WHEN LOVE IS TRUE/C2 Roberto killed in prison
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WHEN LOVE IS TRUE/C2 Roberto killed in prison
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C2 Roberto killed in prison

After this shot, the bullet went slightly over Juana, because Roberto was clumsy when shooting. It was the first time in his life that he used a gun. Fortunately, his clumsiness prevented him from committing murder. Then he put the gun on the ground, and he continued to shake. He was so uncomfortable shooting Juana, and he didn't know what he was going to do now. It wasn't the first time he had been insulted and managed to control himself, but now he felt like the whole world was against him. The pressure he felt was really huge. Meanwhile, all the high school students were running left and right to find a place to hide. No one wanted to get killed by Roberto who looked like he didn't know what he was doing. Then Roberto crouched down and he was crying. Juana and her friends ran away from him.

_ Let's go tell the school principal. Roberto has gone crazy and he risks killing everyone. (Said Juana running towards the principal's office)

Shortly after, their high school principal and some teachers arrived at the scene. They approached Roberto in order to calm him down and really understand what was going on. Roberto, on the other hand, wanted to be alone. He was in a weak state, and he didn't want to talk to anyone. The principal then isolated him from the rest of the students by putting him in an empty room where there was only one chair.

However, before leaving for high school, Roberto had taken his father's gun. He was so frustrated that he really wanted to use it against Juana, because he still hadn't digested the way she had spoken to him on the phone the day before. It was first to avoid Juana's gaze that Roberto didn't want to go to school. But when his father Angelo forced him to leave, he got the idea to take up the gun. ANGELO was so distracted that he didn't realize it.

Indeed, Roberto should be taken directly to a police station, but his teachers liked him so much that they thought it's best to talk to him to find out what was happening to him. Everyone knew that Roberto was a good, honest and nice person. Then, the headmaster of the school gathered the teachers in another room to discuss what they will do with Roberto.

-- A shy young man who is afraid to approach women and mingle with others should not normally have the courage to hold a gun. So I think Roberto is not well at all. (Said the director and all the teachers who knew him).

Afterwards, they tried to contact Roberto's father, but unfortunately he was unreachable. At the same time, Juana also contacted her parents to explain to them what had happened in high school. Roberto meanwhile, was sitting on the floor in the room where he had been placed. He remembered the hurtful words that Juana said against him. The other students were outside watching Roberto through the window. Some laughed at him while others felt sorry for him. A few minutes later, Juana's parents arrived at the school.

-- I'm fighting with ANGELO and Roberto is trying to kill my daughter? Yet I liked Roberto well but he disappointed me.

-- Like father, like son.

That was the conversation Juana's parents had as they got out of their vehicle. Very upset, they asked the headmaster of the school to call the police directly so that Roberto could be arrested. The principal told them that he was managing the situation and that everything was under control. He asked Juana's parents to be calm. Juana's father disagreed. He just wanted to see Roberto go to jail. Unable to contain himself, Nicolas contacted the police directly and explained the situation to them. Although the principal and some teachers did not approve of Juana's father's gesture, there was nothing they could do to protect Roberto and control the situation. Roberto was now alone with his destiny. Ten minutes later, a policeman came to the school. His name was Johnny, and he was a former colleague of Roberto's father. Johnny was also amazed to know that it was Roberto he was going to arrest. In front of all the high school students, Roberto was handcuffed. Johnny reassured Juana's parents that he was going to settle the matter afterwards, he begged them not to press charges. He knew how to use the right words to calm the anger of Juana's parents. Roberto was picked up by his father's former colleague and Juana went straight home with her parents.

On the way

Roberto was in Johnny's vehicle and he continued to cry. He felt remorse. Johnny watched him for a moment before trying to talk to him.

-- What happened Roberto? You're not the kind of guy to screw up. I know you very well. You have always been an example for all young people your age. Today I'm a little surprised to hear that you shot one of your classmates. Tell me what's wrong son (asked Johnny)

- - I'm fine sir. (Replied shyly Roberto)

-- You can trust me Roberto. You know I'm a friend of your father. I can help you. It's good that Juana's parents have given up on the idea of

filing a complaint against you, but you have to talk to me. I know you are traumatized even if you don't say it. (Johnny replied)

Roberto was so ashamed that he didn't want to explain anything. Johnny knew what had happened, but he wanted to hear Roberto's version. Instead of driving Roberto to the police station, Johnny drove him to his father Angelo.

Besides, Juana was angry with her parents. She disagreed that her parents decided not to press charges anymore. She saw this as a lack of responsibility on their part.

-- What if the bullet had hit me? What if I was dead? What if he does it again? Because of Roberto I will no longer be quiet in high school. I will be traumatized by the thought of him shooting me again. He must go to jail. (Said Juana)

-- I think you are right my daughter. Your father and I will react then. (Replied Juana's mother)

So instead of going home, Juana's parents went to another police station. ANGELO meanwhile, he was drinking a little orange juice while watching television when his son Roberto came home accompanied by police officer Johnny.

-- What's going on? Why Roberto isn't in class?

That's the question Angelo asked as soon as he saw his son and his former colleague Johnny. Roberto ignored his father and headed straight for his room while leaving ANGELO to chat with Agent Johnny. His two former colleagues were calmly discussing Roberto's situation until two more police vehicles arrived at Angelo's. They were accompanied by Juana's parents and they had come to arrest Roberto for attempted murder. ANGELO and his friend Johnny tried everything to prevent Roberto's arrest but it was already very late. After this arrest, Juana was so happy. She was constantly smiling.


It was 9 p.m. and Juana was reading a love book. Despite her bad manners, Juana is also a girl who loves to read. Instead of spending all her time chatting on social media with friends, she also allows herself to read a few times. Suddenly her cell phone rang. She had just received a message from the young man she was sitting with today in class. This guy was called Eusebio and he was asking Juana to go out with her tonight. Juana smiled after reading this message and she replied that she was not interested but Eusebio insisted.

-- Just because I left Roberto and I sit next to you in class doesn't necessarily mean I have to accept your invitation. You are not my type of man. And if I had sat next to you, it was only to provoke Roberto. ( replied Juana)

-- I know you're not an easy girl. I know I have to beg you to accept my invitation, but please, I insist that you agree to go out and have fun with me. (Said Eusebio)

Despite everything Eusebio said, Juana was determined not to go out with him tonight. Then suddenly, she felt like celebrating Roberto's arrest, but not with Eusebio. So she decided to call her best friend Ruby and together they went to drink a few beers in a bar.

On the other side, Roberto was being beaten. Juana's father had arranged for him to suffer in prison. Despite Angelo being a former policeman, he was unable to rescue his son. What Roberto endured in his cell in less than 24 hours was so painful. So he had just been tortured and he lay down. After a while, an individual entered the cell with a weapon. This individual was dressed head to toe in black. Once in front of Roberto, the individual did not hesitate to shoot. Roberto didn't have the chance to scream for help when the bullet penetrated his body and he died.

How would Roberto have been murdered in a prison? Who is killer?

To be continued.......

New chapter is coming soon
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