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C4 Coffee

Jason's pov :

"God damn it!" I kicked the bike. "This is not what I had expected from a brand new bike. I'm fucked up, I'll ruin everything that I was preparing for last week."

Checking the plug and all the wires setting though I couldn't understand much as I wasn't a mechanic and I was a new bike rider, I again started my bike but it didn't start. Fuck! I didn't have enough time to stand here and think about what was wrong with my bike?!

Seizing my phone from the pocket of my jeans, I searched for a cab but there was no cab available at that time so I looked around and found a bus stop near me.

I began solving the problem in my mind, "her favorite restaurant is not very far from here and I'm also having a shortage of time. I think this bus will help me. But I'm already late, the bus is leaving. Oh, God! Wait…..! Hello…..! Please, stop the bus!" I started running to catch the bus.

A boy's first love is always his bike. I dreamed of this bike when I was ten years old and my dad bought me this bike on my birthday. Just two weeks ago, I turned to a mature number- eighteenth and got my dream bike as a birthday gift.

It's fortunate to see the dreams come true when you just need to be eligible for your dream, you don't even need to do anything because you have money down the drain.

Why do you need to worry about money when your dad is the richest man in the town? That's how I met my girlfriend!

Real girlfriend? No, it's not my thing. I'm a dreamy boy, I'm not looking for hookups or breathtaking beauty, I'm waiting for my perfect fairy tale.

Who says a boy can't dream of a fairy tale?

Who says a boy can't like a fairy tale?

Who says a boy needs a girlfriend more than anything when you have your dream bike?

Who says a boy looks for hookups only?

Who says a boy's first kiss doesn't mean anything to him?

Who says a boy can't hold on to his desires?

Who says being the last love of a boy is special when you can become the first and only love of his life?

Even if someone says so it doesn't affect me at all, I don't give a damn about what others think or say…! All I care about is my sister and friends, they don't judge me for this.

When it comes to my perfect love, it's like nigh on impossible. I don't know what kinda girl I want, I just know one thing that I want a girl who is not alive for make-up and also not a fashionista, a girl who won't love me just because I'm the one and only son of Casano who'll become the owner of CASANO EMPIRE in the future. And a girl who is not like my mother whose priority is business and money.

I believe that when I'll meet that girl who is meant to be with me, my heart will pop up from the rib cage, my love story would be like a roller coaster ride where you fear, you enjoy, you scream, you glee, you cry but most importantly those tears are of joy and you love that ride.

It's hard to find true love but the jiff when I see that love, I'll lose my control, I'll stare at her like an astronomer stares at stars, I'll take her in my embrace as a kid embraces his best friend.

But there should be one quality in that girl, she should be as kind as Barbie, my elder sister who is just two years older than me but behaves like she is my mother.

I love my sister the most in the world. I would do anything for her because she did a lot for him, I respect her, I love her, she is my role model. She means so much to me and whenever anyone tries to approach Barbie, I become an overprotective bodyguard brother though I'm younger than her.

The heirs of 'Casano Empire' are the biggest problems of my parents, the daughter is too mature that she never gives anyone a chance, her only dream is to become a supermodel, twenty years old Barbara hasn't started dating yet, everyone treats her like a princess.

Long Honey blonde and luscious hair give Barbara a look of a Barbie doll, that's why everyone calls her Barbie, no one knows her as Barbara except outsiders, her hair is the enchanting part of her. Green hazel eyes are love-struck to all the guys of town, just one look of her is enough to fall in love with this girl. And that's why I have to be overprotective and bodyguard for her though she is capable of handling everything.

Barbie doesn't need the high-heels but she wears high-heels because she thinks she is capable of carrying the heels with conviction. Who needs to wear heels when you are already 5 feet nine inches tall? But Barbie is a girl full of self-made, her personality differs from the crowd.

Her only flaw is that she is a foodie, she loves food more than her mascara, she cheats on the diet probably daily but then, she spends all the time in workouts, sports, and dance.

And that's the secret of her skinny body.

The great and magnificent Barbie has no time for dating, she is turning twenty today and our parents are worried about her love life. I'm very proud of my sister but sometimes, I feel afraid when it comes to her love life. Her happiness is the most precious thing in the works for me so I'll make sure that the guy who'll date her deserves her or not.

I was chasing the bus, a girl turned back and saw me running but when she caught me looking at her, she turned her face and within five seconds the bus stopped.

The driver shouted, "Be quick, boy!" I hooked the door of the bus and took a breath of relief. "Thank you, driver! You saved my life." He nodded and smiled.

The driver started the bus, and when I turned to take a seat, the girl who saw me while I was galloping was still looking at me. I stared at her, and my heartbeat started beating crazily.

Our eyes locked with each other, no one was willing to stop ogling at another one.

The driver again screamed, "there are so many empty seats, you should take one, don't stand here, you'll get hurt."

That girl averted her gaze and started looking outside from the window. I was wondering where I should sit?! I found an empty seat next to that girl, and I chose to sit there.

I had to say at least thanks to that girl who helped me. Maybe she saw me running and asked the driver to stop the bus. Just like a gentleman as I was, I decided to show some gratitude.

"Hey, thanks for your help!"

She looked at me with a dampened smile. "I didn't help you, the driver saw you himself by the side mirror perhaps."

"Oops! Sorry for making you feel embarrassed!" I could see her feeling uneasy with my thanks so I apologized. Her blue eyes weren't as deep as mine, that's what I could notice in the meantime.

I didn't dare to look at her again, she glued her gaze at the window and mine was straight to the bus. There was something about her that made me feel interested in knowing more about her.

She didn't flirt with me, not even tried to impress me or talk to me. Every other girl in the school used to throw themselves at me but this girl had no desire to even look at me. She had the chance to talk to me and flirt with me, the driver wasn't going to say the truth that she didn't ask him to stop the bus nevertheless she didn't lie.

Another thing I discovered with the corners of my eyes about her was her weird dress sense. Black shirt with black pants?! Perhaps she didn't know that she was so pretty and just needed to work a little on her looks and dress sense.

Both of us became silent for a while, I was confused if I should sit here or if I should change my seat but I didn't want to change my seat.

"I wasn't feeling embarrassed, I hope that I didn't offend you by my blunt attitude," she retorted after a while, breaking the awkward silence between us.

"Um no! Not at all! In fact, I really appreciate that attitude. I hope you don't mind sitting me here, do you?" I offered her an awkward smile which she returned to me.

"Nope! Why will I?" She started giggling and I just smiled, there was nothing to laugh about but still, I managed to pretend to laugh so she wouldn't feel awkward.

Why was it so awkward to talk and sitting next to a girl? But I wanted to know more about that girl and she was really interesting so I tried to make a conversation, "actually I was going to a restaurant, and suddenly my bike stopped in midway so I took the bus."

"I know that," She uttered and abruptly faced the window again, slapping her forehead. "I mean I saw you there, I was waiting for the bus so, um-"

"Oh! Okay!" Smiling awkwardly, I again lacked the words to talk. Should I ask her for coffee?

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