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C5 The bike boy

Liliana's pov :

Why was it so awkward to talk and sit next to a boy? A while ago, our eyes were locked and I was lost somewhere though he was farther from me. There was something about him that made me observe him.

"Hey! That restaurant is really nice and the coffee is just awesome. Would you like to join me?" He asked and my eyes widened in response.

I swallowed a lump in my throat and exhaled slowly not to make him realize that he was the first guy who dared to ask me for coffee.

"Uh, I would love to join you but I have to go to my job so I can't make it today. Maybe next time?" I didn't want to sound rude so I politely handled it.

"Sure! Thanks!" He smiled and there would be silence again.

Wait, was I searching for romcom love? Hell, no! I shouldn't find a stranger attractive. Maybe the lack of sleep was causing my mind to not work appropriately.

"He is not a stranger, Lia and there is no way you can't find him attractive and handsome. Your heartbeat is doing justice to the fact," my brain muttered and I put my hand on my chest to check my heartbeat.

Jesus! My brain was right, my heart was galloping with not a usual speed.

No! I couldn't let it be! I just needed a good ten hours of sleep, and I'll again be fine as before. Yes, extra two hours for the loss I did to my mind last night because of that little brat!

Although I was trying to control the urge to look at him and observe his physical appearance, more than his greasy brown hair. I was continuously looking outside of the window, my neck started having pain, so I moved my neck in a round motion.

Oh, God! His oval-shaped face was so perfect for his luscious hair, it was as perfect as the full moon with the night, and his eyes um wait…!

Is this Fiona?

"So you're going to your work? I mean, you seem like a high-school going girl and you go to work? Are you trying to avoid me?" He narrowed his eyes and made himself more comfortable on the seat.

"No! Why would I avoid you? If you don't believe me, you can come to my work and it's a pretty good place to hang out," I uttered while smiling to make him believe me. I didn't want to tell him that I worked at a restaurant as a waitress because I didn't want him to change his plan for me still, my heart wanted to do that.

He giggled. "Alright! Next time for sure! Sorry for making you feel uncomfortable!" He suppressed his lips and I found it was again going to be awkward so I decided to talk to Fiona.

"Hey, Fiona! What are you doing here?" I asked her to see a glimpse of her curly hair. She was sitting on my opposite side, I wondered how I could not find her before.

My brain instantly replied that you were not in a good circumstance to notice anybody else except the bike boy.

"Hello, Miss Watson! I'm going home." She put on a forced smile and I could see that she was not pleased to see me on the same bus as her.

I got it! It was because she was hesitant and apprehensive to talk to me, the only reason was supposed to be that I belonged to the great 'Watson' family.

"Ugh! I'm not Queen Victoria, you should call me Lia. It's so annoying to be called Miss Watson, I have a pretty nice name, right?" I pronounced and saw from the corner of my eyes that he was taking out headphones from his bag. I bet he was not habituated to travelling on the bus. I could discern the discomfiture clearly through the clumsy movements of his hands.

My attention drew away from him when Fiona stood up from her seat and came closer to me. "Excuse me, Jason!" And then, I felt that she came to him, not to me. I was gaping at her with raised eyebrows. How she could know this bike boy!

He looked at her and took his phone, possibly to stop the music, "yes, Fiona!"

Oh! The bike boy also knew Fiona, I was feeling jeal...no, no! I was a bit off, my mind was not functioning well and my thoughts were going in the wrong direction.

"This is my friend, Liliana! Um actually, we wanted to chat, would you mind exchanging seats with me?" She smiled and pointed her finger to the seat where she was sitting before.

"I won't mind, thank you!" He stood up and then whatever he did, I didn't notice. I took out my phone from the pocket of my jeans to do nothing, just to avoid looking at him.

Who asked Fiona to sit here? I didn't invite her to chat with me, I was feeling envious and a bit outraged.

"Do you like him?"

"Huh?" It was the only reaction I could give to her, it was like she threw some kind of nuclear bomb at me.

"I'm sorry! I'm really sorry, Miss Watson! Please, act like I didn't say anything. Ignore my inadequate words." She was again afraid of me.

"Okay! It's fine, Fiona! Relax! You are my friend, I don't mind your funny words. Haha!" I giggled as she uttered some funny jokes.

She smiled, and it was not a forced smile this time. I liked this girl, she was kind and simple just like my elder brother Ben. I missed him, I wished I could also fly to London for college but I had to complete my high school first.

"Umm...it was not convenient to talk from my seat as it's distant so I asked him to exchange our seats. I hope you are okay with it."

Whatever the reason was, I didn't care much. I was a tomboy and I couldn't give a damn about boys. "Of course, girl! You don't need to explain everything to me, remember one thing that I called you my friend and I can be a good friend if someone would give me an opportunity to prove my friendship." I genuinely smiled from the heart.

It was a fair day, not a bad day. I liked her company and I would love to have a friend like her in my life.

"Can I ask you something?" She had a gleam in her eyes.

Curiosity was arousing in her eyes and mind, I guess.


"Why are you friends with a girl like me? Yesterday night, I thought you said those words because you wanted to offend Justin. But now, I… um…!" She swallowed a lump in her throat and downed her gaze.

Was I more complicated than physics equilibrium? Yes, I made that image myself. I was the most difficult person to understand, my parents should have named me 'Maths'.

"Fiona, darling! You don't know me. I'm a very bad person but not for everyone, I can be a good person sometimes unless someone shows their bad side. Yesterday night, whatever I said, it was indeed true and real as the light of the sun."

"You are a billionaire or maybe more rich than it." She smiled as she again was confused about me. "Why are you going home by bus?"

"Good question, Fee! It's a deal between my dad and me that I'll use my car to go anywhere but for coming back home, I'll use the bus. I enjoy travelling by bus. Can I call you Fee?"

"To be honest, if I'm your friend, you can call me by any name, I won't mind. I have no friends so I don't know how one behaves with a friend," she again lowered her eyes.

I never felt that someone could be as alone as me in this universe, I also had no friends.

"Don't worry! Just be yourself and be honest because it's worth it!" I took her hands into mine, "I also have no friends but I'm not ashamed of this fact, maybe no one deserved to be my friend but you deserve it. Never be ashamed of however and whoever you are, money is not something that allows anyone to be rude and humiliate others."

As soon as I noticed her sorry face, I snickered. "Hey! Please, don't show me your sorry face or any sympathy for me! I never wanted fake friends, it's better to have just one loyal friend. I know, there is a hell of a difference between the so-called princesses, the daughters of rich families and me though I belong to the one but trust me, I'm a psychopath." I shrugged and nudged her arm to make her laugh, too.

"I'm honoured to be your friend, I like your sense of humour and brilliant attitude, I never thought that the great Liliana Watson would be a simple girl." She finally retorted without any hesitant look in her eyes.

I was going to arrive at my destination soon. So I thought to have a look at that bike boy. My eyes were slowly following his direction but I was already at my stop before I could see him, and I had to stop my filthy mind.

"Lemme tell you a secret! I work at that restaurant as a waitress." I pointed towards the other side where the restaurant was located.

"Are you kidding me?"

"Absolutely, not!" I rolled my eyes and smirked. "I know what you're thinking now but that's how I'm!"

Fiona smiled at me and uttered, "I'm not gonna judge you. In fact, I'll visit this place sometimes and get an extra discount because my friend works here."

"Sounds like a plan! Well, I'm getting late and the driver won't stop the bus here for a long time just for our chatting so goodbye, sweetheart!"

"Goodbye, pretty girl!" She nodded and I got off the bus.

Fiona wasn't a bimbo and that was sufficient reason for being friends with her. I didn't hesitate for once while chattering with her, I enjoyed her company and forgot about that bike boy.

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