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C0 Prologue

Stacks of paper were thrown at two men by a man dressed in a green two piece suit. The man was holding a walking stick with his left hand.

The men who stood in front of that man bowed their heads in embarrassment, neither attempting to speak for they knew of the repercussions.

"Why nonsense is this!" The man spat out. "Where is the file that contains the contract between Foreshore buildings and Power international limited? Where is it?" He shouted at the men in front of him.

"I'm not speaking to deaf and dumb, am I?" He spoke again when he noticed the men were not making an attempt to speak. He was really angry, the document was very important to him and for the progress of his business.

"Sir...sir, we are sorry. We mixed the files up and..." The man speaking was harshly cut off by his boss who was extremely pissed. "Shut up!"

"You mixed the files and lost it?" He scoffed then he chuckled lightly. "Then lose your job the same way you lost the file." He said firmly.

"What!" Both men gasped, raising their heads up to look at their boss, one of the most powerful men in America. Richard Anthony Power was a well known business tycoon who cared about nothing else other than his business and his family.

"Sir...we are sorry, we promise to rectify our mistakes." Both men said simultaneously as they fell to their knees pleading.

Mr Power dialed a number on his landline. "Security, come to my office now!" He demanded. The men knew what he meant by that, they were fired and if they didn't leave, he'd have the security take them away by force so they got up and left.

"Mr Power, you called me." A young man dressed in a two piece black suit said, getting the attention of Mr Power.

"I want you to go to Switzerland and bring Andrew back to America at all means." Mr power demanded.

"I shall do as told sir." The man said firmly before taking his leave.

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