When a tomboy falls in love/C2 Feeling sorry for you
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When a tomboy falls in love/C2 Feeling sorry for you
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C2 Feeling sorry for you

Liliana's pov :

Everything was lying on the floor except me, my pride was also somewhat on the floor, too. I stared at him in disgust, my face had just one expression-'shock'. After what happened today, he still dared to visit me.

"Hey, Lily! I met your mom in the hallway, she told me that you were in the kitchen so here I'm," he uttered and shrugged as if it was so casual to be here in my house, at that time.

I sighed and opened my mouth, "so what?! Who gave you the fucking right to disturb me at night? Did you even think for once before coming here at midnight?" Fury mixed with my blood and circulated in my veins. He was the last person on the earth I ever wanted to see.

"Take it easy, Lily. Chill! I came here to help you with the assignment, I stole someone else's assignment for you, here!" He handed it to me and ran one hand through his brown hair and shoved the other hand in the pocket of jeans, trying to be a cool asshole.

How could he think that I could be as cruel as him? He had been giving me more and more reasons since childhood to hate him more.

Throwing it to his face, I crossed my arms across my chest. "You little brat! You should give that assignment to the person who worked hard to write that but you won't understand what hard work is?! Because you never did so just move your ass out of my house. And never call me Lily, I hate that name as much as I hate you, Goodbye!"

"Is that how you treat your best friend, Lily? You disappointed me, girl. I could never believe if somebody else would have told me this but now, I have seen everything and I'm not gonna let you go. Apologize to Justin right now!" My mom appeared from nowhere like a ghost and without even asking me the reason as always, she ordered like a queen. Well, that's why I gave a suitable nickname to her, QUEEN!

I was as innocent as a baby whose candy was stolen by her friend, and when the baby starts crying, everyone is looking down upon the baby who is crying just for candy.

When I was six years old and he lied to my mom for the first time, that time my mom didn't ask me for once if I really hit him or not! Nothing changed in the past eleven years, she still believed her best friend's son more than her daughter. She never cared to ask for once about whose mistake it was! Perhaps it was my fault to expect her caring heart for me.

I still tried to protest as always, knowing that it won't make any difference. "But mom, he copied my assignment. I worked days and nights for that assignment, I spent my whole month on my work, and he just stole my book and copied it. You won't believe what happened to me today, our teacher accused me of stealing the assignment from Justin. Can you believe it? I was accused of cheating just because of him."

Deep down, I knew it wasn't necessary to explain anything to her because my mom was never going to listen to me. But I was too stubborn to give up, she might listen to me and believe me one day.

"Look, Lily! Whatever happened it was just between both of you, I'm no one to point my finger at either of you. I know just one thing that I have taught you manners, you can't talk like that with anyone. Honey, it's your best friend, your childhood friend, how can you speak like that to him?"

I was not dismayed, I already knew that my queen mom was not gonna interfere with my study affairs, she would take interest in the matter when it's about manners and her BFF's son.

Justin smirked and showed his middle finger to me. My mom was standing in front of Justin so there was no chance that she could see him.

"This stupid boy is not even my friend, let alone be my best friend." Why did my mother always call him my best friend? Just because he was her best friend's son and we were of the same age and in the same class, we were not going to initiate a tradition of friendship between Blakes and Watsons.

"It's fine, Mrs. Watson! I know, she is never gonna apologize to me," he muttered and made his puppy face."But I hope you won't be mad at her, I don't want you guys to fight because of me."

Damn that innocent puppy look! Fucking bastard!

"Why is he in ordinary school? He should be in acting school, he is not good at anything but acting." I mumbled to myself and sighed in disgust.

It was nothing new for me, I have been tolerating his melodrama since his sixth birthday. I knew very well what to do next because I was told to be strong and fight that day.

"Oh, my boy! You are so sweet, I've told you a million times you can call me Kristen." She broke into a smile. "I'm your mom's BFF. We are thinking of your marriage and you guys are still behaving like kids. I'm disheartened with your behavior."

"What the f...heck!" I cried out as I was stunned. "Mom, please! I'm not gonna marry anyone this early, and this monkey, haha..! Don't have high hopes, mom!"

"Can you please behave like a lady, Lily? You're seventeen years old. Apologize to him, right now, it's an order."

"Mom, please! Give me one accurate reason why should I say sorry to him?" I knew how to handle this melodrama very well, I've become an expert in the past eleven years.

My mom started taking deep breaths. According to her, it was the best thing to do to blow off the steam.

"It's your mistake, Liliana Waston! You are supposed to say sorry to Justin without any excuse." She gritted her teeth and plastered a smile on her lips.

I was pro at saying sorry. "Fiona, I need some energy, please, give me orange juice!"

Fiona quickly took a glass and filled it with orange juice and gave it to me. I headed towards Justin, he was taking his steps backward as if he read my mind and I started strolling faster.

"Hey, hey, Lily! Sorry, Lia! Listen to me, I...I…," and I fumbled with the broken pieces of the tray, and the orange juice was all over his face, neck, and clothes.

It was just an accident, not a plan. I didn't deliberately step on the broken tray.

"Oh, oops! I'm extremely sorry Mr. Justin Blake, I'm feeling so sorry for you," I smirked. "Fiona, help Justin with this. I'm going to my room." I patted his shoulder and whispered, "you fucking little brat, you can never make me do what I don't wanna do."

My mom understood everything very clearly and left quickly as she had nothing to say now.

Fiona quickly asked as I made a move to leave, "I'll make you another plate, Miss Watson. Please, eat!" That girl was so kind and caring, for the very first time, I realized how it felt when someone cared for you.

"I guess, there is someone who cares for me. Thank you so much, Fiona! From today, we are friends. And I don't need any food now. I'm full of this drama."

"How could you do this to me, Lily? You are ready to be friends with this maid but not with me…? Are you trying to compare me with your servant? It's ridiculous, Lily."

I pointed my index finger towards Justin. "You know what, this isn't the first time when you manipulated my mom and humiliated me. I've been bearing your torture since childhood, and you expect me to be friends with you?" I frowned and rolled my eyes. "Well, not possible! And always remember one thing that just because you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, it doesn't mean that you are allowed to humiliate or make fun of others who don't have money." I wasn't finished yet.

"Wait, I guess, even if someone is poor, they are working hard to achieve success, not using their parent's money for granted just like you. Do you wanna hear more? If not, then simply leave! You don't have work to do but I have. I have to redo my assignment just because of you."

He swiped his face with his hands. "Stop! I'm not interested in your gibberish either. Goodbye!"

"Goodbye, asshole!" I shouted gleefully and headed to my room.

I reclined myself on the bed, both palms were lying on the sheet of the bed, and my legs were straightened in a relaxed position. Open hair gave me a messier look but I loved my hair waving freely because freedom is the best feeling in this world, and at least some part of me could feel free.

Seizing some long breaths, I sat on my bed. Lazily, I stood up from my bed and walked over to my desk and again started the assignment. My attention diverted towards the door when I heard a knock.

"Miss Watson, it's Fiona! May I come in?"

"Yeah, sure!" I shouted hurriedly.

Fiona came in with a tray in her hand, the same fruits, mango juice, and milk.

"Thanks for your concern, I was hungry but I have to finish this and submit it tomorrow. I don't have time for eating." I spoke bluntly and swirled my head towards my laptop again.

Fiona took the glass of milk and put it on the desk. "It'll take only ten seconds to drink milk. I suppose it's healthy to drink milk while studying, it'll help you to focus."

"Well, milk can't help me to focus because I'm so pissed off. But it'll only take ten seconds so I'm taking this." My eyes were still on the laptop, I took the glass and finished it within ten seconds. "Thank you, Fiona! I'll talk to you tomorrow, bye, good night!"

"Okay, good night! Have a good sleep!" She took the glass and placed it on the tray and started moving out of the room.

"It's not a good night for me, I can't sleep tonight because that dickhead stole my assignment," I screamed with sarcasm and we both chuckled.

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