When a tomboy falls in love/C3 Mysterious boyfriend
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When a tomboy falls in love/C3 Mysterious boyfriend
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C3 Mysterious boyfriend

Liliana's pov :

I slept at 4:00 am and woke up at 5:00 am, it was my rule, no matter what I'll wake up at 5:00 am every day except weekends.

Yawning, I sat on the bed and shut the alarm off with my closed eyes. "It's not such a great day, I'm feeling like someone is hammering in my head. Oh God, why is it so hard to open my eyes? Ughh!" I rubbed my eyes, "I need a break from this schedule but before taking a break, I need to go to school and submit my assignment." I crawled out of my bed.

It was not an arduous task for me to select an outfit, whatever comes across my eyes first, that's the dress of the day. Daddy's princess wasn't a title made for me so I never behaved like the one.

From a not-so-great wardrobe, I picked a plain white t-shirt with just one-word print WORTHY and grey jeggings within a blink and walked into the washroom.

I was a speedball in doing every work, (especially, all the girly things like selecting clothes, shopping, taking baths, make-up, etc) I got ready pretty soon after taking a shower by just wearing clothes and combing my hair. And that's it!

Wearing my shoes, at last, I went downstairs. I was as exhausted as hell but taking a break and sleeping was not my thing, regardless, I'll follow my routine.

The gym was a happy place for me, I loved spending the early morning time in the gym but I got to know today that lack of sleep can make this place inexpedient.

Asshole, Justin! I wished I could be a vampire and drink all the blood of his body.

"Hey, Liliana! There is a box for you, your boyfriend asked me to give it to you when I was parking my car. He seems benevolent and handsome. I never thought you would have a boyfriend but I'm happy for you." The gym trainer joked and gave me a traumatic brain injury. "The mysterious boyfriend, hmm?"

How could there be my boyfriend when I never accepted anyone's proposal?!

Hence, there were plenty of guys who had a crush on me, and some of them dared to ask me out, too. But a few of them got punches, some earned slaps, some obtained abusive words but no one got a 'yes' or a kiss from me.

Last week, a guy came to propose to me with a cute bouquet of lilies. He thought I would like lilies because many people in the school called me Lily but poor guy…! He never knew that if there was something that I hated a lot, then, it was none other than 'Lily'.

Either it's the name or flower, I hated both Lilies. I took the bouquet and gave a captivating smile towards him, then, I smelled Lilies. Gee, the fragrance was so overwhelming that I closed my eyes to control my rage. I threw the bouquet on his head, before I could take some more actions, he ran away rapidly.

I knew that behavior wasn't acceptable and good, I could simply say no to him. By my actions, everyone would call me bitch or arrogant but that was necessary. I would say no and then, he would keep chasing me everywhere, trying to approach me.

So I had to do it in the end but I did it in the beginning to cut the crap. I wanted a wrong image of mine in everybody's mind because I didn't want anyone to come to me and ask me out. If I offend them, they will spread advice that no one ever should ask me out. Problem solved!

But who was my mysterious boyfriend? It was still the toughest question.

"What the fuck, Olivia! I have a boyfriend? How come I haven't seen him yet? Where is the bag?" It was a rapid and honest response from me.

Olivia had no amazement in her blue eyes, she knew very well it was one of my admirers. She always helped me in shooing away all the boys' gaze off me in the gym. "Here, you go! " She gave the box to me and scowled.

I quickly tore off the box and there was a perfume bottle with a love card. But there was no name on the card, just a heart emoji. "Olivia, let me check your CCTV footage!" I knew the security area so I started walking towards the room without waiting for Olivia's permission. I could consider her as a supporter, I knew that she wouldn't refuse me to check out the CCTV footage.

"Hey, Olivia! Please, be a gym trainer for now. I need your help more than any silly girl. It's a gym, a place for workouts, not for romance." A guy asked for help and judged me without hesitance.

I was already fatigued because of the lack of sleep and didn't want to mess with one more guy in the morning so I ignored him. Lucky guy!

Olivia mumbled, "you are lucky that she didn't hear you otherwise, you would be in trouble. I'll be back in just one minute, you can drink water and chill."

I sighed, at least Olivia warned him. That was kinda her duty. I was the only girl who used to come to the gym early in the morning so, except for me, the gym was filled with boys.

Instantly I started the search for that guy but I couldn't find him as he was not captured on CCTV. I decided to ignore the drama for now as I was a busy bug and also bone-weary.

Throwing the lovely box into the dustbin without even checking the fragrance, I gaped at Olivia who was rolling her eyes. "You could donate that perfume, girl. There is no need to be that harsh on guys, you are beautiful but you shouldn't be arrogant."

"I know that. Anyway, I had a bad night last night so I'm not in the mood for any drama or explanation."

I strolled over to the exercise area where I could use some gym equipment. After spending one and half hours in the gym, I bid goodbye to Olivia and sat in the car.

The driver drove me home and during that time, I took a short nap of ten minutes. Cursing Justin, I entered the house and quickly took a cold shower to cool my pissed-off nerves.

I did put on a plain black shirt with black wide-leg charcoal jeans. A ponytail was not going fair with the look but who gives a damn about the looks? I took my phone and pushed it into my pocket. Grabbing my school bag, I closed the door and sauntered to the dining table.

"Good morning, Miss Watson! What would you like for breakfast?" John, one of the great fifty workers of Watson Mansion greeted me with a pleasant smile.

I had no exact preference for breakfast, I just needed the food to fill my ravenous stomach. "Morning, John! Anything is better for me, just don't forget the juice."

"Okay, Miss Watson! I'll be right back with your breakfast." John bowed and headed to the kitchen. Even though I had asked him thousands of times not to bow to me, he would still do that to make me feel like a princess that I surely wasn't.

After completing the omelet and sandwich, I grabbed the glass of juice and chugged it down my throat. And before my parents could arrive at the dining area, I escaped from the house. My mom won't forget to complain to my dad about last night so running away was the best option.

I reached my school, submitted the assignment, and attended all the classes with great enthusiasm. Nothing should affect the study. Studying is more important than any other shit.


Nobody knew that I didn't love my lavish life, I was a different soul. I had a goal to complete and make my own identity. Being recognized as Liliana Watson wasn't a proud thing but being identified as Doctor Liliana Watson was a fucking proud. My father was the second richest man in Los Angeles so I was living an extraordinary life.

There was a deal between my father and me that I'll go to the gym and school in the car with the driver but in return from school, I would take the bus. I loved traveling on the bus, that was the simple reason.

So I was waiting for the bus at the bus stop. And suddenly a guy drew my attention, he pulled down his helmet and put it on his bike. His velvety and coiffured hair with low fade style was making him look like an angel. Before I could take more notes of him, he started kicking his bike with a furious face and it made sense that the bike cheated on him that's why he stopped midway.

I was just gawking at the guy shamelessly, he was looking so handsome even in anger. I smiled while staring at his cute face, wait, was I drooling after seeing him?

"Hi!" He walked to me and threw a captivating smile at me. I was still staring at him with a fan-girl smile on my face.

He waved and I came back to my senses. "Hey!" I bit my lip and finally spoke to him.

"How come you look so pretty with that natural beauty? I was waiting for you whole my life. Will you accompany me to a party?" He made a puppy face and I blushed.

It seemed like I was waiting for this proposal only, and this boy was destined to meet me. My heart felt it and my mind stopped working and it was good for me because I wasn't a party girl and my mind would never cooperate with my heart.

This strange boy didn't seem stranger to my heart, I was feeling like I knew him and without thinking anything, I said yes to him.

"So my princess, are you ready to go to a different world?" He extended his hand, and I gave my hand to him. "You look cute with that sweet blush."

The driver blew the horn and I realised that I was fucking daydreaming and blushing like a maniac. I hastily climbed into the bus and occupied a window seat, thankfully, the bus wasn't full yet.

I twirled my head back and saw that boy running in the direction of the bus, he was probably chasing the bus. There was something about him that I didn't want to stop gazing at, he was an attractive handsome hunk.

As soon as the driver saw him running in the side mirror, he stopped the bus, the driver was probably kind. "Be quick, boy!" He screamed and threw a genuine smile in his direction.

"Thank you, driver! You saved my life." That guy chuckled and a small smile approached my lips. I loved smiling but no one in my life could give me reasons for smiling. I wondered how his giggling made me smile, but I didn't want to stop smiling.

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