When Love Meets War/C5 Chapter 5
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When Love Meets War/C5 Chapter 5
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C5 Chapter 5

Christiana's POV

The knots in my belly tightened as I struggled with my breath. The way she looked at me showed her dislike for me at once and I could feel then on my skin as it felt as if I was on fire.

"Mom, can we please not go there now? We just got here." Andy interrupted, making her soften her facial expression.

Ignoring his request, she walked closer and bear-hugged him. "I missed my baby boy so much! Welcome home." She smiled and pinched his cheek.

"Ouch! Mom, I'm a grown man, I'm not a baby anymore." He stated firmly. If it wasn't for her intrusive question, I would have laughed at the situation, but I stood frozen in one spot feeling out of her place as he stared at the well clean tiled floor.

"Welcome home son." his dad spoke and embraced him.

"My baby bro is back!" Estella cooed.

"And you still act like a thirteen-year-old." He responded with a sheepish grin. So cute.

"My lil' princess. How long has it been since I last saw you? You were this small from what I remember. You've grown up to be a fine woman." He said and hugged her.

"I know right!" She flipped her hair and smirked. "I missed you so much, Andy." She said and hugged him real tight. I never knew he was this sweet with his siblings and I found it beautiful to watch.

"Come on, dinner is ready in the garden." His father spoke. "Christiana," His father called my name, making my heart flip with delight that he knew my name. "Make yourself at home." He added.

I nodded slowly, gradually gaining back some confidence. Andy wrapped his hands around my waist and led me with the group.

"Andy, it's time to let her go. We would like a chance to get to know her." Estella dragged me from him and I smiled.

"When is your husband coming?" Andy's mother asked Estella.

"He should be here at..." She glanced at her watch. "Sorry, I'm late!" A husky voice spoke as he rushed in to join us.

"Good evening everyone." He kissed Estella in the lips and sat down close to her. "Here he is," Estella told her mom.

"Andrew?" The newcomer spoke surprised. "I thought you were coming back next week?"

"I was supposed to, but dad made me come back today," Andy replied. "Anyway, this is my girlfriend, Christiana." He introduced me.

"Nice name. You have a good taste, she's pretty." He said, outstretching his hand to mine to grab and kiss my palm before returning to his seat. "I'm David by the way."

"So Christiana, tell us more about your family." His mom began making my stomach churn. I felt her dislike for me once more through her tone and I couldn't help but shiver.

She isn't going to let this go, is she? I thought to myself. "Maria!" Richard, Andy's father, warned.

I felt my eyes watering in embarrassment when Andy stood up and directed me to do the same.

"I'll show Christiana around the house, please excuse us." He stated, taking me away.

Andy ordered the maids to help me settle in. He decided we would share the same room. His mom was against it but his father told her to leave it alone.

Andy's room was enormous! It was like four of my rooms back in Switzerland. The walls were a mixture of cream and grey with glitter here and there. In the middle of the room was a California king size bed and the windows were a thick, clear glass that led to a huge balcony.

"Wow, Andy! You live in such a huge house like this, but still, you pretended to be poor." I whispered to myself.

"Are you comfortable?" Andy asked from behind.

"Not really," I answer honestly. His eyes darkened a bit and the tension thickened. Trying to ignore the sudden mood change, I turned my attention to the view from his room, it was beautiful. Opening the balcony windows, I gazed at the dark city. New York was a busy and beautiful city. The scent from the night breeze could heal. It was charming and welcoming.

"It's late, come and rest. You got a big day ahead of you tomorrow." He said. I walked back into the room. There were so many questions I wanted to ask but they would have to wait.

The sunlight shining through the window woke me up. Andy's arms were wrapped around my waist, my back facing his front. As I became more aware of my surroundings, I felt something touching my butt. I laughed, recognizing what it was.

"You sure is horny so early in the morning," I chuckled. "Can't help it when I'm close to you." He replied huskily and kissed my cheek. "Good morning love." He nuzzled and kissed my neck.

I was about to reply when someone knocked on the door. Andy got up to answer. He was in white sweatpants and a white nightshirt. White is his favorite color.

"Madame said you should come downstairs for breakfast." A maid relayed. Andy nodded, closed the door when she left and turned towards me. "Wanna freshen up quickly?"

I didn't get a good look at the entire mansion yesterday and I'm honestly curious. The dining room was incredibly spacious and separated from the kitchen. The dining table was long and had enough seats for a party's worth of people.

Andy's parents were already seated, so were his sisters and Estella's husband. "Good morning Mom, Dad." He greeted, doing the same to the rest of the table while I copied.

I guess it's true that every country has their own palate. Aside from the tasty looking exotic choices, most of it didn't look very appetizing. Andy noticed my uneasiness and ordered something else for me. His mother gave him an annoyed look but he disregarded it.

One thing I noticed about them was the lack of conversation while eating. Good table manners. But, there were small discussions on arrangements made for Andy's welcoming party. The maids were going around and decorating their hall for events, which surprisingly exists.

While the rest of the house prepared for the celebration, Andy gave me a tour of the house and led me to a game room. As usual, the room was huge. It had a swimming pool which I discovered was in front of Andy's room. But I didn't take note of the pool because it was night, a few minutes past seven to be exact.

Soon, the guests were already making their way into the house. Andy was in a two-piece suit, while I wore a simple, halter next gown that stopped just before my knees.

People arrived and greeted Andy, some were friends from high school while others were family friends and family members "well, well, well. Who would have thought he would come back?" A suave voice spoke from behind us getting our attention. With curiosity, Andy and I both turned around to see who it was.

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