge and blew on it before feeding it to him. He could not help but slightly lift his head and shout, "I have to feed it with the sharp end.

When He Cheng heard this, he turned the sharp end over and fed it to him. He Yuan took a deep breath and almost choked. He grabbed the spoon and said, "I'll eat it myself!" It was still self-insurance. If he were to be fed a few more mouthfuls, he might really choke to death. This was definitely the first time this young lord had fed someone. He was probably waiting for the adults to feed him. His attitude was extremely gentle, but his feeding movements were extremely fierce. It was simply unbearable.

Because the little olives and He Yuan were too adorable, all the women in the room were distracted. A few who were slightly picky with their eyes also turned to look at them. The maidservants of the fourth and fifth houses were not there, so the maidservants in the hall were the ones with the lowest status. The maidservants quickly stood up and offered tea to Old Madam He and the others, waiting to praise them. However, He Zining's wife, Li Cong, helped to bring the tea to Mrs. He. The other wives also brought tea to their wives. Everyone sat back and sipped the tea.

"My brother and sister went to uncle's house today, and they haven't come back yet. If they come back and see how loved Sis Shi and Sister Yuan are, they might be even more excited than Brother Cheng and the rest!"

On the way, your elder sister had heard Mother Wang mention He Zining's wife, Li Wei's younger cousin. Hearing her speak, she smiled and replied, "I heard Mother Wang say that Brother Wen and Sister Yi are both intelligent people. If my elder brother can study with Brother Wen, then he should benefit."

Old Madam He then asked Mrs. He again, "Have you cleaned up the rooms for Big Sis He? The cold wind will come in sooner or later, but the goose feather quilt I got the other day is soft and warm, so get someone to take it and cover my sister and brother! "Pitiful children, they were born and live in the southern countryside. They didn't go through the cold weather in the capital, so they still have to carefully watch over them."

At the same time, the housekeeper came up to answer them again, saying that the two maidservants who were serving her were waiting outside and asking Old Madam He if she wanted to meet them. Old Madam He nodded. "Call him in to take a look!" It's just that, since I've grown up, I still need to have a proper big girl to serve me. "The two girls have to serve Brother Nian's wife and Sister Er as well. They have to be a bit more humble."

While they were talking, the woman brought in Chun Ying and Qiuyan. She placed a prayer mat for them to kneel down and greet them. For a moment, she raised her head for Matriarch He to see. Old Madam He nodded. "Although she's a country girl, she's a rare water lass. She doesn't seem to be a country girl. Let's just forget about it!"

After spring had passed, Matriarch He told her first wife, Madam Ning, "Take Autumn Dans and Pingping, who are by my side, and serve Brother Yuan and Sister Yuan! Their monthly allowance is deducted from me. Let's not talk about my bias. First, I said that elder sister Yuan had been in the countryside for three years. As a grandmother, I couldn't even touch them; even if I had good things, they wouldn't be of any help. Now that he's back, he doesn't have a proper girl by his side. It's my first time entering the mansion, and I still have to wait on the girls in the mansion for a while. People are coming and going, and people have to tell me all sorts of etiquette. "Although Qiuchang and Qiuping can't be considered to be special, they're still quite honest. They've served Sis Yin-er and Sis Yuan, and they've helped Brother Nian's wife a little. It's fine!"

The three wives didn't utter a word, but Li You smiled and said, "Look at what the old lady said, it's like we're going to fight over the girl with big sister brother. Who would have a problem with the watery spirit that the old lady had nurtured and wanted to order around that sister of his? Besides, we can't take the monthly allowance from the Gong family, it was only the old lady who gave it to them privately. After all, the old lady is the only one who is at a disadvantage and has nothing to do with others.

When the young mistress heard this conversation, she couldn't help but feel confused. However, calling two girls to give her a room just sounded like she was afraid the other wives would disagree.

Just as they were talking, a bell-like laughter came from outside the hall. The moment the young girl opened the curtain, two girls that were like spring onions came in, one of them about ten years old while the other about eight years old. They both smiled and said, "I heard that Aunty brought my younger brother and sister back.

Seeing their age and appearance, your highness knew that they were the eldest daughter of the eldest daughter-in-law of the second wife, Madam Shi's, He Se, and the second daughter He Qi. She heard that the second master was born out of a concubine, married to a concubine of a historical official, who was the most frugal of them all, and was only trying to dissuade the new emperor from renovating the palace for the sake of the common people. The historical official was simple and frugal, making it impossible for his family to be luxurious. He had a good reputation among the commoners. Who knew that after this Madam Shi passed by the He family, although she was extremely frugal, she was extremely rich. Even if flies flew by, they would still have to fly for a leg. Thus, Old Madam He greatly disliked her. Unexpectedly, her eldest daughter-in-law was rather tactful, making Old Madam He happy. Mrs. Shi's eldest daughter-in-law, Grandma Shi, had given birth to her two daughters, He Se and He Qi, who were even better than their mothers. She had known when she was young to flatter and flatter old granny He, coaxing her to the point that she would cry out when she saw them.

"Come and greet your aunt!" When Matriarch He saw him, she laughed. "The first thing I said was that you guys were going to follow the housekeeper to the temple to get some sesame oil. I said that you guys must have eaten their vegetarian dishes in the temple last time. Now that your mouth is full of oil, you must be trustworthy! "

"The old granny only knows how to tease us!" He Se and He Qi had already rushed up to meet their young mistress. When they saw Long Fengfeng, they both exclaimed, "How interesting!" Saying this, he rushed over to examine the little olives and the round, and then reached out to touch their small faces.

He Yuan saw that although the two cousins were young and had sharp faces and were already considered beautiful, their style was rather showy. He didn't like them very much. Seeing He Qi reaching out her hand, he withdrew his head and avoided her hand. He then said with a smile, "You can't touch me!"

"I am a boy!"

"What about the boy?" "Can't a boy just touch it?" He covered his mouth and laughed.

"Daddy said that men and women shouldn't touch each other!" If you touch me, you will marry me! " "I'm still young, and I don't want a wife yet!"

"Haha …" The entire hall burst into laughter. Old Madam He was laughing so hard that the tea in her hand spilled all over the floor. The eldest wife, however, was laughing so hard that Li You's tea sprayed all over her body. Even He Yuan was laughing so hard in his wet nurse's arms.

As they were laughing, an old woman in front of them asked if Old Master He had gone to court, and hurriedly came over to report. Only then did Matriarch He ask He Nian to take the lady and visit Old Master He and Old Master He.

He Nian and the elder sister hurriedly took the olives and the little round He Yuan out, while busy teaching them how to address Old Master He and Old Master He.

Old Master He was just as your elder sister had thought. His white beard fluttered in the wind. Although he was already old, he still couldn't conceal his sense of elegance. After they finished their greetings, the young mistress realized that He Nian was extremely similar to her grandfather, but not to her father.

When Old Master He saw the olives and the bun, he happily gathered around him and asked if they could read. What kind of books did they read in the countryside? He was used to waiting when he just arrived in the capital. He raised his head and said to He Nian, "Brother, you have a sharp tongue and a wise mind. You should be taught well. In a few days, I'll follow He Cheng and the others to school! "

Seeing that Old Master He and He Nian still had something to say, the lady hurriedly took the olives and He Yuan and left. Servant Gui came to lead the way and led them to the room to wash up. Chun Ying and Qiuyan were already waiting in the side room, and now that they had met with elder sister and Longfeng Embryo, they hurriedly came over to welcome them. After the old woman went down to urge the water, the two of them let out sighs and said, "Lady, the mansion is really big. If we go out for a walk, we will definitely get lost." On that day, Madam brought Violet and Zi Qian to our village. I couldn't help but choose between them, but this time, I can see that the servants of this mansion are all beauties. It's so dazzling. "

"Since you're here, don't call me young lady, call me young mistress as well!" The elder sister laughed, "There will be two girls by the old lady's side coming over later. You should keep quiet and see what character they have before making sense."

Just as she finished speaking, Mrs. He came over and told the girls to wait outside. She came in and said to her elder sister, "Old lady ordered QiuTang and Qiuping to come and serve you today. Although it was a good one, I'm afraid you'll make people hate you for it. It's enough to be polite with them, and don't order them around. "

Seeing that your elder sister didn't understand, Mrs. He explained the situation. As it turned out, QiuTang and Qiuping's father were both in charge of Matriarch He's silk manor, so they were well-informed. Previously, the first and second wife had found an excuse to ask for these two girls. Old Granny He was pretending to be deaf and refused to let them go. This time, your elder sister came and gave these two girls to your elder sister. How could this not cause people to secretly curse?

"The first wife and second wife were the first to encourage their wives to have these two girls over, but neither could get their hands on them. If we were to get our hands on them, we would naturally know more than anyone else about the path of wealth. " As Mrs. He said this, she saw that the maidservants took the olives and Huan Yuan to bathe in the outer room. Although she couldn't hear what was being said here, she lowered her voice and said, "In the future, when the old lady stretches her legs, no one in this house will be able to stand up to her. Although the silk manor was originally the old lady's wedding, over the years, who among the wives of He Mansion had not invested silver in it? Therefore, the old lady was not the only one who owned Silk Manor, but the entire mansion. However, the amount of silver that each of them had taken a stake in that day was many and few. If they were to fight over it in the future, who knew what would happen? Who would not wish to have a good relationship with the stewards of the Silk Manor at this time? "Qiu Tang and Qiu Ping's father are both in charge of the silk farm, so they became very popular."

As they talked, Madam He and her elder sister, Qiu Bo, quietly asked, "Old granny, I don't understand. The young mistress has only just ascended to the capital, but the old lady has already given her Qiu Tang and Qiu Pingping …"

"Why not?" When Old Madam He saw that the wives had dispersed, she leaned on the beauty bed and asked the little girl to give a light thump on her leg with her beautiful fist. She smiled and said, "What kind of person is Elder Brother Nian? At that time, he had already made up his mind to marry this lady. This lady had something special about her. In the future, Elder Brother Nian would naturally take over the position as the supervisor of Venerate Heavens, and the silks and silks would also need someone to take over. If Brother Nian's wife can't even protect two girls, then I have to consider something else. "Now, all the people in the house want to dig up the flower. If I don't give it to them, I'll give it all to Brother Nian's wife."

"Even if the ladies are as sly as ghosts, they still have to drink the old lady's foot washing water!" Qiu Bo couldn't help but tease him, covering his mouth as he laughed. "This old lady has thousands of years of cultivation experience. How could they possibly fight her?"

"Don't make me sound like an old demoness!" Matriarch He laughed and said, "Brother Nian's wife brought those two lass with her. Although they are pretty, I'm afraid they are too used to living in the countryside and cannot witness any big scenes. "If you want to have a banquet or something, you can only show off when you take your wife out with you." After he had finished speaking, he ordered the servants to pass down the food. He also ordered the maidservants to invite all the wives and grandmothers to dine with him, treating them as if they were here to receive his elder sister.

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