When Love Meets War/C1 Chapter 1
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When Love Meets War/C1 Chapter 1
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C1 Chapter 1

Andrew's POV

Clubbing nights are the best. I didn't want to come but my girlfriend wanted me to. She had promised to show me some of her sexy moves if I followed her to the club.

I slip in among the crowd, a bee line for the bar. After a shot of whiskey, I was ready to move with the music, hands in the air, body moving like an uncoiling rope, eyes on fire. The joy is like a shot of adrenaline to the heart and all at once I'm moving, one with the music, one with every crazy person dancing in this place.

My girlfriend moved towards me, taking seductive steps. She wrapped her arms around my neck then she slowly turned around so her ass was against my crotch. I let my body move to the rhythm of the song in the club as my arms wrapped around the woman of my dreams waist. She swayed her hips and I followed her every movement.

She turned around a little later so her face would be facing mine and although it was dark, her beautiful face couldn't be hidden and her mischievous eyes. She danced like no-one was watching, but of course I was watching and her movements turned me on.

I felt my pants tightened, I groaned frustratingly as we jived and boogied to rave music. She looked so sexy. Her mischievous eyes, the way her long lashes fluttered and the way she bit on her lips turned me on. I wanted to leave this instance and take her somewhere she would scream my name alone.

Suddenly the DJ changes the song to wobble up by Chris brown, Nicki minaj and G-eazy. My girlfriend turned around so her ass would be against my dick and I hissed loudly. My hands held unto her waist as she began to twerk to the song, making it hard for me to move.

She was killing me, I knew she could dance but tonight was extra. She knew what she was doing, the beautiful smirk on her face showed it all. I groaned frustratingly and she giggled while licking her lips seductively.

I do not know how I was able to pull through but at the end of the night we had burst through the doors into the artificial glow of street-lamp. In the charcoal of almost-dawn we arrived at my apartment.

Immediately we got into my apartment, I slammed the door and claimed her lips catching her off-guard. She chuckled then she pulled me away slowly, "Calm down sweetheart."

I leaned back and claimed her lips and she didn't pull back. She kissed me back with the same force. Maybe time stopped when my lips met hers, but the flutter only intensified. My heart pounded in my chest as my knees got weaker. It has always been this way whenever we kiss, she made me feel different passions all over.

Everytime we kissed, it was different but more powerful with each time. I could only focus on the softness of her lips against mine, how addictively she invaded all my senses.

Heat rose from my stomach to my chest. She parted her lips and I thrust in my tongue. Our tongues fought for dominance until I finally won. She tasted so sweet, better than before. I felt like a volcano on the edge of combustion. I couldn't get more of her, no matter how much we kissed I wanted more.

I moved my hands slowly until it landed on her butt and she moaned in my mouth. I squeezed her butt. "Jump," I said in-between kisses and she did as told. I wrapped her legs around my waist as I moved her to my room. As we both ran out of breath we stopped kissing but that didn't stop me from trailing fleeting kisses from her neck to her collarbone and to the top of her breast.

I hadn't said much earlier when she wore that sexy red short gown to the club. I had wanted to stop her and fuck to her till she couldn't walk anymore but she was so happy and I couldn't ruin it.

While she walked into the club, I watched the way her hips swayed and I couldn't help but hold her possessively as we got into the club. Every man in there was eye fucking her and I didn't like that but I ignored all of that for her.

My erection grew larger and harder. I felt I was about to burst wide open. It was the strangest sensation, something that went beyond simple sexual pleasure. I placed her on my bed and she bounced twice before settling down, she giggled. "You are so hungry, I can see," She whispered. Her long lashes fluttered and she licked her lips seductively. I leaned towards her and smacked her ass, "You are bad. Wearing this short dress to a club and..." I trailed off to open her legs to see the panties she wore. I smirked, she was that naughty. She was wearing a g-string.

She giggled. "You like what you see, don't you?" She asked in a teasing manner and I chuckled. "I'm gonna punish you so hard that you won't be able to walk for days," I said to her and she shrugged.

"As long as it's your dick alone, there is no problem. Fuck me hard!" She said and her lips formed a devilishly attractive lopsided grin. She was never this vague with words. She was always shy and was cautious of the words she used.

"You are speaking bad my little baddie but as long as it's for me, I have no issues." I smirked, "Now let daddy eat something." I pulled down her panties, making sure to take them off painfully slow.

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