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C6 Girlfriend

Liliana's pov :

Mrs. Fennimore gave me a beaming smile as I entered my workplace, "Hello, girl! Why are you looking somber today?" She spoke as walked towards me.

"It's a long story, Mrs. Fennimore, let me serve, first," I was having a nostalgic feeling, for the first time, I didn't want to work today, I wanted to sit alone with a mug of espresso at Augustus Hawkins park so that I could clear my head.

But rules are the rules, if I have made the rules, I'm not gonna break any of them.

The great thing about my workplace was that I didn't need to wear any uniform like other places where girls wear shorts and Mrs. Fennimore is a great companion for me, she never complains about anything.

I put my hair into a bun and heard Mrs. Fennimore called my name, so I rushed over there.

"This is Mr. Casano, our oldest and humble customer, take his order and pack everything immediately, this boy is in a hurry," she was explaining, and Mr. Casano punctuated, "can you please do me a favor, Mrs. Fennimore? I can't wait here to get the food. I'm organizing a surprise party for my sister, so I'm handling everything by myself. Can you please send someone to deliver the food and also the cake?"

As I gave attention to his voice, it intimated me to somebody, he looked at me and I was dumbstruck.

How could he come here?

Was he really here?

Wait, was he chasing me?

Why would he chase me?

No! It's impossible.

He looks like an angel, and I look so sinister.

Um, that means we got off the bus at the same place. The bus of my thoughts pressed the break as Mrs. Fennimore broke the silence, "we don't provide the delivery facility to anyone but since you are our old customer, I will help you, please, write the address over there," she pointed towards the counter, "and, I'll deliver your food."

It's an old restaurant but the food here is authentic and divine, and I work here as a waitress, sometimes as a cook, too but it depends on my mood, and Mrs. Fennimore let me do anything with the restaurant.

Oh, no! I can't let her travel because last month she had an operation on her knees. She comes to the restaurant because she feels lonely at home, her house is so close to the restaurant, it's just five minutes walk away.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Fennimore but I can't let you travel, it's not good for your health. Mr….?" Holy shit! I forgot his name, I can't call him the bike boy.

"Mr. Casano, he is the son of my old friend, I can't dishearten him, can you go on my behalf, Lia?" How could I say no to her when she is an old lady, and traveling is forbidden for her?

I nodded and took his order, he also booked the cab for me because he had a shortage of time.

I packed everything and also bought a bouquet of roses as per Mrs. Fennimore's instructions, and headed to the place.

The doors were closed, I rang the bell but no one answered, I was wondering if the address was correct or not, I tried to open the door and for God sake it was open, going into someone's house, no it wasn't a house, it was a bungalow, so going into someone's bungalow without permission was not a great idea but I had no other option.

I put the bouquet and parcel outside at the door.

As soon as I opened the door, there was darkness in the house. My biggest fear was waiting there to make fun of me but I didn't lose my senses, I recalled the words that it was a surprise party and maybe the birthday girl hadn't arrived yet.

I was about to utter but then, I heard a voice, "happiest birthday to the love of my life," in the darkness, I was already sweating and taking deep breaths unless I heard this voice and a flashlight or something was coming directly in my eyes, I put my hand over my eyes, "I love you a lot, Barbie."

It was the bike boy. Now, the drama begins…

Love of my life?

I love you?

Sorry but I'm not capable of taking so much sweetness, I hate these kinda cheesy words.

Nevertheless, it was a mistake, I was about to open my mouth but a female voice jangled from behind, "what is this, Jay? Who is this girl? Are you drunk, boy?"

I guess it was the girlfriend of this bike boy who was certainly overreacting, I don't know why the girls don't use their minds?!

Didn't she hear the last word, Barbie?

He was saying those sweet words to his sister, not to me. Why do girlfriends always want to create a scene?

If you are coming to your boyfriend's sister's birthday party, at least you should know the name of the birthday girl. It was a fucking big misunderstanding, I don't know how to clear this mess but I'll at least try.

Thanks, Jesus! Finally, the lights were on but I could see there were so many girls and boys, almost everyone was a teenager, and everyone's attention was towards me.

"Look, I'm…" I was about to start but stopped as he caught my hand, "Hey, you don't need to explain! I'll do it by myself. After all, it's not your mistake. I would be glad if you could... join us..hmm?"

Here I was about to faint from his obligingness, and he was asking me to join the party. I couldn't believe this guy, his girlfriend was waiting to kill him, and he was asking me to join the party, is he real?

Party and Lia don't get along with each other, I haven't attended any party in my whole life.

"I'm sorry but I don't like parties, to be honest, I haven't attended any parties till now." It's not a shame to not like parties, I'm too honest for my own good.

"Please, wait here for a minute! I'll be back." And of course, he went to his girlfriend.

"Lights off!" He shouted in an order form and whispered in his girlfriend's ear, "I'm sorry Barbie! It was just a misunderstanding, this girl works at your favorite restaurant as I didn't have enough time, I requested her to deliver the food and cake here. When she entered the house, I thought it's you, and...um."

He wasn't so far away, I could hear his voice and so did I.

So, I was brainless here, she is not his girlfriend, she is his sister, the birthday girl.

Oh my God! I wanted to go to the Augustus Hawkins park and here I was in a mess.

Before I could apologize to the birthday girl he again shouted, "Spotlight, please!'

"Happiest birthday to the love of my life, the most gorgeous lady in the world. I love you a lot, sis!" And he repeated those sweet words.

Since when did I start calling those doggerel words sweet?

But it seemed so sweet because of the sibling's love, I had a wish from childhood to have a sister but I never could have one.

Well, Barbie looked like a real Barbie doll, she was breathtakingly beautiful, I guess, beautiful was not an appropriate word for her, she had no makeup on her face but she had a natural beauty.

They hugged each other, Barbie gave a kiss on Mr. Casano's forehead like a mom and a smile appeared on my face automatically.

Maybe this was what I wanted and what I dreamed of, a loving and happy family.

I was enjoying the scenario, this love was so rare as white peacocks. Her eyes were shining like a star with euphoria, Mr. Casano took her hand and tried to move forward but she stopped and came to me.

Now, the princess will show her rage for ruining her day.

"Happy birthday, Miss Casano! Have a sweet day!" I wished her, "I'm sorry for the confusion and ruining your surprise. Mr. Casano asked me to wait here but I guess I should go now. Oh, sorry! I forgot to give the food and bouquet. Please, wait a minute!" I went out where I did put all the parcels and the bouquet.

I took everything in both hands, it was so difficult to carry so many bags in just two hands, I wish I could have at least four hands.

Barbie came out and helped me in carrying those bags, and ordered her servants to take everything inside the kitchen. I guess I was wrong, this princess is kind and sweet.

I gave her the bouquet of roses, "Mrs. Fennimore asked me to give this bouquet to you, I hope you would like it. Once again, happy birthday!"

She grinned, "thank you so much, girl! I'm sorry for reacting like that but my brother has never invited any girl to our home. Look at those girls who are gaping at him with lustful eyes, they are my friends. None of these girls is his friend. So, I thought you are his girlfriend."

After listening to her, I was just staring at her like a crazy girl, I was tongue-tied, however, I controlled myself, "sorry for all this drama. I should leave now."

And Mr. Casano came there with a girl, "hey, Lia! Thanks for the help, that's Barbie's favorite restaurant."

"Jay, please convince her to attend the party, it's my birthday and I want this kind heart to stay here, I know Mrs. Fennimore doesn't provide delivery service but though you came, it means a lot to me," Barbie recited with pleasure.

"It's fine if she doesn't feel comfortable here, she is a waitress, right? Why are you forcing her to attend the party? She is just a waitress, not your friend, Barbie." She uttered with a great sweet-yet-bitter tone.

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