When Love Meets War/C3 Chapter 3
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When Love Meets War/C3 Chapter 3
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C3 Chapter 3

Andrews POV

I was disturbed and worried.

I sat in Christy's sitting room, waiting for her arrival. Her house was a bungalow, a two-bedroom flat. The living room had maple wood flooring, white walls, and a plasma TV on the wall was placed adjacent to the door.

The room was peaceful and stagnant when Christy's dad walked towards me. Paul, Christian's father is one of a kind with a rare personality. Since I've known him, he acted as a father to me and a brother whenever I needed.

Most times we would stay up all night drinking and having random conversation as if we were age mates. He smiled once he saw me before sitting down beside me.

The way he sighed beside me showed how worried and concerned he was. He never let Christiana out of his sight. She was the only family he had and he protected her so much. I knew he had so much to say to me because of how he rubbed his palms together. He only does that whenever he is battling within himself for the right words to say.

"Take care of Christiana for me," he finally said, placing his hands on my shoulder.

"I will Paul," I replied, nodding my head and smiling in assurance.

"I'm ready!"

We turned away from each other and faced the new voice in the room, the most breathtaking woman stood at the door, smiling to her cheek and I couldn't help but stare like a lost puppy.

Take me now!

"Christiana," her father's voice interrupted my thoughts. She walked up to her father still smiling so hard, as if it was hard for her not to. "Father," she called before leaning down to wrap her arms around him.

"Don't worry father I will eat well, call you everyday, text you, and send you plenty of pictures!" She said to him with assurance knowing that was all he wanted to hear. "I promise I'll take care of myself."

Paul chuckled. "You know me too well."

"I do father," She released her embrace and walked up to me, placing a light kiss on my lips. "How do I look babe?" she asked.

Having placed value in my opinion, she waited eagerly for my response. Whatever she wore, she did for me, even if that meant no clothes. I feel it down? She takes it off.

"You look stunning." I complimented her.

She wore a white, summer's casual playsuit with black gladiator wedges. It was short-sleeved and brought out her soft figure.

Taking her to America to meet my parents bothered me because she was about to be revealed to so much more than she expected. I was worried as I thought of her reaction when she would find out that I am the son of one of the richest billionaires in America, Robin Martins Power. She linked her arms with mine and we walked out of the house.

While we drove to the airport, I couldn't help but be worried. I was going back home with the love of my life who didn't know my status. She only knew me as Andrew power, an ordinary man not as Andrew Power the billionaire.

I decided to leave America for Switzerland after some series of unfortunate events that happened in my life four years ago and it became a blessing to me because it was there that I met the most fascinating woman on earth. Christiana Rose Bernardo, the most hardworking girl I've ever seen. She doesn't criticize or judge, and she's selflessly friendly to a point that it pisses me off when people take advantage of it.

After becoming her friend through the help of my best friend, John, who grew up with her, we started going on dates. And after some time became a couple. I could still remember the warm feeling in my heart when she said yes, and the pride I felt when I learned I was her first everything. Her first love, first kiss, and the first guy she ever dated. It made me wonder why she was never asked out? She told me she was, but she just wasn't interested and never found the right guy.

I never pressured her into doing things she didn't want to or intentionally made her sad. Though we've had our ups and downs, I make sure to always apologize. Because at the end of the day. I don't want her to be unhappy. She makes me complete. She never asked me for anything, instead, she constantly gave. And when I would gave her gifts, she cherished them with all her heart. She didn't pressure me into telling my life story, and let me keep that part of my life a secret. Though she saw pictures of some of my family and she knew some of their names, she has no clue as to who I really was.

"Where are we going?" Christy asked.

I chuckled and squeezed her shoulder. "Just follow me." I said to her. We were walking towards my private jet when she froze, shocked at what she was seeing.

"Is that a private jet!?" she exclaimed with disbelief.

"Yes. Like I said on our way here, there are many things that you will find out about me. All you have to do is trust me, and you can ask questions if you want to." I stretched my hand towards her. "Come on,"

We entered the private jet and my pilot, James, greeted me.

"Good morning Mr. Power," he said with a smile.

"Good morning James." I replied.

He turned and addressed Christy, "And good morning to you, miss. I'm James, Mr. Power's pilot."

"You have a private jet?" She gasped looking at both James and I in confusion.

I gave a small smile at her child-like wonder, "Come on babe, let's sit first, then I'll tell you everything."

And with that, we took our seats.

"What's going on Andy," She asked. Only she can call me Andy.

"We'll get to that. But first, what do you want to eat?" I offered.

After the flight attendant took our orders, Christy asked me to explain everything.

"What about-"

"Cut it, Andy! Tell me what's going on!" She demanded, semi yelling.

"Promise not to freak out and promise to understand me. I said, looking at her nervously. She face palmed herself, "Okay."

"I inhaled and exhaled before speaking up, "My name is Andrew Dennis Power, the one and only heir to Power International Limited. My father is one of the top five richest billionaires in America."

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