WHEN LOVE IS TRUE/C1 Will she die?
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WHEN LOVE IS TRUE/C1 Will she die?
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C1 Will she die?

It was a Tuesday evening of March 2009 and the whole neighborhood of Iztapalapa was plunged into darkness because there was no electricity. Iztapalapa is one of the sixteen territorial divisions of Mexico City. The largest electric cable that supplied electricity throughout the territory was damaged following an explosion that occurred very early in the morning. It was the eve of the territorial elections and bloody fights took place between several political parties. The majority of the inhabitants of this area were campaigning to prevent the former leader from continuing his mandate.

However, it was 10:30 p.m. when Juana was chatting on WhatsApp with her boyfriend Roberto. She wanted to buy a new dress to attend the birthday of one of her friends. Unfortunately, Roberto was not able to give her the money to buy that new dress she coveted so much. This pissed off Juana so much that she asked Roberto to stay away from her from now on. She wanted to quickly end their relationship, because it was not the first time that Roberto was unable to pay her something she wanted. Being a poor man's girlfriend was not Juana's kind of taste. She was a girl who liked to live beyond her means.

Indeed, Roberto is an orphan of mother. He was 18 years old, and he lived in an old house with his father ANGELO. ANGELO was a policeman. Unfortunately, the death of his wife affected him terribly that he no longer had the ability to exercise his profession properly. Now he is retired, and he spends his time taking care of they poultry. He found pleasure in raising hens and roosters. Her son Roberto is a very shy and often lonely young man. He didn't like mixing with others, because he was afraid of being rejected. Nevertheless, his teachers liked him very much because he work very well in high school. He was so smart he was always top of his class. Juana was in the same class as him. But unlike Roberto, Juana was a girl who liked to party. She frequented bars a lot. She was the same age as Roberto, but she never managed to get good grades in class. Moreover, she was the most beautiful girl in high school and several men wanted her. Juana is her parents' only daughter. Her father Nicolas MORALES is a computer scientist while her mother Caroline is a nurse. Long before becoming Roberto's girlfriend, Juana dated many students at her high school. She exchanged them one by one after taking advantage of them. When she finishes spending a man's money, she leaves him for another suitor. All that mattered to her was to lead a luxurious life. She thought she was the star of high school. Nevertheless, she refused to engage sexually with the men she dated because her virginity was something very precious that she reserved for her future husband. Subsequently, she gets closer to Roberto, and she seduces him with the sole purpose of using him. She relied on Roberto just to get good grades in class. She didn't like him at all. Roberto, on the other hand, was so in love with Juana. He made a lot of sacrifice not to lose her, because Juana was his first love. For a young man like him, he saw himself lucky to be the boyfriend of the most beautiful girl in high school. That's how this Tuesday evening, Roberto felt useless. He did not know what to do. He really wanted to help Juana get the dress she wanted, but he had no money. Juana called him a fool and a loser. She insulted him so much that Roberto did not hesitate to cry. Then, when Juana was done ridiculing Roberto with awful messages, she quickly deleted his number from her cell phone. Deep down in Juana, it was really over between Roberto and her.

The next day

It was time to go to high school. Roberto was still in his room. He didn't want to go to school. It was the first time in his life that he didn't like school. His father Angelo being worried came to see him to check if he was okay because he knew what time Roberto was leaving for high school. But this time, he hadn't seen him since morning. When ANGELO entered his son's room, he saw him lying on the floor. His eyes were flooded with tears.

<< What's happening to you Roberto? >> Asked Angelo

Honesty was one of Roberto's qualities. Not wanting to lie, he told his father about the situation he went through last night with Juana. Angelo knew his son was Juana's boyfriend. He also knew Juana's parents. After Roberto finished speaking, Angelo knew how to find the right words to ask his son to go to class. Without disrespecting his father, Roberto straightened up, went to take a bath and then went to school. After his son left, ANGELO went to Juana's parents. He intended to say a few words to them. Unfortunately, things went wrong. Arriving at Juana's parents' house, ANGELO first called their daughter a prostitute. Then he asked Juana's parents to tell their daughter to stay away from Roberto. He promised them to hurt Juana if she continued dating Roberto. His words were poorly received by Juana's parents. Juana's father then attacked Roberto's father and a fight broke out between them. Juana's mother could only watch them fight. Meanwhile, Roberto was already in class. When he arrived, he noticed that Juana was sitting next to another young man whereas since they had been dating they had been sitting side by side. Within seconds, jealousy got the better of Roberto. It was the first time he felt the need to react. Immediately, he walked towards Juana. Arrived near her, he greets her and asks to speak to her alone. Classes hadn't started yet because the teacher wasn't there. Juana simply ignored Roberto. At the same time, the young man who sat with her replied:

<< Roberto, leave Juana alone before I get angry.>>

Roberto refused to leave. He insisted he wanted to talk to Juana.

<< Wow, you seem to be getting brave. >> replied the young man

<< A brave man who does not have the financial means to support his girlfriend. A real asshole this Roberto. Besides, leave me alone. >> replied Juana

After Juana's words, everyone in the class laughed and Roberto felt humiliated. He was shaking until he passed out. Shortly after, Roberto was transported to the school infirmary. Meanwhile, Juana was spending her time thinking about the next guy she's going to handle. She's a girl who doesn't waste time when it comes to turning the page and moving on. She didn't even have pity on what Roberto could feel, yet she knew full well that he loved her very much.

A few hours later

The lesson ended up no longer taking place because the teacher was absent. Juana was chatting in a school garden with some friends when Roberto joined them again. He was struggling to walk. Breathing was so difficult for him. The minute Juana sees him, she begins to smile.

<< But apparently you like to suffer Roberto. Leave me alone. It's over between you and me >> said Juana abruptly.

Juana's girlfriends always made fun of Roberto.

<< Listen to me Roberto. I never loved you. You are not my kind of man. I just used you to get good grades in class because I could easily copy you during compositions. You are someone who is made to study and not to have a girlfriend. >> Said Juana again

Very frustrated by Juana's statements, Roberto opens his bag, and then he takes out a gun. It was his father's. Then he pointed the gun at Juana and fired.

Will she die?

To be continued....

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