What a Funny Family She Has/C9 Each of Them Had Their Own Thoughts
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What a Funny Family She Has/C9 Each of Them Had Their Own Thoughts
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C9 Each of Them Had Their Own Thoughts

As soon as Second Wife Shi returned to her room, she turned to Second Master He Changmu and said angrily, "Tell me, what do you mean by 'old lady'? If he gave the flower to someone else, he would be called the eldest son's daughter-in-law. Even if I didn't want to accept it, I would have to accept it. But now, it was given to that foreign country girl, Third Young Madam. She had just arrived here, was she worthy enough to use the capable girl by the old lady's side? He had given the two girls to her in one fell swoop. How can you be convinced? "

"If the old granny doesn't want to give it to you, then so be it. What's the use of saying that now?" Do you want me to help you get those two girls over here? This is difficult! " Although He Changmu was born from a concubine beside Old Madam He, he had been raised by Old Madam He since he was young. Old Madam He had treated him well, but no matter what, he could not hide the fact that he was a concubine. Although he was very strong, he lacked confidence in the end. Who knew that this Madam Shi was wholeheartedly trying to amass wealth by taking care of someone, causing Old Madam He to dislike her? Fortunately, her daughter-in-law and granddaughter had spoken a few words to Old Madam He, causing her to heave a sigh of relief. Now that Madam Shi had returned, the old lady had started to treat her unfairly, so the old lady tried to dissuade her, "Girl, you're an old lady's girl. If she wants to give someone else a reason, why are you fighting over them? Even if you get those two girls, don't tell me that the estate will be in your hands in the future? "

"You are born from a concubine, but you are also the blood and flesh of the Old Master. Your son and grandson are the blood and flesh of the He family, why are you just a casual official? Why would the fourth and fifth houses allow an outsider to go out and get money? In the end, it was because you were too timid and didn't dare to say anything in front of the Old Master and Old Granny. It's great now, you can't even win against me if you want two little girls. " When Madam Shi heard He Zang Mu's words, she became even angrier and asked him, "Don't tell me you don't want our house to have any future? Don't you want your son, grandson, to be the honorable master of the He family and not be spoken of like us? "As long as we have silver …"

"Enough!" He Zang Mu slammed the teacup in his hand onto the ground. Watching the teacup break into pieces, his expression changed several times. He raised his head and said, "No matter what, you can't change the fact that you're a concubine."

"Second Madam, the Old Granny is passing the food over. Madam, please come over for dinner!" Madam Shi's personal maidservant said from outside the curtain, "Eldest Young Madam and the two Sisters have already left!"

Upon hearing the girl's voice, Madam Shi gave a cold snort and said, "Only she knows how to flatter. She rushed over like a gale of fire!"

Madam Shi only knew how to flatter her eldest daughter-in-law. She didn't care for a proper mother-in-law like her. She had always been unhappy. He then hummed a few times and did not dare to delay any longer. After changing his clothes, he hurriedly brought the little girl over.

As for the young mistress, she saw Mrs. He out of the door. When she turned around, she intentionally made a circle around to look at the courtyard allocated to her. The courtyard was called Yu Mo Xuan. He lifted his foot and walked through the half-moon stone threshold. He saw bamboo plants scattered around the courtyard. Under the bamboo plants were polished stone tables and chairs. Beside the bamboo plants were a few pots of Blue Orchids. When she saw this quiet place, she immediately fell in love with it. He looked around the yard. There were two main houses on the left and right side of the yard. Each of them had an ear room on the outside. The room was separated from the other one by a hall. It was specially used for receiving guests. There were two large rooms on each side of the room. There was a small kitchen built at the back of the house and a few small rooms beside it, but they were all for the servants and their wives to live in.

Just as they were strolling back to their room, Chun Ying and Qiu Yan were packing their luggage. However, they came out and asked which room they would like to take as a gift. Would they like to register it?

"Everyone needs to be sent to me. I've already been registered in the register. I'm in a hurry, so please send them to me as per the list." The elder sister nodded. "Previously, I did not teach you guys to read in vain. This time, I have to recognize a person's name. Don't get mixed up in this."

While they were talking, they were about to arrange rooms for everyone, but a matron came to see her and smiled, "I'll arrange another room for Big Sis. Little sister has always been by Young Mistress' side, but I'm afraid to stay apart and cry at night. If it was spring and my brother was used to living here, it would be easy for him to tidy up a room for them to live in. "Since Madame had said so, we had only cleaned up the entire courtyard. Young Mistress, do you find it satisfactory? If you have anything else to add, just tell us and we'll arrange it right away."

The woman nodded, knowing that the steward was here to flatter her. The first person to come up with this idea was probably because she thought that since she was only born in a low family, she didn't mind. Now that she was here, Old Madam He was really giving her face and stuffing two hot girls into her hands. When they saw this, they felt that the wind might change, so they hurried over to flatter him.

When the steward's wife had gone down to the dining room, Qiu Tang and Qiu Ping also hurried over. The elder sister did not hold back and let them sit down to talk. Qiu Tang and Qiu Ping smiled. "I've heard from my mother that she is the one who has taken pity on me the most. Now that I've met her, it's true." As he spoke, he apologized and sat down on a small stool in front of his mistress.

Oh, it looks like these two came prepared. At this time, they had already asked Wang Ma about the origin of their temperament, so they were definitely two smart people. She was about fourteen or fifteen years old, her features were pretty, and her actions revealed a sense of elegance. If you didn't know, you would have thought that they were girls from the same family, but who would have thought that they were just two girls with some face!

As she slowly asked about the origins of their hometown and how old they were, she smiled and said, "The old lady gave you two words, 'Brother Yuan' and 'Sister Yuan'. However, they are still young and must be raised by my side. If you have anything to say, just tell me, there's no need to hide it. "

Qiu Tang and Qiu Pingping agreed and said a few more words. Since they still had to go back to fetch the bunks, they left. When she saw them leave, Chun Ying came over and whispered, "Young Mistress, this autumn leaf looks more like a girl than a girl."

"The He manor is not as rural as ours. This girl is also divided into several levels! They were the first-rate lass by the old lady's side, so they didn't have to work. At most, they could pass tea and water to the old lady. After they left the old lady's house, there was also the little girl who served them. These ten fingers are naturally slender and delicate. " She looked at Chun Ying's finger and covered her mouth as she said, "You may be the big girl beside me, but you do everything. What you do is something that I have to do, so of course my fingers won't be thin. Now that we are in the capital, not only have we split up the time between the autumn and the autumn flowers, but we've also used the example of other wives to teach the little girl and make her do things. In the future, you can also make the little girl do things slowly, and naturally, your fingers will be slender as well. "

"Young Mistress, when we were waiting outside the old lady's hall earlier, we were standing in a corner and no one was paying attention to us, but we heard a few wives talk about how Big Mistress' Wen and Sister Yi were loved the most by the old ladies. At the age of six, he is already quite famous among his relatives. Everyone says that he is as intelligent as our Young Master when he was young! There was also Sister Yi, who was only four years old. She had heard that she was smart and loved everyone. "Later on, they whispered that now that I'm here and that with my looks, I'm afraid the old lady will turn on me and hurt my feelings!"

Although Wang Ma had told her elder sister about the matters of everyone in the mansion, because she had lived with them in the countryside for the past few years, she naturally did not know about the matters of this younger generation. Hearing Chun Ying's words, your elder sister thought for a while and said: "Now that you've called two girls over to me, everyone is speechless. Brother, you want to snatch the love of the younger generation, but I'm afraid that it will lead to even more jealousy. If someone is to praise your sister, then all of you have to speak modestly and not praise yourselves. "

The ladies agreed, but there was a little girl who came to invite them to eat in the front hall. By the time your sister arrived with her baby dragon and phoenix, Mrs. He's room was already packed. He Zining's two sons and daughter had already returned from their uncle's house and were huddled together with Old Madam He. When it came to grandchildren, Matriarch He naturally doted on He Nian the most. When it came to great-grandchildren, Matriarch He cared about He Wen, He Zining's youngest son, who was six years old, and his youngest daughter, He Yi, who was four years old, the most. But this time, when your elder sister brought Longfeng Chuan into the hall, Old Madam He hurriedly waved her hands and said, "Have Saying Bro and Sister Yuan to sit by my side."

He Wen and He Yi raised their heads and saw the dragon and phoenix embryo. They were first surprised, then they exclaimed, "Wow! Two identical looking babies!" When Old Madam He told them to sit next to her mother and asked the newly arrived little olives and He Yuan to sit next to them, she became displeased and pouted, not saying anything for a long time.

Upon seeing this, the elder sister hurriedly smiled and said, "Old lady, please forgive me. The only thing I'm afraid of is that big sister Yuan will sit by my side. I'm just afraid that they might disturb the old lady from eating."

Old Granny He smiled and said, "Just take it with you and disturb my bad food. Don't tell me you're going to starve me?"

Before elder sister could say anything, the little olive had already yelled, "Mother, I won't disturb anyone when I eat. You can rest assured!"

She had no choice but to take the olives and He Yuan to sit next to Mrs. He.

When your elder sister heard that Old Madam He had made two rules, the first one was that everyone of all sizes could be served at the table during the meal. Wife wives didn't have to wait on the table to serve food and cloth dishes. The second was that his wife didn't have to go to bed early, she could go to him whenever she wanted to. As expected, the meeting made him heave a sigh of relief. If he had to suffer so much over a meal, it would be better for him to continue living in the countryside.

It turned out that when Matriarch He married into the He Family, she was so happy that she had to stand and wait on her mother-in-law to eat. At night, she even paid respects to her mother-in-law. Later, her mother-in-law allowed her to wait on her without standing up and did not have to wait until morning to greet her. When she heard that her mother-in-law didn't need her to come sooner or later to pay her respects, she could just do as she pleased. However, the hatred in her heart had vanished, and she felt sincere and filial towards her mother-in-law. Later on, Matriarch He married her own wife, so she didn't have to pay respects to her mother-in-law. Thus, she told her daughter-in-law not to pay her respects sooner or later. "By the time her mother-in-law died, Mrs. He had already abandoned the two wives' rules.

By the time they finished eating and the lady brought the child back to her own courtyard, it just so happened that He Nian was back as well. Because they had been rushing all the way here and there, they had hurried to pay their respects to this and that. Both of them were extremely tired, so they prepared to rest for the time being. However, the baby dragon and phoenix refused to sleep with the wet nurse, only insisting that they share a bed. In the end, the four of them had no choice but to sleep together on the big bed.

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